best show hands down

Into the Badlands Season 2 Episode One

This I late but my streaming service was acting like a little Bitch by skipping parts so I had to rewatch several times which is…extremely satisfying each time to do.

This show is hands down one of the best shows to come out and especially one of the best martial art shows. All great things like this are underappreciated but after watching the fight scenes in just the tip of the iceberg has cancelled all plans to even attempt to watch Iron Fist.

We begin with Sunny in up shit creek and sold as a slave to diggers. I’m guessing they’re digging out the ruins of an old city which confirms for those still confused that this story is set in the future and something really bad happened to civilization. My supposition is the Barons control the natural resources while the world gets whatever is doled out to them. I’m all for world building and half the fun and ingenuity of ITB is that they are telling you pieces of the story without having to have it spoonfed to you in explanatory dialogue.

Sunny’ s chainmate Bieje clearly knows what a clipper is and it’s a valuable thing to have been one. And he hints that while living inside the Badlands as always seemed horrid from our perspective outside it is worse. A society addicted to opium does not speak good for society’s mental health. I was really iffy on Nick Frost in the role. Humor certainly can’t hurt the show but it’s not necessary for this show to work. The first season has few light moments but it still goes down as one of the best first Seasons of a show for me. Its execution was nearly flawless. I loved the tones.

But I was pleasantly surprised that it jived without it feeling forced or cheesy. Even the double cross felt organic. He never lied about himself. He told Sunny he was an opportunist and even his humor hints at shit weasel when necessary. You see how he pushed that woman?! I’m looking forward to more of them if that keep his character mildly amusing. HE def offers are best clue at what a great deal of people have become.

Anywho after Sunny rudely rejects to take him with him ( not cool Sunny, not cool. He got you the map and everything) Beije rats out that Sunny is a chipper and last we see Sunny is being sent to the Arena is my guess though that was his plan anyway soooooo….I think Beije knew he had to prove his worth and this was in the card because he clearly didn’t tell head guy about the map only that he planned to escape and what he was.

Onto the Widow. Woof. Now that that’s done I’m glad they are tilting her as the good guy so to speak. I never much felt any inclination to root against her then or now so I’m glad the show realized it’s prize. I loved that she has depth and that she immediately recognizes she must be a leader. And that she has to learn to lead. She’s clearly realized that all her rage has caused herself to almost be killed and shes healed from the horridness of her husband ( and it would seem a great deal of other men in the badlands) and decided to earn her place but having an altruistic purpose. I love that Tilda too has moved on even from M.K. it seems. Last year she had the chance to kill Minerva because she thought she was bad but she stuck it out and it would seem wisely. It’s obvious The Widow truly cares for her and shes certainly become a mini Widow in her own right. Looking forward to them.

Jade looking like Cinderella being chased by The Widow was epic. So much symbolism and feminism in that one scene. Both strong women in their own rights but one that has truly been through the horrors of the world and wants to change it while the other sits on her throne trying to rule.

Jade is a character I respect but am unsure if I like. She has risen but not by just her will but as well as her beauty as a woman. She’s clearly smarter than Ryder and loves him so why am I side eying her? This something behind her veneer….

Ryder continues to have daddy issues. But then again he knows he didn’t earn the right to be Baron and that insecurity is gnawing at him. Unlike Jade, I am more empathetic to his plight because somewhere in there is a boy that was tortured and disfigured who’s only ever been trying to be someone of value but becomes twisted in his hatrad yet undying need for approval from his father. I wonder most what arc he goes on this season.

May I say, I was happy as bell to see The true Baron back. I realized very early in this episode that no wonder Quinn was necessary. He was the guy you love to hate but still want to see. The Badlands needs him. I can’t imagine what shit Ryder is going to be in as he was losing control before the widow showed


my boy is back!!!

The best award show ever was hands down the one where Harry blatantly serenaded Louis on national television. So blatant that it resulted in an influx of everyone knows stories flooding our inboxes with my personal fav being “does the little one with the cheekbones realize that the prince is in love with him?”

FUCK ME! Can Rich just direct all the episodes from now on because that was the best SPN episode I think I have ever seen. Jesus Christ, did that just happen? Like sometimes with SPN I can zone out a bit and it’s fine but with this you literally couldn’t zone out because you’d miss something super important, not that you’d want to zone out because Chuck was that intensely amazing. Like did Rich really do that? Hands down the best director that show has ever seen. I will never get over it, fuck.

remember when kilgrave whispered for jessica to tell him she loved him and she looked at trish and said i love you so trish would know she wasn’t controlled by him again but also bc sHE LOVED TRISH

One weird thing about Yu Gi Oh! is that a lot of the fans are really depressed, stressed or mentally ill. At least a lot of people that I’ve encountered so far.
  It’s so weird to think that the good and old ‘anime about card games’ is helping so many people to have a good time even if their lives keep pushing them down.


Just A few of the Marquee Episodes from A DIFFERENT WORLD 1987-1993

If I Should Die Before I Wake 

Mammy Dearest 

Time Keeps On Slippin’

Little Mister 

No Means No 

Pride & Prejudice 

Love Taps 

I swear I love this show! To me, It is hands down the best tv show ever!