best space cop


“And that was how the legend of Scribble Cop was born. To this day, he wanders campus every Halloween. Watching. Waiting. He is possibly the most terrifying myth this university has had to date.”

“…Your school is super lame if that’s the best it can come up with.”

“Shut up, you.”

An excerpt from the Halloween Episode of the Lego Movie College AU.

Also, lighting practice~!


i fucking love Good Cop and Bad Cop.. and it’s been a very long while since I’ve drawn them ;-; (i also seem to be in the mood to just drawing black and whites ´w`;;)

So I drew them again! and I’ll probably resume drawing them in the future because I absolutely adore badass Good Cop and super chill Bad Cop like that’s my crack and I cannot get over it.. 

-sigh- I’ve also changed how I draw them so that’s a plus too >o>;;

GCBC©Lego Movie/WB
art and stuff©moi :U