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aaahh you're making me want to watch black sails. what's it about?

forget what you saw. run. run while you still can.

I think the show’s gotten better and better the more we’ve focused in on and doubled down on the characters. The thing I’m most proud about in the finale is that it’s really a character piece. So many finales, especially the genre shows, are just about people running around and fighting, and ours really digs down to the thematics and the character issues that our people have been facing all year. It’s a uniquely thoughtful and emotional finale, and I’m really proud of it because of that.
Ode to a black sail

The writing for Black Sails is some of the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing translated to screen. Even though I know the historical/fictional outcome of many of the characters, every week I’m in awe of the twists and cliffhangers. The best part is that I cannot figure out how they are going to get to the inevitable conclusion. I’m floored with the storytelling every single episode. This is how I feel while I’m watching (in the best of ways):

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I was looking through my photos whilst watching American Dad. It was the episode where Hayley is still upset over Jeff’s abduction and she meets a millionaire who helps her move on. But then, Steve & Snot found that Jeff is alive and is trying to make it back to her. Anyway, Jeff returned but somehow Hayley ended up being old and so he saw everyone including Steve and Snott. Jeff said: “Hey, you two are still best friends”. So I continued scrolling and bam. Next photo - old best friend.

Hay. What are the odds 🤔

Anyway, I have a dentist appointment tomorrow and I am NOT looking forward to it. Cause you know.. I had an unpleasant experience the last time with my dentist.

Wish me luck.

Have a great week ahead guys!!

Protip for writing: Nobody is good at everything. Eventually, a character will be in a situation where they will have no choice but to do something that is completely foreign to them.

Resist the temptation to write the perfect dialogue, the sweetest gesture, or the clueless, correct answer. Show them stumbling. Show them struggling. Show them trying their very best, and show us that their best isn’t really that impressive. Because when you do it right, your audience will cheer for their attempt, rather than booing them for their output.

Plus, it’s fun as heck to write characters acting awkwardly. :P

  • Me, 7 weeks ago: Ah, I really hope the fanservice isn't too invasive and fetish-y. I mean they look good together but it's sort of tiring to see queerbait and absolutely no pay-off...
  • Me, now: Ah, I really hope Victor and Yuuri choose a nice location for their wedding and honeymoon, I mean there are so many beautiful places in the world to choose from...

This one is in the queue for next Tuesday with other Gigantuar pics but I wanted to post it by itself because.. well… it’s perfect.

Well now that the Garbage Awards have cancelled themselves at least I’ll never waste another 4 hours of my life watching them pretend to award musical prowess while they actually just award whiteness and ghettoize everyone else to side categories and let folks of color present and perform to maintain the facade of equality while still ultimately upholding white supremacy in short everyone who didn’t vote for Beyoncé’s Lemonade for album of the year can choke