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  • Me, 7 weeks ago: Ah, I really hope the fanservice isn't too invasive and fetish-y. I mean they look good together but it's sort of tiring to see queerbait and absolutely no pay-off...
  • Me, now: Ah, I really hope Victor and Yuuri choose a nice location for their wedding and honeymoon, I mean there are so many beautiful places in the world to choose from...
sweaterboi update!!


and the answer is yes LOL!!! it was only once tho…

well i guess since first semester is over i should give an update as to what happened STORY TIME!!!

I SWEAR HE SHOWED UP TO CLASS IN HIS BEST OUTFIT (bc yanno…. last day of class so gotta make an impression right???) (IT WAS SO CUTE SINCE HE WAS SORT OF SLEEPY STILL) but he was wearing the cutest sweater over a button up I WAS STEAMI NG

AND YOU KNOW ME, ive been smitten since day one, but wanted to play it cool. i took my chinese final and decided to wait for him outside the class (i got a 100/100 on my chinese final gOD BLESS)

i should have said it earlier, but i was actually preparing a gift for him for chirstmas. i was handknitting him a scarf and bought him cute packaged lotion since minneosta winters can sometimes be BRUTAL. i spent the previous night knitting his scarf but realized i wasnt going to finish in time, so i decided to cut my losses and just write him a letter. it would probably be the last TIME ill ever see him in my entire life, so it wouldnt hurt to sort of like…. indirectly confess??? even if it was still platonic in the end, i wanted to let him know. MY FRIEND DOOBS WAS HYPING ME UP TO GIVE IT TO HIM AFTER HE FINISHED HIS FINAL AND MY HANDS WERE SHAKING THE WHOLE TIME

i decided to wait a distance away from the classroom since it would seem awkward if i just waited for him so closely. unfortunately from where i sat, he could leave the classroom another route and i wouldnt be able to notice since library shelves were arranged into aisles. AND LADY LUCK HAS NEVER ALWAYS BEEN ON MY SIDE and i waited….

and waited….

and waited…

and he just never came to where i was waiting….

i had waited until even the professor left the classroom

unfortunately all stories must come to an end, even the good ones!

well i was already anticipating and expecting the worse so it wasnt that bad as one might assume. sure he might not ever know my feelings, but i guess i was sort of okay??? i mean its like he’ll go back home and continue on with his life, and ill just be tucked away in the corner of his memory??? im okay now tho if youre wondering LOL

just another antic to add to my ever spiraling shoujo nonexistent love life 8^)

Dear the little girl who never got to live past 16

I wanted to say that I am sorry.
I’m not sorry for this journey or for choosing to be happy.. Not at all.
But I am sorry that you’ll never wear a wedding dress or call yourself a bride.
Never will you grow another life inside of your belly and you’ll never hear the words “mommy” directed at you.
You won’t be a Yiayia (grandmother) with a short gray bob cut and pink slippers and for that I am so sorry.
But I can promise you that you didn’t die for nothing.
I will be an astounding father. My children will never not know their dad. God damnit I will be at ever show…every game…every recital…every everything.
I will be a husband like no other I swear to you my wife will never feel unloved like you watched your mom go through for so long.
I will be the best and coolest Papou (grandfather) and I will always slide my grandkids dollars and green lollipops like my Papou did for me.
I’ll be great. God I’ll be great.
I’m so sorry you had to die but you did it so that the man inside of you could get a shot at living.

Oh man I cut you and I burned you and I screamed at you from the other side of the mirror for so many years and I am so sorry that I never told you gently that you were doing your best. That I LOVED you. That you were trying so very hard for us to stay afloat. And guess what?
You did it. You got us there.
I know that you’d never believe it but I regret hurting you so greatly.
Because even though it didn’t seem like it I loved you Alexis Kristina.
I loved you.
Thank you for all of your time.
Sincerely, 19 years later, a better reflection.
Yours truly,
Hayden Kristopher

Caroline Forbes does not deserve meaningless words.
She does not deserve a ‘Really? Do I have to say it?’.
She does not deserve to be Stefan’s second best to Elena.

Caroline Forbes deserves a well planned, extravagant engagement, worthy of Miss Mystic Falls.
She deserves to 'be the one’.
She deserves someone to put her first and give her his undying attention.

I swear to god I cannot stand TVD sometimes and the only reason I’m sticking with this show is too see Klaus turn up at the sorry wedding and steal Caroline of to the Originals

(side note - no hate to steroline shippers)


I just got back from NYC and seeing Cate twice. I am so emo right now…I got to sit front row for the Thursday night show and give her a dozen roses when she took her bow for the curtain call. She smiled at me and mouthed ‘thank you’ as she took them from me, and I almost died right then and there. hahaha.

Then Friday, I didn’t have tickets for the show, so I waited outside the stage door to meet her. It was COLD AS FUCK, and a group of us stood outside for a little over two hours. She signed my Carol photo and a Playbill, and was very sweet to everyone even though there were a ton of people.

I got to be there for her last show, and she was ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. I saw the show back in January when it opened, and this was her best performance yet. She was on fire and held absolutely nothing back. I swear to god, she is the best actress of this generation, and she should one hundred percent win the Tony Award for Best Leading Actress in a Play.

I can’t believe I got to see the show three times and meet Cate twice (once back in January after I saw the show for the first time). It was truly a special show and I’m sad that it’s closed now, but I’m sure this won’t be the last time Cate will be on Broadway, because she slayed it!

I’m attaching a few pictures to this post. The picture of her onstage is one someone else took, but she’s HOLDING MY ROSES and I was so happy when I saw someone captured that moment.

ps- if anyone has pictures from the stage door Friday (3.17) after the show, could you please post them or message me them; I’d like to see if I could find a picture with myself in it. Or pictures from the January 11th stage door after the show, if anyone has them. Thanks!

MAYBE I have shipping goggles on, but we all know Happy is Natsu’s best friend right? Like first best friend and they’ll be bffs until the end of time, right? Well, kids, Happy was there as well, and of course we all know Lucy is VERY important to Natsu too, but what really cuts my heart out, puts it on a table, and then pounds it with a meat tenderizer is, Natsu saved Lucy because he couldn’t lose her AGAIN. In this moment, he had to choose between both of his best friends, Happy who he basically raised, and Lucy the (unofficial) love of his life. It shows just how much damage Natsu had taken seeing Lucy get hurt/die right in front of him. And I swear to GOD they better be okay.

  • me, about to show my friend a picture of a boy i like: okay but this isn't... wait... hold on I'll find another one... wait... yes okay this one is better I guess... so like I said... this isn't his best pic but I swear he's so hot I swear he's hot this just isn't... it's not his best pic oh god
Can’t Believe


 Bucky Barnes x Reader
 17 or 18 with bucky and btw i really like your blog!! (“I can’t believe you talked me into this.”)
Warnings: None 
Notes: Hey guys, I know this isn’t one of the imagines I had in the poll, but I got really carried away with a drabble and then completely scrapped it, so you get this! Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

“I swear to god this’ll be the death of me.” You whine. Coulson had insisted the team show up at some gala that was being held in their honor, and as Black Widow’s best friend you had been dragged along for the ride. “Stop being so over dramatic.” Natasha smirked, rolling her eyes at your behaviour. “I’m not being over dramatic, I could be allergic to formal occasions, you don’t know.” You huffed, trying to sound serious but failing. “See, over dramatic.” Natasha laughed, dragging you by the arm into the large ballroom.  

3rd Person POV

Bucky hated these kinds of things, all the people and the noise; he found it hard to keep tabs on every single person in the room and that unnerved him. However he did notice when a beautiful H/C came into the room, being dragged by a very familiar redhead. “Hey Steve?” Bucky murmured, elbowing his friend in the side. “Yeah Buck?” Steve responded, looking at his friend with a quirked eyebrow. “Who’s that with Nat?” Bucky asked, gesturing towards the two women who were now sat at the bar. “Uh… I have no idea.” Steve responded with a frown. “Why don’t you go and talk to her?” He asked, only being answered with a firm shake of the head from Bucky. But for the rest of the night Bucky couldn’t seem to take his eyes off of her, the way her eyes lit up when she laughed, or the way she’d scrunch her nose whenever Nat forced her to do a shot, Bucky was just entranced by her and every move she made. “Dude, you’ve been staring at her all night, just go and talk to her!” Sam encouraged him. “Look, the worst she can do is say no and you’ll never know if you never try.” He said patting Bucky on the back. Sighing, Bucky stood up from his seat, “I can’t believe you talked me into this.” He muttered before heading over to her.

Reader POV

“Hey Barnes.” Natasha smirked as a large brunette man walked over to the two of you. “Natasha.” The man greeted your friend with a nod. “Oh, Y/N, this is Bucky, and Bucky this is Y/N.” Natasha smiled, introducing the two of you. “Hello.” You smiled at the man, watching a small smile tug at the corner of his lips. “I uh… should go say hello to Steve, will you be alright for a sec Y/N?” Natasha asked, seemingly distracted by something from across the room. “Oh yeah, of course.” You said, tearing your eyes off of the man in front of you for a second. “So, Bucky, you work with Nat I’m guessing?” You asked Bucky once Nat had scurried off. “Uh, yeah you could say that.” He smiled, rubbing the back of his neck.  “So, uh, how come we’ve never met you before, you and Nat seem close?” Bucky asked, taking the seat next to you. “Oh she’s way too overprotective.” You laughed, “She claims it’s because it’s ‘never the right time’.” You smiled, rolling your eyes, “But I think that’s just so I don’t replace her for someone with cool powers.” You giggled, twirling slightly on your stool, not noticing the way Bucky’s eyes were roaming up and down your body. “Well, I don’t exactly have the ‘coolest’ powers so I doubt she has to worry about me.” Bucky smiled. “I dunno, a metal arm is pretty cool.” You smiled, pushing him in the arm slightly. Laughing Bucky just shook his head, missing the way your smile broadened at the sound of his laugh.

The two of you talked for the remainder of the evening, about everything from favorite films to your friends and families. “Hey Y/N, you ready to go?” Natasha smiled, tapping you on the shoulder. “Oh right, yeah.” You smiled back, “I’ll meet you at the car.” You nodded, watching as Natasha walked away. “Well, it was very nice meeting you Bucky.” You smiled at the soldier. “You too.” He replied, with a small smile and a nod. Quickly opening your purse, you puled out a pen and grabbed his hand. Jotting down your name and number, you gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before following after night. Hopefully you’d be seeing more of him.

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MLB (as a show) could wait a little longer for the identity reveal

This is for the unpopular opinion, I’m guessing?

(New to this)

no, you are so right, I so agree. Strongly agree. Agree with the force of the gods.

The whole reveal thing would take away the complicity of the love square. There’d be no fluffy Marichat sin, or awkward Adrinette and ladrien, and there’d be no one-sided Ladynoir, which takes away its uniqueness.

Seriously, anon, be my best friend. I swear everyone else wants a reveal.

Continue with your opinions, it’s fun answering them!

okay so the other day, @bangtannoon was an amazing person yet again and she painted me a bts-related picture for my birthday. i, being the proud and thankful best friend that i am, went around the whole theater (bc it was before one of our shows) and showed everyone. one of the cast members (an older lady mind you) asked about the korean on it, so i explained that it was based on a South Korean boy group, to which she responded, i kid you not, “oh. are those those boys who look like girls?” I SWEAR TO FUCKING GOD I WAS SO MADDJFJFJFNF

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I remember when my otp first showed up on my dash.
They were so cute.
I contacted a many of people…
My best friend of many years was like
“That shows on netflix, watch it”
And I did.
I then went to tumblr.
(After binge watching EVERY EPISODE ON ONE NIGHT)
And there it was…
The glory of my otp.
I found
Fan art and fan fics
Aus and Alt. Personalities
Gender queer characters
Gay as hell characters
A lot of use of the word “hella”
The fluff,
The angst
And the smutt
Oh god the smutt

And in my head swear to god and my otp,
I could hear it…

Everyday I look for new fics and art
Listening to my head now sing
“I’m coming home, I’m coming home, tell the world I’m coming home”


And now I have a serious problem and I should really seek help.
I will…..

After I finish this last chapter.

Seth Rollins Imagine #2

“This is why all your matches are horrible because you never have any good spots! If all you care about is safety then maybe you shouldn’t even be in this business!” My head snapped up after hearing what my boyfriend of three years just told me. I stood up and stormed out the dressing room going straight for the womens locker room to find my opponent for tonight, Paige. “Paige, we are going to turn this place upside down tonight, I swear to god we are going to show every single person in those stands and every single person back here that this womens division is not to be fucked with!” I ranted pacing back and forth as she watched me. “So, you’re telling me because you got into a fight with loverboy you want to prove to him, through our match tonight, that you can be just as risk taking as he is and show that this division is in the best place its ever been?” She asked looking up at me. “Yeah, I mean our storyline is already as personal as it can get so lets fire it up a little bit.” I reassured her hoping she wouldn’t back out of the plan. After a few seconds of thinking about it she smirked and held her hand out to me. “Let’s light this shit up tonight” She smirked as I grabbed her hand shaking it. We sat back down on the bench and started to go over the plan for tonight.. The bell rang signalling the start of the match between me and Paige. I immediately ran after her tackling her with a Thesz Press and started throwing punches at her. Soon she rolled on top of me and we both fell out of the ring. I stood up and brought her with me then drived her kidney first into the apron. She yelled out pain but bounced back and hit me with a clothesline. After 10 minutes, Paige had the upperhand and was dominanting me. I was irish whipped into the barricade and the steps twice but was still fighting. We were currently outside of the ring and it was a mess the announce table was destroyed but neither one of us has yet to go through it, the stairs were all over the place and the black mat was torn up and folded over as Paige tried to set me up for the rampaige but I countered and suplexed her right onto the concrete. She yelled out in pain as I stood up and dragged her by her hair, hitting her head on everything that came into my way. We both were counted out a long time ago but we wanted to get our point across and werent going to stop any time soon. I made my way up the ramp with her and suplexed her again on the metal, she yelled out in pain but I kept going. I picked her up and drove her into the wall of lights right where we come out. I turned her around pushed her off the stage and went for a cannonball flip onto her but she moved out the way and I landed right on my back. We continued to fight and the crowd loved every second of it as they couldn’t pick a side cheering for both of us every time we hit a spot. But everything came to an end when I picked her up as we both stood on the announce table and I hit her with her own finisher, the rampaige and we both fell through the table. She was knocked out but I was still slightly into it. The crowd roared with excitment when our brawl had offically ended and refs came over to check on us. They stood me up and I threw my arms over their shoulders as the helped me backstage, I took one last look at Paige and she looked over at me and winked. I smirked and was brought backstage. Immediately the superstars were back there and erupted into cheers as I was helped through the curtain. “You good or do you need to go to medical?” One of the refs asked, making sure it was okay to break kayfabe. “I’m fine but stay here, I want to wait until Paige comes back here.” I panted still exhausted from the battle I just had. Just a few seconds later Paige emerged from the curtain hanging onto refs as well but when she saw me a huge smile came onto her face. I got off the refs and trudged over to her and engulfed her into a hug. “That will be talked about for a long time.” She laughed as we pulled apart, but her smile faded as Seth came up to us. “Here to talk down onto your girlfriend some more? Cause if you are don’t even bo-” Paige was cut off by Seth grabbing my arm and dragging me away to our dressing room. He slammed the door shut behind him as I sat down onto the couch. “Y/N, are you fucking kidding me right now?! You could have gotten hurt out there! I was back here freaking out because I didnt know if my girlfriend was going to survive that out there!” He yelled at me as I looked up at him from my position on the couch. “Seriously Seth?! You’re gonna yell at me about being worried?! Now you know how I feel every night when you do shit like out there! But I do it once and suddenly it’s not okay to do that? You fucking told me and 2 hours ago that my matches sucked and when I go out there and put on a show like I’m supposed to, now it’s not okay! Paige and I fucking had fun out there doing that! We wished we could that shit every night but we can’t because we are women and we’re supposed to just look pretty while people like you get to run around and do whatever the fuck you want! My matches "suck” because thats what Vince wants, Seth! He doesnt want us to show off our talent because it will get more attention than the men! So when you decide to stop being a dick and support me and the decisions I make, I’ll be waiting.“ I finished as I stormed out the dressing room heading straight for the hotel.

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take me to where you are

 A/N: for gxldentrio​, because Adriana is just so lovely i can barely handle it. also, police au’s are the best


“I swear to god Potter if any of that gets in my car-“

“It’s not your car Evans it’s the precincts.

Lily takes her hand off the steering wheel and hits the doughnut up into his mouth. James coughs up powdered sugar and she smirks, as he attempts to hack up his intestines. Git. It’ll be her neck on the line if there is even a drop of food in the new squad car.

“I hate you” he splutters and wipes his mouth on his sleeve.

“Like I said, if that gets in my new squad car Potter I’m gunna take my gun out and shoot you” says Lily, still looking straight ahead.

“If we turn up to the conference and your hands are covered in blood I feel it will be a giveaway, and I would mess up the precincts car. Also, Sirius would avenge my death. We have a contract.” Responds James, while trying to cram a whole doughnut into his mouth all at once. Lily is disgusted

“Why do you have a contract about that?”

“Part of the job, Evans. The minute I got my badge we drew it up. Besides the second clause is that the person gets to sell the story to lifetime for a million dollars”

Lily looks incredulous. She doubts whether Lifetime would even pay one dollar for James and Sirius’s death pact story, but it is Potter and Black, so she really can’t rule anything out.

“Evans, look! We’re officially been on the road for half an hour! We only have four more to go until the conference!”

“Yes James and we’ve already had to stop at three fast food shops so you can eat. Two of which, were doughnut stores. You are literally a walking stereotype. You are the real reason why everyone thinks cops eat doughnuts all the time.”

“Just for that I’m not sharing my Gatorade” he says, attempting to open the cap, he does, but slips and suddenly the car seats are swimming in blue.

There is a silence. James looks up after minute, hoping that he can reach his gun before she does. Lily’s fists are shaking on the steering wheel




When they get to the conference fourteen people ask Lily why half her pants are blue.

(James can’t stop smirking)


Whenever James had imagined high speed chases in his head during boring case briefings or filing reports, he had never imagined that it would involve so many nails.

“EVANS GET YOUR NAILS OUT OF MY ARM” he yelled for what must have been the eleventh time, to no effect, just as the car they were chasing made a hard left. James cursed, jerked the wheel and cursed again.

“LILY FOR REAL” the siren was going so loud James was certain that somewhere in Canada they were holding their ears. However, Lily continued to do an impressive job of out-screaming it.

“YOU DIDN’T PUT YOUR INDICATOR ON” she shouts, just as the guy you’re chasing hits a rubbish bin with his front head light in an attempt to swerve.

He cannot believe her. “ARE YOU KIDDING ME” he yells and honest to God she’s fucking nuts. You’ve been chasing this guy for ten minutes, have run eight stop signs, skidded twice as much and hit what felt like two pigeons. And she’s worried that he hasn’t got his indicator on when he’s chasing a criminal.

“SAFETY FIRST JAMES” she shouts just as the guy you’re chasing sticks his hand out the window with his middle finger up. “OH NO BUDDY” she screams, and starts winding down the window.

James lets out an involuntary shriek as she reaches for her halter. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING” he squeals just as Lily pulls out her gun.

“DRIVE STRAIGHT” she yells, and then she closes one eye, sticks her tongue out of the corner of her mouth slightly and takes aim. James feels his throat close up. Lily is going to shoot him. Lily is literally going to shoot a guy over avoiding a speeding ticket. He’s going to go to jail as an accomplice. It’s the end of his short -lived career.

He hears something go pop and suddenly he realises she aiming for the tires, not the windows. She shoots them all perfectly, dead shots, and the guy slows to a stop. Lily is out of the door before he’s even stopped the car.

“YOU’RE UNDER ARREST BITCH” she screams and James doesn’t even see her pull out the handcuffs, he’s laughing too hard.

“’You’re under arrest, bitch’? Really?”

She looks up at him and smirks. He finds himself grinning. She starts walking down the hall.

“You’re just jealous you didn’t get to say it!” she calls behind her

(He is)


They’re on patrol, and Sirius is here because James bribed him to be, saying that: ‘if he’s gunna spend three hours watching and abandoned road I’m doing it with my best mate’. Lily would complain, but she really doesn’t give enough of a shit and besides, Black brought Chinese.

“Best movie of all time” says Potter from the passenger seat, taking a box of noodles from Sirius.

“Easy” says Black from the driver’s seat you’d been kicked out of half an hour earlier for: ‘picking shitty radio stations’.

“Don’t say Die Hard” Lily says.

“Die Hard” says Sirius.

Lily rolls her eyes. “Black you really are a- JAMES DON’T EAT THAT” she shrieks, thwacking the fork-full of noodles way from James’s mouth and onto the dashboard before he can blink.

There is a second of silence, and suddenly Black and Potter have both turned in their seats, facing her.

“That has pineapple in it” Lily says, blankly. “Potter’s allergic to pineapple.” She feels rather weird now. Sirius is sitting there raising his eyebrows and James just looks confused.

“How do you know I’m allergic to pineapple?” Asks  James.

“Because I’ve known you for five years. And when we were eighteen you ate some pineapple in a kebab and I had to drive you to the hospital. It was the first time I’d ever driven a squad car because you ate it during the welcome dinner during our first day in the academy.  I missed the speeches and you stole a hospital pillow and gave it to me as a thank you.” She’s still got that pillow somewhere; she remembered unpacking it when she’d moved and it still smelling like the jelly he’d spilt on it on the way home.

James is just looking at her like she’s something, and Lily doesn’t quite know what to do with that. But then Sirius is talking.

“What am I allergic to” he demands.



Lily sighs. “Black there is a difference between being allergic to something and just not liking it”

“Evans, I’m truly allergic to tomatoes because whenever I think about them I cry because they’re disgusting. Seriously. Looking at a tomato is like looking at death- Prongs I’m being serious stop laughing”

“Anchovies and strawberries” James says, some twenty minutes after they dropped Sirius off.

“What?” Lily is bemused.

“That’s what you’re allergic to. Anchovies and strawberries”

(She grins all the way home)


“Shit Lily, Shit shit shit shit shit, don’t close your eyes” he’s cursing, and driving one handed through the streets. Lily thinks dimly about telling him to hold the steering wheel properly, but her brain feels like its drowning in mud.

“No, no Evans, hey, Lily, don’t close your eyes”  he sounds desperate, so she opens them and dimly registers that she’s getting blood all over the squad car. It’s not new anymore but still, she opens her mouth to tell this to James, but suddenly she’s spitting out blood instead.

“Can you feel the bullet clogging anything?” he gasps, trying to watch the road and her at the same time, “Lily is the bullet still in your stomach? Wait, don’t answer that, keep your mouth closed. Stay awake.

Lily is looking at him through almost closed eyes and can feel his hand against her stomach, holding a piece of cloth now soaked with blood. She wonders if it’s odd she can’t feel any pain. Maybe this is what dying feels like.

“Evans you shit” he pounds his hand on the steering wheel, “what’s the first rule of a raid? Don’t run at the guy with a gun. That’s the first rule. Remember? It was on the flashcards you made for the admission test. It was the first one, and I laughed at you for making flashcards and you kicked me in the shin” he’s babbling, but she doesn’t want to tell him to shut up because she likes that memory. When she’d passed the test he’d bought her a beer and she’d piggy backed him around the bar at two .a.m. while Remus sang Celine Dione duet with Sirius. You’d been so drunk the next morning you’d all called in sick and just laid around Remus’s, holding your heads.

“Lily do not close your eyes, alright? You’re fine. You’re gunna be fine. Lil?” He’s not even trying to look at the road now, just at her and all of the blood. She wonders how the human body can even hold so much blood and then James is yelling again but she’s so tired so she just closes her eyes and the last thing she hears is him calling her name.

He waits at the hospital for 27 hours until she wakes up. Then he goes home, sleeps for eleven hours and goes straight back to the hospital, still in his pyjamas.

(When he sees her it’s worth it. So worth it.)


They’re driving down the road at three .a.m. because its festival season and people there always one straggler who runs off the grounds and ends up freaking out at least one family by ending up on their porch.

Lily is eating doughnuts from the bag on his lap and he’s telling her about the arrest he and Sirius made last week where it turned out the soccer mum was the arsonist. Lily is laughing and chewing and glowing all at once. Its three days before New Year’s, she’s eating doughnuts and driving around on patrol with someone who makes her laugh. The world is impossibly bright.

They get to a corner which is utterly deserted and James pulls out juice bottle from the back seat and tries to open it with his teeth. The lid breaks off, he tips the bottle in surprise, and then an all of the orange is on the seats instead of in the bottle.

They don’t move, and James stops driving in the middle of the road. Lily can feel the stuff soaking through her pants. James then flicks the indicator on and pulls over to the side of the road, his shirt dripping onto this lap.

“Safety first” he says drily.

And suddenly Lily knows something she didn’t before, and it isn’t in words, but in the pull of her stomach when she looks at him, and the way he knows she’s allergic anchovies. So she leans over the handbrake and kisses him, because she thinks he might know it to

He tastes like jam doughnuts and surprise, but when she pulls back he’s grinning. And she kisses him again because he’s about to say something stupid, like a Die Hard quote and honestly, he’s such a shit.

(But he’s hers.)

psa to taron egerton fans

if y’all haven’t watched the tv show ‘the smoke’ yet i swear tO FUKCIGNG  GOD THAT UR MISSING OUT ON THE BEST GODDAMN ACTING I’VE SEEN FROM TARON. 


like i s2g before i watched it i was like 

eh how good would this be? it sounds alright but probs not as good as kingsman or sth and i’ve never heard of the smoke before and it sounds a little dull