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this one goes out to the huntress I juked for 5 minutes the other night, making her so salty she facecamped me and let my entire team escape ✌️


Only the best ghosthunters are relieved when there are no signs of ghosts!

Also this ranks up there as one of my favourite ‘Ryan gets shit scared’ moments… just look at that face!

fallen london // sunless sea player characters, part the second!!! this time featuring all of the ones i have who are developed enough to have names/personalities/designs <33 left to right: 

terault wellsey, one of the first of the lineage of captains to achieve success.  unfortunately his desperate need for money and lack of knowledge of the powers of the zee lead him to accidentally sell out the admiralty to the dawn machine, after which he found his revenue stream much reduced and “”voluntarily”” retired back to london

tierney lynch, the terror of the zee, bearing a whiff of cold salt and candle-smoke.  sailed back into london one day on a ship completely empty of crew but for one strange, sigil-marked man who would not leave the cabins.  she is marked by the well of the chapel of lights. the red hunger lives in her still. 

acantha aurora, minor poet of veilgarden.  in some disgrace still over the matter of a certain play.  she believes in romance, adventure, and hedonism.  somewhat worrisomely involved in the affairs of hell; she has an unhealthy fascination for the devils of the brass embassy.  currently searching for the return of her soul; it’s not going so well. 

sylvia hawthorne (belonging to @spookyopercula), lady by night, working captain by day– or the reverse; it’s so hard to tell in the neath.  her ship is full of miscreants; a wistful deviless keeps her bed warm sometimes.  

tempest field, tierney’s niece and heritor of her wealth, has put to zee in search of herself.  she has found it in the deep jaws and bilious waters of nook.  fey, wild, and more than a little chilly to the touch without wine to warm her; most of tempest’s crew are wary of her, and probably with good reason.

Where I am with the “Ed’s feelings” thing, is that he’s always loved/been attracted to Oswald, but has always had a reason to not WANT to feel that way and to push those feelings away…

Season 2: “I just got out of a romantic relationship that ended in the worst possible way so I’m down on the whole concept. Also Oswald is freaked out enough that I brought him home so it’s probably best if I don’t spook him.”

Between seasons: “I screwed him over and am probably pushing my luck having him come visit me in the first place.”

Season 3: “I can’t risk screwing up this opportunity for feelings that aren’t returned.”
“I just got a second chance at a normal happy life so I’ll be throwing myself into that now thanks.”
“Everything I love dies.”
“He hurt and betrayed me and caring for him makes that worse and I need to kill him to make it go away.”
“He’s dead and I miss him so much it’s affecting my health and I need to not anymore.”
“My entire new identity is built around having killed him so I need to kill him again so I need to muster up all the hate I can.”

So he lies to himself and tries so very hard to hate Oswald and it’s just… not convincing anyone.

Meanwhile his actions and expressions give him away - spends the whole time first acting like Oswald’s adoring boyfriend (without ever crossing the line into actually making a move), and then looking conflicted as hell any time he has to confront Oswald and coming up with the weakest reasons why he “could never love him”.

And also angling super hard for Oswald to tell him he loves him again; you are not slick, Ed.

So yes - always loved him, never wanted to love him.

nice shot

Summary: Tweek goes to a haunted house and accidentally punches a cute boy in the face.
Warnings: shit writing i rushed through this

“I change my mind, can I go home?”

“Absolutely not!” Clyde exclaimed from the passenger side. He ignored Token’s protests, who was driving carefully, as Clyde turned around to face Tweek. “Dude, it’s going to be fun.” Without answering, Tweek rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest. Leave it to Clyde to think a setup haunted house, of all places on Halloween, would be fun. Granted, it was a better idea than visiting an actual haunted house with real ghosts. That would be the opposite of a fun night.

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Requested by Anonymous: Can you pretty please do a harry imagine where he and reader go out, and people make him feel insecure about the age gap?  (gif credit.)
Pairing: Harry Hart x female Reader
Word Count: 1.3k 
A/N: I hope you don’t mind the direction I took this request in! I wanted to stay true to Harry’s personality as best I could. Big thanks to @fishofmordor for helping me with this! 

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Just an Old Legend

Relationship: None

Words: 1,636

Summary: Two brothers and their best friend saved the world, over and over again. Ever since you were a little kid, you’d hear the stories. But, it’s just an old legend, right?

Originally posted by hunterchesters


Out of everything in Gram’s story, that one word had stayed with you for years. You couldn’t have been much older than five or six the first time you heard it, but every day since, that name – Winchester – had been bouncing around incessantly inside your head.

Of course, Gram wasn’t always the most reliable source in the world. She’d caused quite a number of “boy who cried wolf” situations in her old age, so not many folks in town took anything she said seriously. Only the sheriff believed her, but maybe that was because she had her own crazy tale to tell.

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