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This boy will literally be the death of me.

Possessive Louis aka The Little Shit
  • Harry: Cute as a button. Every single one of you.
  • Ben Winston: Take 42. Someone grab Tomlinson, he's about to smash my phone.
  • Harry: what if I just-
  • Ben: No Harry, you can't change the line. SOMEONE STOP THAT LITTLE SHIT FROM HARASSING MY P.A!
  • Zayn: You know he's not going to stop right?
  • Liam: ...and we'll be here all night
  • Niall: ...and Harry won't get any for at least a week
  • Louis: Two weeks Nialler. What kind of boyfriend do you take me for?
  • Harry: If you don't change the line, I'm going to throw him over my shoulder and run, music video be damned!
  • Louis: That's more like it Harold.
  • Ben: *Sigh* You know he doesn't actually think they're as cute as you right?
  • Louis: It's the principle of the matter.
  • Ben: If you sit down and shut up about this line, l will give you an hour with him before we even start take 43.
  • Harry: Done.
  • Louis: He wasn't talking to you babe. Two hours Winston or no deal. What kind of sex goddess do you take me for?
  • Ben Winston: Just leave and apologise to my poor assistant on your way out.
  • Louis: Up for it Harold?
  • Harry: Up for it. Literally.
  • Louis: Oh babe. Why am I kicking up so much of a fuss over you again?

Marcel and Veronica, the ultimate otp.

Harrie Thing

Thank you so much to the amazing @lookformyownparadise and @harrystylesgotmefuckedup for thinking of me you are lovely girls!

Favorite Look : every look of Harrys is amazing but I have to say the 2014 fashion awards 

Favorite Tweet : just because its H being his goofy self 

Favorite Interview and why : 2015 nick grimshaw cause Harry was precious and couldn’t speak and looked great

Favorite Stage Moment : Him falling down during Though the Dark because he really is a klutz

Favorite Hairstyle : the medium length hair is to die for and I cant wait for it to come back

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Favorite Family Member : Mrs. Anne Twist

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Favorite 1D Bromance : Narry all day everyday

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Favorite Celeb + Harry : James

Favorite Tattoo : the Cross.

Favorite Quote : “A dream is only a dream until you decide to make it real” because it motivatesme

Favorite Instagram Post :

Favorite Music Video : Best Song Ever  because actor Harry and Marcel

Favorite Another Man Pic : if it isn’t clear yet I like it when H is goofy and expresses himself + the toddler smile

Now Answer

Your Name : Lyric

Where you live : northeast Louisiana

Have you ever seen Harry in live concerts or met him ? Any special moment ?: sadly no but I hope to one day

Favorite thing on Harry : ummmmmmmm well haha uh I suppose if I have to pick one thing it would be his lips because they are perfectly shaped and the perfect shade of deep pink seriously someone needs to make a lipstain this color.

Whats you favorite line/lyric of Harry’s on a 1d album ? :  “Never felt like this before are we friends or are we more as I’m walking towards the door I’m not sure” and  “A week ago you said to me do you believe ill never be too far if youre lost just look for me youll find me in the region of the summer stars”

What song reminds you the most of Harry ? Oblivion by Bastille because the line “are you going to age with grace are you going to age without mistakes are you going to age with grace only to wake and hide your face” mainly because he has aged with grace and without mistakes and we don’t get to see much of him these days

What movie reminds you the most of Harry : Goodfellas because recently he said it was one of his faves and its mine too

For how long have you been a Harrie ?:summer 2015 I had a dream and I was done

Where were you when the Dunkirk trailer first came out ? : at home trying to get ready for work

What do you expect from HS1 ?: I feel like we cant really know what to expect I mean this is Harry but I expect it to kill me and be amazing very unique a legend of an album

Who is your favorite Harry Blog ?: oh gosh I can really choose but all of my mutuals are my faves

If Harry could read this now what would you say ?: goodness um I would probably tell him that he is amazing and to keep doing what he is doing with his career the way he wants to do it. That he has just helped so many people in ways he will never know and that I’m glad that now he can finally be one of those people who doesn’t care what others think of him. That he doesn’t let anyone ever change him and that he always stays as humble as he is now because that’s what sets him apart from the other celebrities. And that he wont be known for having been famous but for having been a legend and for all the good he  did.

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