best silas botwin scenes

Best Silas Botwin Scenes:

#1 6x01 Twack

Silas: Shane, what the fuck happened at the party?

Shane: I killed Pilar with a croquet mallet by the pool. Goal.

Silas: Seriously, what happened?

Shane: Seriously. I killed Pilar. With a croquet mallet. By the pool. She was going to kill us, so I popped the bitch. Right in the melon. Twack, splash, dead. You gonna shoot? Three zip, you suck.

Silas: You’re serious.

Shane: Serious as Dad’s heart attack. Now, in general, I don’t like using that simile because some heart attacks aren’t all that serious. I mean, you recover. Reduce your salt and fat, drop a few pounds and life goes on. But dads, dad’s was serious.

Silas: You killed someone?

Shane: Yeah, but I’m family. You still gotta invite me to superbowl parties and shit like that. I assume you're forfeiting the game?

Silas: Holy shit, Shane.

Shane: I defended the family! Mom’s luck was running out. You called it.

Silas: You’re… you’re psycho.

Shane: Mom said that you stood and peed on her leg once. That’s kind of freaky.

Silas: How fucked up are you that you think my three year old squirt for attention is the same as murdering a woman with a croquet stick?

Shane: It’s a mallet! I’ll be in the car.

Best Silas Botwin Scenes

#3 6x13 Theoretical Love Is Not Dead

Silas: I’m an idiot. I’m an idiot with the most fucked up timing on Earth.

Guillermo: No, it was perfect. He popped in as we were coming out of security. It was like fate.

Nancy: Silas, get on the plane. Get on the plane. Esteban, take the baby.

Silas: What about you?

Nancy: I don’t have time for this conversation right now.

Silas: Fine. Good luck with your new, old, fucked up life.

Nancy: That’s right, I picked Stevie. He’s fresh, you’re cooked.

Silas: Please, when you kill her, let us know. Just for closure.