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So everyone knows about PTA Sans

And PTA Sans is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen, but consider this

Bake Sale Mom Toriel- She works at the school and immediately knows about all of the fundraisers and bake sales. She over does the baking and puts everyone else to shame with her butterscotch cinnamon pies and her lemon squares.

Soccer Mom Undyne- She trains Frisk on how to be the best soccer player in the school (even though she’s not quite sure what soccer is) and she threatens anyone with a spear that insinuates that Frisk can’t play soccer.

Wrestling/ MMA Dad Papyrus- He makes sure Frisk can take care of themselves at school, especially around Johnny Lowlife and Fuckboy Todd. He teaches Frisk everything he knows about fighting and self defense. During PTA meetings he questions why there aren’t any self defense classes offered, and offers to teach them for free. Every time, he gets turned down but it doesn’t stop him from offering it again.

Science/ Mechanical Teacher Aunt Alphys- She was hired by the Principal after meeting Mettaton and believing he was completely under her orders and hoped she could teach the kids about science and how to make their own robots. She spends the entire day watching anime with her students. All of her tests are about the animes they watch. The principal still isn’t aware of this fact and all of the other students aren’t sure why their friends are so eager to go back to such a ‘boring’ class. They just don’t know what they’re missing. She doesn’t show up to PTA meetings; she stays home and plays computer games and has Undyne fill her in later.

Theater Uncle Mettaton- He teaches Frisk everything there is to know about show business. How to dance, the proper way to speak in front of a crowd, how to train their voice to sing. There was a 3 day long lecture about the importance of glitter. There was no stopping, only bathroom brakes. Food had to be brought to the class or brought by a family member during class. He was fired after that, but still shows up to class because the principal is too intimidated to remove him forcefully. He’s taken over the cooking class and news club and yearbook committee. He made all of those classes better than they have been before. He typically doesn’t show up to PTA meetings, but when he does, someone is getting hell. *Cough* Linda *cough*

Gardener Asgore- He shows up daily to plant flowers and trim hedges around the school. The Principal never hired him, and is too scared to tell him to leave, plus he made the school look prettier than all of the other schools in the area. He loves gardening, but he really just wants to be around Frisk and Toriel. He sort of wanders into PTA meetings. Toriel told him to leave, but his horns got stuck in the doorway.

Botany Nerd Asriel- After being a flower for so long he wanted to know about other plants. He spends hours finding new facts about edible and inedible plants, pretty flowers, and places with exotic and rare plant breeds. He wants to visit the amazon when he gets older and stop deforestation. Meetings are always called by teachers saying how disruptive he is about his new flower books; Toriel told the teacher off and made sure to get Asriel in her class for the rest of the year. Asgore went to the meeting too and tried to calm down Toriel. He got a black eye.

Flowerpot Flowey- He likes to pretend to be a normal flower until someone comes up to him. He scares the shit out of the school kids. The Principal asked Asgore to stop bringing him to school. The Principal got a black eye.

Lunchroom Cook Grillby- He showed up to be around everyone else, saw the food being served and decided no one needed to be tortured with that kind of next to inedible monstrosity. He makes gormet bar food for all of the school children. He never speaks to anyone, but he still always has a friendly aura around him.

Past Life

Tyler Posey X Reader

Word Count: 583

Requested: @evolutionofkatep

Request: Can u do a Dylan obrien or Tyler posey imagine where the reader and him were childhood friends and after high school never saw each other again but then he is watching tv and sees the reader was voted like best soccer player in Barcelona (even tho she’s American) and then she comes back to USA and is a guest star in teen wolf playing a soccer player and is his love interest and he’s so obsessed with her and talks about her a lot and then they finally get together after like a time skip??? 💗😘💖

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You’d known Tyler when you were throughout the whole of your childhood but after that, you left high school you both lost contact, you moved and Tyler focused on acting, you remembered seeing him in ‘Maid In Manhattan’ you remembered giggling at him when you got older. You saw him in Teen Wolf and you loved the show but you didn’t realise that he saw you on T.V too.

You had been voted for the best football player for Barcelona, that was where you moved, you moved to Barcelona and you loved football so you decided that was what you wanted to do professionally. You were successful in your field. Tyler was sitting with Dylan and Holland when he saw you on T.V “Hold on.” he said suddenly leaning forward.
“What?” Dylan asked looking over at Tyler.
“What’s her name?” he asked and Dylan frowned.
“(Y/N),” Holland answered.
“Huh? It is her.” Tyler mumbled to himself.
“What?” Dylan asked.
“I knew her, we were best friends when we were younger,” Tyler answered. “She always was good at Soccer.”
“Looks like she might be more like amazing.” Holland corrected and Tyler nodded wondering if he should try to get back in touch with you.

You walked onto the set with Jeff as he explained a few things to you. They needed a soccer player for a part. You agreed to play the part they left out that you would be Tyler’s character Scott’s new love interest. You were introduced to Victoria first, your character was going to be her best friend so they thought that you should meet her first and you both got on well.
“So you ready to meet the rest of the cast?” Jeff asked and you nodded.
“Sure.” You smiled. He leads you into another room where the cast was messing around and doing nothing really it was their break, you looked over each of them pretty starstruck, you did love the show after all.
“(Y/N)?” A familiar voice asked and you looked over at Tyler and smiled before rushing over to him and hugging him.
“It’s been a while.” You whispered as you pulled back.
“Oh, you two know each other that’s good.” Jeff nodded and you looked over at him “because of you his new love interest. Meet on set in an hour!” he said before he was gone.
“So you moved to Barcelona?” Tyler asked.
“Oh yeah, I moved and I lost your number and then the whole soccer thing took off and everything got crazy but I’ll be here for a while by the looks of it.” You smiled.

After introductions, you all filmed one of the first scenes for the show and everyone was surprised at how well you could act as well as play, you spent a lot of time teaching the group a few tricks. When you weren’t around Tyler would literally gush over you.

It went on like that for months before he even considered asking you on a date and you were kind of sad about it, you thought that he was pretty good looking ever as a kid you thought he was cute you just didn’t know what that meant until you were older. “(Y/N)!” Tyler called and you turned to him.
“Yeah?” You asked.
“I was wondering if you wanted to you know go on a date sometime,” Tyler suggested as you walked towards him.
“I’d love to.” You smiled leaning up and kissing his cheek.

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Olympique Lyonnais Féminin (French pronunciation: ​[ɔlɛ̃pik ljɔnɛ]; commonly referred to as Olympique Lyon, Lyon, or simply OL) is a French women’s football club based in Lyon. It is the most successful club in the history of Division 1 Féminine with fourteen league titles. The club has been the female section of Olympique Lyonnais since 2017, when Alexandra Patricia Morgan, the best soccer player in the world, landed in Lyon, France to bless the country with her presence. 

Lola and Robotboy make such a wonderful duo!!! <3 <3

Fic: Waiting for Superman

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She’s watching the taxi driver, he pulls away
She’s been locked up inside her apartment a hundred days

Ishida Yamato sighed as he watched the taxi drive off. His hand dived into his pocket, swimming around for the keys. Upon finding them, he turned to the front door of his and his best friend, Yagami Taichi’s, house.

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