best show in the 'verse

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My two cents. The Flash is the best Berlanti-verse show on the CW. I love the West's, Iris is my all-time favorite. There hasn't been much talk of her being in 313; however, I'm sure she'll be in it, whether on E1 or 2. I think the Flash EP's are trying to quell any desire for people to compare the show to Arr0w and say too much focus is given to WA and not enough to the titular character. I love what I've seen for Iris and WA S3, esp. in comparison to 2A. Hopefully, more reporting is coming!

I pretty much agree with this! The Flash is certainly my favorite Berlanti-verse show, and I think we’ll get a few Iris scenes in 3.13 no matter what. And I have no problem with them not promoting WA so much, because I don’t want the ship to burnout. What I do want is more individual story for Iris, so I hope we see her researching Savitar on her own at least.

Are you going to Paley?

I am!