best show hands down


my boy is back!!!

remember when kilgrave whispered for jessica to tell him she loved him and she looked at trish and said i love you so trish would know she wasn’t controlled by him again but also bc sHE LOVED TRISH

FUCK ME! Can Rich just direct all the episodes from now on because that was the best SPN episode I think I have ever seen. Jesus Christ, did that just happen? Like sometimes with SPN I can zone out a bit and it’s fine but with this you literally couldn’t zone out because you’d miss something super important, not that you’d want to zone out because Chuck was that intensely amazing. Like did Rich really do that? Hands down the best director that show has ever seen. I will never get over it, fuck.

One weird thing about Yu Gi Oh! is that a lot of the fans are really depressed, stressed or mentally ill. At least a lot of people that I’ve encountered so far.
  It’s so weird to think that the good and old ‘anime about card games’ is helping so many people to have a good time even if their lives keep pushing them down.

“I’m going to beat the crap out of that kid! Chandler is more adult than Steven and I put together. He hangs out all the time with us. He’s really good at gadgets and gizmos. I get a lot of goofy fan mail with toys, nerd games and stuff, and I usually just give that stuff to Chandler. He’s one of the best actors on our show, hands down, and he’s killing it this season [season 3]. ”

I saw TLSP 5 times in 2016. It was kind of an accident but like, not really at all. It was intentional. And it ruled. Anyway, out of the 5 I can say that their second night in Dublin was easily, hands down, their best show. They sounded incredible. The Leonard Cohen cover was a surprise and it blew everyone away. I said this recently but I’ll never forget watching Alex as the lights came up during that song. He was just as impressed as we were.

This is one of two decent pictures I managed to take. And it’s not even that great, but whatever here it is anyway. Happy year anniversary to the most mind blowing show.

Shadowhunters s02e11

OMG, if this episode is an indication of what Slavkin & Swimmer can do given free reign, then I’M ALL FOR IT! Wonderful episode!

First, the thing that I didn’t care about much: Simon and the Daylighter thing. I just don’t really care about it. 

And now to the good stuff!

  • Luke’s new partner Ollie? I think her girlfriend will be the girl that Maia attacked when she and Luke met for the first time. And that’s why Ollie was taking pics of her, she remembered her GF’s description of her attacker. It might follow a similar path like the short story in the Bane Chronicles, the one with Alec and Magnus’ first date and the rabid wolf. It would also bring in the praetor lupus.
  • Maia. Thank you for being your likable self in this episode. When you’re not foaming at the mouth, you’re quite a chill gal!
  • The Malec kiss. And the Malec investigation. Nice. 
  • The body-swap plot. Interesting. Reserving my judgment until I see how it’s handled and how long it’ll take to solve it (hopefully 1ep!)
  • The great demon summoning. That was so cool. And it didn’t look cheap like in 104, thank the gods above!
  • The Valentine-Clary-Jace convo. The Valentine-Imogen convo. Nice!
  • Izzy and Raphael and the fact that he told her no. Thank you, Raphael!

And now to the EXCELLENT, OMG, DID YOU SEE THAT?!?! stuff:

  • The parabatai sparring scene. Holy smokes that looked intimate as hell. Matt & Dom’s chemistry is OFF the frickin’ charts. You could actually FEEL them having fun! 
  • The parabatai hug! First Jace goes all “NO HUGGING!” with Simon and then he literally melts into Alec’s arms. Goshy, goshy, goshy! *rolls on the floor*
  • Alec and Izzy. That was SO BEAUTIFUL! All of their scenes!
  • Sebastian. WHAT A CREEPY DUDE! Fantastic. And I do think that he was burning his hand to keep his fury in check when he heard Izzy talk to Alec - the guy who murdered his mother! He’s nutso enough not to care that Alec was possessed. 
  • AZAZEL! HOLY SMOKES! For the first time ever, there’s a really frickin’ dangerous enemy on the show. THIS is a a Greater Demon!

Best season premiere yet, hands down! As an Alec fan, I got everything I wanted!