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Why watch Xena: Warrior Princess in 2017?

1. Strong, powerful, independent women who are the heroines of the story rather than the damsels-in-distress

That’s enough of a reason alone. But just in case… I have about 10 other reasons to watch it if you’re interested and they’re all relevant and important.

2. There is real affection between a woman and another woman that is not any sort of queer-baiting but is genuine love, trust, faith and compassion formed from a deep friendship

3. It teaches you many lessons in life that are still relevant in today’s paradigm. Specifically messages about love, forgiveness, vengeance and redemption. Often at times you are forced to see the most lovable characters in the show in a negative way and the most hatable characters in the show in a positive way.  This is to understand the nature of humanity in a more in-depth way than before. After all, complications in a person’s personality is what makes them all the more dynamic and admirable, do they not? We all have evil and good in us. What matters though is which side of us we choose to feed. Many of the characters in this show teach you the significance of this in very intense ways

4. It teaches you all about balance and how opposites and polarities that seem completely contradicting work together to create the bigger picture to how life really is and what would happen if either side of the spectrum disappeared or didn’t exist

5. It is the best representation for LGBTQ in the 90’s/early 2000’s. Again, no queer-baiting for the sake of ratings. If the LGBTQ community tuned in, it’s because they found sincerity and value in it

6. One of the so-called “villains” in the show has a real story as to how they became the hard-hearted and psychotic person they are. This is specifically designed for the purpose of getting the audience to sympathise and maybe even empathise with them

7. There is an episode that deals with the sexual, physical and emotional abuse of one of the lead characters. This is done so cleverly that it doesn’t seem obvious, therefore isn’t offending or unbearable to watch, yet still stays true to the seriousness of the situation. It is your preference to choose to see it as rape or something else which I really respect about this episode and the show in general

8. I said LGBTQ is represented in the show. I want to focus specifically on the T part of it. In an episode there is a transgender/transsexual character that delivers the message of how hard it is to be yourself in a world that wants to see you in a different way. How your power and worth is taken away from you just because you’re not accepted for who you are. Many episodes carry this message but never more profoundly than this episode

9. It deals with family estrangement. Scenarios such as unwilled pregnancy and forced marriage. Parents that have disowned, neglected and abandoned you. Crises with jealousy and resentment from sibling rivalry. But most strongly, right from the very first episode, a mother’s deep shame because of the lead characters’ sinful actions of her past

10. One of the lead characters gets into a situation in an episode where she has to decide whether to fight in a just cause to protect and defend someone she loves or surrender and do nothing. This is a very strong and important message because often we feel there is no other option but to fight when someone we love is threatened and in danger. We are forced to realize that if we do fight, aren’t we becoming just like the person we feel we have to fight and prolonging the violence? And also realize what would become of us if we choose to do nothing at all and something bad happens to the person we love? Will we ever forgive ourselves for not defending them? Will we forever regret not acting out in violence in order to protect them from harm, or in the worst case, save their life?

I could go on and on but I will stop at 10 reasons otherwise this post is going to be incredibly long. Honestly though, this show has unbelievable writing and producing and acting that you can take so much from it. Almost every episode has a message or moral of some kind that is important and significant to know, understand and learn. There is no other show that I’ve seen that does this better, or really, at all. The character development and evolution for the lead and recurring characters dig deep inside and underneath your skin and hit your heart so hard. You are required and expected to see, hear, feel and know what is most important in life and how to deal with it. And furthermore, it is just incredibly entertaining and interesting. This is why Xena: Warrior Princess is timeless and is still relevant to watch in 2017.

anonymous asked:

Hi M.! I just wanted to say I'm loving all these posts that you've been sharing about your research, especially the songs. I'm already anxious to read your next book. I believe I read somewhere you don't really like or don't have much time to watch TV shows, but I wanted to recommend you one that perhaps can add a little sth to your research (or just amuse you during lunch or sth, since every episode is just 20 minutes long). It's called "That 70's show" and it's on Netflix. :) All the best!

Hi! I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the research process. Growing up in the ’90s/early 2000s it would have been impossible never to run across that show (because it was always, always on) so yes, rest assured, I have seen it. 

So there's a new radio station in my city...

Ever have one of those days where your favourite music is annoying and you just want to hear something else? I had one of those days a few months back. I was really tired and the Top 40 stations I usually listen to were just grating on my nerves, so I tried my other saved stations. Country? No. Rock? No. Nothing was good, but I had a long drive ahead of me and I didn’t want to sit there in silence.

So I decided to hit the Seek button until I found something I liked. Static. Static. Classical. Static. Static. French. Static. Static. Sports. Static. Static. Mid-2000’s. I stopped. I like mid 2000’s stuff. I hadn’t realized there was a station like that in my city. I looked at the radio. 107.9 FM. I didn’t think there were stations up that high, but I shrugged it off because Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes started playing.

And boy, did I fall in love with that station. 107 The Beat it was called. Not the best name, but whatever. They played all the stuff I used to love as a kid from the late 90’s through the early 2000’s. Fall Out Boy, Coldplay, Shakira, and a whole bunch of pop from that time. A real nostalgia station for me. And the personalities were great! The Tommy and Cherise Morning Show (which was a little cheesy, but what morning show isn’t?), Susan in the Afternoon, Late Night Jams with Tony Smooth. I loved them all. The Beat quickly became my new favourite station. I listened to it every day to and from school, and even in the shower.

About a month later I was giving my friends, Bill and Anna, a ride to the mall. I asked them if they ever listened to The Beat. They looked at each other, confused. So I switched to 107.9. One Week by the Barenaked Ladies was playing. I love that song! So I started singing along. About 20 seconds later, I noticed my friends were completely silent.

“Why aren’t you guys singing along?”

Bill was looking at me like I had grown a machine gun from my forehead.

“To what?”

“To the music!” What the hell was he talking about?

“What music?” asked Anna.

“On the radio! Are you guys deaf or something?”

The two of them looked at each other. “It’s just static.”

It was then that I realized that they must be messing with me. We liked to play pranks on each other, and I could tell when these two were up to something. “Very funny guys.”

“We’re not kidding, there’s nothing but static.”

“Alright, knock it off. You got me for a second.” Don’t Speak by No Doubt started playing.

“It’s not a joke, Dom. There’s no music and you’re starting to freak me out.” I’ll admit, I didn’t think they could act this well. Bill looked worried and Anna looked legitimately scared. They must have planned this. Had I mentioned the station before?

“OK, that’s enough. I like this song and you guys are starting to piss me off.”

“What song? There is no song! Dom, cut it out it’s not funny!”

At this point I was past annoyed. I was having one of those days where everything pisses you off, and I was not in the mood for their antics. I do my best to act positive around my friends, but when I’m in a bad mood it doesn’t take much to set me off. “Cut the shit or I’ll pull over and you guys can walk.”

“What?” Bill was shocked.

“You heard me. It was funny at first, but I’m getting really annoyed. If you’re not going to stop this bullshit, then you can walk to the mall.” They just stared at me.

“But we’re serious!”

That was it. I pulled into the nearest parking lot and threw the car in park. “Get out. Now.”

Anne quickly got out, but Bill hesitated before closing the door. “What the fuck is your prob-”

I hit the gas and the door flew shut. I was so annoyed. I headed home and called my girlfriend, April, to see if she wanted to come over. I was too angry to cook, so I just ordered a pizza. April was at my apartment within a half hour. She asked me why I was so upset. I told her the story.

“The Beat? I’ve never heard of it.”

So I grabbed my radio from my room and tuned it to 107.9. Bring Me To Life by Evanescence was playing. April suddenly looked concerned.

“I don’t hear anything.”

Great so they had roped her into their stupid trick. This was pretty low for them.

“Not you too! Come on, I’m sick of this bullshit!”

“I’m serious! It’s just static! Look, I’ll even look up the station.”

“Fine, do it!” Was she serious? How would looking it up help the gag? She pulled out her phone and typed in the station. Her face drained of colour. “What is it?”

She handed me the phone. The first result was a news story from 2004, and the headline made my blood run cold.

“Seven dead after fire that destroyed local radio station”