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With its imposing mountains, endless plateaus and echoing valleys, Norway is a country where nature takes the lead. Using time-lapse, this film attempts to capture the ebb and flow of the seasons and is a result of one year of planning, a second year of shooting and four months of editing.

20,000 kilometers have been travelled, 200,000 photos taken and 20 terabytes worth of hard drives filled. Months have been spent hiking through the mountains, sleeping in tents and travelling through the entire country hunting for the best locations.

SEASONS of NORWAY is shot and edited by Morten Rustad. The video is available in up to 8K resolution (7680*4320 letterboxed).

  • What She Says: I'm fine.
  • What She Means: Yasuke Matsuda was in one frame this entire god damn anime. My beloved Matsuda-kun got one shot and didn't even speak. But thank god we got a whole episode about video games and the power of friendship. My dear husband deserved better than this, Kodaka. And ya know what? He may have only had one frame, but it was the best god damn frame in the whole anime I mean did you see him he's so beautiful and shame on you for depriving me of the animated Yasuke Matsuda that I deserve.
The DAPG Drinking Game!

Take a shot of water (it’s important to stay hydrated!) when…

  • “Hello, Dan and Phil Games…”
  • Dan swears
  • Phil puts his hands on his face
  • Dan screams
  • Phil unknowingly makes an innuendo
  • Phil suggests something and Dan does the opposite
  • One of them says “okay”
  • They drink Ribena
  • One makes the other laugh
  • Medal ceremony music
  • They mock one of their Sims (Tabitha’s uncomfortable face, Dil’s clumsiness, etc)
  • Announcement Moose

Take 2 shots of water when…

  • Phil knowingly makes an innuendo
  • Dil amost dies
  • Dan pokes Phil
  • Either of them addresses the audience directly
  • Phil does the “bah…ba ba ba…” thing
  • Phil swears
  • Dan falls off his chair
  • Fireworks effect

Chug an entire water bottle when…

  • They make a sponsored video*
  • All or Nothing
  • They name something Susan

*(if it includes a Best Friends Quiz, only do 2 shots)

rollingstone#KatyPerry has always been one of my favorite singers to photograph. She’s always great to work with, and always let’s me shoot anything I want – on or off stage. This was taken during the filming of the music video for “Wide Awake” in 2012. The shoot lasted 3 days – which is long by today’s music video standards. When I have the opportunity to work on music video sets, I find the best photos to be taken are when the crew isn’t filming. Quick portraits on-set, or behind the scenes moments off-set. On this particular video, I shot Katy in every outfit, and on every set they used – which was several over the course of 3 days. When the crew broke for lunch and I had the set to myself, Katy gave me a few minutes to take this quick portrait. It turned out to be my favorite photo from the entire shoot.” As told to @RollingStone by photographer by @ShearerPhoto