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Terezi Style Variation Ratings

By request- 0 is a rendered cutie, 10 is a very well rendered cutie

The sprite- Somehow Terezi has the best troll sprite, which makes this bearable. Maybe it’s the glasses and the pointy smile 5/10

Stretch- more limbs for kicking and acrobatics, just as pointy. 6/10

Soft- a good gap between her eyes and mouth gives the suggestion that a nose would fit on her face, even if we don’t see it. Yellow nails confirm all those headcanons. 9/10

Queen- depicted as she should, with a crown on her head, and an equally pointy smile on her face. 7/10

Terepy Pipes- my best friend. (Depicted by miraculoustang). Not actually canon, but in the hearts of all Terezi lovers. 9/10

Nose- She actually has a nose this time, and the subtle shading works nicely. 8/10

Harvey- A nose, but small enough that it could have been skipped. Not my favorite. 2/10

Cheeks- sharp and round, like a pizza cutter. (From Paradox Space). Papers draws a good Terezi. 10/10

Truly there can be no bad depiction of Terezi. she makes it work. 8/10

Cryptid- Confirmed.  10/10


Some of my favourite shots of the 4th class trial mainly of my favourite characters (ouma, saihara and kiibo)
Ouma looks possessed and I love it, plus he’s got some of the best sprites in this game \^_^/

anonymous asked:

I'm not sure if you've ever done one for this but can I request a Sprite for Felicia!Soleil please?

sorry this took so long!! redrawing hair like soleil’s…………. is really hard…………… it has so much texture and i couldn’t even do it that well…..

EDIT: i completely forgot to change her hair to Felicia’s shade of pink so now… here it is