best song and video of the year


Troye Sivan’s music video of My My My! legit it about the best things I’ve seen all year. I’m not even a fan until this song and legit the best damn things I’ve seen. 

That video was so unapologetically gay. At first I was like… “what, this feels weird” and it did because honestly I’m only used to women moving and dancing sexually like that or in that type of way or never see gay men doing it in the mainstream media. So seeing a man was a little odd, BECAUSE YOU DON’T SEE THAT. You don’t see a man throwing himself around like that, with moody mysterious lighting and effects. But fuck, I fuck with this video so hard. IT MADE ME FEEL EMPOWERED. A straight plain ass white girl was like ‘yeah I wanna do that”. Watching him move like that with such bravado it made me want to get up and dance just like that and be that confident. 


Kpop tag

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1. Ultimate bias?

as surprising as it may sound from a die hard b.a.p stan, I have a really really soft spot for kim minseok too :\ but b.a.p my ult mans so idk who’se the real winner

2. Ultimate bias wrecker?

the one that will always make me question everything is that nosey boi jaehwan. but there are times i really melt over jinki and junmyeon

3. Favourite kpop song?

i have whole 3 😊 skydive by best absolute perfect a.k.a the peak of epicness, history by exo (don’t wanna sound like a history enthusiast but it always brings peace and happiest memories 🤔😳) and white-t shirt by jonghyun 💙🌙  

4. First kpop song?

2ne1′s i’m the best thanks to one of those kids react to videos. i looked them up after that and oh boy “hate you” was my jam for years but that was it lol

5. Favourite kpop album/single?

hands-down it is a lame joke i know “Hands Up” suits my music taste the best but “Noir” will always be superior

6. Favourite kpop ship?

shipping irl people might be fun sometimes, but the moment it’s taken way too seriously it’s a big no no from me :| all friendships are good! but i do enjoy the dynamics between banghim, lunber, baekxing, jeongcheol, jongkey ;w;

7. Hard or soft stan?

Hard stan, saltier than the dead sea too fjdkdf

8. Favourite kpop company?

don’t wanna bring politics in so i’ll judge by the amout of artists i stan from a company and sm prolly leads, yg isn’t really far behind

9. story of how I got into kpop?

the year is 2015. my sister won’t shut up about her new favourite artists b.a.p and her future husband jung daehyun. idk who are they yet but she won’t stop bragging about what an amazing vocalist my future brother in law’s gonna be. ofc i’m annoyed but i gotta be a good supportive big sis and agreed to listen to them with her. the song she chose to introduce me to kpop was “what the hell” and i to this day still thank her for it cos i fell really hard really quick :| right after she recommended me block b’s very good and shinee’s view and that’s how it all began. exo came into my life the latest since i was salty and would not give them a chance cvhchhbvgkhjg it was so stupid but thanks god minseok is so cute

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Kesha is out here releasing the best songs of the year that not only show her amazing vocal abilities but also have different styles of music and she released a music video with each song she has released so far. It’s been 5 years since her last solo album and after all she’s been through she came back to slay but y’all don’t pay attention to her. You need to go buy her music, stream it, watch her videos and spread the word about this wonderful soul that deserves all the best.


Clearly that website is mistaken. She always was and always will be number 1.

170918 BTS ‘LOVE YOURSELF: Her’ Press Conference - Compilation

- Rap Monster: “LOVE YOURSELF: Her is a series following after ‘Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa’ and ‘WINGS’. This album takes the role of ‘seung’ in ‘gi seung jeon gyeol’ and features 11 songs.” (TV Report) (seung: explanation, gi seung jeon gyeol: introduction - explanation - twist - conclusion)

- Rap Monster: “I think this album will become one of our turning points.” (TV Report)

- Jin: “Please love our song ‘DNA’ that contains our DNA.” (Mydaily)

- Suga: “I was greatly surprised when I heard the news about the number of pre-orders. It was 700,000 for the last album and we were very grateful to our fans and everyone who listened to our album then too. This time we thought we shall grow a little greedier and it would possibly reach 800,000 orders, we were greatly surprised seeing the news. I’m grateful that this many people love us. I think the pre-orders represent the trust and love for our music, I’m really grateful.” (Herald Pop)

- Rap Monster: “‘DNA’ contains our message of reconciliation and unite that we want to throw at the society.” (Mydaily)

- [About the meaning of ‘harmony’] Rap Monster: “I think love is an ability. If you can’t love yourself, you can’t love others. I often hear people saying that love is an illusional and vague thing these days. I thought about the method of loving. The time we spend looking into ourselves is getting lesser ad lesser because of smart phones and news media. I consider loving oneself to be the answer to many things. We don’t have the confidence to love ourselves completely, but we want to try and think about that answer. Starting from loving ourselves. That’s how it started. Although we haven’t been able to find that answer yet, we hope we can as we go along with the ‘gi seung jeon gyeol’ series.” (Mydaily, Joynews24)

- [About the whistle sound] Rap Monster: “I and Jungkook did the whistling together but I don’t know which one they used.” (News Inside)

- [About new goals] Suga: “Whenever we receive this question, we always said that our goal is to enter the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The Hot 100 chart actually requires having many albums sold, having songs streamed a lot and another important thing is radio play. This is not easy at all. We are holding expectation whether it will come true this time, but luckily US radio stations are giving us a lot of attention and select our songs often, so we’re carefully placing hope this time. Our album is being sold in the US this time and so many people are showing expectation and attention for us so we want to enter the Billboard Hot 100 chart this time.” (Newsen)

- Jimin: “I really want us to top the digital music chart when the digital album is released. I hope many people will love all of our songs this time as well as give BTS who always attempt new things a lot of love.” (Newsen)

- ‘DNA’ is a song of an uncommonly seen music structure in K-pop, featuring the foreign trendy EDM pop genre and bold use of beat drop. The song contains the message ‘we are entwined by fate from the beginning, we are one from the DNA’. (Newsen)

- Suga: “BTS members and the company staff often hold meetings together. The album concepts are from our thoughts and the producers’ thoughts merged together. When we first debuted, we each were busy making our own music, but now we combine BTS’ thoughts and the company’s ones and come up with the concepts.” (Maeil Kyungje)

- Rap Monster: “I often have meetings and hang out with the company staff. I talk with the producers, including Bang Shihyuk PD. The company keeps an eye on what we think.” (Maeil Kyungje)

- Rap Monster: “I always want to give good influence socially. Whenever I see people who like us, I feel a sense of responsibility. It can be become their inspiration or be left as good impression to them, but I think even mere appreciation like enjoying listening to our music or feeling our dance to be cool can also give good influence. I’m feeling the responsibility to keep offering good influence.” (Newsen)

- Suga: “Music is an extraordinary act that can moves someone. I hope the world will eventually become a world where many people are happy.” (Maeil Kyungje)

- [About ‘GO Rather Than Worrying’] Suga: “These days the young generation uses words like ‘YOLO’ and ‘spendthrift’, and I can’t understand why they use those words that much. We interpreted it from the perspective of BTS (in the song), I hope you would think about why the young generation uses ‘YOLO’ and ‘spendthrift’ while listening.” (Mydaily)

- [About ‘DNA’ music video] Suga: “We emphasized on the fancy impression to portray the feeling of falling in love. I was amazed every time I see the music video filming set, because it was so beautiful. I feel good since the result will come out great.” (Sports Joseon)

- Jin: “‘Best Of Me’ is a great song to listen to with lyrical melodies. This song was mixed by a partner who works together with The Chainsmokers. I hope many people would listen to it.” (Sports Joseon)

- Rap Monster: “There’s a famous performance in which president Obama dropped his mic to wrap up the new year speech. It was one of the performances that hold the meaning ‘My speech was good, right?’. ‘MIC Drop’ is a track connected with it. It features a lot of our swag and ambitions and was inspired by president Obama’s speech.” (Seoul Kyungje)

- [About collaboration with Seo Taiji] V: “He gave us support and told us that it’s our era now. I can truly feel that it’s an honor to be able to perform together with such a legendary senior singer.” (Mydaily)

- Jin: “Seo Taiji-sunbaenim told me that I can call him ‘father’. I was grateful that he used the word ‘Seo Taiji and Sons’.” (Mydaily)

- Suga: “I call him ‘hyungnim’. He’s way younger than my father.” (Mydaily)

- [About why the start of the series is ‘seung’ (explanation) and not ‘gi’ (introduction)] Suga: “When we consider the process of falling in love as ‘gi seung jeon gyeol’, I think the stage where we are the most immersed in love would be ‘seung’, so the album started as ‘seung’. There will come a moment when you understand why ‘seung’ comes out now if you follow our album sequence in the future.” (Mydaily)

- Rap Monster: “I think a lot about where our goal should be. When we first debuted, I couldn’t even think of working together with The Chainsmokers. Performing at the Gymnastics Stadium was our goal before debut, but now all kinds of unimaginable proposals are coming from inside and outside of our company. I’m curious about how far we can go. Our abstract goal is to climb up to the top and leave a milestone in the history like how PSY-sunbaenim did.” (Mydaily, Joynews24)

- Suga: “We followed the path of the senior singers and now we too need to build that path and advance further. I hope we can build better paths with better sides of us.” (Joynews24)

- BTS: “Although figures are important, we want to show good music and good performance.” (Joynews24)

  2. TOP 10 AWARD🏆
  4. BEST R&B Soul Suran’s Wine ft. Changmo. (Prod SUGA)🏆 

CONGRATS TO BTS! They deserve each and every one of them. let’s strive for more next year and fly even higher.

Ignorant Bliss: Best of 2017 Albums

So, this year I decided to actually write about the music I really liked over the last year instead of just the playlist (I still have a favorite songs playlist). So bear with me as I ramble on a bit about my favorite 19 albums (yeah I didn’t do 20) of 2017.

1. DAMN. — Kendrick Lamar

This is kind of an easy choice and one that you’ll see on just about every 2017 year-end list. Kendrick’s new album hit hard from the release of The Heart part 4 to prepare the world for the Humble’s amazing video straight to the whole project. Now in 2015 I felt TPAB (To Pimp A Butterfly) was the best album of 2015 and that album to me was about the external mental struggles with the current state of the world on K.Dot’s psyche, DAMN is more about his world the and his success from that album on his psyche. It’s an album that isn’t the jazz and black messiah influenced soundscape of TPAB, this one was harder, more stripped down production and also catchier, clearly he chose to make songs that can work as singles to quiet the critics that questioned his ability to make songs for the club and radio. DAMN is an album that also unlike many others this year that has had staying power.


SZA’s first album is one that surprised me. I thought SZA was great after having many a homegirl talk up her EPs. I didn’t expect the album being this amazing though. SZA brings in something new and old at the same time, the voice of woman figuring it all out with love and life with honesty. Everything from her music feels authentic and felt like I was learning something while listening to that.

3. At What Cost — Goldlink

No album made me happier to see succeed more than Goldlink’s At What Cost. His album as a love letter to what DC was compared to how it has rapidly changed thanks to gentrification was one of the few albums to come out so early in 2017 and grow and gain more and more buzz and play by the people. So many great tracks that hit hard yet also had songs with fantastic vibes throughout.

4. 4:44 — Jay-Z

Hov came out with an actual factual grown man album. His bars about regrets are different than the ones on early albums and now feel like those of a man 47 years of age with a wife and kids that have made mistakes. No I.D.’s excellent production on all the tracks of the album made it clear one of the best albums of the year and one of Hov’s best in his whole catalog.

5. Funk Wav Bounces vol. 1 — Calvin Harris

There was no album this to me that sounded like summer than this release. From song one until the end the album put vibes in my head of cookouts, road trips, beaches, pools, rooftops and young folks dancing and chilling. This filled a void and did it better than any other release this year for that season.

6. Scum Fuck Flower Boy — Tyler, the Creator

Another person people sleep on musically that doesn’t really stop his forward momentum in music, clothing, and entertainment as a whole. Tyler is out here killing folks on their own songs and sat down and decided to craft a dope piece of work. His last release Cherrybomb was basically his love letter to N.E.R.D. while this one his grows musically and while you can still hear the Neptunes influences it’s now a completely new, grown-up Tyler.

7. Washed Out — Mister Mellow

This is just a fire electronic album. A perfect mashup of sounds. I just enjoy listening to this on repeat.

8. Freudian — Daniel Caeser

I don’t have a lot to say about this album other than it’s fantastic. The songs are written so well and sung with such feeling that it’s an album that feels like R&B from earlier eras. Just great heart filled song making.

9. Big Fish Theory — Vince Staples

the smartest young rapper in the game. Outwitting old rappers at all times. Vince put together an album that is quite different than his previous ones with elements and sounds that skew toward electronic but also from early west coast hip hop music. He has songs that feel sparse in production while others feel dense. Vince has so much potential and just another amazing black artist from southern Cali killing it.

10. Pretty Grils Like Trap Music — 2 Chainz

See what Y’all going to stop doing is faking on 2 Chainz. Stop underestimating him and thinking his rhymes are not up there. I think now the audience just takes for granted how nonchalant and easy tityboi makes it all look. His delivery, flow, and punchlines are so good and have been for so long it seems to almost be thought of like air — it’s always there. With PGLT he takes it another level and tries to make people take notice with stronger stories and an excellent song arrangement (song arrangement is huge for me).

11. More Life –Drake

Maybe the least liked Aubrey project, that was the most streamed project on Apple Music for me hit all the right spots. London Drake, as Aubrey puts on the diaspora’s sounds like Kamen Rider forms was on the right wave. I was in as soon as I caught the premiere stream during his OVO Radio on Beats 1 as the songs sounded darker and sullen in his raps and of course still lovelorn in his singing songs. Get It Together is my jam, I recorded a whole podcast on it with David Brothers on it.

12. Fin — Syd

Man Syd’s album came out like too early. This album feels like Syd went a little out of her comfort zone of her sound that she’s known for with The Internet and made all type of songs that work well together as an album but had a tinge more popness to them than what her fans and listeners might be used to.

13. C U L T U R E — Migos

There were not many people who had a better year than the Migos. Ever since the young god Donald Glover pronounced Bad and Boujee one of the best songs ever they have been on a wave up. It’s cool to see them hit the top. Like other, I found them from Kamen Rider Drake putting on his Migos form to slide on Versace but I’ve been following them ever since as they dropped mixtape after mixtape. Their last studio album didn’t have that energy but with this one, they brought the full sound of the Migos and took it to a new place.

14. Vogue EP — Full Crate

I found this out by just seeing a song on Apple music with Trinidad James and was I surprised! Each track is fire and has a different dance vibe. Catchy melodies and knocking rhythms keeps this EP in the rotation.

15. 4eva is a Mighty Long Time — Big KRIT

Oh Big KRIT, a rapper everyone respects but yet to reach the height of popularity success. This album that is split between his two sides of his self. This feels like his most personal album and that says a lot is how much he has put himself in each previous release. Also, it has Lloyd on it and man I haven’t not liked a track with Lloyd on it.

16. 1992 Deluxe — Princess Nokia

I really rocked with this because the album like its title sounds like early 90s rap. It’s heavily influenced by those sounds and production. Her rhymes are solid and have a hint of playfulness to them. Well worth listening.

17. Sounds of Crenshaw — Terrace Martin presents The Pollyseeds

This was a nice little surprise. Terrence Martin is one of the best producers in the game right now. He can produce any type of music and has. So once I saw something came out with his name on it I jumped on it fast. What’s here is a jazzy, smooth, R&B kind of like 80s smooth R&B through a 2010s lens of sounds and lyrics.

18. Feels — Snoh Aalegra

I’ve been into each song Snoh has released for the last two years. Her voice is so soothing yet filled with hurt and vulnerability. A lot of her music has the classic soul feel and I think it’s a lane that’s constantly trying to be filled since Amy Winehouse and Sharon Jones has passed. Also, her album art is always some cool sci-fi & romance comics visuals.

19. H.E.R. — H.E.R.

An album that is, in the end, the first two EPs arranged together with some other songs is like in comics when you end up copping the big omnibus after reading all the issues and trades but still want to the super collection. H.E.R.’s music is somber but confident. It’s one of the many stellar R&B albums that made 2017 a great year for R&B/Soul.

Artist of the Year: BTS!!

So as you all know, BTS has won Artist of the Year at MAMA, making this their second year in a row. Why did they deserve this award? Well let’s take a look, at least with all the things I remember for this past year!

Back in February, BTS released the “You Never Walk Alone” album, performing their hits “Spring Day” and “Not Today”. They only promoted for a hot second before starting their World Tour, Wings.

The group then traveled around the world, doing many shows and met thousands and thousands of fans. They especially had a successful run in the States, with all their shows selling out within minutes.

During their first time in the States this year, many American companies and artists began to show their interest in the boys. Many people were worried that the boys would become whitewashed. But they stuck true to their colors.

BTS then went on with the tour and later got nominated for a Billboard Music Award for Top Social Artist. What’s more? They won. They stood on stage in front of many of the artists that they admire on one of the biggest music award shows. They promised they would be back in the States!

Later on in the year, BTS released the “Love Yourself” album, urging listeners all across the world to love yourself first. They performed hits like “DNA”, “Go Go” and “Mic Drop”. BTS then released their campaign with UNICEF to #EndViolence. Through this campaign, BTS will be donating $500k to UNICEF, helping so so many kids around the world. Truly an inspiration to many.

BTS then kept their promise of returning to the states when they got invited to perform at the American Music Awards, making their US TV debut. Over the course of a tight week, they went on shows like Jimmy Kimmel, James Corden, and Ellen. If people didn’t know them before, they certainly did now. Their performance was the most anticipated at the AMA’s and not a single person was sitting down when they performed. They got love calls from so many artists. They truely felt welcome and they continued to break the barriers set for them.

BTS then dropped he “Mic Drop Remix” ft Desiigner and Steve Aoki. It stayed on the US iTunes chart at number one for two whole days, beating out other songs like Havana and Thunder. They received more love calls from artists like Charlie Puth, one of Junkookies favorites.

If this wasn’t enough, they performed amazing stages at MAMA last night. And BTS won the “best music video” and “Asian style” award. And last but not least, they won “Artist of the Year”. And they clearly deserve it.

But I’d like to also shine light on the smaller things they have done. Though they’re not always promoting, they’re always keeping in touch with fans through things like twitter and V lives. They filmed for “RUN BTS” whenever they can, making my Tuesday mornings a lot more fun. They’re still the same boys they were before all their massive success. Being humble is a virtue the boys all carry so well.

This years has been huge for K-pop as a whole, not just BTS. Many artists have came out with amazing music this year. So many new fans are popping up around the world thanks to all the hard work each artist puts out. As the end of the 2017 is nearing, let’s celebrate and wish everyone well for all their hard work, they deserve it.

To BTS, my boys, my kings: You all are doing so well. You guys are the same boys I started to love four years ago and to think about all your hardships and struggles to get to where you are now? It’s heartwarming. An inspiration to never give up. Thanks for shining on light on social problems around the world. Thank you for producing great music. Thank you for showing me how to love myself more. Thank you, for being you.

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1 year of Lemonade

Best reviewed album of 2016
Highest metacritic score of 2016 (92)
Biggest female debut of 2016
2nd most acclaimed album in history
Rolling Stone’s Best Album of the Year
Formations is Rolling Stone’s Best Song of the Year
Formation is Time Magazine’s Best song of the Year
First artist to reach No.1 position with her first six studio album
First female artist to chart 12 or more songs on the Hot 100 at the same time
Every single from Lemonade has been in the top 30 of iTunes worldwide at least once
Formation has become the most awarded song in history, surpassing Michael Jackson’s thriller
Formation is Beyoncé’s most awarded song
Formation is the most awarded song of 2016
Lemonade is the most awarded album of 2016
8 Video Music Awards (11 nominations)
4 Emmy nominations
5 BET Awards
4 Soul Train Awards including Album of the Year
1 AICE Award
1 American Music Award
1 Clio Awards
1 Video Music Awards Japan
1 Teens Choice Award
1 UK Video Music Award
1 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity
2 Kinsale Shark Awards
5 NAACP Image Awards
1 Peabody award
2 Grammy Awards, 9 Nominations
Lemonade sold more than 1 million copies in 2 weeks
Beyoncé is the first female artist to receive a 5 star review by Rolling Stones
Lemonade is the first album by a female artist to garner 100 million streams in the US in one week
Lemonade sold 663,000 copies in the first week
The Formation World Tour is the highest grossing tour of 2016
100% sold out stadium tour
Formation was the most-mentioned song on Instagram
Sorry was the 14th most-mentioned song on Instagram
Lemonade was the most talked about album on Tumblr

and the list goes on…


Rihanna is up for 3 awards for the 2017 MTV VMAs! The Song of the Summer, “Wild Thoughts”, snagged 3 nominations: Best Art Direction, Best Collaboration, and one of the biggest awards of the night, Video of the Year! Best Collaboration & Video of the Year are fan voting categories, so be sure to vote to see Rihanna take home those awards!

Vote for Best Collaboration

Vote for Video of the Year

The VMAs air Sunday, Aug. 27, 2017 at 8/7c on MTV.

【Non-No Magazine January 2018】 100 answers from BTS - JIN’s part 

Q29: The BTS song that you think can get people pumped up?
A: ‘Fire’. It has a great melody and enthusiastic lyrics. Many people got to know us through this song, it’s a song that changed our live. So, when I hear the song, my whole body is pumped up. 

Q30: Recently, what song did you play on the guitar?
A: Although my guitar skills are still lacking but I want to try to play the guitar practice videos’ game BGM.

Q31: What would you think of when you hear the word 'winter’?
A: I would think of the snow-covered area of RPG which I loved when I was a child. 

Q32: What do you have to do every day?
A: Feed Eomuk and Odeng! Sugar gliders are tiny and they’re so cute!

Q33: What’s your best dish? 
A: A dish with conch or rice cake soup. I cooked it for the members during the New Years, I was happy to hear “we can’t go back to our hometowns but we’re thankful that hyung cooked this for us.” I’m so gentle and soft (laughs). 

Q34: Food that you ate in Japan made you feel touched? 
A: ‘ひつまぶし’ (chopped kabayaki eel on rice), it tastes so delicious as it is said to be!

Q35: Essential items in the fridge? 
A: Red pepper sauce, ssam sauce and kimchi. At home, I usually cook meat dishes, so these sauces that fits with the meat is a must-have. 

Q36: Favorite space in your room?
A: I like my entire room, so I can’t decide. Playing on the bed, playing games and wasting time makes me feel blessed. 

Q37: Who would you talk to about your worries with? 
A: I don’t really worry about things. There are times when my mind is a mess but I try to find the reason and solve that before it actually becomes a worry. 

Q38: The moment you feel that you’re shining? 
A: My existence is shining. It’s not just a moment, I’m 'always’ shining (laughs)!

Q39: Thoughts on BBMA? 
A: When we arrived at Las Vega’s venue, it says ‘Billboard’ in front of us. I said to the members: “ah, so this is Billboard.” I felt moved and incredible.

Q40: A surprise that you’ve planned recently?
A: Giving myself Eomuk and Odeng! We celebrated Jungkook’s birthday together in September.

Q41: Recently, which member do you think is the most reliable?
A: Jimin. When we were on variety shows, when I was talking, he lets me talk as much as I want. When it’s his turn to talk, he would step forward/ give his all, which gives off a very inspiring feeling.  

Q42: What goal do you want to achieve in 2017?  
A: Without doing anything, I want Eomuk and Odeng to come to me. I’m practicing applying some yogurt onto my hand, which makes them climb to my wrist. But when I tried it, they bit my finger with the yogurt (laughs).


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Lemonade Era Awards (as of November 20th, 2017)

  1. A-List Award: Best Movie Advertising (Formation) ‘17
  2. African American Film Critics Association’s Best TV Show - Special or Limited Series (Lemonade) ‘16
  3. AICE Award: Best Music Video (Formation) ‘16
  4. AMA: Favorite Female Artist (Soul/R&B) ‘17
  5. AMA: Tour of the Year (FWT) ‘16
  6. Art Director’s Guild Award: Best Award or Event Special (Lemonade) ‘17
  7. ASCAP Rhythm and Soul Award: Best Hip-Hop / R&B song (Formation) ‘17
  8. ASCAP Rhythm and Soul Award: Best Hip-Hop / R&B song (Hold Up) ‘17
  9. ASCAP Rhythm and Soul Award: Best Hip-Hop / R&B song (Sorry) ‘17
  10. BET Award: Album of the Year (Lemonade) ‘17
  11. BET Award: Best Female R&B Artist ‘16
  12. BET Award: Best Female R&B Artist ‘17
  13. BET Award: Director of the Year ‘17
  14. BET Award: Video of the Year ‘16 (Formation)
  15. BET Award: Video of the Year ‘17 (Formation)
  16. BET Centric Award ‘16
  17. BET FANdemonium Award ‘16
  18. BET Video Director of the Year (Sorry) ‘17
  19. BET Viewer’s Choice Award ‘16 (Formation)
  20. BET Viewer’s Choice Award '17 (Formation)
  21. Billboard Award: Top Female Artist ‘17
  22. Billboard Award: Top R&B Album (Lemonade) ‘16
  23. Billboard Award: Top R&B Album (Lemonade) ‘17
  24. Billboard Award: Top R&B Artist ‘17
  25. Billboard Award: Top R&B Tour (FWT) ‘17
  26. Billboard Award: Top Touring Artist ‘17
  27. Black Reel Award: Outstanding Television Documentary or Special (Lemonade) ‘17
  28. BMI 2017 Award: Most Performed R&B / Hip-Hop Song (Sorry) ‘17
  29. BRIT Award: Best International Solo Artist ‘16
  30. Cannes Lion’s Excellence in Music Video (Formation) ‘16
  31. Cannes Lion’s Excellence in Music Video (Runnin’ *Lose It All*) ‘16
  32. CDFA: Fashion Icon Award ‘16
  33. Clio Award: Excellence in Music Video (Sorry) ‘17
  34. Clio Award: Video of the Year (Formation) ‘16
  35. Cultural Driver Award: Impact on Pop Culture ‘16
  36. Daily Californian Award: Best Music Video (Lemonade) ‘16
  37. GAFFA Award: Best International Female Artist ‘16
  38. Golden Boot Award: Collaboration of the Year (Daddy Lessons) ‘17
  39. Golden Boot Award: Most Unforgettable Moment ‘17
  40. Grammy Award: Best Music Video (Formation) ‘17
  41. Grammy Award: Best Urban Contemporary Album (Lemonade) ‘17
  42. Guinness World Record: Most Female Grammy Nominations ‘17
  43. Guinness World Record: Most Liked Instagram Pic ‘17
  44. Ivor Novello Award: Most Performed Work (HFTW) ‘17
  45. Japan MTV Video Music Award: Album of the Year (Lemonade) ‘16
  46. Kinsale Shark Award: Best Directing in an International Music Video (Formation) ‘16
  47. Kinsale Shark Award: Best International Music Video (Formation) ‘16
  48. London International Award: Best Direction (Formation) ‘16
  49. London International Award: Best Music Video (Formation) ‘16
  50. MT Buzz Award: Best Live Artist ‘16
  51. MT Buzz Award: Most Surprising Collaboration ‘16
  52. MTV Movie Awards: Top Trending Award ‘17
  53. MTV VMA: Breakthrough Longform Video (Lemonade) ‘16
  54. MTV VMA: Best Choreography (Formation) ‘16
  55. MTV VMA: Best Cinematography (Formation) ‘16
  56. MTV VMA: Best Direction (Formation) ‘16
  57. MTV VMA: Best Editing (Formation) ‘16
  58. MTV VMA: Best Female Video (Hold Up) ‘16
  59. MTV VMA: Best Pop Video (Formation) ‘16
  60. MTV VMA: Video of the Year (Formation) ‘16
  61. MTV Video Play Award: (Hymn For The Weekend) ‘16
  62. MTV Video Play Award: (Sorry) ‘16
  63. Music Society Award: Album of the Year (Lemonade) ‘17
  64. Music Society Award: Best Choreography (Sorry) ‘17
  65. Music Society Award: Best R&B/Soul Album of the Year (Lemonade) ‘17
  66. Music Society Award: Best R&B/Soul Artist of the Year ‘17
  67. Music Society Award: Best R&B/Soul Collaboration (Freedom) ‘17
  68. Music Society Award: Best R&B/Soul Recording of the Year (Formation) ‘16
  69. Music Society Award: Best R&B/Soul Recording of the Year (Sorry) ‘17
  70. Music Society Award: Breakthrough Longform Video (Lemonade) ‘17
  71. NAACP Image Award: Outstanding Album (Lemonade) ‘17
  72. NAACP Image Award: Outstanding Collaboration (Freedom) ‘17
  73. NAACP Image Award: Outstanding Female Artist ‘17
  74. NAACP Image Award: Outstanding Music Video (Formation) ‘17
  75. NAACP Image Award: Outstanding Song (Freedom) ‘17
  76. NAMIC Award: Best Special or Talk Show (Lemonade) ‘17
  77. National Film & Music Award: Album of the Year (Lemonade) ‘17
  78. National Film & Music Award: Artist of the Year ‘17
  79. National Film & Music Award: Best Live Performance of the Year ‘17
  80. National Film & Music Award: Breakthrough Longform Video (Lemonade) ‘17
  81. National Film & Music Award: Lifetime Achievement Award ‘17
  82. National Film & Music Award: Top Touring Artist of the Year ‘17
  83. National Film & Music Award: Video of the Year (Formation) ‘17
  84. Nickelodeon’s KCA: Brazil Girls Power Award ‘16
  85. NME Award: Hero of the Year ‘17
  86. NRJ Music Award: Most Streamed Song (NFTW) ‘16
  87. One Club Award Gold 2017: (Formation)
  88. One Show Award: Best Music Video (Formation) ‘17
  89. One Show Award: New Trends (Formation) ‘17
  90. PEABODY Award (Lemonade) ‘17
  91. Pollstar Award: Most Creative Stage Production (FWT) ‘17
  92. RTHK International Pop Poll’s Awards: Top 10 International Gold Song (NFTW) ‘17
  93. RTHK International Pop Poll’s Awards: Top Female Artist ‘17
  94. Soul Train Award: Album of the Year (Lemonade) ‘16
  95. Soul Train Award: Best R&B/Soul Female Artist ‘16
  96. Soul Train Award: Song of the Year (Formation) ‘16
  97. Soul Train Award: Video of the Year (Formation) ‘16
  98. Talk Film Society’s Founder’s Award ‘16
  99. Teen Choice Award: Choice R&B/Hip-Hop Artist '16
  100. Teen Choice Award: Choice R&B/Hip-Hop Artist '17
  101. UK Music Video Award: Best Styling in a Music Video (Formation) ‘16
  102. WatsUp Africa Music Video Award: Best International Video (Formation) ‘16
  103. Webby’s Awards People’s Voice Award: Best Music Video (Formation) ‘16
  104. YouTube Diamond Award ‘17

So I saw this post saying that BTS was planning on disbanding during the N.O. era because of not having enough money and I can’t help but think of what it would be like if they actually had. There would no more of the songs we all love since that era. No music videos, no theories. No first place wins on music shows. No Daesang awards for best album of the year and artist of the year. No Billboard Music Award. No social media posts from the boys. No bangtan bombs. No world tours. And above else, there wouldn’t be an ARMY family that we all love and are happy to be apart of.

So a big thank you to the boys for sticking through with it despite the obstacles thrown at them. People say they’re cliche and are just an overrated boy group. No, they’re not. They’ve worked incredibly hard for where they are today and have given thousands, millions, of people hope to do the same.

Happy 4th anniversary BTS! Thank you for growing up to be the group that all of us admire and love so much. Thank you for all you have given us. We can only hope for many more years in the future.

Love myself, love yourself. Love BTS 🎉

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anonymous asked:

Just here to say that the Serendipity comeback trailer was abt Yoongi sorry I don't make the rules 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ but SERIOUSLY tho like i caought all of those y/m references Jimin, I got u

also this might be Reaching™ but didnt yoonmin say their relationship was like the color yellow? and this video was basically Jimin Singing A Love Song Surrounded By Yellow 😳📝 ik im looking too much into this but 🤷‍♀️… 


The yellow in jimins video…i just keep getting flasbacks to when yoongi said it’s the color of their relationship in :“’)


i LOVE how we’re all on the same page oh my gosh there are SO many ym references like ??? the colour yellow which yoongi said best suited their r/s ??? ‘the universe has moved for us’ THE CAT,,,,  YOU KNOW I KNOW

i’m hoping the blue is a yoongi reference too because it’s been years and i’m still waiting for yoongi to have blue hair

Happy Merlin Anniversary! Decided to remake a video to the all-time classic, King & Lionheart. ♥

Please watch in HD. [No, really. Please watch in HD, otherwise, it was all for nothing.] 

Anyway! Enjoy. Happy holidays, Christmas, days of great tv, Merlin anniversary, whatever you do or don’t celebrate and best wishes for the new year.

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Hi! Can u describe me this Buttetcream team? I am sooo new to this thing🤷🏼‍♀️😭😄 And maybe something more about Jack Maynard? He is the cuttest😏😏

Describe them? Are you sure? Alright, you asked for it

First off we have Caspar Lee

Caspar is 23 years old and has had his YouTube channel since 2011. He was born and raised in Knysna, South Africa and first came to London to film a collab and stay with Jack Harries (Jacksgap). Caspar is such a kind soul. He deserves every good thing in the world and he’s one of the most unproblematic boys of the group. Have you seen his #PositivityOverNegativity video? What a good guy. Outside of his YouTube success, Caspar has acted in a few movies (some including Spud 3 and Laid in America) and also has his own book which he wrote with his mom. He now resides in London and makes weekly videos (upload date usually Mondays). He is a beautiful human being who enjoys pizza, video games, and hanging out with his friends.

Next there’s Josh Pieters

Josh is also 23 years old and has had his YouTube channel since 2015. Also born and raised in Knysna, he and Caspar have been best friends since their school days. They weren’t always friends, as Josh used to be quite mean to Caspar and they didn’t always get along. As they grew, they became closer and are now best friends (and roommates) in London. He makes weekly videos with a fairly consistent upload schedule of Wednesdays. Josh is an adorable ginger who has grown so much in the past two years and we are very proud of him.

This is Conor Maynard

Conor is 24 years old, born and raised in Brighton and now lives in London. Conor found success back in 2012 with his first album, Contrast. Since then, he’s focused mainly on his YouTube channel. He films a lot of covers but has also come out with original songs alone as well as with his friend Anth and his brother Jack. Conor is very dorky and sweet and adorable but then he sings and he’s very sexy and serious. There are many sides to this Brighton boy and we love all of them.

Here is Jack Maynard

Jack is 22 years old and is the brother of Conor. He’s had his YouTube channel since 2015 but had a channel once before that. He too was born and raised in Brighton but now lives in London. Jack is often referred to as the player/pretty boy of the group, but I think there’s much more to him than that. Not only does he make banging videos, but he also dabbles in DJing. Look at him in his fucking yellow shirt and fucking hat and fucking glasses thAT HE DOESN’T NEED FUCK WHY IS HE LIKE THAT HE’S TOO MUCH. *clears throat* anyway. Jack, Conor, and Josh were once roommates but moved out from the apartment they once shared a few months ago. Jack is also now working on a music project with Conor. Their “group” is called GOAT and their first single is titled Grenade. It’s hard to give Jack a solid upload date, but it’s usually either Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Jack is a smokin’ hot motherfucker whom we all love.

This is Mikey Pearce

Mikey is 24 years old and is from Brighton. He’s a childhood friend of Jack and Conor and also resides in London. He’s had his channel since 2016. Mikey enjoys making skits and collabing with the other buttercreams. Arguably his most popular videos have been his sponsored videos with Tinder. Mikey’s sort of the problematic fav but he is still part of the group and we love him for it. He has a very inconsistent uploading schedule, pretty much just posting whenever he’s ready to. Mikey is an awkward stuttering goofball who surely has a good heart inside him.

This is Joe Sugg

Joe is 25 years old and has had his YouTube channel since 2011. He’s from Wiltshire, England and is the oldest member of the buttercreams and also has the most subscribers. Joe’s always had very original content (whether it’s pranks on Caspar or new challenges) and has come a very long way since his first videos. His sister is Zoe Sugg (Zoella) and he first started his channel with her help. He was once roommates with Caspar but they have since moved out of their shared apartment. Joe is very funny and genuine and has accomplished so much, even outside of YouTube. Joe has two graphic novels and the third is coming out later this year. Additionally, he and Caspar have two films together: Joe and Caspar Hit the Road and Joe and Caspar Hit the Road: USA. Joe uploads regularly on Sundays and has called them Sugg Sunday Specials for many years now. Joe is an incredible, good looking, down to earth, successful guy and deserves every good thing that happens to him in the future.

And here is Oli White

Oli is 22 years old and has had his YouTube channel since 2012 but once had a YouTube channel before that. He is from Iver, Englad. Oli is such a sweetheart and is considered one of the most underappreciated buttercreams. He loves his family, friends, and fans so much. A regular guest in his videos is his younger brother James and they have a very good relationship with each other. Oli is known for his generosity, giving his friends and family incredible presents and surprises (whether for holidays or for no reason at all) and surprising his fans with his merchandise. Outside of his YouTube success, Oli has written two books: Generation Next and Generation Next: The Takeover. He uploads consistently on Saturdays. Oli is an amazingly sweet and beautiful human being and he is too pure for this world.


This is Byron Langley

Byron is 24 years old and has a YouTube channel called Langley and Mash. He is from South Africa and came into the group via his fellow South African friends, Caspar and Josh. Byron is one of the original buttercreams (according to Joe) but we weren’t aware he existed due to his infrequent appearances on the other boys channels and the small size of his own channel. Outside of YouTube, Byron has done a bit of acting (appearing in all of the Spud movies) and is a model and a bit of a musician. Byron appears in a lot of the other boys vlogs and has been in some main channel videos as well. Byron is one of the most beautiful and sweet human beings I’ve ever seen and I felt he deserved to be in this post.


There are you, that’s the buttercreams. I hope you’ve gotten to know them a bit more now. Welcome to the family! xx


“Christmas is all around me”
Have you seen “Love actually”? I love this movie and Bill Nighy is one of my favourite actors. His song from “Love actually” is the best christmas song for me! I showed the movie to my friend Nastya and she also loved it aaaand made a Christmas Witcher art based on Bill Nighy’s music video x)
Andrey as Geralt
Torie as Shani, Triss
RgtCandy as Yennefer, Keira 
photo by me 
based on art by Nastya Kulakovskaya (Drakonoart)