best shot of the entire movie


~ Main Masterlist ~


Their girlfriend being a drummer, a dancer & a rapper in a girl group

A really tall foreigner asking them for directions

Their girlfriend eating junk food at night when she’s on a diet

Mafia AU When their fiancee runs away

Their smaller and younger S/O protecting them

Their son getting sick

Their best friend coming out to her parents but they refuse to accept her

Seeing their girlfriends birthmark for the first time

Mafia AU Regaining their fiancee’s trust after she ran away

Their s/o always being affectionate because of their past

You having skin discoloration

Mafia AU When their pregnant wife tries to leave them to protect their unborn child

Their girlfriend being Hyuna’s back up dancer

Their S/O singing and dancing along while watching Disney movies

Time Traveller AU Their future S/O being in charge of an entire country

Mafia AUWhen their s/o gets hurt because of their job

Scenarios/One Shots/Drabbles:

  • Suga/Min Yoongi

Mafia AU Rumours

College AU That’s Almost Exactly The Opposite Of What I Meant (Writing Prompt)

Were You Ever Going To Tell Me?” (Writing Prompt)

We’re In The Middle Of A Thunderstorm And You Want To Stop And Feel The Rain? (Writing Prompt)

You Are The Single Best Thing That Has Ever Happened To Me (Writing Prompt)

Mafia AUSeparate Case

College AU, Mafia AU I’m Up To The Challenge (Writing Prompt)

  • Jeon Jungkook

Please Don’t

I Want This Moment To Last

She Can’t Do This To Me

Can’t We Start Over?

Mafia AU You Can’t Leave

  • J-Hope/Jung Hoseok

Mafia AU Only If For A Little While

  • Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon

Mafia AU You’re Safe Now. I’ve Got You (Writing Prompt)

I Fell In Love With My Best Friend (Writing Prompt)


  • Kim Taehyung

✽  I Can’t Leave Her Here [Part 1] [Part 2]


BTS as the Mafia + How He Met You

P.S. If you don’t see your request done here, I’m not ignoring it. I just need time to catch up with all of them.

I Wonder (T’Challa)

word count: 7, 098 (hOLY FUCKING SHIT)

request: T'Challa x Queen!Reader one shot T'Challa defends the reader and her people after CW, even her dark/light energy manipulation and dark/light magic powers, T'Challa does this because he loves her and wishes to propose, and the reader loves T'Challa with all her heart and will stop at nothing to help him through difficult times, and she immediately says yes when T'Challa proposes to her.

requested by: anon

a/n: So, I just thought this was going to be a short fic (1k-2k) but, turns out I wrote an entire backstory to the reader and her kingdom, an AI best friend, and added her nearly into the entire movie of CACW just for T’Challa. It’s a long one but…interesting…I hope. Also, the reader hates Wanda at first but…read the until the end. Don’t sleep on this pls. Nobody died and it’s got a fluffy ending :)

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the foxes as weird/stupid things my teammates have done
  • dan: gave a 10 minute dissertation as to why spy kids 2 was the best spy kids movie
  • neil: got the entire team to refer to the act of doing squats as "swoleing our quads" for a month just to piss one specific teammate off
  • kevin: spent many hours painstakingly building a model plane. crashed and destroyed plane on maiden flight.
  • andrew: bit into an orange with the peel still on just to make everyone uncomfortable
  • matt: used the phrase "are you from europe because euro... valued member of this team and i care deeply about you"
  • aaron: got shot in the eye with a nerf dart and spent the next 3 days arguing that that was what gave him a black eye when in fact he hit himself in the eye with his own hand
  • allison: put one of the drunk freshman boys in a dress and walked him around the neighborhood
  • renee: dutifully created a side group chat called "idle bullshitting" when our coach told us that the main groupchat was "not intended for idle bullshitting"
  • nicky: asked why we needed NASA

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Images of MM on IG are not pics but hypotheses. It means you're there with Sam. Why do not you make a nice selfie? Since the parties have taken pictures I do not understand why they do not do it particularly in these travels. No question of privacy. It's the "nothing".

Exactly. This is the standard operating procedure it seems. These pictures say nothing in themselves. They are simply story prompts, if you will. A nondescript picture of a popular tourist location is posted with a simple caption that also says nothing important about the nature of her implied visit but we are supposed to fill in the blanks and create the story ourselves based on prompts by the gossip media that she is “girlfriend” to Sam.
So the story I am intended to create is undoubtedly that her post of the French coast and Sam’s silence as to where he is equals the two of them having a romantic holiday at that location.
But if it was really a romantic holiday it would be private. That is no pics. From anyone.
But we get a pic. Just a pic, and nothing else. That’s odd, because she’s already “outed” the location, and the supposed players, in this supposed holiday. What prevents a picture of the happy couple actually enjoying said location together from being posted? Nothing does. The whole story has already been alluded to, a picture would violate no privacy that hasn’t already been implicitly violated by the first post of the supposed location. So no reason not to post one, if you can. But you don’t, so probably that means that you can’t. He’s not there.
So basically we have one pic- and a suggested story to go with it. But because it’s only one pic there are so very many other stories that could explain it equally well, or better, than the implied explanation.
My personal favourite is that she is very likely in France, but she can’t get a pic there with Sam because he isn’t. Sam doesn’t seem to be in NYC any longer, but he left the night of his show’s premiere. He even missed the live tweet of the episode, one that featured what may be some of his best work of the season. He missed it because he was on a plane to somewhere. You don’t give a miss to something like that premiere to go on a holiday. That is something you do when you are going somewhere for work. And then his costar in the movie he did over hiatus puts up an IG story that centers around a picture of Sam, comedically dolled up, and put up on the makeup girl’s mirror in the makeup trailer at his movie project. Seems like sam was jetting off for work after all, no? Probably pick up shots before the entire production wrapped up. And now he has MPC to get ready for before going back for more promotion in NYC.
Wherever he is, I don’t think it’s France. No time for a holiday, and no pictures to support one either. And the facts all support that he’s working- no matter what sort of story someone tries to create by posting a single pic of a generic tourist spot. That doesn’t even prove that she was there that day, much less anyone else.

There's literally nothing I don't love about Pirates COTBP

- Captain Jack Sparrow
- Cinnamon roll William Turner
- Sassy fearless (pirate) Elizabeth Swann
- Captain Jack Sparrow
- Barbossa’s general badassery
- Governor Weatherby Swann’s immense love and acceptance of his daughter
- Commodore James Norrington not being vilified and being a good man
- Captain Jack Sparrow
- The best and most iconic musical score known to man by Klaus and Hans
- The fact that they actually shot the scenes with real ships in the actual freaking Caribbean
- That people expected it to epically fail and it ended up being the beginning of one of the most successful movie franchises ever
- The sheer quotability of the entire thing
- Captain Jack Sparrow

Am I missing anything? Ah yes.


This is my favourite gif in the world

Lindir is just so terrified by the dwarfs and looks desperately at Elrond like “please, please, help me, what shall i do?”, while Elrond looks so done and he’s internally screaming because “not the fountain again

Lindir looks like he has never seen dwarfs before. Elrond has seen too many of them.

listen, so me and my best friend were having a debate about this shot today

she thinks it’s keating’s realization that todd likes (or loves? who knows not me) neil, but i think it’s keating’s satisfaction that todd has feelings for neil. 

we all know the scene near the beginning of the movie where keating tells the boys “We don’t read and write poetry because it’s cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race… poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.” and later that scene he asks them what their verses will be, after reciting “O Me! O Life”. the difference between him and the boys is that they have their whole lives ahead of them to contribute their verses, but keating’s verse ultimately decided is love. it’s what he teaches to the boys, whether it’s to love poetry, to love life, or to love each other. He’s satisfied because his contribution to the ongoing play has made a difference in the lives of two young boys whom he taught not only to love each other, but themselves. 

ps i stole the gif from @carpepineapples









Kissing Kate Barlow and Sam the Onion Man need their own movie.

things that happened today

1. i decided it was a great idea to try and do the baptism thing that happened to Simba during the lion king and the end look was glitter glue in both my hair and all over my skin

2. discovered i may be allergic to something in glue (is that even possible or am i just stupid)

3. apparently i thought it was a GREAT idea to walk half a mile barefoot up a hill in ohio on cement that’s trying to cook me from the inside out

4. re-read Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe 

5. cried because Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe is absolutely beautiful

6. tried to get inspiration to write another one shot of something probably snowbaz or solangelo 

7. cried again because i have no friends

8. decided to create a cult with my best friend where you have to memorize the entire bee movie script

9. called said friend Aesthetic since she is fucking aesthetic since her glasses are clear and she just looked like a fucking walking aesthetic

10. cried a little bit more

11. re-watched Danny Phantom

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Hiya! I'd love to see how the members would celebrate your birthday 🎈 Tysm and good luck on your test! 😄

Author’s note: Enjoy & TY!!!


  • But poor bby
  • It would be painfully obvious that he’s throwing you one
  • And he would try to hide it so hard
  • so you just pretend to be surprised
  • and he is just SO PLEASED WITH HIMSELF


  • Weekend trip!!!
  • Just the two of you!!!
  • Apparently he has a house in the mountains he failed to tell you about
  • When you two drove up there
  • And you walked into the house
  • It was covered in candles and roses
  • This weekend will be fun


  • she would take you to ALL of your favorite places 
  • your favorite coffee house for breakfast’
  • then a troll around your favorite park
  • and then you would catch your favorite movie which she had to call ahead to make sure they would show it in theatres
  • and then lunch at the tiny bistro Zen told you about
  • and then you would swing by the RFA and hang out with your favorite people
  • and then have dinner at your FAVORITE Thai place!!!!


  • Those are the best descriptions of the party Jumin threw for you
  • There were also a bunch of random people you didn’t know
  • But you didn’t care bc Jumin stuck to your side like glue the entire evening


  • But just seeing how happy he was
  • you embraced your inner kid

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Word count: 6271


Summary: After kissing you,Jimin starts to avoid you which made your head and heart confused.

A good amount of your time is now wasted trying to stop crying before going back to the dorms. You walk away from the lockers. Your walk is so slow, you literally drag your foot after the other just to move forward.

The campus is now quiet and only the sound that you can hear are your sniffles. The wind is not helping as it gently swayed the branches of the trees as you pass by.

You didn’t notice that the walk from the campus to your dorms was this long until now.

As you approached the convenience store, you tried to walk faster. You lift one shopping basket and get anything edible your eyes landed at. In the end, you ended buying two bags full of junk food.

You took another good hour trying your best not to think about what happened. And what does Jimin’s ‘goodbye’ mean.

But of course, your head oppses you. As if it’s not a part of you. It ended up replaying what Jimin did. But most of all, the way you responded to it.

You held your knees closer as you try to find comfort in your own company.

Your body felt heavy, so your movements were still slow. You tried distracting yourself by listening to Z’s mp3 player attached to the speakers. Good thing that the playlist contains happy and upbeat songs, you even danced while vacuuming.

Your dinner’s microwaveable mac and cheese, hotdog, and a tall bottle of milk tea. You decided to do some movie marathon and it somewhat entertained you.

You grabbed your bag and get your ‘temporary phone’. There are no new messages even from your parents. So you sent a snapshot of what you’re eating, transferring the food to a plate so they can be assured that what you’re eating is healthy.

Your mother replied a question, asking why you eat dinner so late. And don’t skip meals. Your father sent a selfie of your dog on his lap.

You smiled. You continue watching while eating and as you became more focused on the movie, you eat slower. You finished your dinner after the climax has passed.

After that movie, you went to your room to grab your blanket, and saw the plushie Jimin gave you. You sighed and you grabbed it as well.

The next movie revolves around a dog and how brave and loyal it is on it’s family. You started tearing up when the dog was shot because it tries to save the young girl.

You’re on your fourth movie, which is a romantic one. You almost cringed the entire time because there are scenes that are so darn cheesy, you just close your eyes.

Until your mind get the best of you.

It always takes you back to what happened the previous day.

You rest your chin on the plushie and just sighed. You decided to call it a night.

As you lay down, your thoughts wander back to the scene where you’re trapped between Jimin’s arms and the lockers. Everytime you close your eyes, it shows you Jimin’s face.

You toss and turn trying to get some sleep. You glanced at your phone and it’s almost four in the morning. You groaned. But this time, you’re determined to sleep.

Not long enough, your mind finally followed your tired body and succumbed to sleep.

After four bottles of soju, Jimin’s mind never stopped replaying what happened. He’s restless, more annoyed to himself. He tried drowing what he did with alcohol but instead, it intesifies and it keeps on replaying inside his head. He’s now staring at the blank wall of his room.

It all started when the the three of them were hanging out at a bar one weekend without you.

Jungkook left his phone on the counter to go to the toilet. As a notification made it light up, he frowned when he saw his lockscreen wallpaper.

It’s a selfie of you and him. He lights it up again and stared at it. He noticed how close he is to you. What intensifies his annoyance was you.

The way you smile cutely with a different man made his blood boil.

He returned the phone back to where it was placed and he ordered another shot. As he drink it, he washed away his thought about you and Jungkook.

Because this is not just ‘another man’ or ‘a different man’. This is Jungkook.

He just waited for Jungkook to mention something about you for rest of that night but the younger was busy flirting with other girls which he frowned upon the entire night.

Just like you, he was drowned in requirements from his major subects the following week. Of course, he wasn’t really required to be around his groupmates to do these projects.  But he hangs around just to have a chance to see you if you happen to be around especially when they go to the library as scheduled.

The following week, he was surprised, mesmerized even by the different vibe your short hair gave you. So he’s excited to tease you. He wasn’t expecting anything when you actually made a freaking cute face. Right then, he wanted to kiss you.

But he controlled himself and settled in just hugging you. He was ecstatic when you even agreed in holding his hand. He knew you wated to pull away when the two of you reached the classroom that’s why he held your hand tighter and he walked faster almost dragging you.

He wanted to see not how you’ll react. But the people around you.

He passed his limit of teasing you for the day when he complimented the way you look with short hair.

He let out a satisfied smirk when he saw you blushing.

That same day, he went to the mall to buy you a new phone. He’s not satisfied in only seeing you. He wanted to talk to you.

He even wrapped it up on a beautiful paper and sent it via courier.

He tried calling you but on the first and second try your line’s still dead. But on the third time, he was so happy, he jumped on his bed while hearing the the ringing sound.

He felt a bit off when you ended the call as fast as you could but what’s important was you already have a phone.

Evening came and a call from Jungkook made him stop from working out.

He then realized what’s wrong. You were targeted again. By the tone of Jungkook’s voice, he was a bit distant, and as if there’s a hint of blaming him for what’s happenning to you. He felt bad but he’s already trying his best to figure out what’s wrong and who’s the person behind it. He continued working out untul he released his frustration.

The following day, he was looking all over for you until he pulled some strings. That’s the time he knew you were taking a day off of campus. To be honest, he’s getting worried. And most of the time, his worry will be disguised as anger. He made a personal agreement that he won’t bother you the entire day so when that day expires, he bombarded you with chessy pick up lines, random emojis but still he didn’t get a reply. The last option was to call you so he did but you keep on hanging up. After several attempts, finally you texted back.

As he read your message, he felt disappointed. So he didn’t bother you.

His class was not until two in the afternoon so he was chilling. As heexited the library, he saw you walking along with Jungkook. And that’s not all, you were talking to each other no, you were not just talking but also smiling. That’s when he decided to follow you.

His eyes widen when he saw Jungkook casually took your hand as you both cross the street.

And you weren’t even reacting to it negatively. You’re even somewhat relaxed.

He knew you were going to the cafe so he didn’t bother following anymore. Instead of going to class, he went straight to his car and drove away.

He resisted on texting you. But there were several messages on his drafts for you. But he was known to be a disciplined man so he deleted every draft he has for you.

He brought his homemade food in the hopes that you’ll be around. He remembered that you adored that magnolia tree so he went there after parking his car.

True enough, you were there, enjoying the falling petals along with others students.

Perfect for what was he planned on his mind.

He sat as close as possible to you, creating a perfect distance from your face.

He waited, and as you move your head to his direction, he kissed you.

The onlookers’ reaction were priceless. So as yours.

Truly you missed her and you wanted to stay a bit longer but the thoughts of you and Jungkook being together played in his head so he left.

He watched you munch on the food he brought so he’s satisfied.

During your class he’s just busy admiring your profile, how you breathe, how you scribble on the back of your notebook when you’re bored, how you move.

He’s basically memorizing your movements.

He wanted to touch you. Your arms, your hands, your face.

He was about to touch your shoulder so when the professor dismissed your class, he went out in an instant.

He was on the gym, releasing his frustration by shooting basketballs. When he cooled down, he was another wave of rage crash upon him.

An anonymous sender sent a picture of him, you, and Jungkook  with a very ugly caption.

He realized that you’re in trouble.

He ran as quckly as possible, thinkin where were you’ll be. He checked the nearest toilets first but you’re not there.

Then he heard a noise.

He dashed to his car, and started driving, immidiately speeding up. He caught a glimpse of a large group of students chasing and throwing something. That crowd made a large circle, again throwing something at someone.

Without a second though, he floored the accelerator. He doesn’t care who’d he bump. He just wanted to see who’s in the middle of that circle.

Students started dodging him until there’s a clearing. He saw your curled state from afar and that’s when he calmed down a bit, hitting the breaks as hard as he could.

He quickly got out of the car. When you realized it was him, you were automatically fleeing. Good thing he managed to hold your wrist.

He wanted something. He wanted an explanation. Anything.

So he was eager to get something from you.

When you reached your locker, he was surprised at the amount of bullshit people put their effort on just to bully you. But he’ll deal with that later.

He wants to know what’s the real deal. And why is this happening so he asked you directly. You picked up a torned poster size picture of what was sent to him.

He threw it immediately. He cannot stop the flow of his thoughts now, that’s when he asked you the question as to why you act different and treat him differently.

When he heard your explanation, he was disappointed.

No, he was offended.

Genuinely offended this time.

He bargained for another question. The question that he wanted to know the answer.

Sure, he can ask Taehyung and  Jungkook but he wanted it to come from you.

And whatever’s gonna come out from you, he’ll believe it. He’ll accept it. Whatever it is.

Then there it is.

You paused when he mentioned Jungkook.

That’s when he felt something painful in his chest, he couldn’t control himself anymore, he did what he wanted to do to you for so long.

He kissed you.

He kissed you slowly so he can remember how soft your lips are. He didn’t know that you’ll taste sweeter than what  he imagined. He wanted to express his feelings too, through that kiss. He was even more surprised when you kissed him back.  

No, he has to stop.

So he ended it, masked his emotions with a smirk and said goodbye.

He has to stop and think. About you, and his feelings for you.

So he decided he’ll stay away from you.

A week has passed and there’s no presence of either Taehyung, Jungkook, or Jimin. You have no choice but to do the tasks during lab alone since all of your classmates doesn’t really want to include you on their group.

So you were dead tired of that week. You couldn’t help but to text them except from Jimin. But nobody replied to your messages.

You prepared yourself in anticipation that they’re gonna return. You were somewhat relieved when Jimin didn’t showed up on your class.

The following day, you were happy, excited even when Taehyung and Jungkook went in together. You even smiled but neither one of them greeted you. They started talking to each other as if you weren’t there. You transferred to the stool near the other edge of the lab table. The professor called your attention to let you know that you’ll be having a new partner.

You just nodded.

Did something happened to Jimin?

You thanked your new lab partner because he’s amazing in collecting data and finishing your work. He just nods and get back to reading whenever you’re done passing your task for the day.

You were on your way to your second class with Taehyung. He just passed you. He was talking on the phone.

You’re trying your best not to bother him but your head’s spinning just like how your professor explain the equation on the board. You looked at Taehyung and he’s listening attentively. You just put a small note on the side of your notebook that you’ll search on that topic on the weekend.

You had the exact same treatment from Jungkook. You’re starting to get worried because he hasn’t updated you on your project with him. You tried asking him but whenever you call out his attention, he quickly wears headphones.

Another school week has began and now you don’t expect anything at all.

You were on your way to your first class when a speeding yellow car approaches. You were on the safe side of the road but as it pass you by, it gave you a honk long enough to annoy anybody. You sighed at the thought that it’s another start of hell week.

Your life was peaceful for about two weeks now. Since the incident between Jimin and you happened. You retuned to your usual pastime, daydreaming while suddenly, your classmates starts to murmur. One of your classmates were loud enough to be heard.

“Park Jimin’s here.”

It’s funny how your body reacted to his name. Your heart starts to beat faster than normal, and you noticed that you’re holding your breath. Slowly, you glanced at the door.

He was wearing all black except for his denim jacket. And his hair.

His hair is not silver anymore.

It’s bright orange.

Freaking brighter than the sun and Taehyung’s fire truck red hair.

He’s also wearing glasses which give off a different vibe from him. He started walking towards the empty seats.

You watch him climb the stairs. You just noticed that you’re still holding your breath when he walked past by your row. He was climbing higher until he stopped where Nayeon’s group was seated.


He sat beside Nayeon who’s batting her eyelashes at Jimin which made you chuckle.

He was about to look at your direction so you quickly looked back at the window.

Next meeting you’ll definitely seat on that chair near the window.

You said to yourself.

As the discussion went on, you were kind of irritated to hear Nayeon’s group giggling at something. You didn’t dare to look. You keep your focus on the discussion since the professor seemed he tolerates the noise.

That professor added another burden to the hell week that’s about to began since it’s midterms next week. She wanted a new research and she gave all of you a random topic.

The problem is it’s another project to be done with your partner.

You waited for him to join you but when you looked at the back, he was busy taking groufies with the girls.

You sighed. And began planning on your own.

You tried searching online using your temporary phone.

There’s a wide branch of the topic so you asked your professor for some clarity, and she said you can just focus on the main branch. When the professor dismissed the class you left the room as soon as possible.

You tried focusing on your lessons for those were the last few topics to be included on the exam. When your classes finished, you went straight to the library.

You tend to be on the farthest right whenever you walk. When you look further, you saw several members of the sports team, together with Taehyung. Jungkook was on the other bench, busy with his phone. You were about to approach him about your project when you saw Jimin’s orange hair.

And he’s not alone.

Someone’s clinging to his arm.

If someone was watching you closely, they would know that the color from your face was washed away all of a sudden. Then you felt funny. You didn’t expect what you’d do next but seeing them coming closer made you panic at some point, you grabbed Jungkook’s wrist. He was surprised that you’re there but he just followed suit, letting you drag him wherever you plan to.

When you reached the library, you looked at him in the eye.

“Heyyy.. What’s up?” he awkwardly asked.

“What’s up your face. I don’t need that right now. This’ll be quick. I would just like to ask how’s our project going? Ten days has passed and midterms week’s approaching we havent —“

Jungkook shushed you.

“Chill Y/N. Chill. Here. I’ve got it all planned. The only thing we need is the immersion. We can do it after midterms.”

Gush of relief made you relax a bit, relizing that you just dragged him.

“Oh, okay. Thanks.” Were the only words you can respond to him.

“Sorry, I think I dragged you here. You can go now if you want to.” You apologetically told him.

Instead of leaving he draped his arms on your shoulders, then with quick movements,he gently head locked you, then ruffled your hair.

“JUNGKOOK!” you screamed.

He chuckled then freed you.

You tried fixing your hair before entering the library. He called your name and when you looked back, you saw him smiling at you.

“Y/N, I missed you!” He shouted.

You gave him a shy smile and went inside.

You were so into your reasearch, you didn’t notice that you’re near the old books section. Until you heard a familiar voice.

Your head quickly turned in the direction of that voice and voila, you saw what you wished wasn’t there. The orange hair was a giveaway.

Jimin was hovering at somebody, you don’t wanna know what they’re doing. You simply walked passed them, returning to your table, clearing your table.

You can’t understand what you’re feeling right now.

When you returned to the dorms, you get changed and focused on your projects.

There’s a message from Jungkook.

[From: Jungkook

Seriously, Y/N.


You smiled a bit, and replied to him

[To: Jungkook

I missed you too. :D]

Then he replied a selfie, with hearts as filter.

You smiled wider since he’s now talking to you. You asked him if he’s with Taehyung and he replied with a picture of what you assume was a stolen shot.

You started reviewing for your most hated subject but you can’t understand some of it. You wanted to ask him but he’s ignoring you. So you don’t have a choice but to do this on your own.

The next day was your last lab activity. You’re surpised that the two boys were earlier than you. Jungkook waving at you.

You gave him a small smile. When you chose to sat on the other side of the table, he called you and pointed at the stool beside him, asking you to sit beside him.

So you did.

This class was dismissed earlier than usual. You told Jungkook that you’ll be going to your next class and waved him goodbye.

You stopped by the ladies room. Then you heard some footsteps and giggles.

It’s Nayeon and company.

“I think Jimin’s gonna join the frat sooner or later. Sana told me.” She excitedly told her friends.

“Hey, are they finally together?” Jeongyeon responded with equal energy.

“I don’t know yet, but I think they’re getting there. Jimin was the one who asked Sana out, about two weeks ago? At a club.  I was there.”

“Oooohh! I can’t wait to see them rule the school together.” Dahyun squealed.

“You can say that again!” The three of them gushed.

“But, how about that Y/N girl?” Jeongyeon questioned.

You held your breath upon hearing your name.

“Jimin must’ve gotten what he wanted form her and disposed her.” She replied.

“Who cares about her anyays?” Dahyun.

“I don’t know. But I’ve seen her with Jungkook these days.” Jeongyeon observed.

“Really? We should tell Tzuyu then. It’s about time we let her release her inner evil.” Nayeon suggested.

“I don’t know, let’s just focus on recruiting Jimin on the frat. They’re trying to convince him since his freshman year but he’s not interested. Maybe when Sana and him became a couple, she’ll change his mind.” Dahyun dismissed the topic.

When you felt like they’re gone, that’s the time you breathed properly.

Your head tried to process what you just heard. Jimin and Sana? You can’t possibly hearing it properly.

Maybe a different girl with the same name as the girl who tried to harm you because she’s crazy over Jimin?

You washed your face then went to your class.

Taehyung was already there, with a lollipop on his mouth. He was scrolling on his phone. You had second thoughts wether you’ll sit beside him or not. So, you sat one seat apart from him.

You really missed him a lot. You looked at the opposite direction fighting the urge to talk to him.

The entire period was alloted for those who are having confusion. The professor returned some of your papers before dismissing you but you got Taehyung’s. You handed it to him. He didn’t say a word.

Then you caught the sleeves of his sweater.

“Tae… are you gonna ignore me too?” the question was an out of impulse from you, you were also surprised. Taehyung automatically turned and looked at you. His face is serious.

You can’t help but to expect for the worst. You even hold your breath n anticipation of his response.

Then he smiled.

“Of course not, Y/N. No matter how I tried to ignore you, I can’t. You’re my best friend, female version.” He declared, flashing you with a boxy grin.

You returned his smile as wide as his. He gestured you to come closer to him and you obliged. He pat your shoulder, then your head.

“Ahh, I’ve missed that smile.” His baritone voice echoed on now empty classroom.

“But, you know what I miss the most?” he smiled while asking.

“What?” you returned.

“You. I missed you the most, Y/N-ah.” He gently hold your hand.

You just hugged him.

“I missed you more Tae~.” You said while your face buried on his shoulder.

“Ah, enough of this. And don’t dare cry. Let’s go to the cafe, shall we?” he suggested.

“Sure! I miss the food there.” you admitted.

You find yourself with Taehyung and Jungkook again.

You felt complete and happy but somehow it’s different.

Jungkook was the one who ordered for all of you. He placed the tray in front of you.

You called his attention when you read an email regarding the project immersion that you have to do to complete it.

Again, he rested his chin on your head as he holds your hand while reading the email from your phone.

“Yeah, what do you think? Don’t worry about the expenses it’s already covered.” He said as he sat down beside you.

“Um, if that’s the case then I’ll just reply and we’re ready.” You replied to him as you type your response to the email.”

“That’s good to hear. Here.” He sliced his cake and feed you.

As the velvety texture of the pastry hits your mouth, you just realized how you missed the delicious cakes there.

Took a slice of yours and feed Taehyung.

“Wha- where’s mine Y/N-nie? I just fed you.” Jungkook sulked.

“God such a baby. Here.” You sliced another and feed him.

The three of you were back to your ususal treatment of each other. You laughed comfortably with them. Taehyung took a photo of you three. Then you and him, and the last one was a stolen shot of you.

Quickly, he sent it to Jimin and deleted it after.

Jimin was at the mall, together with Sana. She asked him to go shopping with him for she lacks some pieces to complete here wardrobe collection. After two hours of going through different shops, he’s fucking bored. He wanted to leave her right then and there but he controlled himself.

Sana was busy trying on what seemed to be an nth number of shorts when his phome vibrates.

A photo message from Taehyung with an annoying caption of “IN CASE YOU MISSED (HER)IT”

caught his eye. Quickly, he opened it and it made him stiff.

There’s a stolen shot of you, you’re looking at his usual spot. Taehyung added a black and white filter to his picture which made it a bit sad. He immediately saved it, placed his phone back inside his pocket.

Sana asked him to choose once again which color was better. He always choose the uglier one of the two.

“Aren’t we going to eat dinner?” She suddenly whined as they exit the botique.

“Didn’t you just said you’re on a diet? Or am I just hearing things?” he sassed.

“Uh, yeah, I am.. I was just you know, I wanted to get to know you more. Maybe talk over food or something.”

Jimin was instantly annoyed at that cutesy tone she just used. He closed his eyes to prevent punching the nearest thing or person to him, which is Sana.

“Maybe next time. You have your driver on standby right? Call him. I have something  to take care of.” He dismissed her without looking back.

He went to his car and drove away towards Taehyung’s.

After staying for a few hours at the cafe, you remembered your dreaded subject.

“Um, Tae?” you began.

“Yep?” he responded, while typing.

“I was wondering if your offer before was still effective? You know, the tutoring.” You almost whispered.

“Oh, that? Of course! When do you wanna start? You want it now?” he suggested.

“Yeah, if you’re free.” you responded.

“If it’s for you, I’m always free.” He smiled.

And you smiled back.

“Excuse you hyung, I’m still here.” Jungkook commented while fixing his bag.

“Can I tutor you home?” he asked.

“Sure.” You responded.

When you arrived at Taehyung’s house, you make your way towards the living room and started preparing your study materials. Taehyung offered you a change of clothes but you declined.

You waited for him to change and be in condition.

Then you began.

It was amazing how he can simplify the most complicated stuff your professor say. You were finally able to answer those confusing problems on your workbook.

When you were able to tackle all of the areas you’re confused with, you took  a rest and talked to Jungkook about your plans for your project.

He suggested you invest in jogging pants, and comfy clothes. You scanned the written part of your project. When he checked he caged you, your back is on his chest.

“Lemme see ah, it’s from this material. Jin hyung helped me to—“ you three were surprised when the door bursted open and you heard a familiar voice shout from there.


His bright orange hair appeared from the hallway. You stopped breathing upon seeing him.

Then, your eyes met.

You saw his facial expression change when he saw you and you realized that you’re in an awkward position with Jungkook.

“Yes hyung, what do you need?” Taehyung greeted him.

He looked at your direction again, but this time, his gaze didn’t met yours.

“Nevermind.” He replied to Taehyung then he left.

After that sudden appearance of Jimin, there was a weird silence in the room. You were busy in starting your supposed to be project with Jimin.

“What was that all about?” Jungkook finally broke the silence.

“I don’t know.” Taehyung replied.

You told them that you’ve got to go and you’ll walk to the bus stop.

When you  returned at the dorms, you notified the boys. They replied good night and good luck for in a few days, hell week, AKA midterms will start.

Due to your busy week Friday came in a breeze. You’ve successfully passed all of your requirements except for the one with Jimin since it was due next week, during the exam. You were more than halfway through it but you can’t complete it without any contribution form your supposed to be partner.

You don’t have much of a choice so you texted him that you must meet for the project.

He sent you a picture as to where you’re gonna meet. It was near the white magnola tree, where he took a picture of you before. You sat on one of the benches, and started waiting though the rain clouds start to build up.

Thirty mintes has passed and he’s still not there you texted him again and asked where is he, he didn’t reply.

Nearly an hour has passed, you’re now getting pissed. You now texted him that you’ll finish the paper without him.

You noticed that the rain was about to fall anytime. You texted him again that you’ll meet him on the library.

As you wait for him, you decide to back your work up, so if he doesn’t show up, you still have something to pass.

By the time you finished it, it’s almost 9 o’clock in the evening.

When you exited the library, the rain was falling hard already.

You’re so annoyed you just want to go home and sleep, you planned on getting drenched in the rain when someone stopped you.

It’s Jungkook.

“Kookie? What are you doing here?” you asked him, surprised.

“I just finished my other projects. Shall I walk you home?” he offered.

“No, I’ve gotta run.” You replied.

“Wait.” He removed his jacket, placing on your head.

“Now, run.” He smiled.

You run as fast as you could but careful enough not to trip. You returned to the dorms, drenched.

You threw everything at the washing machine and smiled at the cute gesture Jungkook showed you.

As you sat on your bed, you texted him a thank you. He quickly replied.

[From: Jungkook

Aytime :*]

You replied a good night and you went to the kitchen looking for some food for dinner.

After eating dinner, you cleaned up and get ready for another movie marathon for tomorrow is a weekend, you were surprised when Jungkook called.

“Hey Kookie.” You greeted him.

[Y/N-nie, how’s your Friday night going on so far?]

“Uh, it’s okay I guess. Except for one thing.” You confessed.

[What is it?]

“Well, your friend didn’t showed up. The deadline of our project’s on Monday.”

[Well, he’s kinda busy these days.] he tried to calm you down.


You heard Taehyung called him and asked Jungkook if it’s you he’s talking to and he activated speaker phone.

You greeted Taehyung and the three of you started talking. You ended the call when you felt a bit sleepy.

You woke up earlier than usual, still stressing about the project you and Jimin was supposed to do. You double, even triple checked the entire material, ensuring your requirements of your professor were met. When you’re sure finally satisfied, you thought about wether you’ll include Jimin’s name or not. But in the end, you still included his so there’s no need for the two of you to talk.

Your weekend was spent on reviewing for the upcoming midterms.

The start of hell week. You chose to the seat that’s closest to the window. Your project’s ready to be passed. As the classroom starts to be filled with a mixture of tired, groggy, and cramming students. You just observed them as they do their own business. You returned into staring into the view outside the window when the professor came in with your exam.

The classroom fell silent as the exam started. You were interrupted when Nayeon’s group came in late, giggling.

What makes you pissed was Jimin, who’s grinning like he doesn’t have a care in the world.

You returned to your exam and finished it quickly. You even passed your project then left.

You confidently finished your other exams from your two other subjects so you’re free for the rest of the day. You went straight home to rest for the exams on the upcoming days were harder.

You took your other exams in advance specifically the ones that was scheduled during Thursdays and Fridays so you’ll be free for the rest of the week.

Your last exam was your most hated subject, you gave up on reviewing.

“Hey, don’t sweat it. You’ll be fine.” Taehyung cheered you.

“Thanks.” You responded.

“You can do it.” he assured.

After an hour and a half, midterms were officially over for you. You went to your lockers to retrieve your books when someone hover you.

“Can we talk?” Jimin began.

Annoyance quickly builds in your system, you quickly grabbed your books but your temper get the best of you.

“About time you showed up.” you began.

He frowned.

“I. WAITED. FOR. MORE. THAN. FIVE HOURS FOR YOU!” you responded in annoyance as you face him.

“Whoa, chill. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He  

“I texted you and you told me to wait. So I did, I waited.” You snapped as you try to dismiss him.

“Y/N, I didn’t receive any messages from you. Ah, let me guess, you’re making this up, dont you?” a smirk form his lips starts to form.

Your eyes widen as he drop those words.


“Excuse you? Why would I even waste my time to do that?” to prove your point, you fished your phone in your pocket and you quickly press his message box. You showed it to him.

He scrolled the exchange of message and frowned.

You pulled your phone from his hand.

“Don’t you dare accuse me of making things up.” you turned around and placed your books on your bag.

As you make your way back to the dorms, you heard several students all hyped up about something.

“I wonder who’ll be invited on this year’s double S.” A student excitedly said.

“Yeah, me too.” You heard another.

“I heard there’s a special performance this year.” One of the random guys told his friends.

“Yeah? I hope we’ll be invited to watch.” Said the other.

You stopped listening and head back down to the dorms.

As you were organizing your books, a call from Taehyung made you stop.

“Hey.” You answered cheerfully.

[I know you’re free. Please wear something comfy. Comfy enough so you can move freely.]

“Why? Where are you?” you questione as you pulled your cardigan from your closet.

[Just do as you’re told Y/N-nie!] he responded.

You excitedly came down and saw Taehyung’s car parked outside the gate.

He greeted you with a warm smile and you hugged him.

He opened the car door for you and you thanked him. He hopped in and the driver’s side and drive away.

“You haven’t told me where we’re going yet.” You began.

“Well, consider this as a treat from me, for surviving midterms.” He responded.

“So where are we going then?” you repeated.

“We’re gonna do something cool!” he cheered.

You stopped questioning and began singing with Taehyung.

He brought you to the newest attraction at the mall wich is the laser tag.

The both of you enjoyed it so much you even went for round 2.

After a solid hour of playing it with other people, he took you to a Japanese restaurant. He was so generous in ordering delicious food, guaranteed by him.

What you liked about Taehyung was he never forgets wherever you left off during your conversations. He has this calming aura that will make you feel at ease whenever he’s around. That’s why it’s easier for you to be ‘you’ whenever you’re with him.

You were on your last course which is the dessert, mixed berry parfait that’s good enough for sharing. You were enjoying it a lot that you’re focused on which berry will you scoop next. That’s when the time Taehyung had a chance to take another stolen shot of you.

When you excused yourself to go to the washroom, he sent it to Jimin with a caption:




I’m sorry this chapter seemed like another ‘meh’ chapter. Life happens and I’m so busy this past week that I can’t even follow my own schedule in writing and posting. But I hope you still enjoyed this chapter. Thanks for reading!

Being Married to Big Cass would Include...

Originally posted by ohitsreigns

💍 A long honeymoon phase

💍 Cass would make the perfect husband.

💍 He makes you breakfast in bed

💍 He helps with all the household chores

💍 Having date night as frequently as possible.

💍 Being close friends with Enzo

💍 In your home, there’s pictures of both of you, family and friends everywhere.

💍 Cass is a very playful husband

💍 So much laughter

💍 Cass is super protective of you

💍 Travelling with him is the best feeling in the entire world. You both have so much fun together

💍 Flirting with each other even after you’ve gotten married

💍 Cass loves kissing you unexpectedly as you walk around the house.

💍 Cass loves holding you from behind whenever he gets the opportunity

💍 Sleepy I love you’s

💍 Sleepy cuddles

💍 So much cuddling

💍 A lot of kissing

💍 Movie nights

💍 Late night discussions

💍 Cass trying to find the best time to talk about starting a family with you.

Would Includes are Open

No Secrets Between Friends

Rating: T
Word Count: 1,771
Summary: Heymans’ gift turns out to be a curse when he’s unable to figure out the exact nature of Jean and Riza’s relationship.
A/N: Guys, I finally wrote something!!! It’s been way too long. I hope you enjoy ^_^

It had been a long week for Heymans Breda. The colonel had them running around Central like crazy people, and none of the jobs he gave seemed to make any sense on their own, let alone together. After Heymans had been sent to a department store to buy a specific shirt, he wondered if the colonel was using them to run his errands. That theory was thrown out the window when he was instructed to tail a man he’d never seen or heard of in his life. It was when the colonel ordered, straight-faced, that he was to pick up the lieutenant’s monstrosity – dog, he meant dog – from the vet that he decided it was best not to wrack his brain trying to figure it out.

With a large bottle of bourbon in one hand, he used the other to push open the glass door to a familiar apartment building. Tonight, he wanted to get drunk, and he knew just the person to drink with.

Keep reading

FINALLY got to see gotg vol. 2 and oh my god here’s a brief rundown of some of the things I loved most about it (will def have to rewatch!) @abygailhobbs @shewhorunsmazes

  • first of all Starmora could NOT have been done better. and now I have a legit otp tag for them - “otp: some unspoken thing.” I loved that we see the cumulative growth since vol. 1 and further development of their friendship in this movie and I LOVED that they didn’t kiss during the funeral! It makes so much sense for them to take it slow and it’s so wonderful to see how much Peter respects Gamora’s personal space and is allowing her to come to him. 
  • speaking of which, I love that this movie, even moreso than the last, openly acknowledges the particular emotional and mental issues each of these characters has - why they have them, how they’re dealing (or not dealing) with them, and how they affect their wellbeing and that of those around them as well as their relationships. every single one of them is examined from every angle with the kind of care most Marvel movies aren’t given the time to implement bc of how much stuff Disney forces directors to shove into them, displacing the time and space needed for such treatment. 
  • Groot being raised by the entire crew!!! that shot at the end where he wants to be held by each of them in turn :’) and Peter and Gamora basically being his mom and dad was the best thing ever
  • speaking of which Peter has matured a lot since vol. 1! from the beginning we see how much more responsible and level-headed he is overall, though he still has his arrogant and reckless moments deeply rooted in his partially arrested development to contend with - as we see when he and Rocket nearly get everyone killed. and his caring nature and the responsibility he takes on for his friends come to the fore when the arrogance and recklessness of his father nearly deprives him of all of that he loves - the family he has chosen, firmly cementing his allegiance to his better nature. 
  • Mantis and Drax??? were so cute??? individually and together they were a delight to get to know better and it was good to see Drax happy and content with his new family even if he still mourned his old one - and Mantis is so sweet and loving and a good conduit for the emotion of a very emotionally confused group of people - and her own emotions aren’t ignored either ofc; they’re kind to her and take her in as a friend. she wasn’t just treated as a cute plot device to reflect the other characters’ emotions. we learn about her backstory too and her own emotional needs. excited to get to know her better.
  • NEBULA. I was not at all expecting to get to learn more about her but desperately wanted to and James Gunn DELIVERED. I was sad she left at the end but she and Gamora are finally on good terms and can begin to heal. It’s very much unfinished business between them. Interested to see how her decision to go it alone will intersect with everyone else dealing with Thanos in Infinity War. And excited by the possibility that Gamora will be front and center in Vol. 3 which James Gunn has mentioned - which means Nebula likely will be too.
  • I read somewhere that they originally were going to have Peter kill Yondu in vol. 1 but decided against it because they felt it didn’t fit his characterization. Given his unromanticized description of his painful upbringing I would’ve been ok with him offing Yondu but I greatly prefer the direction they took Yondu’s backstory in this film and the fact that while they acknowledge that Peter’s childhood was still very messed up it wasn’t all bad and Yondu ultimately sacrificed all for him and didn’t allow his past to define him - just as Rocket ultimately chooses not to. Michael Rooker is a great actor and he did a fantastic job with this complicated character and his poignant scenes with both Rocket and Peter. 

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Safe, number 10

(I have two ideas for this and if you can’t handle sadness of any level STOP READING. Cause I am the Devil)

Foxes mate for life.
Nick knew this, and he recognized all the symptoms. So he knew Judith Laverne Hopps, his partner, his best friend, his /rabbit/, was his One and Only.
When he came to that realization he had spent the entire day cursing the universe, demanding to know what he ever did to have life always royally fuck him over. How could his soulmate be a bunny? /Why/ was it a bunny? Shouldn’t he have an actual shot with his dream girl?
Nick never said anything to her, he didn’t want it to blow up in his face. He didn’t want to lose the best friend he ever had. But it was so like that jack ass of a universe to have that plan backfire.
Nick didn’t say anything when Judy, once in a while, cancelled their movie nights.
He didn’t say anything when one day she ran up to him with a smile that could outshine the stars.
He didn’t say anything as he stood next to Fru Fru and Mrs. Hopps, smiling at Judy as she twirled around in a dress as white as snow.
But Nick didn’t fully comprehend that he had lost his One and Only until he stood at the back of the church with the rest of the ZPD. His partner, his Judy, his /Carrots/, stood at the altar.
He felt what was left of his heart shrivel away as she opened her mouth and said two words that ended his life:
“I do.”

Judy’s eyes were stained with tears and her paws were stained with blood. She gritted her teeth and pressed harder on the wound.
“That was some serious firepower,” Nick rasped as he laid on the dirty concrete, his fur damp with falling rain and sticky with his own blood.
“You shouldn’t have jumped in front of me,” her voice was wobbly and unrecognizable to her own ears.
The blood wouldn’t stop.
“Gotta gain brownie points and look out for the dumb bunny, ya know,” he joked. His words ended in a cough and Judy saw drops of red fly out of his mouth.
“I need to get help,” Judy pulled away, ready to dash out of the alley. She’d steal an ambulance if that’s what it took. But Nick grabbed her wrist.
“Don’t go,” he pleaded softly. “I don’t want to be alone.”
Judy’s throat caved in and she struggled to speak, “You need help.”
“I need /you/.”
Judy put her paws back over the wound, trying to breathe through her terror. Nick’s eyelids drooped.
“Don’t you dare close your eyes!” Judy snapped, firm yet desperate.
“I’m tired,” he whined.
“Tough,” she growled, “You have to stay awake until Bogo finds us!”
“You’re so bossy,” he mumbled teasingly. “Buffalo Butt would be proud.”
Judy ignored the words, “When we get to the hospital I hope you hurry and get better. I already bought Gazelle’s tickets for next month’s concert.”
Nick let out an annoyed groan, “I don’t even like her music.”
“Hush up, yes you do.”
“No, I don’t,” he insisted, his voice sounded so tired.
Judy looked down at her paws, at the blood that stained his uniform and the concrete. Judy felt something break inside her and she felt her tears pool down her cheeks.
“I’m so sorry, Nick,” she sobbed, “I’m so, so, sorry!”
“You didn’t shoot me, Carrots.”
“I made you become a cop, I should’ve left you alone! We should’ve never been friends!”
Nick forced a shaking paw up and covered her face with his palm.
“Don’t say that,” his voice was firm and his eyes sharp, “Don’t EVER say that! I’d die over and over for you, and not regret it once.”
“NICK!” Judy fell against his chest, sobbing and clutching at his now red uniform. “You can’t leave me-don’t-PLEASE!”
“You bunnies,” he breathed with affection, “You’re so emotional.”
Judy burrowed further into his chest, her sobs broken as Nick placed his paw atop her head, stroking her ears.
When the ZPD finally found them Nick’s paw had stilled ten minutes ago.

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Zayn is a fan fic writer and Liam is the celebrity who had to read part of his story about him out loud during an interview

Wow. I think this is every fanfic writers worst nightmare, tbh. I was feeling a lot of stress for Zayn writing this. I certainly hope you guys like it!


Zayn was rudely awoken by his bed shaking madly. His first thought was earthquake, until he heard Louis screaming, “Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!!” he shouted, not even slowing down when Zayn beat him over the head with his pillow. Once Zayn exhausted himself, Louis yanked all the covers off the bed and started throwing clothes at him.

“Get moving! We have less than two hours until we leave!” Louis said, holding up two shirts, wrinkling his nose at both. “Do you not have anything better than superhero tees?”

“It’s too early for you to be so judgemental of my clothing choices,” Zayn muttered, attempting to bury himself into his pillow, groaning when Louis grabbed him by the ankles and tugged him completely off the bed.

Zayn swore in at least three different languages as his chin bounced off the floor. “My face!” he snapped, which just made Louis laugh as he finally threw an AC/DC shirt at him. “Why are you assaulting me?”

“Well, if you don’t want to get moving and risk missing your chance to meet a certain actor-” Louis said, acting like he was going to walk out of Zayn’s room.

Zayn shot to his feet, grabbing Louis and pulling him back into the room. “Actor? What actor?” Louis’ devilish smirk said it all. Zayn grabbed his shirt, best pair of ripped skinny jeans, and ran into the bathroom to get ready.

Today could possibly be the greatest day of his life.

When they arrived at the radio station where Liam Payne, star of the latest string of Marvel Superhero Movies, was being interviewed, they stood in a crowd made up entirely of girls around their age, the two of them sticking out conspicuously. After about a half hour, a car pulled up, and Zayn nearly fainted when Liam had stepped out, smiling at something his bodyguard, Paddy, said to him. Liam looked gorgeous, as always.

He had a grey beanie covering his hair, a bit of stubble, like he’d forgotten to shave that morning. In fact, he looked as if he’d just rolled out of bed and tossed on that grey sweatshirt and baggy blue jeans. As Liam walked by, Zayn thought about reaching out to touch him, but froze and missed his chance.

Zayn giggled at how low Liam’s pants were hanging despite the belt. He pointed it out to Louis, who smirked and then pointed something else out. “Just like in your story, mate,” he teased.

Zayn swallowed hard, wishing Louis hadn’t mentioned that out loud. He regretted ever telling Louis about the fanfic story he’d written about Liam Payne, casting himself as the character opposite. The story had basically been his biggest wet dream put down on paper.

“Not exactly,” Zayn hissed back, although embarrassed, he wanted to correct his friend. “In the story, his bandana was dark green.”

“A bandana’s a bandana,” Louis countered, leaving Zayn to shake his head. “Isn’t it?”

“We’ve been over this,” Zayn whispered, relieved when more of the crowd dispersed, but Louis pulled him closer to the door. “My story, he wore dark green on the left side. Daddy.” Zayn was mumbling by that point, but Louis’ eyes widened.

“And navy blue on the left side?” he asked.

Zayn swallowed hard. “Probably nothing.” There were a ton of rumours about Liam’s sexuality, and although Zayn hoped and prayed, no one was sure if the boy was straight or fell somewhere else on the Kinsey scale. Louis poked him in the ribs. “Means he likes to wear bandanas, but we knew that.” Louis’ eyes narrowed. “It means top okay!” Zayn shouted, wincing when a couple of girls turned to look at him, giggling and pointing. “Fuck.”

At that moment, Liam’s bodyguard came back outside, looking around the crowd. In his hand were red bracelets. He started randomly pointing at people and motioning them closer. Several girls squealed, running over to him, taking a bracelet, then disappearing into the studio. Zayn was just turning to Louis to ask what was going on when Paddy pointed at them. “You two, c’mon.”

Louis dragged Zayn over, grabbing the last two bracelets from the bodyguard. They slipped them on and went into the studio. Following the crowd, they were surprised when they found themselves standing on one side of a glass window. On the other, Liam Payne was laughing with the DJ.

When the interview started, the sound was piped into the room where Zayn and the others were standing. Zayn stood back, allowing the girls to throw themselves at the window, impressed when Liam gave them all a finger wave before turning his attention back to the DJ.

“So, Liam, you’ve been tweeting a lot about the fan art that gets drawn of you,” the DJ said, and Zayn’s heart expanded at the squishy eyed smile that Liam gave.

“Yeah, mate. My fans are so bloody talented. Some of it’s really sick, ya know? I’ve had a few done up on canvases, and they hang in my media room. Love seeing someone put so much effort into something.” The pride in Liam’s voice was amazing. Zayn had draw a few pictures of Liam, but he’d never shared them, mostly because they weren’t family friendly and they included himself.

“So, you like people creating stuff inspired by you, yeah?” the DJ asked. Liam nodded, humming out a sound of approval, but Zayn thought he looked a bit suspicious. “Have you seen some of the things your fans have written about you?”

Liam’s face went slack for a moment, a hint of pink touching his cheeks. “You mean fanfiction,” Liam responded when he recovered. “I have seen some of it.”

“Well, since we can’t show any fan art on the air, we thought it might be cool if you read a bit of a fic, maybe let the writer know what you thought of it.” The DJ was holding out a couple sheets of paper.

“Are you sure it’s safe for air?” Liam teased, but Zayn watched his adam’s apple bounce under a nervous swallow as his eyes skimmed the page.

“We’ve highlighted a bit you can read, which is more or less safe for radio,” the DJ said. “C’mon, you’re not afraid are you?” he teased when Liam hesitated.

“No.” He cleared his throat.

“Let’s get right into it, then.” The DJ looked smug and Zayn wondered if he would still have his job by the end of the day, or if he’d even care.

“What do you think the odds are that fic is yours?” Louis asked Zayn.

“Don’t even think about it,” Zayn hissed, waving at a girl who looked at him curiously.

Liam cleared his throat again and began to read. “‘How much have you had to drink?’ Liam asked, his voice low, concern laced through it. ‘Two pints,’ Zach answered. ‘Well, just over two.’”

In less than ten seconds, the day had become the worst of Zayn’s life. He was frozen to his seat. He could hear Louis muffling his laughter next to him as Zayn stared straight ahead. The day he’d thought was going to be the best day of his life was now the day he was wishing for death, planning for it, actually.

Liam continued reading, unaware of the torture he was inflicting on one boy standing less than ten feet away from him. The boy who had written the words he was reading.

“Liam’s lips turned down in a frown, and Zach felt a terrible blow to his gut that he’d disappointed him somehow. ‘Not enough to be drunk, though.’ Liam closed his eyes, breathing deeply. When he opened them, his brown eyes were warm again. ‘Are you sure?’ Zach nodded, and Liam reached around to his back pocket to remove the bandana, holding it in front of Zach’s face. ‘You know what this means, yeah?’ Zach nodded, relieved that it meant what he thought, hoped, it meant. ‘Words, Zach.’ He reached around Zach to tuck the bandana into Zach’s right pocket, patting his bum briefly. Zach swallowed hard, his mouth struggling to form the word that former lovers had scoffed at him for using. “D-daddy,” he whispered, his chest bursting when Liam’s smile grew.”

The DJ was fanning himself as Liam finished up, face fully flushed now. “Pretty hot, wouldn’t you say? Does it bother you that so many of your fans write you in homosexual relationships?”

“Why would it?” Liam asked. “To paraphrase a fellow actor, Johnny Galecki, why should I be offended by something that isn’t offensive?” Zayn’s jaw dropped. “Who I choose to sleep with is my business.” He looked at the DJ and down at the papers in his hand, folding them carefully. “This interview is over.”

Zayn watched as Liam strode from the studio. When the door opened, the handful of girls swarmed him. He smiled at them all, took selfies, signed autographs, but Zayn could tell he was feeling a bit off.

Zayn and Louis hung back until it was just them, Liam, and Paddy in the lobby. “Did you two want pictures?” Liam asked, his voice tired.

Zayn was surprised when Louis squeaked and hid behind him. He also shocked himself when he opened his mouth to speak. “That was shit, man, I’m sorry.”

“What do you have to be sorry for? You weren’t the asshole DJ, yeah?” Liam joked, smile not reaching his eyes.

Zayn hung his head, dreading the words he knew were going to come out of his mouth. “No, but I’m the asshole that wrote it.” He grabbed Louis and started pulling him towards the door. “Let’s get out of here.”

“Wait!” Liam called, grabbing Zayn’s arm and pulling him away from Louis. Liam leaned in close. “You seriously wrote this?” Zayn nodded, his face warm. “It’s one of my favourites.”

“W-what?” Zayn choked out.

Liam took a step closer. “Seriously, I really loved it. Read it on the regular.” Zayn knew he was gaping now, especially when Liam reached up to shut his mouth gently, cupping his chin. A moment later, he felt movement behind him, Liam was tucking his bandana into his right pocket. “You know what that means, yeah?” he asked with an arched eyebrow.

Zayn swallowed hard and nodded. “It means Louis is going home alone.”

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Just watched the Death Note Netflix movie. Wasn’t absolutely horrible. Wasn’t super great either. Just kinda in the middle.

It’s better if you go into it and watch it as a completely separate thing. Like, perhaps as a distant sequel or prequel to the original. I realize that’s hard with the characters having the same names, but it really is its own thing entirely. Has almost no connection to the original at all.

What annoyed me the most were the changes made to the rules.

I thought the acting was decent. L had the best performance of the movie, Light was alright, Misa-fuck sorry, MIA was awful. To be fair though, she was the absolute worst part of the anime too so, at least that was accurate.

Cinematography was pretty good. The framing of shots was nice, and the lighting was always beautiful.

Needed way more Ryuk though. He was only in like, 5 scenes. Barely felt like part of the story at all.

Not sure if this is being discussed elsewhere, but…

Theory: the original ending to Rogue One was changed in post-production, away from one where Jyn and Cassian at the least might have survived.

Evidence? The trailers. Having footage from movie trailers not make it into the final product is not an unusual thing; they are made and released during post, and sometimes footage is cut or different takes are used. Rogue One is no exception. The best examples of this are Jyn’s initial meeting with Mon Mothma, Draven, and Cassian (almost none of the dialogue from the first teaser trailer is in the film, i.e. “I rebel”) and Saw Gerrera’s entire “what will you do” speech. But what interests me the most is some action footage.

First, there’s a shot of Jyn and Cassian in the cockpit of a spacecraft, an orange sunset glowing outside. (”Good?” “Good.”). Then there’s a shot of Krennic walking through the shallows of the beach on Scarif, also at sunset, headed towards some flaming wreckage. But most telling for me is this shot of Jyn, Cassian, and K-2S0 running through the tower on Scarif with the data drive containing the Death Star plans, along with footage from the Celebration sizzle reel showing Jyn and Cassian running on the beach still with the data drive (there’s another shot of this in the original teaser trailer too). There’s even footage of Alan Tudyk running on the beach in his motion-capture suit. Finally, there’s the shot of Jyn limping toward the edge of the tower deck, which in the film did not include a TIE Fighter rising up to meet her.

So, all of that together. We know from the film that the data drive never left the tower, so why is there footage of them running on the beach with it, or even through the base itself? Jyn went straight to the top of the tower after acquiring the drive. My only conclusion is that the decision was made to change at least part of the ending. We know they did some reshoots. Perhaps that cockpit shot was Jyn and Cassian leaving Scarif. (Who the hell knows what Krennic was getting up to in his own beach shot, I just know he never got anywhere near it in the final film.)

I just can’t help but be curious as to what the original ending was, if anyone actually survived, and why it was changed. Interested to see if any of this makes it onto the Blu-ray.

Thoughts? Comments?

soelt  asked:


I got four that have remained basically unchanged for 10 years and then a wildcard slot.

4. Russian Ark

You (the camera) walk around the hermitage museum in st petersburg casually traveling through time, in a single 90-minute unbroken shot, beginning in the snow and ending in oblivion.

3. True Stories

David Byrne loves America.  You may find the way he loves America condescending but I would suggest that his love is true and pure and this is one of the great tributes to the American weird.  Features Spalding Gray explaining the 1980s tech revolution using a plate of magical hors d’ouevres

2. Kontroll

A movie set entirely in the Budapest subway system.  Was made in 2005 but captures for me the best parts of the late-90s Matrix aesthetic while also being full of excellent grungy eastern bloc municipal architecture/bone structure.  It is admittedly a movie about a gifted straight white dude who has to overcome his self-loathing and depression to get his life back on track, part of which process is having a date with a cute girl in a bear suit, but - I gotta have at least one of those to love, and this one has very good jokes

1. After Life

A pseudo-documentary by Hirokazu Koreeda about a sort of halfway house where people go after they die to choose the one memory they will take with them when they move on to the afterlife.  Celestial bureaucracy is one of my all-time favorite topics (see Haibane Renmei) and it’s also just a really pretty, calming, well-made film.

For number 5… today I’m gonna go with The Raid, which is possibly the perfect action movie.  Other candidates are Beat Takeshi’s “Sonatine” and Tekkon Kinkreet