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Dog Days Are Over

Summary: You were already having a bad day, and then in walks Mr. Perfect and his best friend’s puppy. Oh, and he needs you to hurry because he’s got a blind date tonight, and he’s really nervous.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2,993

Author’s Note: Do you know how long this has been in my drafts? Anyways, here’s more fluff. Sorry I’ve been the Ebeneezer Scrooge of fluff, but I can’t help it that I’m a cynical, angsty bitch who likes to make people suffer.

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There were certain rules to being a veterinary technician.

Number one, waterproof mascara and eyeliner always! When the customer cries, you cry. Number two, carry a lint roller on you at all times; it’s best to get the pocket-sized one, because Mr. Twinkles sheds a lot! Number three, iron your scrubs! And it’s probably best to keep an extra pair in your car, because Mrs. Comier’s Jack Russell likes to pee on people.

Even though you knew these rules by heart, and you followed them every single day of your work-life, today was an exception. It was just one of those days that absolutely nothing- no matter how hard you tried- was going right. You were covered in fluffy cat hairs, Mrs. Comier’s Jack Russell peed on your leg twice, and you had run out of waterproof mascara; so when Mr. Langley brought in his thirteen year old Labrador to put her down, he cried, and so you cried, and in the end you looked like the raccoon that liked to sneak into the office dumpsters at closing.

Today just wasn’t your day.

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Reddie headcanons

- They call everything a date. Eating together at the cafeteria at school? A date. Richie walking Eddie to class? A date. Waving at eachother in the hallway? A date. 

- When they do go on real dates though they call it meetings. They have so much fun with that because they’re dorks. 

- Everybody always assumes that Richie is the protective and dominant one but Richie is the softest, dorkiest, most awkward nerd in the world.

- Eddie is so sassy though. Also he’s pretty scary when he gets angry. 

- Once a guy grabbed Bev’s butt at a party and Eddie kicked the guy on the leg and grabbed his collar to let him know what’s up.

- They’re so soft. Like they’re together all the time, napping, cuddling, watching movies, going for walks. 

- They like taking polaroids of eachother. 

- They show eachother new songs all the time, making mixtapes and stuff. They just love music. 

- Richie likes singing and playing the guitar and he practices a lot and Eddie gets so proud every time he learns a new song. He’ll be cheering and clapping making Richie blush. 

- Richie likes writing letters for Eddie and cute little notes that he puts into his locker or in his backpack or in his books. He just loves making his boyfriend smile. 

- When they go to parties Eddie gets way too drunk and Richie comforts him all night as he throws up. This happens every single time. 

- Eddie tries his best to make Richie stop smoking but he also thinks it’s kinda hot. Like, Richie with his curly hair and huge glasses wearing an overzised denim jacket with a cigarette between his lips is a sight that’s hot enough to make Eddie pull him into the bathrooms to make out. 

- Everything’s enough to make Eddie pull Richie into the bathrooms to make out though. They do that a lot. 

- So. Many. Hickeys. Usually Richie’s neck is the one to be covered in purple and red marks but he loves giving Eddie hickeys as well, Eddie just never lets him. 

- They still bicker a lot though and Eddie pretends to be mad at Richie a lot. He’s never really mad. 

- Richie lets Eddie design all of his tattoos. Eddie is terrified at first because “jesus Richie, they’re fucking permanent”. But he actually really like that Richie lets him do that. 

- “You should get a tattoo as well Eddie”. “That’s not going to fucking happen trashmouth, forget it”. 

- They’re just the cutest boyfriends I love them so much.


The Velvet Underground and Nico, released 50 years ago tomorrow (there is actually some disagreement on the exact date), is the definitive way-ahead-of-its-time album. With a near-peerless collection of songs — nearly all written by frontman Lou Reed — and an iconic, banana-sticker cover designed by band benefactor Andy Warhol, this jarring and innovative collection was initially a cult success at best, with no hit singles and a “peak” of No. 171 on Billboard’s albums chart in December 1967. But the world eventually caught up with it, and for the past 30 years it’s had perennial placement on best-ever lists, including No. 13 on Rolling Stone’s 2012 “500 Greatest Albums of All Time” tally.

It’s the first album to truly combine a novelist’s gritty realism with equally confrontational rock music, yet it’s also a fount of soft, vulnerable songs like “Femme Fatale” and “I’ll Be Your Mirror” — songs that are all the more poignant because you can sense, somehow, that the sensitive soul who wrote them is also kind of an asshole.

Still, it was initially considered a commercial failure, selling approximately 60,000 copies in its first two years — not bad, but no More of The Monkees. This was due partially to a legally induced (more on that shortly) factory recall that removed the album from shelves just as its Warhol-driven publicity was peaking. But that certainly wasn’t the only challenge to its commercial prospects; the group’s ensuing albums met an even more dismal commercial fate, and a disillusioned Reed left the band in August, 1970. Despite his solo success, The Velvets’ catalog gradually slipped out of print over the next few years.

The Velvets gradually assumed their proper, lofty place in rock history, their oeuvre was reissued in the U.S. in 1984 (although The Velvet Underground and Nico’s cover was a single-sleeve reduction of the original gatefold with a printed banana instead of a sticker). Thus another generation of obsessives was spawned. And on and on.

Yet the most atypical obsession of those five decades may be that of veteran music publicist and longtime Velvets fan Mark Satlof, who collects original pressings of the album. He owns more than 800 of them – he’s actually not sure exactly how many – which are neatly filed on shelves in his study. They account for an estimated 1 percent of all copies manufactured in the U.S. before March 1969.

800 Copies: Meet The World’s Most Obsessive Fan Of ‘The Velvet Underground and Nico’

Photos: Christopher Gregory for NPR

Out Of This World (M)

Jaebum was left behind, forgotten on Earth a long time ago. Even if he’s far from home, he finds himself believing that you might actually be where he truly belongs.

Protagonists: Im Jaebum & you

Words: 11k sorry

Genre: Childhood Friends - Romance - Smut - Alien!au - **Short mention of child abuse**

Snippet: “You let Jaebum fill you, own you, claim you. Let him delight in the thought that you are nothing but his and you do the same; for he belongs to you just as much.”

Lyly’s note: #RIP, I was only doing an Alien Moodboard for my Halloween project and got caught up in a whirlpool of JB feels. He’s my GOT7’s bias after all, ENJOY 😅


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Normal Horoscope:

Aries: For a healthier diet, try swapping out fear for crab meat.

Taurus: Steady as she goes, your recent escape from a prison that doesn’t exist will effect you on this material plane.

Gemini: keep a kleenex with you. You can use it to wipe up any stray bits of soul you sneeze out.

Cancer: The wrong number text you will receive will be from the mortal avatar of the egyptian god Bast. Don’t reply back, shes busy.

Leo: Good luck with your job interview! Say nothing when you notice the interviewers suit is actually part of his body, and covered in fine scales.

Virgo: Pay attention in class today, the world will vanish for a split second and you’ll have a nice view of the void.

Libra: Your pettiness may have gotten the best of you. Consider apologizing for filling their pillowcase with scorpions.

Scorpio: The ghost of your breakfast still haunts the plate you have yet to clean.

Saggatarius: A single baleen whale.

Capricorn: The stars suggest upgrading your insurance policy, specifically anything related to jewish necromancy and advanced medical science.

Aquarius: You will find an epiphany after watching all 8 harry potter movies superimposed over each other at the same time.

Pisces: the past melts every night.

Caring For the Broken

Wilford knew Dark’s neck ached. He knew after a long day Dark had to take a few minutes to realign the bones into their broken state, had to pop them back into place with a crack and a grimace. He saw the way Dark held himself when he sat, perfectly poised despite how the bones in his body would protest. And he saw the aftermath.

Dark, lying with his body twisted in the same way it had after the fall because that was the only comfortable position he could fall asleep in.

Dark, head dropping forward as he nearly fell asleep from the effort it took for him to keep that broken body moving.

Sometimes it was amusing.

He’d run Dark a bath every night, a small way of thanking him for all he had done and a way for Dark to relax himself. And there were times when Wilford would see Dark slowly fall asleep while lying in the bath, only to fall sideways under the water and wake up spluttering and covered in bubbles.

Other times it was not so funny.

The days when Dark would wake up paralysed, unable to move except for the pained trembling running through his limbs. His body was reacting to something, usually the shift of his bones during the night so they would press on the nerves of his twisted spinal column and take away all movement. Wil had to realign his neck for him, and hold him until the trembling subsided. It scared Dark when it happened, a single reminder that this could one day become permanent.

Wil did his best to look after Dark’s broken body, fearing the day that Dark didn’t open his eyes in the morning. Death meant something else to Dark, and Wil knew he’d find a way back with a new body, but he had become used to this one. It was a connection to all that had happened, and Wilford didn’t want to lose that.

He didn’t want to lose any part of what made Dark who he was.

And he would do anything to make sure that didn’t come to pass.

You know the Secret Trio thing with Danny Fenton, Randy Cunningham, and Jake Long? Yeah. I’ve started adding Adrien Agreste with them. It has become a squad now. Just imagine the head canons!

  • Playing video games together as a bunch of nerds
  • Fighting over what video games they should play together
  • Danny using a ghost portal to take everyone to France just so they can hang out in Adrien’s awesome room (cause it’s the best one)
  • Randy and Adrien bonding over not being able to fly
  • Randy and Adrien bonding over being raised by single parents
  • Adrien constantly messing with Danny’s parents ghost tech and activating it around him
  • The others laughing at Danny covered in goo or being chased by some lasers
  • adrien constantly apologizing even after danny tells him “it’s ok. Happens all the time.”
  • Plagg randomly popping up in someone elses bag and chatting with them
  • Then they have to call adrien whos freaking out cause he can’t find his kwami
  • Contests!
  • Who has the best catchphrase
  • Who has the best transformation
  • Who has the best hair (adrien and jake really get into fights about this)
  • Who has the best quips, puns, and one liners in battle
  • Who is the best at video games
  • The other three finding out about his crush on ladybug
  • The other three teasing him mercilessly about it
  • But they can’t give him any advice because they’re all awkward around girls
  • Jake teaching adrien martial arts
  • Jake teaching adrien how to breakdance
  • Fu and Plagg know each other from a long time ago
  • Fu and Jake helping Adrien find out more about his powers and where it all came from because Plagg is no help
  • Adrien sword fighting with randy
  • The other three accidently revealing his identity as chat noir to nino
  • “Why would you SAY that!?”
  • “All our best friends know! We thought nino did too!”
  • But then the four and their best bros all hanging together and playing video games
  • Adrien randomly cracking ghost puns to which Danny responds with cat puns
  • Everyone around them wanting to bash their heads in because the stupid puns won’t stop
  • Adrien feeling like he doesn’t measure up to his partner, or doesn’t feel like a good enough superhero
  • The other three encouraging him and helping him
  • Adrien randomly buying them gifts they had been wanting for a while
  • Just cause he’s so happy
  • Happy because he found three more friends that know what he’s going through as a superhero

On this day in music history: October 27, 1982 - “1999”, the fifth album by Prince is released. Produced by Prince, it is recorded at Kiowa Trail Home Studio in Chanhassen, MN and Sunset Sound Recorders in Hollywood, CA from January - August 1982. Even before the tour for his fourth album “Controversy” wraps, Prince’s restless creativity sends him back into the studio in January of 1982. More ambitious than ever, the musician looks to push the boundaries of what he has done previously, but also reach a wider audience without any artistic compromise. Ironically enough, the first song recorded for the new album is the one that will be its closing track (“International Lover”), and its opening track (“1999”) is the last one completed. By the time recording wraps, Prince realizes he has more material than can fit on a single LP. When he suggests to his label Warner Bros. that he wants the album to be a two LP set, they are initially hesitant. A compromise is reached, releasing it as Prince intends, but issuing it with a lower $10.98 list price, rather than normal list price of $13.98 or $14.98 for a two album set. “1999” is the first to be credited to “Prince And The Revolution” (the latter written in reverse on the front cover), is his breakthrough to a wide mainstream audience. It spins off four singles including “Little Red Corvette” (#6 Pop, #15 R&B), “Delirious” (#8 Pop, #18 R&B) and the title track (#1 Dance, #4 R&B, initially peaked at #44, re-charted in 1983 peaked at #12 Pop). Prince supports the project with the now legendary “Triple Threat Tour” featuring The Time and Vanity 6 as the opening acts. “1999” spends over three years on the pop album charts and nearly two years on the R&B chart, including almost three consecutive months in the top ten on the pop chart, and several more in the R&B album top ten. Prince also receives his first Grammy nominations for Best R&B Vocal Performance (“International Lover”) and Best Pop Vocal Performance, Male (“1999”) in 1984 (losing to Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” and “Thriller”). When the album is first released on CD, it omits the track “DMSR” since it would breach the seventy minute time limit placed on a single disc at the time. The track is restored to the album in 1992 when the CD is reissued. “1999” is inducted into the Grammy Hall Of Fame in 2008, making it Prince’s first album to receive that acknowledgement. The album is reissued on vinyl in 2011 by Warner Bros’ Rhino Records reissue division, replicating all of the original cover artwork, inner sleeves and the custom “eye” labels used on the original pressings. After Prince’s untimely passing in April of 2016, “1999” re-enters the Billboard Top 200, peaking at number seven, surpassing its original chart peak of number nine on May 28, 1983. “1999” peaks at number four on the Billboard R&B album chart, number seven on the Top 200, and is certified 4x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

and here i am, there you go again (again)

goSH and here we are at chapter 3 of drama club AU! part 1 and part 2 are linked as follows!! i just wanna thank you all again for loving drama club AU and any feedback/thoughts/questions are very much appreciated and craved!! warning there might be a Cliffhanger in this chapter (depending on what you consider a cliffhanger)


“Okay, so I’ve locked my room to make sure we don’t go in there,” Jake declares, with an air of pride that makes it seem like he just did something world-changing, ground-breaking, kick-you-in-the-crotch fantastic, when all he did was turn a key.

“Is there really a need for that?” Amy asks as she settles down on the couch with a noticeably larger bag of homework. “We’ve already agreed on not going inside, it’ll be fine.”

Jake tuts at Amy disapprovingly. “Oh, Amy, Amy, Amy. Don’t you know that if you tempt temptation, temptation will tempt you?

“What-” Amy scoffs, because Jake is the most ridiculous person in the whole wide world. “That makes no sense!”

“Neither do most fancy quotes! Anyway, locking the door to my room is the first precaution we’re taking, case closed, Jake also closed.”

Amy wants to debate the logic behind his words, but chooses to inhale as deeply as she possibly can instead, because arguing with Jake is like bringing a toy knife to a gunfight– something one shouldn’t even begin to consider doing.

“Okay, Jake. Thank you for locking your door. As for me, I brought more home-”

Boooooooooo!” Jake jeers, proceeding to stick his tongue out and point his thumbs down.

She rolls her eyes. “Okay, asshole. How’s locking the door so much better than bringing more homework? Doing homework can help distract us from… whatever happened last time.”

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  1. 15.09.2015 - YG releases iKON’s Warm-up single “My type”
  2. iKON stays number #1 on national and international charts for more than 10 days (takes place of songs that stayed on #1 for weeks)
  3. 15.09.2015 - iKON hits melon roof for the 18th time leaving bands like exo with 15 hits and beast with 16 hits behind (first ever rookie band to hit melon chart on their debut)
  4. 26.09.2015 - iKON wins on MBC “Music Core” with their warm-up single “My type” (first rookie band to win without promoting)
  5. 27.09.2015 “My type” hits 6 Million views on youtube after only 12 days 
  6. 27.09.2015 - iKON’s first win with “My type” on Inkigayo
  7. 01.10.2015 - YG releases iKON half album + 2 title track MV’s (rythm ta & Airplane)
  8. 01.10.2015 - iKON’s half-album clinches the #1 spot on the iTunes chart of 11 countries
  9. 03.10.2015 - iKON holds debut concert “Showtime” in front of over 13,000 people (tickets were sold out in seconds)
  10. 04.10.2015 - iKON performs their officially debut stage on Inkigayo
  11. 04.10.2015 - iKON’s second win with “My type” on Inkigayo (just 3 days after their official debut)
  12. 05.10.2015 - iKON takes #1 spot on “Melon popularity award” for the first week of october
  13. 8.10.2015 - iKONs #4 win in total after debut. This time on M! Countdown for “Rhythm ta”
  14. 5-10.10.2015 - iKON Half Album is #1 on “Tower Records” Japan’s Top 10 KPOP Albums for 2nd week of October!
  15. 12.10.2015 - iKON wins “Melon weekly choice awards” for the 3rd time
  16. 27.10.2015 - iKON achives a Trophy all-kill for “Melon weekly popularity Award”! 5 weeks = 5 trophies
  17. 28.10.2015 - iKONs half album (with 26.000 copies) on #16 of “Worlds Top 20 most selling albums” (even before artists like Sam Smith)
  18. 30.10.2015 - iKON is nominated for “Best new male artist” for MAMA 2015
  19. 07.11.2015 - iKON wins Melon Music Award for “Best new male artist”
  20. 11.11.2015 - iKON gets #4 on “Top 15 total downloads for male idol groups 2015” with 1,537,095 downloads in total & gets #9 on “Top 15 downloaded songs by male idol groups in 2015” for “my type” with 720,225 downloads right after EXOs “Call me baby” with 728,526 downloads
  21. 16.11.2015 - YG releases “Anthem”“Apology” MV’s at 00:00 KST
  22. 16.11.2015 - “Apology” hits Melon roof for the first time at 00:00 KST
  23. 16.11.2015 - “Apology” & “Anthem” Nr. 1 & Nr. 2 on Naver Music Top 100 (just hours after the release)
  24. 16.11.2015“Apology” ranked #1 in all (8) major music charts & “Anthem#2
  25. 16.11.2015 - IKON creates sensation upon comeback. Third time to sweep Nr. 1 on all major music charts in Korea in a row
  26. 17.11.2015“Apology” MV reaches 1M views on Youtube (just one day after its release)
  27. 18.11.2015 - “Anthem” MV reaches 1M views on Youtube (just two days after its release)
  28. 21.11.2015 - iKON holds fanmeet at „National indoor stadium“ in Bejing (with 18,000 seats)
  29. 23.11.2015 - iKON wins Melon’s “Popular Artist of the week” for the 6th time!
  30. 26.11.2015 - iKON’s new song “APOLOGY” takes No.1 on two of Gaon’s weekly charts
  31. 27.11.2015 - “My Type” MV reaches 15M views on Youtube
  32. 29.11.2015 - IKON’s “Apology” takes Nr. 1 spot on Inkigayo Charts, (5th win) IKON has three Number 1 singles now!
  33. 02.12.2015 - iKON wins the “Rookie of the Year” Award at 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA)
  34. 24.12.2015 - iKON releases their debut album 100 days after the release of their first song “My Type”
  35. 24.12. 2015 - iKON releases 2 new MV’s What’s wrong & Dumb & Dumber
  36. 24.12.2015 - iKON takes No.1 on seven music charts with new songs of their debut full album
  37. 24.12. 2015 - “DUMB&DUMBER” takes No.1 on Melon, Korea’s biggest music-streaming website, as well as Soribada and NAVER Music“I MISS YOU SO BAD” is in the top on Bugs, Genie, and Mnet, and “WHAT’S WRONG?“ on Olleh Music
  38. 24.12.2015 - iKON is stays No.1 on iTunes chart of Asian countries including Macao, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam
  39. 28.12.2015 - iKON banner is open on iTunes main page of USA, Japan, and Pan Asia countries Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macao, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam
  40. 30.12.2015 - IKON receives the “Best Group Award” at Netease Attitude Awards
  41. 6+7.01.2016 - All tickets for iKONCERT (10,000 seats) sold out in exactly 10 minutes (for both days)
  42. 07.01.2016 - iKON’s first full-length album debuts at Nr. 2 on Billboard’s “World albums chart”
  43. 08.01.2016 - „My type’ ranked #3 place on Music Bank (even 5 month after release)
  44. 13.01.2016 - iKON releases their debut Japanese album, “Welcome Back” (japan debut)
  45. 14.01.2016 - iKON wins #1 on M!Countdown (dumb & dumber)
  46. 14.01.2015 - iKON wins the “Best New Male Artist” Award at the 2016 Seoul Music Awards (4th Music Award win in total)
  47. 14.01.2016 - iKON’s japanese debut album “WELCOME BACK” sales 53,207 units on its first day
  48. 15.01.2016 - iKON takes No. 1 on the Oricon Charts in Japan (at the same time as their japanese debut)
  49. 20.01.2016 - iKON wins “Rookie of the year” at Golden Disk Awards 2016 (5th Music Award win in total // 4th time to win “Rookie of the year”)
  50. 21.01.2016 - iKON wins #1 on M!Countdown (dumb & dumber)
  51. 27.01.2016“My Type” hits 20 M views on Youtube
  52. 28.01.2016 - iKON wins #1 on M!Countdown with “Dumb & Dumber” (3 weeks in a row/triple crown)
  53. 17.02.2016 - iKON wins “Best New Male Artist” at Gaon Chart Awards 2016
  54. 17.02.2016 - iKON wins “Artist of the Year” for September 2015 (digital) at Gaon Chart Awards 2016
  55. 17.02.2016 - iKON reportedly 1st ever group to have a “Rookie Award Grand Slam” since SHINee 8 years ago!
  56. 29.02.2016“Rhythm-Ta” hits 20M views on youtube
  57. 02.03.2016“Airplane” hits 10M views on youtube
  58. 10.03.2016 - “Apology” hits 10M views on youtube
  59. 23.03.2016 - iKON wins “Album of the year by media” at the QQ Music Award
  60. 23.03.2016 - iKON wins “Best new force group” at QQ Music Award
  61. 28.03.2016 - YG releases ‘Welcome Back - Complete Edition’ Album in Japan
  62. 30.03.2016 - iKON Welcome Back - Complete Edition’ #1 on iTUNES Japan Album Chart (KPOP) even before Bigbang
  63. 01.04.2016 - iKON sets a record (among rookie groups) by surpassing 120,000 sales of their albums
  64. 01.04.2016“Dumb & Dumber” hits 10M views on youtube (#200DaysWithiKON)
  65. 15.04.2016 - iKON wins “Asian most popular korean group” at China Music Awards 2016 exactly 7 month after their debut!#7MonthWithiKON
  66. 30.05.2016 - YG releases #WYD MV (no promotion only for fans)
  67. 30.05.2016 - #WYD first genie roof hit 2 hours after it’s release!
  68. 30.05.2016 - #WYD ranked #1 on Melon only 2 hours after it’s release
  69. 30.05.2016 - #WYD is ranked #1 on 7 Music sites only 3 hours after it’s release
  70. 30.05.2016 - iKON ranked #5  “2016 RELEASES WITH THE MOST 1ST HOUR LISTENERS” and #1 in male groups
  71. 01.06.2016 - #WYD hits 1 M views on youtube, only a day after it’s release
  72. 06.06.2016 - iKON wins “Melon popularity award” for the1st week of june
  73. 11.06.2016 - iKON with #WYD at #2 on inkigayo (without any promotions during their asia showtime tour)
  74. 13.06.2016 - iKON wins “Melon popularity award” for the 2nd week of june
  75. 23.06.2016 - iKON ranked #9 (with dumb&dumber) “Top 10 Artists with Highest Scores on MCountdown (All Time)”
  76. 29.06.2016 - iKON wins 1st episode of “Heroes of Remix” with cover of “beijing beijing”
  77. 12.07.2016 - iKON wins 3rd episode of “Heroes of Remix” with “Master chou” x “Rhythm Ta” remix
  78. 24.07.2016 - iKON wins 5th episode of “Heroes of Remix”
  79. 28.09.2016 - iKON releases “Dumb&Dumber” mini Album in Japan / over 38k copies sold on the first day
  80. 28.09.2016 - iKON tops the ‘Oricon daily CD single rankings’ with “Dumb&Dumber” JPN mini album ( placed first on oricon chart twice in less than a year) + tops  ‘Billboard Japan single sales chart’
  81. 18.11.2016 - iKON wins “Best new artist award” at Japan record awards (JPN grammys) second Kpop group to win that award since Bigbang 7 years ago
  82. 21.11.2016 - iKON wins ‘Tencent QQ Music Star Award’ at MMA 2016
  83. 26.12.2016 - iKON ‘Welcome Back’ album wins in rookie category of “Best selling album” at ‘49th ORION annual ranking 2016′
  84. 26.12.2016 - iKON made over 640M Yen ($5.6M USD) from DVD’s, single album & full album. Concerts NOT included (they held 30 concerts alone in Japan for 2016)
  85. 29.12.2016 - iKON’s ‘Welcome Back’ Album on #3 of Orion Best selling K-pop Albums in 2016 with over 90k sold copies
  86. 05.01.2017 - iKON at #2 in Top 10 M!Countdown highest scores for 2016 (boy groups)
  87. 29.01.2017 - iKON at #5 with ‘My Type’ (1,613,177) in Top 40 most downloaded kpop boy group songs 2013-2017 (Right after exo and bigbang)
  88. 10.02.2017 - iKON confirmed to have a Japan Dome Tour in the middle of 2017. Break EXO’s record as the fastest non-Japanese group to make a dome tour after debut (exo = 3 years after debut // iKON = 1 year after debut)
  89. 24.02.2017 - iKON ‘My Type’ at #5 ‘Most downloaded boy group songs(2013-2017)’ with over 1.6M downloads. The only rookie group in top 10 (bigbang on 1/¾ & exo on 2)
  90. 26.02.2017 - iKON receives 2 awards from ‘Japan Gold Disc Awards 2017. 'New Artist of the year’ & 'Best 3 New Artists’
  91. 22.05.17 - iKON releases two MV’s ‘BLING BLING’ & ‘B-DAY’ 
  92. 22.05.17‘BLING BLING’ hits 3M views only 24h after its release! ‘B-DAY’ hits 2M views
  93. 22.05.17 - iKON single album at #1 on iTunes World wide charts in 10 Countries
  94. 23.05.17 - iKON ‘BLING BLING’‘B-DAY’ go straight to #1 & #2 spot at Chinese QQ MV charts
  95. 15.08.17 - iKON releases New kids: Begin Japan Mini Album
  96. 15.08.17 - NEW KIDS : BEGIN mini album got #1 on Oricon daily chart with total of 31,251 album sales on its first day of release
  97. 15.08.17 - NEW KIDS : BEGIN mini album tops #1 on iTunes Japan
  98. 15.08.17 - Tower Records Album Chart: #1 iKON NEW KIDS: BEGIN
  99. 22.08.17 - iKON #1 on Oricon’s weekly Album charts with EP NEW KIDS: BEGIN (oricon is considered one of the big top 3 music charts together with billboard and uk charts
  100. 14.09.17 - Bobby drops first solo Album ‘LOVE AND FALL’
  101. 14.09.17 - ‘LOVE AND FALL’ on #1 iTunes Charts in 22 countries
  102. 14.09.17 - I Love you #1 on genie and rising on other charts
  103. 15.09.17 - ‘LOVE AND FALL’ on #5 iTunes Album Charts worldwide with names like imagine dragons, ed Sheran & jack Johnson
  104. 16.09.17 - Bobby ‘LOVE AND FALL’ on #1 of biggest digital male kpop artist world wide
  105. 17.09.17 - Bobby ‘LOVE AND FALL’ enters TOP 10 top charting Kpop albums on iTunes at #9, as one of only 3 solo artists (GD, Taeyang, Bobby)
  106. 19.09.17 - Bobby ‘LOVE AND FALL’ on #2 billboard world album charts

 And the “monster rookies” continue to take over the music world.

drunken hook ups//simon minter

request: Can you do an imagine where y/n is friends with the sidemen and the past few times they went out drinking her and Minter end up having drunk sex and don’t remember it each time but keep waking up naked together

the imagine is like the backstory to the request i guess? i just sort of went with the flow. hope you all like it! 

requests are open!

love you all xo

It wasn’t the first time you had woken up tangled up in the sheets with Simon Minter passed out next to you and it probably wasn’t the last time you would groan into his pillow due to your reckless behaviour from the night before. It was an odd sort of tradition that any time you went on a night out with the Sidemen you would end up in bed with Simon as you drunkenly exploring each others bodies.

Other than the occasional hook ups, the two of you have an average friendship, you weren’t all that close but you still cared for him probably more than you should. The longest conversations you two had shared were the early morning chats before you collected your clothes and called a taxi to go home. It was the perfect arrangement at first, however, now you were beginning to see Simon in a completely different way and you thought it was best to end it all.

Believe it or not, you had tried to, but as soon as you had a little bit of alcohol in your system the only person on your mind was Simon Minter.

You pulled the covers tighter around your body as you felt Simon begin to stir beside you. “Morning, (Y/N),” he mumbled without opening his eyes; he just knew you were going to be there.

“This needs to stop, Minter.” You’ve said those words before and every single time you knew you didn’t mean them. Except that one time when you discovered he ripped your favourite panties the night before, that’s when you really meant it, however it didn’t take long for you to cave. But this time, you needed it to be over.

“You and I both know that’s not going to happen,” Simon yawned. He turned around to face you with a cheeky smirk on his face and you rolled your eyes.

“I’m serious,” your tone became more sharp as you spoke which caused Simon’s face to drop. 

“That was the last time.” You quickly get dressed with your back to him before grabbing your phone and leaving the room in silence.

“Oh, fucks sake!” Those were the first words to leave your mouth when you opened your eyes to discover where you managed to end up the night before.

Simon was sat up against the headboard with his eyebrows raised towards you. “Funnily enough, those were my exact words when I woke up, too.” You covered your face with your hands, completely disappointed in yourself for going against your word.

“This is all Freezy’s fault for convincing me to go out last night.” You mutter loud enough for Simon to hear before you quickly point a finger at him, “and it’s your fault for letting it happen.”

My fault?” He quickly jumped to his own defense, “I was just as drunk as you were last night and I barely remember going to a party- never mind leaving with you!”

You both stare at each other, matching frowns on your faces, waiting for the other to cave and look away. You knew he was right, it wasn’t his fault, if anything you were both equally as responsible. This realisation doesn’t help with the problem you were currently facing with your conflicting feelings towards the silver headed boy.

“Where did all of this come from, (Y/N)?” He asked, “we’ve been sleeping together for months and of course, you can change your mind whenever you want but I want to know why.”

“Because,” you took a deep breath, “I don’t like the fact that the only time we have a proper conversation is when we’re waiting for my taxi to come.”

Your eyes were trained on your hands as you played with them nervously and wished for one of you to find the words to break the silence. Finally, he did.

“How about we go for a drink?” He suggested.

“What will getting drunk achieve? That’s what keeps getting us in this mess.” You raised your eyebrows at him, completely confused at his suggestion. Having a drink will just bring you both back to square one.

“No, I mean, like a date?” Simon’s voice dropped to almost a whisper as he spoke and he grabbed your hand in his to stop you from playing with your fingers. “We don’t have to go for a drink, we can just get dinner. Or we can just go for a coffee if you’d like. It can be like a new beginning.”

Your heart began to beat a million miles a minute as you listened to Simon stumble of his words with a smile slightly gracing the corner of his lips. His eyes found yours and his words suddenly stopped pouring out of his mouth as he waited for your reply.

“I would like to go on a date, Simon.” You gave his hand a light squeeze as he grinned at you, “new beginning?”

“New beginning.”

Secret Love Song - Harry Styles Mini Series Part 9

Originally posted by pinkharold

Part 8

You weren’t exactly sure how you made it from the floor of the lobby to the bed in the hotel room, but that’s where you were. The last thing you remembered was walking through the crowd of fans and clutching your chest as you tried to breathe your way through an anxiety attack. 

And now, you were laying on the bed with a very worried boyfriend pacing around the room. 

“How did I-” You mumbled sitting up a bit. 

“Y/N! Oh my god, are you okay?” He said worried, but still keeping his distance. 

“I-I think so,” you whispered. “How did I get up here?” 

“I carried you up here and once you got your breathing under control you just fell asleep,” he whispered. 

“Oh, I uh… I do that sometimes,” you blushed. 

“Are you okay? Do you need to see a doctor?” He asked quickly sitting down on the bed. 

“No, no I’m okay now,” you said. “I just might be tired for a bit.” 

“I knew we should have gone the other way,” he sighed. 

“It’s my fault, I didn’t think it would be that bad,” you said. 

“Are you sure you’re okay?” He sighed. 

“Yes, I’m fine,” you sighed. “I’m sorry you had to see that. I wish you hadn’t seen that.” 

“Why?” He asked confused. 

“Because now you’ve seen that you don’t have a normal girl for a girlfriend,” you sighed. “That night at the club, when you saw me having an attack, that was nothing compared to this and sometimes they’re worse than what I experienced today. Every single one of my exes, when they’ve seen me have an attack or I talk about my anxiety, they just brush it off like I want attention and then they end up breaking up me or cheating on me when it becomes too much for them,” you rolled your eyes. 

“Do you really think I would do that?” He asked with hurt in his voice. 

“No, but I’m sure everyone is talking about what happened and it’s going to be everywhere. Not only are people talking about the fact that you have a girlfriend now, but she’s also someone who can’t even walk through a crowd of people without freaking out to the point of exhaustion,” you mumbled. 

“Baby, none of that is your fault,” he whispered. “And I would never… I would never break up with you over it and I’m not going to brush it off. What I saw today scared the shit out of me and I was so worried about you.” 

“I’m sorry I scared you,” you whispered. “I didn’t exactly plan it,” you joked. 

“Are you seeing someone for it?” He asked. 

“I have in the past and I’m taking medication for it. Both of those help for the most part, but there are some things like crowds of people or feeling trapped that trigger me,” you said. 

“Why didn’t you ever tell me?” He sighed. 

“Because sometimes I’m ashamed of it,” you sighed. “People have this stigma around anxiety that it’s not real and we’re just wanting to attention and then you have people who pretend to have anxiety because they think it’s a cool trend to say that they have it. I mean everyone has a bit of anxiety in them, but when you have a disorder it’s to the extreme.” 

“I’m sorry that you felt like you couldn’t come to me,” he whispered. 

“It wasn’t that, I’m just used to not talking about it with people. My friends and family don’t really understand and they don’t usually care to either,” you shrugged. 

“Well, not with me,” he whispered. “You can talk to me about this or anything and I’ll be here to listen.” 

You smiled a bit. “Thank you,” you whispered laying your head on his shoulder. 

He kissed your head and wrapped his arms around you. “So, what do you want to do? We could order some dinner in and watch a movie or take a nice warm bath, whatever you’d like,” he smiled. 

“I think dinner and a nice relaxing bath would be great,” you smiled. “I’m afraid I’d fall asleep during the movie.” 

“You don’t have to stay up, love,” he whispered. “If you want to go to sleep, you can. I can fend for myself.”

“I know, but I don’t want to ruin our day any more than I already have,” you smiled. 

“You didn’t ruin it, baby,” he whispered. 

“Maybe not for you, but I did for myself,” you said. “And to be honest I’m quite used to it.” 

Harry sighed looking over at you before kissing your head again and grabbing the room service menu and calling in an order. 


You and Harry were now back in London. He had been busy over the last few days since your return from Paris due to appearances and rehearsals. You had also been busy. You had to pick up your final paycheck from the magazine and clean out your office, something Madison had already done for you and all that was left to get was a box of everything. 

You carried the box to your car and then headed back to your house. You brought the box into the spare room in your flat that you used as a make shift office. Something that would come in handy over these next few weeks as you looked for a job. 

You had been staring at your computer screen for what seemed like hours when the knock on your front door brought you back to reality. You pushed away from your desk and when to answer the door. 

“Finally!” Jess groaned pushing her way through the doorway with bags in her hand. 

“You’ve been waiting for like two minutes, if that,” you laughed shutting the door. 

“This shit is heavy,” she said putting the bags on the table. 

“Jesus, did you buy enough food for an army,” you laughed. 

“No, I just.. anyway, I’ve been looking forward to this day, so come get some food and then spill!” She smirked. 

“What is there to spill?” You asked taking a little bit of each food from the different containers. 

“Um, well, for one how about the fact that you’re dating Harry Styles and went on a romantic getaway with him,” she said with a mouthful. 

“It wasn’t a romantic getaway. He went for work and I just tagged along,” you said innocently. 

“So, you’re telling me that you two didn’t do anything romantic in the least bit?” She asked putting her hands on her hips. 

“I mean… there were some romantic moments, but nothing over the top,” you said. “But then again, most of that was probably because of everything that happened. Between people finding out about us and then my anxiety attack there were a few setbacks on any romantic plans he may have had.” 

“Shit, that sucks,” she sighed. “I saw a video of what happened. There wasn’t a lot to go on because once you were inside there wasn’t any footage of you, but I could tell you were freaking out.” 

“Yep,” you sighed. “It wasn’t my finest moment.” 

“How are you doing with that?” She asked. 

“I’m better now, although I have been staying away from my social media because I don’t need to see what happened,” you sighed. 

“How did Harry handle it?” She asked grabbing more food. 

“Surprisingly well,” you said. “After it happened, I was embarrassed and thought that maybe he’d be embarrassed too or that he’d be freaked out and break up with me.” 

“And I take it that didn’t happen?” She asked. 

“Not at all. He was very supportive and for the first time in a while, I feel like I have someone I can lean on about this. I know that I’ve always had you, but I’ve never had that in a boyfriend…” you whispered. 

“I’m really happy for you, Y/N,” she smiled. “I knew that you seemed different these past few weeks and I’m really glad to know that you’ve found someone that seems to treat you like you deserve.” 

“I am too,” you smiled. “I’ve never felt like this about anyone before and quite honestly it scares me because I don’t want to ever lose this feeling, but I’m enjoying every second of it.” 

“Speaking of enjoying…” she smirked. “Have you slept with him yet?” 

You don’t respond, just simply take a sip of your drink. 

“HOLY SHIT YOU HAVE!” She exclaimed. 

“We’re so not talking about this,” you said shaking your head. 

“Yes, we are! I can’t believe this. Do you realize how lucky you are? There are like millions of girls and I’m sure guys that would love to be able to say they’ve fucked Harry Styles and you get to do that!” She said. 

You rolled your eyes. “Your fangirl is showing, Jess.” 

“Sorry!” She groaned. 

You laughed. “But if you must know, the first time was in Paris,” you said. “So, we haven’t exactly been at it that long.” 


“Oh my God,” you said. “Can you go an entire conversation without shouting at me?” You laughed. 

“You’ve known me your entire life, when have I ever been quiet?” She laughed. 

“True,” you giggled. 

“Anyway, all fangirling and joking aside, he seems like a real gent and I’m happy that you have someone like that,” she smiled. “Now, does he have any single friends?” 

“I think so,” you laughed. “I’ll have to ask him if any of them are up to par for you though.” 

“You’re the best,” she smirked. 

You laughed and finished your lunch. 


Later that day, you had another visitor, but this time it was your boyfriend. When you opened the door, you saw nothing but a huge bouquet of flowers and legs covered in black skinny jeans. 

“Um… “ You laughed. “Hi..” 

Harry poked his head to the side of the flowers and gave a little smile. “There’s my girl,” he said. 

You smiled moving to the side and letting him in. He put the flowers on the table before taking your hand and pulling you into his arms. “I’ve missed you,” he groaned. 

“I’ve missed you too,” you smiled wrapping your arms around his neck. 

“I only have a few weeks of promo once the album is out and then I’ll be all yours for a few more weeks before I have to worry with Dunkirk,” he smiled. 

“Hmm… And what will I do with you having all that time on our hands?” You smirked. 

“I can think of a few things that I’d love for you to do with me,” he joked. 

You laughed. “Anyway, dinner is almost ready. You can sit on the couch if you’d like. The remote to the tele is on the table and I can bring you some wine if you’d like?” 

“I’ll just grab some water,” he smiled. “Do you need any help?” 

“Nope, I’ve got everything,” you said. 

He nodded and grabbed some water before leaning against the counter. “So, how was your day?” He asked. 

“It was okay, Jess came over for lunch and we talked about you,” you laughed. 

“Let me guess, you told her how amazing I was and that your boyfriend is a sex god?” He joked. 

“Oh, yes, word for word,” you giggled. 

“I knew it,” he laughed. 

“She does want to know if you have any single friends,” you laughed. 

“A few,” he said. “Should we set up a double date soon?” 

“We could, but for now, let’s just focus on a date between us,” you smiled. 

After dinner, you and Harry made your way over to your living room. You had put on some music and you sat next to him with your legs on his lap and your head on his shoulder. Harry kissed your head and ran his hands up your legs. 

“How’s the job hunting go?” He asked. 

“It’s not,” you sighed. “I’ve been looking all day, but nothing.” 

“Have you thought about starting your own website and just posting things that you want to post about?” He asked. “I know it’s not really a paycheck sort of thing, but it might help with finding something.” 

“I have thought about it actually,” you said. 

“Then you should do it,” he smiled. “And I really think you should maybe have lunch with sister and she can help you.” 

“I know you’ve mentioned it before, but do you really think she’d help me?” You asked. 

“Yes, you’re my girlfriend,” he smiled. 

“I don’t want her to help me just because I’m your girlfriend though,” you said. 

“Well, I mean it wouldn’t be just because of that, but part of the reason,” he said. “Besides she’s been hounding me to meet you already.” 

“Are we to that step yet?” You asked. 

“I’m fine with it, but I want to make sure you are too,” he said. “Because if you meet my sister just so you know Mum will also want to meet you.” 

You nodded. “I’m okay with it if you’re okay with it,” you smiled. “But I think we’ve had enough talking…” you smirked putting your cup of tea on the table and then turning around to straddle him. 

“More than enough,” he smirked putting his hands on your hips. 

You smiled leaning down to kiss him. You two started off with little pecks and smiles before taking it a little further. Your hands were in his hair while his were running up and down your back as he deepened the kiss. 

He pulled away from your lips and made his way down your neck. You tilted your head to the side and felt his hands inching up under the hem of your blouse. 

You smirked pulling away from him and putting your hands up in the air. With a smirk on his lips, he pulled off your top and ran his hands over the newly naked skin. 

“God, you’re so hot,” he mumbled taking your head in his hands and kissing you deeply again. 

While you were still kissing him, you started to pull on his t-shirt, but his arms were in the way. You groaned and pulled away. 

“Sorry, love,” he laughed removing his hands from your face and letting you take off his shirt. 

You threw the black cotton fabric to the floor and ran your hands over his chest and wrapping your arms around his shoulders. “As much as I love this couch, it’s not exactly the best place to continue this, so we should probably head to my bedroom,” you smirked. 

“Don’t mind if we do,” he smirked standing up and throwing you over his shoulder before practically running to your room. 


The next morning, you wake up to Harry bringing in a tray of food to your room. You laughed sitting up and wrapping the bed sheet around your naked body. 

“What’s this?” You asked. 

“Just wanted to do something nice for my beautiful girlfriend so I thought I make us some breakfast in bed. I’ve got veggie omelets, toast, fruit and some juice,” he said. 

You smiled sitting up against the headboard. Harry sat next to you and you both got your plate and started eating. 

“Oh, yeah, you definitely get the boyfriend of the year award for this,” you joked. 

He laughed. “I’m glad you think so,” he smiled. 

“So, do you anything to do today?” You asked. 

“I do actually,” he said. “I’ve got the music video shoot today.” 

“Oh, wow,” you said. “That’s great.” 

“Yeah. We’re filming it in Scotland,” he said. 

“That’s amazing. I love it there,” you smiled. 

“Do you want to come with me?” He asked. “We’re just going up for the day.” 

“Are you sure you want me to be there?” You asked. “I mean I don’t want to be in the way.” 

“Baby, you wouldn’t be in the way,” he smiled. 

“Well, okay, but only because I just want to go to Scotland,” you joked. 

“Rude!” He said dramatically. “I’m quite hurt, baby.” 

“You’ll live,” you giggled. 

He laughed and grabbed a strawberry off your plate. 

“Hey!” You whined. “That’s mine!” 

“You’ll live,” he mocked. 

“You’re such an ass,” you laughed. 

“What was that? You love my ass?” He smirked. 

You rolled your eyes. “I’m going to take a shower,” you said getting up from the bed and wrapping the sheets around you. 

“No, come back,” he whined reaching for you. “We still have a bit before we have to be at the airport.” 

“I need to get ready,” you laughed. 

“So, come back here,” he whined pulling on the sheet. “And why are you covering yourself up, there’s no need for that.” 

“Maybe I like a little modesty every now and again,” you said. 

“There was no modesty last night when you were riding my-” he smirked. 

“Do not finish that sentence,” you said putting your hand over his mouth. 

He laughed behind your hand before you removed it from his face. You were close enough now that he was able to wrap his arms around you and pull you back onto the bed. 

“We can cuddle for another half hour and then we can start getting ready,” he nodded wrapping his arms around you. 

You laughed when his hands found their way to cupping your chest under the sheet and you rolled your eyes. “Cuddling huh?” You said. 

“Yes, cuddling,” he smirked kissing your shoulders. 

You shook your head knowing that this kind of cuddling was for sure going to lead somewhere else and the two of you would more than likely be late to the airport. 

And late you were. 

Snowball Fight! Kim Jaehwan

christmas collab with @cannedapricot @alliwannado-w1 !

honestly i wish it would snow here so i could just throw random balls of snow at my friends LMAO but anyways i hope you all will read this and if it isn’t snowing for you either LETS JUST CRY TOGETHER 

  • low and behold the christmas season was here
  • which meant the giving of presents and just taking in the christmas cheer! 
  • and by christmas cheer i mean by playing music until you have memorized every single song by heart that you can literally sing it by itself 
  • (istg people have alrdy play all i want for christmas is you 254 times, i aint sick of it but like dhjfklhd)
  • at your music university it was all decorated with cute christmas decorations and instead of the actual music playing it was covers of every christmas song with different instrumentals! 
  • literally wherever you waked everyone was taking in the christmas spirit 
  • especially your best friend kim jaehwan who you also had a crush on but he didn’t need to know 
  • you guys were walking through the campus because jaehwan insisted that since exams were coming up you both might as well take a good look and be excited for christmas 
  • “jaehwan christmas is literally 15 days away i’m sure we will have more time to look at it later”
  • “Y/N remember that one song you wrote about how even if something is far away you would still like to spend it with someone you like? this is basically what we’re doing now so just enjoy it!”
  • he also didn’t need to know that you wrote that about you enjoying spending time with him
  • “okok fine, but even with all these decorations it doesn’t really feel like christmas because you know, in all those christmas movies they all have snow during the season”
  • “but do the christmas songs talk about snow?”
  • “um no bu-”
  • “nope i’ve heard it all, as long as the songs don’t also talk about snow then it should feel like christmas either way!”
  • jaehwan felt a little TOO excited about this upcoming holiday and you were just a little sus about it because least year when you both were walking around in this same exact spot he was complaining about how this one person on his team was cooperating with him and they were just messing around
  • but now this year he’s so excited you can’t help but wonder 
  • why
  • but even with your face literally scrunched up with you trying to figure out why jaehwan was so excited he kept on talking about how snow shouldn’t define whether it feels like christmas or not 
  • “okay but why are you so excited this year?”
  • jaehwan stopped in his tracks and just kind of gave you a blank stare 
  • “well i’m excited for all the presents you’re going to give me!”
  • now it was your turn to give jaehwan a weird stare 
  • “um jaehwan i’m pretty sure you can relate but i’m a bROKE CoLlEgE sTuDeNt. yknow someone who DOESNT have money to spend on anything except top ramen”
  • “i actually really can’t relate because i already have your present”
  • this 
  • this took you by surprise because woah last year you gave jaehwan a present and he was complaining about how he was broke 
  • but ohohoho look how the table have turned 
  • before you could respond though you looked up and behold you both were back at your dorm which seemed like such a short walk but then again jaehwan was rambling most of the time so you didn’t really mind
  • because yknow you could listen to him talk forever and it would be okay 
  • “i would love to hang out at your place and eat all your cookies that you made for your guitar class but i gotta prepare my presents for everyone since you know, i’m such a nice guy”
  • “sure son of music kim jaehwan have a nice night”
  • as you were closing the door to your room you heard jaehwan call out something which made you smile 
  • “hey that was something that Seongwoo gave me for christmas last year and don’t deny it!”
  • to be honest you couldn’t deny it, he had a lot of talent in music that low key had you jealous 
  • the next morning you woke up to a bunch of ringing at your doorbell room 
  • being very clearly irritated and tired to send the message that you did not want to be bothered on your only day off of school you opened the door to see seongwoo and daniel giving mischevious smiles while also holding a camera pointed at you 
  • you glared at the both of them and just looked back and forth between the box in daniel’s hand and the camera in seongwoo’s hand
  • “so are you guys pranking me right now by giving me a fake christmas present when it clearly isn’t christmas right now?”
  • “by the orders bestowed upon us we have come to deliver a box for you!”
  • daniel pushed the box towards you and you took it
  • opening it you saw a huge large jacket and a pair of gloves 
  • “seriously?”
  • you literally gave them a tf face 
  • “i’m not here for this let me sleep in peace please”
  • as you were about to close the door daniel stuck his foot in between the door and the wall (rip daniel oof that must hurt i mean at least you weren’t trying to slam it tho)
  • “Y/N literally it’s freezing outside, go outside and check it out, you can even see it from you window”
  • seongwoo spurted out while pointing at your window which was bright letting in some light through your curtain 
  • walking towards you window you opened the curtains and squinted at the blinding light to see 
  • snow 
  • hmm that was unexpected 
  • since yknow you expected to be pranked 
  • and along with being surprised about snow you saw jaehwan holding a sign up towards you 
  • let me repeat
  • jaehwan is holding a sign for you as if it was going along with what seongwoo and daniel were doing to you 
  • the sign read
  • “come down and lets play in the snow”
  • you looked over and noticed that daniel and seongwoo had disappeared which made you slightly irritated because you wanted to interrogate them about what was going on
  • because as much as you wanted to know what was going on
  • sadly all of your intelligence went towards music instead of something important like figuring out what tf jaehwan was doing 
  • well anyways 
  • you got ready very quickly and basically ran down to where jaehwan was
  • but he wasn’t there anymore
  • “gosh why are you all disappearing on me! i’m not here to play hide and seek right now i want to sleep and eat and then sleep again”
  • as you were literally saying that sentence you heard some footsteps behind you 
  • turning around you were instantly pELTED with  a huge snowball on your face 
  • you heard a little bit of giggling and when you wiped off the snow you saw the eyes and face of kim jaehwan laughing his butt off about how he got a face shot 
  • “I can’t believe I hit you in the face! i was just aiming for a head shot but you turned around!”
  • smiling a little you bent down and started gathering up some snow in your hands too
  • “wow that sounds great jaehwan, should i try for a face shot too?”
  • instantly the smile that was on jaehwan’s face went away and he started backing a little 
  • “uuh Y/N I wasn’t actually trying to hit your-”
  • before he would finish the sentence you got your face shot on his face causing you to laugh at your victory
  • “ohoho this calls for a snow ball fight right here right now”
  • as soon as jaehwan declared this he instantly started pelting random balls of snow at you-
  • wait there weren’t even balls of snow they were like disfigurations of snow being thrown at you
  • which caused you to duck for safety behind one of the walls of the building gathering up some snow for you too and waiting for a while to throw some snow at him too
  • it was pretty easy to know where jaehwan was standing because of his constant laugh 
  • like literally he kept on laughing you were so confused 
  • so it was just a couple of minutes (20) of you guys just throwing random balls of snow at each other and literally laughing at being able to hit each other 
  • after a while though jaehwan stopped laughing 
  • like it was in the middle of his laugh and then he just stopped 
  • you were so concerned 
  • like had he been running towards you and just tripped on snow and fell face first into snow?
  • you were very very very (hehe get the reference lMAO) concerned for him
  • so you stepped out of your very trustable hiding spot and walked out seeing just a bunch of white anywhere and now the black large coat jaehwan was wearing 
  • “jaehwan? kim jaehwan? where are you did you just decide this wasn’t fun anymore because i was winning?”
  • as you were saying that you ONCE AGAIN heard LOUD footsteps running towards you and your trustable skills helped you to turn around 
  • you were so excited to like stop jaehwan in his EVIL PLANS to just one up you 
  • but this was not what you were expecting 
  • okay so listen up to this situation 
  • the second you turned around jaehwan was very VERY close you to like you know the distant people have when they kiss, you guys basically had that distance 
  • which eventually dropped out of his hands because yknow he cant just keep it there
  • but literally your breath went away because this is situation you were not expecting and it didn’t look like jaehwan was either because he literally had these wide eyes looking at you so confusedly 
  • “well well hmm”
  • you just kind of look down because you both were not budging 
  • i mean you didn’t want to budge but lmao 
  • “i cannot believe you still one uped me by dropping snow on my-”
  • “i think i like you Y/N”
  • you looked back up at jaehwan with very confused eyes 
  • “wait now i think that sounds like i’m unsure of myself i mean i do like you. I was trying to confess this whole time but I guess that turned into a snow ball fight”
  • this literally has not become the situation you had expected it to be
  • literally
  • and instead of responding 
  • you laugh
  • you literally start laughing 
  • which causes jaehwan to laugh awkwardly 
  • literally so awkwardly like he is so nervous right now but here you are laughing like there’s no tomorrow 
  • “i’m sorry i don’t mean to laugh i’m just surprised. i like you too jaehwan but you literally did not have to do this all like buy me a jacket and wait until i was done getting ready to confess to me- well i mean try to confess to me since you decided to pelt me in the face with a snow ball and declare war”
  • this caused jaehwan to actually laugh and for some reason pull you into a hug 
  • which you took as a “wow hey i’m so excited and happy let me just hug you”
  • “i’m really cold happy and excited right now so i hope you don’t mind”
  • “i don’t think i would ever mind”
  • you chuckle a little and just hug him back 
  • “so am i able to tell people that you’re my boyfriend now and also tell seongwoo and daniel to never record me in my darkest times again?”
  • you now heard jaehwan chuckle and also you noticed he nodded his head which made you smile and chuckle too because you guys are just the laughing type of couple
  • “sure but can we go inside your dorm and eat food and just snuggle up which watching solorman’s perjury because i’m freezing right now”

Boys playing Splatoon with S/O?

The Discord can confirm the rage I had to go through whilst playing Splatoon for inspiration.

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • he’s completely stoic as he plays, and you can’t help but watch because this is just fascinating.
  • his fists are clenched on the remote, you can tell he’s absolutely infuriated every time he’s splatted but he just refuses to let you see how angry he is.
  • his team loses the match.
  • you watch the subtle square in his shoulders, he takes a deep breath, and then-
  • and then he slamdunks the wii u remote straight through your glass coffee table.
  • he locks himself in his room and you do not see him for the rest of the day.

Amami Rantarou

  • he’d actually like to try, it looks like a pretty fun game!
  • you let him play on your account, and he’s actually a little surprised and a little proud by how high of a level you have.
  • you let him try all sorts of weapons out, and finally he settles on liking the brush best.
  • he’s not bad! it’s a simple game and he seems to be getting the concept pretty easily.
  • he’s actually won every match so far, but usually at the bottom of his team.
  • and then, one round, he actually loses.
  • you can see the look of absolute disbelief on his face when the loser music starts playing.
  • but he had been doing so well! what had gone wrong?!
  • the other team had seriously inked almost everything in the playing field compared to amami’s two or three blotches-
  • you can tell he’s disappointed, but now he’s determined.
  • this won’t happen again.
  • you can’t get him off the wii u after that-

Ouma Kokichi

  • he seems pretty nonchalant when you propose the idea, simply shrugging and taking his seat in front of the television.
  • he lets you talk him through everything, telling him which clothes are better, which weapons are best, what he might like-
  • and though he nods and follows along, you can see he’s picking an entirely different set of items than the ones you recommended.
  • which is?? weird???
  • and then you actually get onto the playing field.
  • the second he’s in he’s moving with such skill that you’re amazed a beginner could EVER pull this off.
  • he doesn’t get splatted a single time, covering an insane amount of land as his score just skyrockets.
  • needless to say, he wins the match at the top of his team.
  • how did he do that?!
  • “Oh, sorry, I forgot to tell you, I play this game literally all the time. Anyway, bye!”
  • and then he just
  • leaves
  • heck

Shuuichi Saihara

  • he’s willing to play, but…he’s not exactly the best.
  • it takes him a while to get the hang of angling the controller, and eventually decides that using the joysticks is probably the best choice.
  • he likes the roller, it makes the game a little calmer for him.
  • every time he dies you can see his entire body tense up like it’s an absolute disaster-
  • he actually spends more time running around the lobby than he does playing…
  • he’s not very good.
  • he always finishes at the bottom of his team with 100-300 points and never splats anybody.
  • maybe this just isn’t his kind of game…
  • you’ll put on something a little less abrasive next time, maybe.

Kaito Momota

  • he gets WAY too into it.
  • he’s totally on board when you say he should give the game a try.
  • he’s using the splattershot at first, but when he finds out the luna blaster exists, he won’t use anything else. it just looks so cool!
  • he gets pretty mad when he gets splatted, but the look on his face when he actually manages to splat somebody is priceless.
  • like a kid in a candy store!
  • every match he loses in followed by a series of swears and kicking the table, he gets pretty passionate about the game.
  • but every match he wins is celebrated like hell! fists in the air, the whole deal. he even picks you up and spins you! look S/O! look what he did!
  • but you can’t help but note that he’s always at the bottom of his team and his score is never very high, win or lose.
  • oh well. at least he’s having fun.


  • he doesn’t really get the concept.
  • so you’re a kid-
  • but then you’re a squid?
  • you’re an unholy human squid hybrid?
  • and when you become a squid you defy the laws of mass and descend into your own inky remnants?
  • ….basically yeah
  • he can’t ever focus on the game because he’s too busy asking questions about how your character functions as a creature
  • he runs into a lot of walls and doesn’t manage to accomplish a whole lot, and doesn’t even seem to be enjoying it.
  • you thought a robot would be better at video games honestly.
  • you decide maybe he should just explore the lobby instead.
  • he thinks the squid sisters are very charming honestly! look at them go! lovely! wonderful! he is a fan of them.
  • everything else? terrible. not a fan.
  • that’s not how squids work.
  • silly S/O.

Gonta Gokuhara

  • he’s so enthusiastic! this game is so colourful and pretty!
  • he runs off of platforms into the abyss or the water constantly, but he’s having so much fun that you can’t bear to correct him-
  • he’s switching between kid and squid constantly, not even TRYING to win the matches.
  • he honestly doesn’t shoot a single thing the entire time he’s playing. he’s having too much fun exploring.
  • you know his teammates probably hate him, because not only is he doing nothing, but he’s hitting the “Booyah!” and “Come on!” buttons every two seconds.
  • “It’s encouragement!”
  • this is honestly painful to watch but he’s so adorable when he’s having fun like this-
  • maybe you’ll make him his own account, but you probably won’t be letting him soil your username again any time soon.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • he’s honestly scarily good at this game.
  • he’s a sniper, and once he finds the best spot on the map, he doesn’t leave it.
  • he’s completely straight-faced the entire time, and he doesn’t miss a single shot.
  • you’re seriously worried for anybody who has to play against him right now.
  • not a single member of his team gets splatted, not while he’s on guard duty.
  • so while he doesn’t win a whole lot of points himself, his team ALWAYS wins and they have him to thank for it.
  • despite the fact that he says winning doesn’t really matter and it’s just a dumb video game, you can see that smug smirk every time he makes another shot.
  • he probably won’t play again though.
  • you honestly don’t want him to.
Ring (Idol Couple!Yoongi)

Plot: Idol Couple!Yoongi’s proposal

Word Count: 1836

A/N: so this is an older post that I did on my old blog (click here for the original post) and I just didn’t have a whole lot of time or energy to write today so I figured I’d revamp it a bit, the link for this is Yoongi’s proposal (here) and idol couple!Yoongi (here)

He didn’t get it. He’d seen Jin freak out about the perfect proposal, he’d seen Jimin overthink asking that simple question, he’d seen Namjoon plan way too many things to do in one night. All for one question. Yoongi didn’t understand why they’d been so stressed, why they’d fussed over the “perfect ring” or planned out as much as they possibly could. He didn’t understand why they’d dressed up so nice and worried so much when they knew the answer would be yes. He truly didn’t get it. Until he’d decided it was time to propose to you.

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Love Isn’t About Whether You Get Stabbed; It’s Whether The Knife Gets Turned (Pt. 5) (Jefferson x Reader)

Summary: Alexander Hamilton screwed up

TW: The Reynold’s Pamphlet, Angst, death mentions


Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four

You walk back into the ballroom to see your husband and brother shake hands. You smile and run over to them.

“(Y/N)!” they exclaim.

Thomas pulls you into a hug. “I am so so sorry. I don’t know why I ever doubted if you loved me. I-”

“I’m sorry, Thomas. I shouldn’t have said that. I do love you. I love you with all my heart.” You turn to your brother. “I’m sorry. I-”

“Don’t apologize. I should have put aside my anger and realized that you were more important.”


Everything was perfect. For a while, at least.

Thomas comes home from work one evening. “(Y/N)? Could you come here?”

You put down your book and slowly make your way into the main room. “What is it, dear?”

He doesn’t say anything when he hands you a pamphlet. You take it, wondering what could have happened.

The charge against me is a connection with one James Reynolds for purposes of improper pecuniary speculation. My real crime is an amorous connection with his wife, for a considerable time…

“No,” you whisper, covering your mouth with one hand. “No. He-”

“I’m sorry,” Thomas apologizes.

You throw the paper to the ground. “No! He-he-he-” you think of the family you had grown to love. The woman who loved your brother with all her heart. Their kids. Every single one of them looked at their father like he was the best person in the world. “I have to see them.”

“(Y/N), are you sure that’s the best idea?”

“Please. I need to see them.”

The carriage is silent. When you arrive at the Hamilton’s, you rush inside, not bothering to tell anyone that you have arrived. Eliza sits in the parlor, showing no emotion.

“Eliza?” you call cautiously, going over to sit next to her. “I am inc-”

“Don’t,” she interrupts. “None of this was your fault.”


She gives you a slight smile. “(Y/N), you had no part in this. If you’ll excuse me, I should start supper, I’m sure the children are hungry.” She brushes off her skirt and stands. “Will you and Thomas be joining us?”

“Whichever you prefer,” you respond.

“I believe it would be best for us to be alone for a while.”

You stand up and hug her. As soon as she leaves, you walk into Alexander’s study. He’s hunched over his desk, obviously writing.


He looks up at you. “(Y/N), what are you doing here?”

“Why? Why would you tell everyone about your affair? I always tried to look for the best in you. I couldn’t believe it when Thomas showed me. How could-”

“Why?! They, your poor excuse for a husband included, were accusing me of embezzling government funds. I couldn’t let that stand!”

“This isn’t about my husband! This is about you! You thought that it would be better if everyone knew about your affair than speculated about the money?! Did you even consider the outcomes?! Did you think about your wife and children who think the world of you?!”

“If your hus-”

“This isn’t about him!” You yell.

“If he hadn’t tried to destroy my career, I wouldn’t have written the pamphlet!” He matches your volume.

“You had the affair without my husband’s involvement! This was never his intent.”

“Yes, I’ll admit that I had the affair, but I-”

“This was not Thomas’s fault! You can’t keep doing this, Alexander.”

“Leave,” he demands.

You don’t say another word before you walk back out to the carriage.

“(Y/N), what happened? Are you okay?” Thomas asks as he helps you back in.

“Eliza seems to be doing well considering the circumstances.”


You didn’t keep in touch with your brother. You felt that it would be better if you avoided any unnecessary arguments. He never made any effort to write to you either. You did, however, write to Eliza. It was because of her you knew of Philip’s death. It was because of her you were able to be by your brother’s side when he took his last breath.

You never knew how dangerous love could be.


On this day in music history: July 21, 1987 - “Appetite For Destruction”, the debut album by Guns N’ Roses is released. Produced by Mike Clink, it is recorded at Rumbo Recorders, Take One Studios in Los Angeles, CA and Can-Am Studios in Tarzana, CA from August - December 1986. After releasing the four track EP Live ?!*@ Like a Suicide" on their own UZI Suicide label in 1986, Guns N’ Roses are signed to Geffen Records by label A&R man Tom Zutaut for a paltry advance of $75,000. Paired with producer Mike Clink (UFO, Mötley Crüe, Triumph), the band knuckle down in the studio and record their major label debut in four months. Though the band have built a solid following on the rock club scene in L.A., the album initially gets off to slow start. It takes “Appetite” more than a year it to earn significant sales and upward chart momentum. In spite of a relentless tour schedule, the record has only moved about 200,000 copies in seven months, with Geffen nearly pulling the plug on promotional efforts. Zutaut risks his job in an effort to turn things around. He convinces David Geffen to get MTV to air the video for “Welcome To The Jungle” on the channel one time. MTV runs the video one time at 4 am, and receives over 10,000 phone calls, overloading their switchboard. This leads to the channel adding the video immediately to heavy rotation, and the album takes off like a rocket. Within two weeks, the sales of “Appetite For Destruction” double, with the momentum building exponentially over the following weeks and months. It eventually spins off five hit singles including “Sweet Child O’ Mine” (#1 Pop), “Welcome To The Jungle” (#7 Pop) and “Paradise City” (#5 Pop), being certified 18x Platinum in the US by the RIAA, becoming one of the best selling debut albums of all time. “Appetite” is credited with bringing hard rock back to mainstream popularity during an era that is dominated by dance oriented pop music and lightweight pop metal acts. The albums original cover artwork by Robert Williams is changed after some retailers refuse to stock it because of its graphic and violent imagery. “Appetite For Destruction” spends five weeks at number one (non-consecutive) on the Billboard Top 200 for five weeks, beginning on its 50th week on the chart on August 6, 1988.

Bruno Mars Will Receive 2017 iHeartRadio Innovator Award At iHeartRadio Music Awards

With every album he releases, and in between, Bruno Mars continues to showcase his tremendous talent in the music industry. Over the course of his career, he has released hit after hit under his own name, has helped create chart-topping songs for other artists, and has consistently given fans some of the most incredible live performances. That is why the iHeartRadio Music Awards will honor the Hawaii-born megastar with its most prestigious award of the evening: the 2017 iHeartRadio Innovator Award.

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Masquerade | Jughead x Cheryl

Originally posted by snowscharming

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Cheryl Blossom
Description: Riverdale hosts a masquerade ball and the two most unlikely people end up spending the night together unknown to them.
Warnings: i dont rly think so.
Word Count: 2464
A/N: THIS ISN’T THE BIG JUGHEAD X CHERYL FIC I TALKED ABOUT, I’M STILL WORKING ON THAT but I was listening to Masquerade by Ashley Tisdale and then started writing this. I’m v nervous about it and it might not make sense or be that great but I love this pairing sfm.

Riverdale - the once innocent town now shrouded in deceit and mystery - was no longer a safe haven for those living there. People were constantly paranoid, waiting for the next disaster to happen. After the murder of Jason Blossom and the reveal that his own father had killed him, everyone was on edge. If someone’s own father could turn on their son like that who could anyone trust? People who were once friendly to each other were now cautious of who they spoke to, cautious of where they went and the things they did. Riverdale seemed to have this dark cloud hanging above it lately, one that it couldn’t get rid of.

So, Mayor McCoy decided the town was in a desperate need of a distraction. People needed to their minds off all the trouble so she got to work planning and thinking of ideas until she came up with something. The town was no stranger to hosting events every now and again but they’d never really had something quite as big as this happening.

A masquerade ball. One night where people could dress up, hide their identity and just let go and forget about what was going on in their little town.

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