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Study Break Ideas

A few random ways to liven up a long study session and get your blood circulating in under 10 minutes:

- Pretend you’re on MasterChef and you have 5 minutes to make the best (healthy) study snack. Commentary optional. 

- Repeat important facts/information for the topic you are studying while doing squats/other exercises. 

- Put on a fun, catchy song and jump around and dance in your house/room/study until the song is finished. Even better if with a study buddy.

- Try walking around your house with your textbook balancing on your head for as long as possible. 

-  Get someone nearby to hide your study supplies around the room (or if you’re by yourself just scatter them around yourself) and time how long it takes you to retrieve them all. 

- Just throw yourself a party. Jump around like a crazy person while shrieking to the heavens, literally just do anything to split apart long periods of being stationary. 

It’s important to not be sitting down for too long, so always remember to move around every once in a while to get that blood pumping to your brain. Also always remember to drink water and eat if you’re hungry - just take care of yo selves!!!


On this day in music history: December 2, 1972 - “Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone” by The Temptations hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 1 week, also peaking at #2 on the R&B singles chart on the same date. Written and produced by Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong, it is the fourth and final number one pop single for the veteran Motown vocal group. The song is originally recorded by The Undisputed Truth (“Smiling Faces Sometimes”) in 1971 with their version peaking at #24 on the R&B singles chart and #63 on the Hot 100. When The Temptations hear the track for the first time, initially they are unhappy with the songs’ extended intro (the first vocal doesn’t begin until nearly four minutes into the LP version and nearly two minutes into the single version). The opening lyric (“It Was the third of September, that day I’ll always remember, yes I will. ‘Cause that was the day, that my daddy died.”) is particularly upsetting to lead singer Dennis Edwards. Though Edwards father died on the third of October (not the third of September as was the often repeated legend), it still hits a little too close to home. Ever the hard driving perfectionist in the studio, Whitfield has the group recut their vocals numerous times much to their annoyance, though it results in the performance captured on the finished record. The twelve minute long album track is edited down to just under seven minutes for single release. In spite of its length, the record is an across the board smash. “Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone” wins three Grammy Awards including Best R&B Vocal Performance By A Duo Or Group, Best R&B Instrumental Performance, and Best R&B Song in 1973. “Papa” is covered numerous times over the years including a version by musician Bill Wolfer in 1982 that features Michael Jackson on background vocals. George Michael also perform the song as part of a medley with Adamski and Seal’s song “Killer” in 1992 at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert and released on the EP “Five Live”. “Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone” is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

Visual kei asks

01. Favorite song right now
02. Favorite hair colour on a musician
03. You’re locked in a room with one musician of your choice- who would it be?
04. What is your all time favorite band
05. Least favorite band(s)
06. Favourite visual kei band member
07. Favourite OTP
08. Visual kei band(s) you’ve seen live
09. Visual kei band(s) you want to see live
10. If you could chose to be married to 1 band member. Who would it be.
11. Last Visual kei song you listened to
12. Do you have any Visual kei posters? 
13. Favourite pre-2000′s band

(pick a song that…..)
14. NEEDS to be played LOUD
15. Makes you want to dance
16. Makes you cry 
17. Makes you laugh
18. You never get tired of
19. You’d sing at karaoke
20. Was released in the year you were born 
21. Has many meanings to you
22. Everyone MUST listen to before they die
23. That motivates you 
24. That you would play at your wedding 

25. One band you wish were still together 
26. One musicians you would bring back to life
27. What do your parents/guardians think about you listening to Visual kei?
28. Buying imports or Downloads
29. Can you find your favorite band in a store near you?
30. Do you own any visual kei magazines?
31. Put your mp3/ipod on shuffle-What are the first 3 Visual kei songs that popped up?
32. What helped you discover Visual kei
33. What was your first Visual kei Band/ Artist
34. How old were you when you discovered Visual kei?
35. Will you still like Visual kei when you’re 67?
36. Will you still like the bands you listen to when you’re 86?
37. What is your opinion on dubstep integrating the Visual kei scene?
38. Would you/do you dress in Visual kei style?
39. What would your life be like right now, if you didnt discover Visual kei
40. Will you introduce your offspring to Visual kei?
41. Who will be the first Visual kei band you introduce your offspring to? 
42. Could you recognise your favourite musician, make-up-less, in the street?
43. Which era of Visual kei was the best
44. Balladic songs or heavy moshpit songs?
46. Whats your favourite sub-style of Visual kei
47. Have you ever thought Hizaki(or any other musician) was an actual girl?
48. Do you prefer musicians in dresses- or in leather/pvc pants? 
49. Name your Top 3 favourite songs from your favourite Visual kei band
50. Do you have any Visual kei albums/singles/ect…?
49. Top 3 Visual kei albums
50. Name a Visual kei song thats over 5 minutes long
51. Can you name a Visual kei song under 2 minutes long?
52. Name a song with the BEST engrish you have ever heard.
53. A song your favorite artist should cover immediately 
54. Most played Visual kei song
55. A song you wish you had never translated.
56. A song you want to know the translation of.
57. Will/Have you learned Japanese because of Visual kei?
58. Pick a Visual kei song from an anime
59. A song sexier then Aoi (The GazettE) drizzled baby oil.
60. A song that cant be contained in headphones because it is literally too awesome! 
61. Is your favorite musician a dork?
62. name a visual kei musician who is too unreal
63. Do you call 30+ year old your children? 
64. What would you do if your favorite band member walked out of the shower when you went to your bathroom?
65. Do you like female visual kei musicians?- if so, who is your favorite?

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