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Ήταν και εκείνο το χαμόγελο που δεν ξεχνιέται.


*Και ούτε πρόκειται να ξεχαστεί.

Our National Treasure

He may not have won, but he’s won in so many other ways. But just you wait…

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Sétálok haza,felnézek az égre,s egy repülő fölöttem repül el.
Lehet,hogy valaki épp a maradék szendvicsét eszi,
vagy lehet, hogy valakinek most jutott eszébe,hogy otthagyott valamit a szálláson,
vagy lehet,hogy valaki most kutat zacskó után.
Lehet, hogy valaki alszik épp vagy újságot olvas vagy hallgatja a kedvenc dalát.
Lehet, hogy most tolják végig a szemeteskocsit, de az is lehet,hogy most mondják be,hogy megkezdték a süllyedést.
Lehet,hogy valaki sír,mert otthagyta a családját,de lehet,hogy valaki nevet,mert megy haza a családjához.
Az is lehet,hogy valaki épp pisil,
De senki sem gondol arra,
Hogy pont én, pont ebből a városból pont őket nézem.
How Far I’ll Go. Thoughts on the Oscars 2017.

I am so angry for the fact that “How Far I’ll Go” didn’t win as best song, and not only because Lin was the author. 

Let’s start from the fact that it is getting so much success, like they pass it on the radio all the time, and people love it; even if it’s not Auli’s version but the other one which is great as well. Then, we have the theme, which is UNIVERSAL. You could substitute the being at the edge of the water, staring at the horizon with anything else and it will work, because it perfectly describes what a young person feels while growing up. It is so relatable and has a fantastic message. 

I mean, shouldn’t the “best song” send a message to people? I don’t know you, but every time I listen to it, this song speaks to my soul. It put in music what I feel and holds all the insecurities that we feel as young adult. We don’t know how far we’ll go, but if we listen to that voice inside us, we might know, or get an answer. “How Far I’ll Go” tells you to follow your dreams and do your best, try to be successful, but if you aren’t it doesn’t matter, because you tried and were close to make it. 

I don’t know which criteria they follow to give the Best Song Oscar, but I think that the message alone should’ve gotten one, not only a mere nomination, which is a lot too. 

Instead, they gave the price to “City of Stars” which is a good song too, but it holds a poor message. It is about a city, Los Angeles, or Hollywood to be more specific; the places where your dreams become true, that holds millions of lights and restaurants and people and music and it’s just magic. 

What does it tell you? Nothing. It tells you “hey, go to that city. Your dreams will come true”. In my opinion, it’s a poor subject. Yes, the music is really pretty and even if you listen to it once you’ll sing along.

I find it sad, on one side, we have a song that is in a children movie, that teaches to be your own person and follow your heart, because you will go big, and if you don’t succeed, it’s ok. At least you tried. And on the other, we have a film about success, about showbiz once again. A really pretty film, with catchy songs. But that is, in my opinion, not Oscar material and a bit poor in content. I am not saying it wasn’t good, because it was and Chazelle did an amazing job, he is really good. But this movie, who got success everywhere and is so loved, wasn’t in my opinion Oscar material. There were other movies, like Lion or Moonlight or Manchester by the Sea, to give some titles, that could’ve scored the same number of nominations and even more. 

I don’t want to be the alternative, throwing shades on La La Land, because I liked it. I’m just saying that I don’t get all the success it has got, since there were other films that deserved the same amount of success and got shaded by the light on the umpteenth film about Hollywood.

And to add a personal thought: Lin Manuel Miranda had to win because he deserves to be MacPEGOT. 


Hidden Figures (2016)

Directed by Theodore Melfi

Cinematography by Mandy Walker