best space girlfriends

today missy will help the doctor to undress. she’ll teach her to love her reflection, sitting with her in front of the mirror without any clothes on. she’ll even teach her to walk on heels just for fun and will ask her to spend the whole day with books  in silence and tranquility.

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rant at me about your favorite femslash ships *chinhands*


Adsfgdkhjkl I hope you’re a Tolkien fan!!

Finduilas/Nienor: I’ve constructed a fix-it AU in my mind for these two because they deserved so much better. SO! Nienor either escapes from Glaurung or goes all Eowyn on him and kills him. She then joins the Haladin and saves Finduilas from the orcs!! Yay!!!

Galadriel/Melian: They got reallll friendly in Menegroth. Celeborn? Who’s Celeborn?

Varda/Nienna: Stars and sadness. You can’t get anymore poetic with that.

Both Arwen/Eowyn and Tauriel/Arwen are so, so good, I can’t just choose one. An OT3, perhaps? MAYBE

Ilmare/Arien: My new favorite ship, courtesy of Vmae. The best ship. Space girlfriends. They are space girlfriends. They’re good and pure and beautiful and they are Space Girlfriends.