best song from the 80's hands down


I have had this in my head for ages and I had to do it so… I present Stefan, Caroline and Lexi having a fun night in (probably set in s4)

The heavy beat of old rock songs rattled around the room combining with the giggles escaping the three vampires heavily under the influence. Stefan, with his third bottle in hand, lay slumped on the couch rocking his head back and forth sloppily to the beat. The girls however, always being the bad influences, were positioned on the table swinging their hips from side to side occasionally crashing into each other.

“Stefan join us” Caroline whined snaking her body up and down to the beat of the music. She didn’t exactly know how they danced in the 80′s but she was giving it her best shot. 

“And what exactly would I be joining” the brunette question slumping even further into the couch. 

“FUN” she shouts jumping into the air happily only to frown at the sight of Stefan frowning nodding his head slightly to the side as if he considered that dancing.  

“Come on Stefan I’m going to need a little more than that” Lexi spills out in between whaling along with lyrics and complimenting Caroline on her sexy hip dip. 

“Oh no this is as far as I go with impromptu dance parties” he responded continuing to gulp down his drink and raise his hand in the air, moving it frantically not being able to have complete control over his movements.

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