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Are Merlin and Arthur really as gay as tumblr makes them seem?

Well, consider this:

Merlin knows a spell that can basically pants someone

He uses this spell on arthur 

and then wrestles him to the ground in a room full of people

that’s right, the greatest sorcerer to ever walk the planet earth decides that the best plan of action in order to get some keys off of arthur’s pants is to magically create a spectacle where he needs to manhandle the king while his trousers are at the floor.

You couldnt have maybe, idk, magically put a stain on his pants that made him want to change them? waited until he wasnt iN THE MIDDLE OF A MEETING AND LIFTED THEM OFF WITH MAGIC WHILE HE WAS DISTRACTED? 


like look at his face right before he does it


and then

External image


and that’s just one in maybe 219038902183 instances of ridiculous homoerotic subtext

idk how much gayer you can get honestly

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Thank you for all your effort! I'm looking for the kind of after 513 stories in which Arthur doesn't die but they continue on into a canon!verse season 6. I hope you can help me.

Here you go:

The Long Shadow by Destina
What’s the point of being the most powerful sorcerer who ever walked the earth, if you can’t tinker with destiny now and then? 

Speak My Language by jesusonaunicycle
Arthur has trouble reconciling the fact that Merlin is both his best friend, and a sorcerer. And maybe something more.

I’m Forever Yours… by GeekLover
Percival convinces Gwaine not to chase after Morgana after Eira is killed. Because of that, Merlin gets Arthur to the Isle on time and is able to save Arthur. Now, Merlin and Arthur have to really deal with the repercussions of his magic reveal. Things begin to change between the two of them and they both have to truly figure out what their feelings are toward each other and just where Gwen fits in.

Dawn of a Golden Age by antpower
For the prompt: Merlin kisses Arthur on the lips right after he says thank you. Merlin feels something pass from him to Arthur and then suddenly Arthur’s body is suffused in bright light. Moments later Arthur awakens, his wound healed. Arthur doesn’t realize Merlin kissed him, he just thinks he healed him somehow. At first Merlin believes he healed Arthur with his kiss, but soon he starts to suspect that what he passed to Arthur was, in fact, his immortality. Merlin worries Arthur will be angry when he finds out and deem this trespass unforgivable, an utter violation of his person, for who would want to live forever? And surely, if Arthur did want to live forever, he’d choose Gwen or even one of his knights with which to share that never-ending journey.

Lessons from the Crystal Cave by RocknVaughn
“No,” Merlin said, resolve coloring his voice and face as he slid his body out from under Arthur’s and laid his beloved king gently against the dew filled grass. “I’m not going to lose you: not here, not now, not like this.”

How to Kiss a Warlock by posterchild
Any thought passing through Merlin’s brain crashed to a halt and for a second, but the blissful moment was halted by the high pitched whine that broke out of his throat. He pulled back sharply, unable to stop the look of horror creeping up his face. Arthur however, looked completely nonplussed now, any hints of fear had disappeared…

Two Lovers, One Soul by silveralopix
When Merlin saved Arthur he never knew the consequences it would bring, he really didn’t! Although everything should be right and happy, it isn’t. Merlin has to struggle now to recover from the dreadful events that almost happened and trust himself to depend on others for once.

The future is now by mabonwitch
Merlin’s really fucking stubborn and he’s not letting Arthur go.

A Simple Change by charmed_seconds
Arthur held on and didn’t perish after the battle of Camlann. Now, back in Camelot, he and Merlin have to fix the riff that has grown between them after Merlin’s revelation during the trip to the Lake.

Thiese two are a ‘brief death’… might still interest you.

Future, Past, Present by whitedatura
Arthur is given a choice in Avalon, but there is only one answer.

A Warring Heart by Merartlinhur
5 years after his death, Arthur returns to Camelot to discover that a second purge has begun under his wife’s rule and Merlin is nowhere to be found.