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i don’t understand why people think deh doesn’t handle mental illness well like the people who say this shit are majorly the people who’ve contrived a plot using the first sentence of the goddamn wikipedia page like. listen to/watch a show before you come after it without knowing jack shit


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I adore, love and revere Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but I have to admit I find their need to write a Big Dramatic Storyline at the end of seasons a little… frustrating, and honestly, kind of unnecessary too. I don’t think they usually follow through on the fallout well, they frequently rush the solution, and very little changes in the long-run, so it’s like they expend all of this time and energy for barely credible Intense Plots, and meanwhile I’d prefer more of the excellent character development the show brings. Maybe even some average day to day crime solving. If Huge Melodramatic Circumstance isn’t going to further the show, I don’t understand why they bother.

I just love loading up the first season 2 DVD, and the first thing I see is the Jolly Roger all big and majestic on the menu screen.  It’s like it’s saying “yes, this is where the show is about to get infinitely better, behold!”
‘One Day At A Time’ Renewed For Season 2 By Netflix
One Day at a Time, Netflix’s reimagening of Norman Lear’s classic, has been renewed for a 13-episode second season. One Day at a Time, which premiered January 6, drew some of the best r…
By Nellie Andreeva