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remember when kilgrave whispered for jessica to tell him she loved him and she looked at trish and said i love you so trish would know she wasn’t controlled by him again but also bc sHE LOVED TRISH


my boy is back!!!

nataliacastellarcalvani: (Time to fan-girl super quick) What an insane show…. hands down the best night ever. I’m still buzzing from the opportunity at seeing such an icon perform tonight! I’m so happy and ecstatic that this legend took time to bring awareness to my island with MY flag!!!!!! @harrystyles Thank YOU so fucking much. Xo 🇵🇷🖤🙏🏽🌈⭐️❤️🦋

One weird thing about Yu Gi Oh! is that a lot of the fans are really depressed, stressed or mentally ill. At least a lot of people that I’ve encountered so far.
  It’s so weird to think that the good and old ‘anime about card games’ is helping so many people to have a good time even if their lives keep pushing them down.

So like most other 20 something-year-old guys who watched Star Trek, I officially got onto the MLP train after the season 2 premiere thanks to the introduction of Discord.  To this day he’s my favorite character and the main reason I’ve stuck with the series to this day.  He is hilariously mischievous, he has a wonderful character arc throughout the show and is hands down one of the best antagonists in the entire show (second only to the Sirens imo).  

 So I thought, what the hell?  I’ll write up exactly why I love this guy so much by going over ALL of his stories.  Yes, that includes the comics and his chapter book. I shall examine what we learn about Discord in each story and see how they make him one of the best characters on the show in my eyes.

 Disclaimer: These will not be technical reviews of the stories themselves moreso thought pieces on Discord’s character in each.

 We begin at the beginning (obviously) with the Return of Harmony.  Right off the bat, Discord has an amazing first impression.  Very much based on the character Q, for whom his VA is best known for, the Spirit of Chaos is as powerful as he is clever and tricky (which is to say very).  He’s got an ego the size of the sun and treats everyone else as playthings, but only because he can walk the walk as well as talk the talk.  He’s the single most powerful being the mane 6 ever faced, but he doesn’t wield that power like a hammer, but rather like a paintbrush.  

 Rather than strike the ponies down with lasers dbz style, he makes a game out of it.  He splits them up and twists their minds one by one until each of them become the opposite of the element they represent, the only thing that can defeat him.  Unlike Nightmare Moon before him, who tried to destroy the ponies and the elements physically, Discord breaks their spirit.  He understands what makes them a threat to him and dismantles it piece by piece. Never taking the direct approach until he’s absolutely frustrated.  And you know what?  It works!  Had it not been for Celestia’s very subtle intervention, the mane 6 would have lost.  How ironic that a rogue element is what brought the downfall of the Spirit of Chaos.

 Yet this isn’t the most interesting thing we learn about Discord.  What’s most interesting is his motivation.  Now, why is that interesting?  He just does what he does for laughs right?  Well, in a split second moment, you see what he’s really about.

 He wants to show a broken Twilight something he thinks is really funny and is visually bummed out when it doesn’t get a reaction from her.  He’s already won and she isn’t a threat to him, so why does he care?  Because this is what he’s about.  This is why he didn’t destroy the mane 6 (or anyone as far as we see)  This is why he distorts and alters rather than break and kill.  He’s not a force of death.  He’s an artist who wants to show the world his vision, whether they want to or not.  He wants others to see things the way he does, perhaps because he’s lonely.

‘Return of Harmony’ is a solid two parter already, but when you examine the subtext of Discords character, it gets so much better.  This is a story I will never get tired of revisiting.  Of course, this means we have ‘Keep Calm and Flutter On’ to look at next, where things definitely shake up.

Retrospective 2