best single cover of all time

You know the Secret Trio thing with Danny Fenton, Randy Cunningham, and Jake Long? Yeah. I’ve started adding Adrien Agreste with them. It has become a squad now. Just imagine the head canons!

  • Playing video games together as a bunch of nerds
  • Fighting over what video games they should play together
  • Danny using a ghost portal to take everyone to France just so they can hang out in Adrien’s awesome room (cause it’s the best one)
  • Randy and Adrien bonding over not being able to fly
  • Randy and Adrien bonding over being raised by single parents
  • Adrien constantly messing with Danny’s parents ghost tech and activating it around him
  • The others laughing at Danny covered in goo or being chased by some lasers
  • adrien constantly apologizing even after danny tells him “it’s ok. Happens all the time.”
  • Plagg randomly popping up in someone elses bag and chatting with them
  • Then they have to call adrien whos freaking out cause he can’t find his kwami
  • Contests!
  • Who has the best catchphrase
  • Who has the best transformation
  • Who has the best hair (adrien and jake really get into fights about this)
  • Who has the best quips, puns, and one liners in battle
  • Who is the best at video games
  • The other three finding out about his crush on ladybug
  • The other three teasing him mercilessly about it
  • But they can’t give him any advice because they’re all awkward around girls
  • Jake teaching adrien martial arts
  • Jake teaching adrien how to breakdance
  • Fu and Plagg know each other from a long time ago
  • Fu and Jake helping Adrien find out more about his powers and where it all came from because Plagg is no help
  • Adrien sword fighting with randy
  • The other three accidently revealing his identity as chat noir to nino
  • “Why would you SAY that!?”
  • “All our best friends know! We thought nino did too!”
  • But then the four and their best bros all hanging together and playing video games
  • Adrien randomly cracking ghost puns to which Danny responds with cat puns
  • Everyone around them wanting to bash their heads in because the stupid puns won’t stop
  • Adrien feeling like he doesn’t measure up to his partner, or doesn’t feel like a good enough superhero
  • The other three encouraging him and helping him
  • Adrien randomly buying them gifts they had been wanting for a while
  • Just cause he’s so happy
  • Happy because he found three more friends that know what he’s going through as a superhero

The 3rd album by the Clash was released in the UK on 14 December 1979 (and in the US two weeks later). The double album (which sold at the same price as a single album) was critically hailed at the time and quickly became the band’s best-selling record to date, peaking at #9 in the UK and #27 in the US. Rolling Stone has placed it #8 on The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, and Entertainment Weekly declared it The Best Album of All Time.

The cover was designed by Ray Lowry as an homage to Elvis Presley’s self-titled debut album, with a photograph of Paul Simonon by Pennie Smith.

Floral Shoppe

Anyone familiar with vaporwave is familiar with the iconic cover of the breakout vaporwave album, Floral Shoppe.

And indeed, it’s a marvel. From ancient/renaissance to 80s to Japanese to geometry, it’s got everything. Something so original would of course be iconic, the perfect accompaniment to the landmark album.

Except there’s also this totally stereotypical band that specializes in bangers, Hyper Crush, best known for their single, Rage. Catchy, content-free, commoditized American dance music.

They haven’t put anything out in a while (kind of sad, they’re quite good at what they do), but they do have this slightly lesser-known track: Werk Me, that came out right around the time as the album above. And hey, what’s this?



Even geometry + a tattoo of basically the same fucking statue from the most iconic vaporwave album of all time?

Anyways, my story is that Floral Shoppe’s iconic cover is based on a run-of-the-mill banger and I’m sticking to it.

Here’s the full video for you to enjoy:

Every single day, 3 times a day I send an update email out to my team.

In every single email i include a photo of an animal (preferably dog) in an office pretending to do office work. Preferably wearing a phone headset.

I’ve never had to repeat an image because I’ve discovered there are THOUSANDS OF PHOTOS of dogs in offices pretending to be an office worker!!! its amazing!!! it’s the best discovery ever I want to frame all the photos and cover my desk in them!!!

Day 5: “I just want to thank you” AKA Bamon Fanfic Writers Appreciation Day.

Okay, so here I go again with another long post, but I do have to say that this day is my favorite. Not just because I write fanfiction, but because there are so many amazing writers out there and I have read some of the best bamon fanfiction, that to me, has been better than several published best sellers that I’ve read. I use to read all the time; reading every single day, not being able to put a book down, and even trying to stall so the book wouldn’t end. And then Bamon fanfiction came into my life, making me not want to put my phone down and trying to keep my face as neutral as possible when I’m around others lol.

I’m still in the process of trying to get good at making graphics, because otherwise I would have made cover art for each of my favs. Writing to me can be a struggle sometimes. You have all these thoughts in your head and then when you start to put it on paper, you’re staring at about five words for like three hours. I am known for my shitty first drafts (got the phrase from my English teacher back in my college days) But then again, writing can be therapeutic. Creating these stories, whether it be fanfiction or original pieces, it can be a stress reliever, and just coming from myself, when people read and leave these amazing reviews it makes us feel great. It makes us feel like we’ve accomplished something. So, other than writing, I read because it separates me from a bit of a depressive reality, allowing me to get lost in such great work, and hell, even find motivation at times.

I’m only going to post a few stories that are my favorite, but I have read many many fanfiction and have enjoyed many of the ones I’ve read, I just don’t want it to turn into a 500 page novel.

you know I will adore you (‘til eternity).” By Tarafina.  I know I’m not the only one who knows how amazing this story is. The writing is superb and it’s such a breath of fresh air when you’re upset with the show. This story gives me life and I may do inhuman squeals when I see it updated. It’s the way Damon and Bonnie have this beautiful slow build, it’s the way they are such good friends, and they have this beautiful life. It’s the way they love each other and you can practically feel it. To be honest, it made me question some things about what I want in my life when I’m ready for a relationship. It’s the way Damon loves Bonnie and vice versa. It was that love speech about coming home in chapter 8 “So what’s love then?” “Compromise. Not ignoring the differences or expecting everything to go one way, but figuring out a way that fits both people. And patient… even when it’s the last thing I want to be, ever. Its loud, and quiet and something in between. I’m pretty sure it’s made up of all these little moments, when you’re angry with each other, or in the morning, when you’re half asleep, or you’re not talking, you’re just together for the sake of being  round each other. I need to miss them even when I’m holding their hand. And I need to know that even on my worst day, seeing them will make it worth it. But is also individual. It’s respectful—So, it comes back to compromise, knowing that there are some things that you can ask for more of and others that you need to let go of. And it’s friendship. None of that ‘you can either be friends or in love’ bullshit. You can be best friends. You should be best friends——-it should be like coming home.”— Damon to Bonnie. To me, that was everything. So to sarcasticfina. You are an amazing writer and thanks for creating something wonderful.

The Other Side/ Dear Elena by Zesty Bod. Okay, let me add in Yellow Ledbetter and I’ll Remember  and everything else you’ve written as well, because those are phenomenal too. I want season 7 to go like Dear Elena. You are capturing Bonnie and Damon very well in that story and it’s something that I could see happening. The Other Side; that story was a gem in itself. You updated so quickly, and I had to give you props for that because I know how hard it is. I’ve at least read that fic twice since you’ve written it and I can’t get over how great it is. Zesty Bod is a fantastic writer, and I really feel like you should be writing for the show. Lol. Thank you for sharing your work with us.

Secret Affairs by Allanahzhane. There aren’t really enough words to describe how incredible this story is. It takes a lot for a story to make me laugh and this one has me hollering. No lie. I really love how you have the characters in this story, especially Bamon. Shoot, as much as I can’t stand Elena and Jeremy in here, you write them so well, making me need to watch my mouth when I’m reading it in public lol. And let’s definitely give a shout out to MUTHA EFFIN LILY. Lily is Boss, she’s so blunt and she makes me shy away in embarrassment and I love it. There have been times in this fic that I get so nervous that the truth is about to come out and I’m trying to restrain myself from freaking out. So, thank you Allanahzhane, for writing such a beautiful masterpiece. Your updates are like waking up on xmas morning when I was a kid.

What lies Beneath by Asher Monroe. I will have to say that this is probably one of my favorite stories I’ve ever read with Bonnie and Damon. I have read this story numerous times, and every time I read it, it’s like it’s my first time reading (hopefully that makes sense). This author rewrote four seasons and incorporated Bamon in every aspect. It was so wonderful and so believable that when I go back to re-watch certain episodes, I have to remember that what happened in the fic didn’t happen in the show (even though I wish it did). I enjoyed all of it. Their building romance, the angst, everything was on point. The writer’s could really take some pointers in revamping the whole show and start fresh with your work. Thank you so much for gracing us with this.  

And last but definitely not least, Lapis Love. I have so many words for this girl. It’s no secret that her stories are amazing. She even had a hand in opening me up to different ships when it came to Bonnie. I could say her stories are beautiful, amazing, downright smoldering, but that would be putting it lightly.  I practically fangirl over this author lol. To name a few fics that I’m in love with. I’ll start with 30 Shades of Red. Of course in this fic, I’m a thousand percent bamon, but hell, she even made me swoon a little with Bonnie and Christian. But of course I never left the bamon train. The way she writes them in here, is so well written and so beautifully done, I can’t help but get completely lost in it when I read it. Like, there have been times when I see an update that I stop everything I’m doing just to read. I love how you captured Bonnie and Damon’s strength as well as their vulnerability. The whole story is amazing and just well worth the read.  Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, was one of those great stories that in a certain scene, I had to do a double take and stop for a moment to process what just happened (in a good way). Think Twice, I may have been late to the game in reading that fic, but that story was so good, I had to take a moment to calm myself down when it was all over. Almost every story I’ve practically gushed over and I especially love her newest ones, Gift, Cards Left to Play, and Stolen.  But, it’s not just the stories, she’s constantly there with words of encouragement when I hit up her tumblr inbox, giving me advice and pointers on my fics that I so desperately need. The way she writes Bonnie and Damon in all of her stories never cease to amaze me. Whether they’re finished or unfinished or she writes a brand new one, I’m always on board. So, thank you lapisloveisdone for writing and being so talented.

So, as you can tell this was extra long. I know I wrote down only a few, but I honestly adore so many. There’s Swamy (Preludio, Aspetto Te, Something Else, Dormiente, and practically every bamon fic you’ve written has been lovely).  BelleAllen(Please read Everything Changes if you haven’t), Venusnv8o (your fics were some of the first I read, Just a dream, Turning Tables, and then there’s Kalediscope, and the Art of It All, and a lot of of other Bamon Fanfiction you’ve written. Just amazing) , Jacqui Kennedy, gb1076, chromeknickers, Lana Archer (who has wrote so many stories in such a short period of time and I admire the hell out of you. I wish I could do that and it still be good like yours), Pari, and Sunny D Wrietz.

There are a lot more writers whose stories are just downright amazing. So, thank you all for sharing and being a much needed outlet at times. You are appreciated more than you’ll ever know. <3

Under the Mountain Playlist

Under The Mountain Playlist
This playlist is just like what Feyre felt while she was under the mountain, or maybe a soundtrack to the trials. They’re dark and war-like and really just give me goosebumps whenever I hear these songs and read passages of UtM. Especially the last one holy crap

Under the Mountain playlist:
All For You//Imagine Dragons
This song is more for Feyre’s journey to the mountain, and it really says in the song how she is devoted to Tamlin, and she’s willing to risk it all to be with him and save him.
“Cause I’m doing it all for you,
Doing it all for you,
I’m ready to go,
I’m ready to go.”

Everybody Wants to Rule the Worls//Lorde cover
This song is perfect to describe Amarantha and her reign over Prythian. Goosebumps, every single time.
“Welcome to your life,
There’s no turning back
Even while you sleep,
We will find you
Acting on your best behaviour
Turn your back on mother nature
Every body wants to rule the world.”

Dream//Imagine Dragons
Dream really describes the curse and the hell that everyone collectively suffers through. It also describes Rhys and his dreams of Velaris and wanting to keep his friends safe.
“We all are living in a dream,
But life ain’t what it seems,
Everything’s a mess,
And all these sorrows I have seen,
They lead me to believe,
That everything’s a mess.”

Love Songs Drugs Songs//X Ambassadors
The audio to this song could really be the score for the first task (of course with more crescendos for the striking moments of battle. It could also be good for when Tamlin the Tool sneaks her away for that infuriating makeout sesh in the side room.

Bleeding out//Imagine Dragons
This song is really Feyre’s emotional turmoil and all the sacrifices that she makes for Tamlin, how much she’s willing to risk just to love him.
“I’m bleeding out,
So if the last thing that I do,
Is bring you down,
I’ll bleed out for you,
So I bear my skin and I count my sins and I close my eyes and I take it in,
I’m bleeding out,
I’m bleeding out for you, for you.”

Can’t Pretend//Tom Odell
Rage. This one is Feyre’s rage against Amarantha and Rhys, her rage about the injustice of everything happening around her.
“And I wanna fight,
But I can’t contend,
I guess that’s love,
I can’t pretend,
I can’t pretend.”

I Found//Amber Run
Of course, with more crescendos, this song is perfect for the second task, and also for certain scenes in ACOMAF when she’s thinking about her horrible relationship she had with Tamlin.
“Oh and I found love where it wasn’t suppised to be,
Right in front of me,
Talk some sense to me.”

Litost//X Ambassadors
This song is really good for when Feyre is feeling hopeless while she’s not doing any trials in the dungeon.
“What have I done,
With my heart on the floor,
Must be out of my mind,
To come back begging for more.”

Monster//Imagine Dragons
The lyrics say it all:
“Monster, a monster,
I’ve turned into a monster,
A monster, a monster,
And it keeps getting stronger.”
Feyre’s emotions after killing the two Faeries for her third task (this isn’t really UtM but it’s relevant lol)

We All Die Young//Alex Biro
This song. This song. So much epicness and pure emotion. This js perfect for the climax UtM, just after Feyre stabs Tamlin and Amarantha tries to back paddle out of the bargain. So much emotion and just… Ahhhhh. Goosebumps all the way.
“And you are dead, but so am I,
It’s too bad peace don’t bring back life,
Now show me you’re ready,
Show me your light,
Show your crosses,
Show me your fight,
‘Cuz my god is listening,
And he don’t joke around,
No she don’t joke around.”

Heal//Tom Odell
This depicts more the aftermath of Under the Mountain, the final scenes of the book when she’s with Tamlin the Tool *cringes* and also when she talks with Rhys.
“Take my mind and take my pain,
Like an empty bottle takes the rain,
And heal, heal, heal, heal.”

Hope you enjoy this playlist! It’s a little dark, and there are basically no upbeat songs, but it matches Under the Mountain perfectly. Good playlist if you’re in a mad/sad mood :)

The 20th anniversary collector’s edition for 13,800 yen will include:

  • A copy of Persona 5
  • Persona 5 art book – B5 size hard-cover Shigenori Soejima-illustrated special binding
  • Persona 20th Anniversary All-Time Best Album (five CDs)

Disc 1: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona
Disc 2: Persona 2: Innocent Sin / Persona 2: Eternal Punishment
Disc 3: Persona 3 (FES)
Disc 4: Persona 4 (The Golden)
Disc 5: Persona 5

  • Special Collaboration DLC Set #1: “Orpheus Picaro” and “Izanagi Picaro” Personas and special skill set
  • Special Collaboration DLC Set #2: Persona 3 “Gekkoukan High School Uniform” costumes andPersona 3 battle BGM single set
  • Special Collaboration DLC Set #3: Persona 4 “Yasogami High School Uniform” costumes andPersona 4 battle BGM single set
  • Shigenori Soejima-illustrated Special Custom Theme
  • Special Persona 5 Art treasure box

anonymous asked:

How do you draw faces and head shapes? All my characters look the same bc I can't draw different features very well D:

Good question. There’s no way I can put this in an ask that is easily digestible for you and cover all the aspects of the topic at the same time. People have written volumes worth of books on the exact question you’re asking me and it will take a lot of research on your own to figure things out. I’m still somewhere on the middle of where I want to be, not yet at the level where every single character I make is unique and recognizable. However, I’ll try to answer you the best I can.

When it comes down to it, it’s all about references. 

Any competent artist will tell you that using reference images is the fastest, safest and easiest way to git gud at drawing. One of the many benefits for using these images, is to be able to observe the motive in question and point out what is most recognizable about them. In principle, it means you have to look at a person through the lens of a caricature artist.

I will try to demonstrate an exercise I usually do to avoid the problem you’re describing. I’ll try to draw Oscar Isaac, first without refs and then with. I’ve never drawn him before, so this should be a fun one.

In this sketch, I tried my best to remember what stuck most with me when first seeing Oscar Isaac as Poe in Star Wars. In this case, it was his dark, heavy lidded eyes and mouth and jaw area. His features are broader, but delicate. However, I was much more hazy of his general facial shape and nose, and thus ends up making the drawing weaker. Though it projects some Oscar Isaac-ness to it, it’s not truly him, is it?

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here’s some advice: don’t fucking listen to sweet disposition by the temper trap and get to the chorus and suddenly remember every single harry and louis moment from when they were younger. and I mean every. moment. all the little kisses and laughs and jokes they had with each other , how they were allowed to love each other openly , hell they were fucking inseperable !! does it recall to you that this certain song was played at a certain festival ?? whom harry styles attended with his best mate louis tomlinson and what did harry do? he got a tattoo of the lyric “won’t stop til we surrender” from that song and keep in mind that after the festival harry left the bracelet on for weeks at a time , later replacing it with a tattoo that said “I can’t change” and covering that with an anchor to where louis got a matching rope??? the rope&anchor. so don’t get fucking mad because once you hit play to this song you just voluntarily walked right into the pits of hell

the best part about becoming a sports blog is that people have stopped caring about my opinion like i havent received a single angry message in so long. i feel so free. i can say whatever i want. the twenty one pilots cover of i cant help falling in love is just a whiny goat bleating. blurryface wasnt even that great. every all time low song sounds the same. the twenty one pilots self-title was awful and i cant get through any of it. i hated frank iero’s solo album. 

H&L Reread Fic Recs

(fics I’ve reread this past week)

a grocery list pinned to the blue 19k

AU. after eight years, louis finally has everything he’s wanted. except for harry.

hold a hand for cover 26k

hey’ve still got all the money in the world, all the big nights and bigger houses, all the people at their doors with singles and album deals and promises of more, they still have all of that, and they will forever. the only thing they’ve burnt through is each other.or, two years after the band, harry and louis bump into each other for the first time.

in the end I started thinking about the beginning 21k

When Louis returned from Malaysia to attend his best mate Zayn’s wedding, he hadn’t expected their wedding planner to be Harry Styles. Over the next two weeks Louis learns that maybe staying in one place permanently isn’t so bad, as long as you have someone to stay with.

like a timebomb ticking 31k

Louis loses everything. Harry’s still there

some things take root 50k

AU. Louis’ ex doesn’t get jealous of anyone besides Harry. Harry helps Louis use that to his advantage.

tenderness flooded his voice 12k

AU. things collapse in on louis, but harry’s there. harry’s always there.

with love comes strange currencies 16k

One day One Direction will be over and Louis won’t be around Harry every waking moment. He’ll be able to finally get some space, let their bond dissipate as it’s bound to do, if they don’t mess up again. He can move to Costa Rica and forget that Harry Styles popped his first knot inside him. Until then, he’s going to have to deal with this.

or, They’re Accidentally Mated and Dealing With It Rather Badly.

As he sat by the purple pillows, in the comfort of the bay window, he was ready to announce his decision. Time was ticking as the countless hours passed. First Zay came through, then Farkle, then the two girls, blonde and brunette, covered in ounces of purple paint. As the blonde told him to choose her best friend, the yellow jellybean rattling in his pocket, and the thousands of thoughts in his mind, caused him to not understand a single word she was saying. It was her. He made up his mind, after what seemed like centuries. Maya Hart, the one sitting next to him, it was her. She backed out of it all. And now, it was her best friend.

Lucas Friar in Girl Meets Upstate

Just a blurb. I was feeling angsty.


Alright folks!

As I’ve mentioned, I recently had some rather expensive computer troubles to deal with and it’s left me a bit… poor. Due to certain circumstances it’s kind of pressing that I make that money back as quickly as possible, SO that’s where you lovely people come in~

I’ll be offering these special prices and options for however long it takes me to meet my current goal of $400. That will allow me to start restoring what came out of my savings for computer repair, as well as cover other living expenses for the time being.

What I’m offering:

  • Flat-fee $25 sketches
    waist-up, single character, monochrome color-wash. Either you give me a color scheme you want me to use, or I’ll use my best judgement based on the character’s looks. (Because these are all the same flat fee, be aware that the level of detail may vary based on how complex the character is.)
  • All other commission options at a 15% discount
    The discount will come out of the final quoted price (ie, the “starting price” plus any added cost for props, pets, armor, etc.), and applies to everything from sketched busts all the way down to full-body illustrations.

So if you’re interested, feel free to write me here, shoot me an email at, or get in touch with me on skype as eryn.amanda!

If you can’t buy, a signal boost is always greatly appreciated!

Tired of Tyranny || wonder-and-underland


Kira had been living in an abusive household for many years. Ever since her mother passed away, her step father still had custody over her. He had never been the same after her death, drinking and taking drugs. He would abuse Kira every time he was drunk, or even if he wasn’t drunk, every little thing she happened to do wrong he would get angry and hit her, sometimes leaving cuts or dark bruises on her skin. Kira, however endured this treatment all throughout school. She kept it secret, always wearing long sleeves and keeping her legs covered. She would pretend to be happy whenever around people, and even her best friend. She was afraid that if she told a single soul about what her step father does to her at home, he would punish her even worse than before, that’s what he always told her.

Kira would almost never have any time to herself when she was at home. She was always expected to take care of her step father and the house while he lazes around and drinks all day after his job. One little mistake would set him off and he would beat her, it happened almost every day, but still she endured it, and put a fake smile on her face, hiding her emotions every time she was around others outside of home. No one suspected anything, just as she intended. She was too afraid to have anyone find out, or her step father would become furious with her.

There wasn’t a lot that Andy couldn’t handle, she was a single mother who worked five jobs, of a boy with more energy than anyone she knew. Between his notes home from school about classroom arguments and pulling people’s hair, telling the teachers to f off and throwing things, Andy had tried her best to do her best. But tonight was the peak of it all, she simply didn’t know what to do anymore.

Arms covered in bruises and bites from her son, the argument had started over him not picking up after himself. He’d lost his temper first and Andy hadn’t been able to hold back from raising her voice, then he’d grabbed his plate and had thrown it at her. One plate hadn’t been good enough, then he’d thrown two more and before she could grab him he’d run for the door. It was embarrassing to say the least, and after she’d ran out onto the street to look for him, she couldn’t see any sign of the boy.

Crouching to clean the mess slowly, she couldn’t help it. Suddenly she broke down without warning, half out of embarassment – Oliver hadn’t acted like this in front of other people before - half because she felt useless, “Fuck….”