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So, this took me way longer than I thought. Oops. This is a prompt fic for @stephaniebithell 

I hope you like it. I’ve never actually written Voltron before. Or any kind of battle. So, go easy on me.

“WATCH OUT!” Keith’s voice cried out through the Blue Lion’s speakers. Checking his screens, Lance had to pull hard to the left, just barely missing the laser coming at him. The laser would have smashed into the cockpit if he hadn’t moved, and Lance let out a small huff of breath, relieved.

“That was a close call, Lance.” Shiro berated gently, “You need to be more careful, alright?”

Lance nodded before cracking a smile. “Come on, Shiro! Careful is my middle name!”

Hunk cut in, confusion evident in his voice, “I thought your middle name was Alejandro?”

Laughter echoed over the coms, and Lance pouted, whining, “Hunk, buddy! Who’s side are you on, man?”

Dodging another laser, Hunk replied, “The one where all of us get out of this alive? Does that count?” He dodged a few more lasers, firing a few shots of his own, panting slightly.

“Hunk’s got a point, guys,” Shiro reminded them. “Can the chatter, those lasers are still coming.” There was acknowledgement from all the other paladins, and Shiro sighed in relief. “Alright, here’s the plan. Lance, Hunk, you guys hang further back, try to pick them off from a distance. Stop anything that gets past us. Keith, Pidge, your lions are faster and smaller, I need you covering me. Take out the little guys. Black and I will target those turrets. Understood?” Confirmation came from the others, and everyone moved into position.

Everything went well for several minutes. Shiro had knocked out all but two of the turrets, and Lance and Hunk’s teamwork had destroyed at least a dozen big cruisers and battleships. Some of the larger ships had started to retreat, and Lance and Hunk targeted those as well. As one was coming up on Lance’s left, he saw Green, down and to his far right, with a small ion cannon pointed right at its flank. Making a split-second decision, Lance turned his lion and fired, taking out the ion cannon and saving Pidge. He started to turn back to his original position, but he was too late. Before he could react, a laser cut straight through his hull, sending poor Blue tumbling. Lance was strapped in, so he stayed in place, but as the others’ yells came over the com, a piece of debris slammed into the back of his head, and everything went black.

When Lance came to, the battle was over. Black was towing Blue down to the planet’s surface, where the castle and the planet’s inhabitants were waiting. As he came back to his senses, Lance began to hear the others.

“Lance! Kiddo, can you hear me?”

“Lance, buddy! Come on, tuagane, wake up, man!”

“Lance, you big doofus! Wake up!” (“Pidge!” “Sorry.”)

“LANCE! Lance, please! Dammit, Lance! Wake up! Talk to me!”

Finally, finally, Lance could move a little. “Ugh…. Keith?”

To Lance’s aching head, it was as though a full orchestra had exploded onto the coms.

“Alright, Lance! You’re okay!”

“You asshole! Don’t do that to me ever again, you hear me?!” (“Pidge! Language!”)

Hunk was now blubbering incoherently, Pidge was raging, and Keith was strangely silent. Just as the noise was getting to be too much, Shiro’s voice cut through the mayhem, muffling everything else like a blanket, “Lance. Are you okay? Can you answer me? You were out for a while, buddy. I need to know if you’re okay.”

Lance took several deep breaths, settling the nausea his headache was causing, before answering softly, “I-. I think I’m okay, guys. I have a killer headache, and I’m a little nauseous and light-headed, but I’m okay. Might have a concussion, though.” With that, most of his energy spent, he slumped back into his seat.

“Okay, Lance,” Shiro breathed. “Do you think you can stay awake for me for a few minutes? We’re almost back to the castle. I’m sure you’re really tired, but if you can put off sleeping for just a couple of minutes, I want Coran to check you over in person. They’ve already got a pod waiting and everything. Can you do that, kiddo?” Lance murmured an assent, and Shiro let out a breath he hadn’t realized he had been holding. “Alright, buddy. Thank you.”

Shiro looked at his monitors. The landing was coming up. “Alright, buddy, we’re right there. I’m going to put you down now, in 3 – 2 – 1.” With that, the blue lion was placed very gently on the ground next to the other three lions, which had already landed. Once Blue’s jaw opened, Hunk and Coran rushed inside, while Shiro landed Black. By the time Shiro had left the cockpit, Lance was out of his lion, and Allura was talking to the natives, Keith beside her.

Shiro went to Lance first. Looking Lance over, he glanced to Coran. “Coran, how is he? He was out for at least fifteen minutes.”

Coran smiled gently. “He’ll be just fine, number one. A few vargas in a pod and he’ll be good as new.”

“Thank you, Coran. Hunk, will you help him?”

“You don’t even have to ask.” With a small smile, Hunk pulled one of Lance’s arms over his shoulder and started moving towards the castle. Coran followed.

Now that he knew Lance was safe, Shiro could deal with the natives. Or, more accurately, deal with Keith, who looked to be one wrong word away from pulling out his bayard. As Shiro came closer to the group, he started to hear some of the conversation.

“-yes, you’ve said that the boy’s role is to be the blue paladin, but what else does he even do? What does he contribute? From what I saw, all he did was hang back for most of the fight, and make jokes for the rest of it!” Ah. Now he was starting to understand Keith’s murderous expression. Not to mention the low, continuous growl coming from Blue.

Allura cut him off. “It is not your place to question not just my choice of paladins, but the choices of the lions themselves. The blue lion chose Lance, and as such-“

“Princess Allura, I meant no disrespect, to you or the lions. I was simply concerned. Voltron is the universe’s only real hope of stopping the Galran Empire, and if its members are not efficient, perhaps-“

Shiro cut in, mouth a hard line, shoulders tense, as he stopped Keith from doing anything rash. “If you know about the joking, then you were listening to the coms. If you were paying attention, you would have noticed that I gave the order for the blue and yellow lions to hang back. Those two lions are larger, and therefore slower, but their weapons are strong. In this situation, they were much better suited for stopping the larger ships, and picking off stragglers. Lance especially works best at a distance. He’s the best shooter we have. Long-distance is his forte. Those assignments were the most efficient use of our resources.” The native was about to interrupt again, and Shiro bit out “On top of all of that, Lance was injured defending your planet. You would do well to remember that, and to show him the respect he deserves.”

When he was done, Shiro turned to Keith. Keith was still seething. “Shiro, did you hear what he was saying about Lance?”

“I heard him, Keith.”

“Lance could have died, Shiro! And that guy was treating him like a waste of space. Space garbage!”

“I know that, Keith.” Shiro’s voice was strained. He was angry, too, but there was nothing they could do.

“I’m gonna go back over there and teach that guy a lesson-“ Keith started to turn back around, bayard in hand, but was spun around by Shiro’s hand on his shoulder.

“You can’t attack the guy, Keith. He’s a diplomat. Let Allura handle it.”

“Can’t I just punch him in the face?” Keith pleaded.

“NO, Keith.”

“What if I just break his nose a little?”

“I said, NO, Keith.” Shiro spun to face him. “We can’t do anything. Allura can handle it. Now let’s go back to the castle. Lance will be healed in a few hours. I saw how anxious you were. I know you want to see him. And when he wakes up, I’m sure he’ll want to see you, too.” With that, Keith relaxed, sighing in defeat, and went on to the castle.

Shiro stood there for a moment, composing himself, before moving in the same direction. Before he got there, he heard one last parting shot. “You know,” the native drawled, excessively loud, “if the so-called blue paladin were a better pilot, he wouldn’t have been hurt in the first place-“

CRUNCH. Before anyone could move, Shiro snapped. He had rushed back, pulled back a fist, and slammed it straight into the obnoxious native’s nose. Without a word, Shiro wiped the blood off his hand onto the man’s shirt, and walked straight back into the castle. The look on that jerk’s face was definitely worth the difficulty Allura had negotiating an alliance several days later, and when Lance woke up, his laughter over the story gave Keith the brightest smile Shiro had seen on his face in years.

If you guys want me to write what happened in between when Lance was unconscious, let me know.

Let’s try something new Hollywood.

I want a movie about an Asian guy. An actual Asian or Asian American actor.

He goes to Texas, America to learn the secrets of the ranch hand. He learns the strange and mystic way of the cowboy. All the older cowpokes serenely quote Walt Whitman and reject him. A pretty white girl shows him how to be one with the herd, the cattle and nature. She’s the best damn shooter in town too.

But a rival comes in- a white dude who’s only into ranching for the money and he wants to take the land,. The Asian cowboy gets into a highly choreographed shootout. Whitey shoots his left arm, grabs his girl (who is now suddenly helpless) and makes a disparaging remark or two.

Now the Eastern Cowboy (Jesus that’s the title) has to become the best hand in the west by engaging in a lot of stereotypically white activities- cooking steak, line dancing, voting Republican. All while taking down the army of John Wayne look-alikes flanking him at every turn.

I’ll wait here for my money

  • Per Haskel: You've got my best spider, my best shooter, my heartrender, my biggest bruiser -
  • Kaz: Oh, I forgot to tell you this, but your bruiser is dead
  • Per Haskel: [looks at camera like he's in the office]

[1/7] favorite video games: spec ops: the line
► “another one of your victims—from a soldier who was ‘just following orders.’

4 | Save Me

word count: 3,076
not as long as usual woo

warnings: violence, gore probably smut at some point I mean it’s me we’re talking about, dead bodies, non-con etc. this chapter has mentions of not eating idk if i should disclose that but here we are

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“Taehyung. They’ve found the professor.”

“Y/N, are you awake? They want to go over the plan one last time.” Hoseok stood in the doorway to your grey haven, not trying to hide his bright and showy smile, “Namjoon’s waiting.”

“I’ll be there in a sec, just let me get dressed first.”

It had been three days since the whereabouts of your old professor Mr Lee had was discovered. Three days since Jimin had been shot. Three days since you had shot the leader of a rival gang. Three days since Namjoon had almost killed you for being so reckless.
Only nightmares and dread pooled your thoughts, you couldn’t believe that you had actually shot somebody. Much to gang Bangtan’s dismay, you hadn’t eaten or had a good nights sleep since the night the bullet penetrated Jackson’s shoulder, you were still in shock.
If things weren’t already problematic enough, Mr Lee had been spotted too close to HQ for comfort, and he was looking for you. The professor you once trusted had now put a price on your head. Since the elusive man was seen back in town almost 60 people in the ‘industry’ had been killed, everybody suspected he was to blame. The odds of survival weren’t in your favour.

Walking downstairs into the lounge you saw everybody seated. Namjoon was sitting in an old eccentric armchair separate from the others. Jungkook, Jimin and Taehyung sat on the same long luxurious sofa, with Hoseok perched on the arm next to Jungkook. Jin and Yoongi were sat on the edge of the coffee table, their backs facing you. The seven men abruptly stopped their conversation when Taehyung caught a glimpse of you, both he and Jimin immediately stood up so you had somewhere to sit. Yoongi scoffed scornfully at their action, ridiculing them,

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This is the best first person shooter I’ve ever played!

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Thicker than Water - Part 3

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Bucky x Reader series

Summary: Inspired by this post (x)
Being born and raised in a HYDRA family means you must be a devoted member to the organisation, carrying out orders with blind obedience. But after being assigned the suicide mission of being the Winter Soldier’s handler, you slowly start to question where your loyalties truly lie.

Warnings: Violence, swearing, mentions of nakedness

Word Count: 3171

A.N: BUCKLE UP KIDS! this is only getting started

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February 2004
0428 hours

“I can’t believe you’re working in the lab,” said Daniel as he inserted a new magazine into his gun, tossing his old one somewhere on the floor of the shooting range.

You were sitting behind him, feet propped over the small table while you leaned behind on a chair you had dragged all the way to the cubicle, smirking.

“I mean-” -he went on, gesturing with both hands but stopping once realized he was holding a loaded gun in one of them “sorry- it’s just- you’re probably the best shooter we’ve had and they’re making you waste your abilities.”

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Oath | Character Profile

A/N: This is something that I should’ve written a long time ago, but somehow always left aside. I hope it will help to get a better understanding of the story and the motives behind the characters’ decisions. If you have any questions regarding any of the characters, please ask me. I left the reader character out because I think you got a clearer picture of her. I will add more things later if I omitted any. 

Black Tiger

Originally posted by lordhuarrache

  • Original character        
  • Jungkook’s father        
  • Leader of the most influential gang in the city
  • Used to work alongside Yoongi’s father, but betrayed him and started his own group. He ended up killing Yoongi’s whole family, main reason why Yoongi is so keen on bringing him down.
  • Selfish, greedy, doesn’t care who needs to die to get what he wants; treasures bloodline, but not more than he treasures his own kingdom; knows no mercy, will kill you if you take a wrong step;     
  • At one point looked at Yoongi like he would at his own son      
  • Was always against Jungkook going to college and living a normal life; saw in him a future leader and pushed the idea into the child’s brain;
  • Was highly disappointed and disgusted when Jungkook said he wanted to leave his group
  • Considers human relationships and feelings a great weakness·        knows no kindness, shows no love   
  • Is feared by most of his men, partly why nobody ever leaves·        
  • Usually prefers to order people to do his dirty work·        
  • Has a superiority issue        
  • Was once very skilled in gun shooting and fighting, but with age they faded        
  • Wants to get rid of Yoongi, but has a trace of respect for him       
  • Kept Namjoon by his side and trained him to become his heir, just in case Jungkook bailed (which he did)        
  • Is now proud to see his son came back to his senses, and know his greatest weakness       
  • His way of treating people could bring his downfall

Min Yoongi

Originally posted by foreveryoongz

  • raised by the most powerful family at the time
  • always looked up to his father
  • had a younger sister he treasured a lot
  • lost all of his loved ones in a single night at the hands of Black Tiger
  • his father committed suicide to keep them safe
  • he only survived because he was out of the house with some friends, came back to nothing but ashes
  • always had a feeling Black Tiger was not to be trusted, especially after he left his father’s group
  • believed his father’s kindness was his greatest weakness
  • swore not to make the same mistake
  • hates betrayers more than anything
  • is a good strategist and magnificent leader
  • is respected by his men, and he never lets them down
  • is skilled with guns and computers
  • is great at making connections and deals (family trait)
  • would go to great lengths to avenge his men
  • was raised and trained by his father’s most loyal man
  • his training partner had been Hoseok ever since they were kids
  • came to trust Hoseok the most out of his group
  • doesn’t like to share much information about his life
  • can be ruthless, but never to the same extent as Black Tiger
  • has moments in which he sees his little sister in Y/N
  • has gained power on his own, but his father’s name always followed
  • always puts his group’s safety and well being before everything else
  • didn’t feel nor believe in love ever since his family was murdered
  • hardly ever smiled
  • is always aware of his whereabouts and has a plan B for everything
  • doesn’t seem to have any weaknesses
  • his father would be proud of him

Jung Hoseok

Originally posted by foreveryoongz

  • was the kid of Mr. Min’s most trusted man
  • grew alongside Yoongi and trained together
  • was always meant to be part of the group, even before that tragic night
  • dreamed of being the best shooter and eventually became one
  • is skilled with pistols and shotguns
  • knows how to make all sorts of drugs
  • is the group’s most trusted doctor
  • can use his skills for torture as well
  • knows how to get answers out of people
  • finds pleasure in inducing pain
  • shows no mercy as a trainer (and not only)
  • can be very cold and aggressive
  • is Yoongi’s confidant
  • the only one whose opinion and ideas Yoongi listens to
  • didn’t quite trust you at first but came to admire your dedication
  • is the only member in the group without much drama in his past

Park Jimin

Originally posted by sugaglos

  • was an orphan turned delinquent before Yoongi took him into the group
  • was always fascinated by gangs and guns
  • never met his parents and had no intention
  • is a womanizer and proud of it
  • very skilled sniper
  • loves the power that comes with the shot
  • he was added to the group before Taehyung, but they always trained together
  • owns a nightclub that he usually visits when he’s bored
  • loves gambling, but never when he’s on the losing side
  • runs some gun and drug smuggling businesses
  • never went against Yoongi’s words
  • would probably kill you if you messed with his people
  • is usually the one to stop Taehyung from doing stupid stuff
  • he watches your every move with doubt ever since Taehyung fell for you, afraid you would stab them in the back once you regained your memories
  • he can be your best friend and worst enemy in the same day
  • is more on the chill side, but with deep darkness in his heart

Kim Taehyung

Originally posted by missbaptan

  •  was abandoned by his mom on the side of the road when he was 6
  • lived in the lowest conditions for most of his childhood
  • became involved in gangs as a teen, but always got in trouble and was kicked out of them
  • ended up being added to the group two years after Jimin, after he stumbled across Hoseok (he needed money at the time and planned on attacking the first person that came his way, not knowing who he was up against)
  • was close to death so many times he became immune to the fear that came with it
  • the only thing he actually fears and detests is abandonment
  • has major trust issues
  • became really attached to Jungkook while they worked together, but his betrayal turned them into enemies
  • he put locks to his emotions every time he got hurt
  • at first he only wanted you as a form of revenge, but then he actually fell for you
  • was denying falling in love with you because he was too afraid of the feeling
  • turned from sweet angel to possessive demon after your memories of Jungkook came back
  • would go to great lengths to keep you by his side
  • his love is genuine, but his demons change it into something else
  • never wants to hurt you, but always ends up doing so
  • doesn’t like making promises because he knows he can’t keep them;  and also considers them like chains around his ankles
  • loves freedom and venturing into the night
  • his rage outbursts are no joke
  • would not want him as your enemy
  • loves torturing and playing with his victims
  • feels no remorse
  • is skilled in several martial arts and very good with guns
  • owns a hotel where he wears the mask of a respected CEO
  • mood swings are not foreign
  • has a strong aura and his mysterious, always changing attitude fuels his power of attraction
  • would never back away from a fight
  • is blinded by his feelings for you at times
  • is the one Yoongi’s most worried about
  • would most likely not listen to any advice or opinion that comes against his way of thinking
  • his smile could go from sweet to creepy in one second
  • 80% of the time your worst nightmare
  • sweet, sweet poison

Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by sugageek

  • came from a poor family, but after gaining the attention of Black Tiger for his remarkable intellect, he became a member of the group
  • was always on the second position of a possible leader -after Jungkook- and hated that
  • trained twice as hard to gain recognition, but somehow Jungkook always ended up getting the praise
  • swore to do anything it takes to get the leader’s position
  • was offered a smaller leading position under Black Tiger; had to manage a smaller group within the gang
  • ruthless just like his role model
  • doesn’t care who dies to get what he wants
  • is close only to Jin, his friend since the moment he stepped into the group
  • hates anyone that brings dirt to his image
  • loves power more than anything
  • has good strategies, but he 9/10 times falls behind Yoongi
  • when angry, he makes the sloppiest plans
  • only hates Yoongi because of the competition, but inside he’d want Jungkook dead more than him due to personal traumas
  • wants Black Tiger to notice him and lowkey hates him for not doing so
  • would use you against Jungkook any given time
  • master of covering his tracks (think back to how he planned to kill Jungkook without anyone knowing, then played the hero)
  • would most likely have the same fate as Black Tiger
  • his greatest weakness is himself
  • owns a few buildings, one of them being a hotel

Kim Seokjin

Originally posted by yoongichii

  • one of the best med student in his school
  • son of a renowned doctor, good friend of Black Tiger’s
  • was somehow forced into the group by his father
  • the doctor of the group
  • Namjoon’s sole confidant and friend
  • is still afraid of Namjoon (especially when he’s angry)
  • actually has a heart
  • will never take part in torturing the victims, but would provide the necessary things
  • knows his drugs
  • heard of Hoseok and admired his work
  • has no desire for power whatsoever
  • always ends up cleaning after Namjoon
  • never wanted any of this, but it doesn’t bother him either
  • would fight for that is right (from his point of his view)

Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by 7bboys

  • son of Black Tiger and inheritor of the group
  • always hated the mafia but never had a way out
  • feared his father for most of his life
  • born shooter, excellent fighter
  • fast learner
  • different from his father in all aspects
  • never had the love of a mother (she died shortly after giving birth to him)
  • always wanted to lead a normal life, go to school, make friends, go to college, get a job, die of old age
  • isn’t afraid of running in front of a bullet
  • has a strong body (considering all the beatings he took)
  • his gentleness contrasts his rough upbringing
  • found the love of his life when death was just around the corner
  • found the courage to go against his father (and almost died, again)
  • is ready to give up everything for you any given moment
  • finds shelter only in your arms
  • never knew the meaning of ‘home’ until he met you
  • you smile gave him life
  • has no problems in doing house chores, even though he handled guns more than vacuum cleaners  
  • hates Taehyung for hurting you, but is also grateful for all he did for you
  • wouldn’t be able to kill any of Yoongi’s men even if he often says it
  • felt more comfortable working for Yoongi
  • found friendship and family within that group
  • always blamed himself for “the incident”, for betraying them
  • had to lie to you to keep you away from danger
  • is good at negotiating and knows when and how to make a deal
  • would never let you down
  • his heart is capable of the purest love
  • thinks of Yoongi as his role model
  • most of Black Tiger’s men respect him and would rather have him as their leader
  • is haunted by the thought of you being part of the mafia world now
  • his only weakness is you
  • doesn’t have any buildings under his name, but would inherit everything from his father

The Reader aka Y/N

Originally posted by half-an-alien

  • was raised only by her mother
  • never knew her father, nor the reason why he left them
  • hardworking, helped her mother a lot as a kid
  • never had lots of friends
  • studying came first
  • lost her mother -to a disease- while she was in high school
  • had to move to a smaller apartment which she could afford with the little money she made 
  • had a boyfriend that left her with deep scars; never quite had any interest in dating after that
  • introvert 90% of the time
  • kind, always there to help, fast learner
  • very sensitive, but tough whenever the situation asks for it
  • on the defensive side rather that the offensive one
  • very down to earth
  • chill, but will punch you in the face if you cross the line
  • jeans over dresses
  • no strong makeup
  • clubs aren’t her thing
  • found it hard to trust Jungkook at first, but then poured all her love over him
  • always knew Jungkook was keeping something from her, but decided it was best to let him decide when the time is right to tell her
  • has moments of -crazy- bravery
  • her knowledge in psychology let her see behind the mask of everyone around her
  • felt pure hatred towards Namjoon when she woke up, even without knowing exactly the reason why
  • was allured by Taehyung’s aura, felt protected around him, sincerely fell for him
  • started to question her feelings as memories came back to her
  • always felt a stronger love towards Jungkook without even remembering him
  • is torn between burning romance, and sweet love
  • before regaining her memories, she had more questions than answers
  • low-key hated Jungkook for having to part ways again
  • wants to end Black Tiger only to bring Jungkook back to her again
  • fears Hoseok more than Yoongi
  • got along really well with Jimin before he started threatening her not to fall for Taehyung
  • adapted well to the mafia life
  • started to doubt everything around her after regaining her lost memories
  • has an inner love for cars, speed, the adrenaline rush
  • hates hurting people, but will do it for the ones she loves
  • can be easy to manipulate at times
  • won’t break easily
  • hates to give up
  • her strong love -for both men- is her biggest weakness 
Reckless Part 2

SUMMARY: Years after a close call on a mission, emotions ran high, a reckless action, a reckless statement, made you leave behind the person you cared about most, who hurt you the most, Bucky Barnes. Can you and Bucky repair the damage and rekindle the spark that was once there? Or will it prove to be even more reckless than before? 

Word Count: 1426

Character(s): Bucky Barnes x Reader, Natasha Romanoff, Tony Stark, Nick Fury

Warning: Very Very slight angst.

A/N: Part Two of ‘Reckless’ I really really hope you enjoy this chapter. This is only the beginning so hang in there! I welcome feedback and suggestions, I truly appreciate the support. So, buckle your seat-belts and enjoy the ride, this is only the beginning…

Part 1

Originally posted by sxy-seabass

There’s a overcast today, it looks like it’s a bit brisk outside today. The one day I actually can sleep in I wake up a lot earlier thanks to my internal alarm clock. No use in trying to go back to sleep. I stare out the window, watching the birds soar through the dark clouds. 

*beep beep beep beep* 

I reach for my phone on the nightstand, glancing at the name ‘Derrick’.

So much for an off day Derrick…

Zero, meet me in 15.”

Of course, because I never really want an off day anyway.” I reply.

Derrick chuckles “Mouthing off again you smart a-” 

I’ll be there.” I hang up the phone. I sit up on my bed, run my hands through my hair, ‘This can’t be good..’ I mutter to myself. I shower, put on my white v-neck T-shirt and black jeans, boots. I stand in-front of the mirror, ‘My how you’ve changed Y/N.’ I whisper taking in my new appearance. Glancing down at the matte lipstick on the table I apply the bright red, considering it is an off day being interrupted, a little pop of color doesn’t hurt.

Stepping off the elevator I slowly make my way to the Derrick’s office. He has the windows fogged, privacy, this is serious. I open the door, turning around to close it behind me.

“Right on queue, Zero. Have a seat.” Derrick states.

I’ve walked this hallway a billion times, it’s a nice distance from the elevator. But it feels like it’s 20 miles long this time. The floor looks like it’s twisting and turning, I feel sick to my stomach. I stop and lean against the wall, closing my eyes hoping I’ll wake up and I just dreamt everything that Derrick said. Maybe I just didn’t hear him properly.

A Hydra factory has been found, we’ve been trying to track this down for years. An undercover operative located it a few weeks ago. They were sending us as much Intel as possible, but we lost track of them, radio silence. We fear the worst has happened but it wasn’t in vain. Fury has assigned this mission to the Avengers, but they need all hands on deck. Unfortunately, he only wants someone they can work well with.” Derrick glances at me 

I have been instructed by Director Fury to contact the Avengers and inform them that you and I will be joining them.” Derrick pauses and looks directly at me. “I know you had a past with them Zero, I hope you can put aside your difference for this mission. We need our best sharp-shooter out there. Fury and I think it would be best if you pair wi-”

“They have Clint Barton, you don’t need another Marksman on the field.”

Derrick shakes his head “Zero, you are the best sharp-shooter, zero misses? You’re not called Zero for nothing. You and Clint watching our backs from above, we-” 

I cross my arms ,“He can handle everything just fine. You don’t need another sniper.”


 “I also no longer go into the field doing hand-to-hand combat.”


 “Therefore you won’t need me. So I’m going to excuse myself.” I stand up heading for the door.

Derrick slams his hands on the table, “Y/N!!!!! You are going, that is a direct order from Fury himself. He knew you’d decline this mission, therefore I have it here written that you will go or you will be reprimanded.”

I clench my jaw, digging my fingers into my chair.

“Zero, I’m sorry, but duty calls and we have to stop Hydra before anyone else gets hurt. They are planning something big and we have to stop them while we can.” Derrick sighs, he walks around his desk he pulls me into a hug. “I know you this won’t be easy for you, but you are needed and you are the best, Fury wouldn’t have requested you if it wasn’t absolutely necessary. Heck, he was the one to sign your transfer papers. You’ve helped several squadrons in the past four years Y/N. Your old family needs you.” 

“This is bull crap Rick and you know it. Fury is just using this as an excuse to get back in that Tower.” I snap.

He pulls back, bending down looking me straight in the eyes. “I’ll be with you every step of the way, you don’t have to go back on the field. Stay in the shadows and cover us. I won’t force you on the ground, but you’re strong and you can do this, it will be a quick mission in and out.”

“Fury has already notified the team that he is bringing in me and one more operative, he hasn’t told them its you yet.”

“Fine.” I snatch away, opening and shutting the door behind me.

I think my stomach has settled, the room has finally stopped spinning. After four blasted years I was starting to feel at ease with my current life. The dreams didn’t occur as frequently. Why now? Why?

I make it back to my room and start to pack for the mission. Derrick notified me that we take off in 30 minutes. I try to make a mental list of what I’ll need for my stay, but my mind is in an utter fog right now. I change into my tactical catsuit and boots. 

After leaving my room I head towards the armory and grab my weapons and head for the hanger area.

Derrick and I board the jet transporting to the tower.

The travel time from the Helicarrier to the Avengers tower is only a half hour. That only gives me a little bit of time to try and get myself in order.

My phone vibrates in bag, I unzip it and check the message. I take a deep breath after glancing at the name ‘N’. Of course she would be the first to check.

N: “Are you coming back?” 

I stare at my phone, contemplating if I should reply to the message. Turning the phone over and over between my hands I shut the screen off placing it into my bag. Before I zip it shut my phone vibrates again.

N: “We wouldn’t request additional back up if we didn’t need it.” The text pop-ups up quickly.

Y/N: “It wouldn’t make a difference if I did or didn’t come.”

N“You know that wasn’t and still isn’t true Y/N..”

‘If only that were true Nat..’ I mumble to myself.

                                                       Bucky’s POV

Fury called everyone directly to the boardroom after our away mission for an urgent meeting. We’ve all been trying to prep for the arrival of the two agents. Steve keeps trying to convince me that working with people we don’t know will pan out well. 

No one has been very vocal about these two new additions, that’s a sign that not everyone is on board with it. 

We take our seats waiting for Fury, something about this meeting, it’s making me feel anxious.

“You look like you’ve got a lot on your mind Barnes.” Natasha mutters

“I don’t think it’s a hidden secret that I’m uneasy about the two new operatives.”

“Mmm.” She stares at me

“What?” I asked perplexed.

Fury walks into the room “Team, as you know I have requested two more operatives to assist on the upcoming Hydra mission. I’d like to introduce to you Derrick Dugan. He is the leader of the Elite Shadow Squadron. 

“It’s a pleasure to meet you all, I look forward working with you all. I know this will not be an easy task, but I hope we can all make this transition go smooth. I’ve brought with me my second in command, Zero.

“Zero? As in he has zero tolerance for bad behavior? Or going to give out Zeros on all of our report cards?” Tony blurts out walking around the table

“No Mr. Stark, she never misses a target, and we have had zero incidents thanks to her outstanding marksmanship. Zero, is the codename we call her on the squadron, a title she’s earned.” Derrick steps to the side extending his arm, directing our attention to the door.

Fury walks over to the door greeting the figure in heeled black tactical boots with a fitted body suit to match. I can catch a glimpse of her short y/h/c hair, then she turns facing forward. A face that I could never forget in a million years, even if I tried.

“You all know her as…”

My breath hitched in my throat, I mutter “Y/N” 

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Mafia pt2-Suho

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“You need people like me, so you can point your fucking fingers and go ‘That’s the bad guy.”

You sat in the back of the black suv that your main man was driving. You and your best fighters and shooters were on your way to do a drug deal.

“Have you heard the news, boss?” Tae, your best shooter, said to you from the front seat.

“Hm?” You questioned.

“Suho’s gang is expanding their territory west.”

Your eyes went wide, “Thats Namjoon’s territory though.”

“I know! I heard on the streets that Suho is going to make them a sub-unit to his gang.” 

You chuckled, “Namjoon would never be someone’s sub-unit.”

Namjoon didn’t have the biggest gang but we all knew that if one of us fell off, he’d be right there to claim our crown.

“I know, that’s why its shocking. We should’ve taken that territory.” Tae whined and you rolled your eyes while smiling.

Suho was a very clever man, a very strategic man. If he wasn’t in one of the most powerful gangs you’d consider dating him. 

But he is and there’s no way he’d join gangs with co-leadership, he’d want to be in control of it all. 

You got taken out of your trance as the car pulled up to the storage unit.

“You ready?” You asked your men turning to face them. 

“If they do anything sketchy.. kill them all.”You said turning back to the door and walking through it.

“Hello beautiful!” The man said, smiling at you.

You rolled your eyes and folded arms over your chest.

“You got the money?” You asked monotone. 

The man chuckled and sighed, “Well you see..-”

“He bought guns from us.” Suho said, walking out from the darkness of the background. 

Your eyes went wide as your men pulled out their guns and Suho’s gang did the same. 

The man in the middle started to sweat, Suho looked at him in disgust. 

“Why didn’t you tell me you were going to meet up with this pretty jewel?” Suho asked the man.

“I didn..-”

Suho kicked his leg out from underneath him and he fell. 

“Were you trying to set one of us up?” Suho screamed at the man, he punched him in the face and held him up to look at what he caused.

“You see this? Huh?! She’s not going to back down and my men won’t either, you are going to start a world war.” Suho growled out, pushing the man down.

You watched silently, it shamelessly turned you on to see Suho be so dominant and aggressive. 

“Please.. please I have a wife.. she’s pregnant..” The man pleaded looking up at Suho. 

You felt disrespected, like he didn’t think you were that much of a threat, like you were weak. 

You cleared your throat, and Suho looked at you.

“Go beg for her mercy.” He demanded. 

The man crawled over to you and looked up at you and kissed your shoe.

“Please.. “

You looked down at him, he was trying to set you up. He was hoping Suho’s gang would shoot you down so he could take the money and drugs.

He thought you were weak.

You pulled the gun from the back of your pants and pulled the safety down. 

The man started to cry and hold on to your legs. 

“Don’t fucking touch her.” Suho growled out.

“Please.. my wife… my child..” He cried out again.

You cocked the gun and pointed it at the man, “I’ll make sure they’re taken care of.” you pulled the trigger.

Everything seemed to get quiet, deadly silent. 

Suho looked at you and you looked at him.

“You know, some would say this is fate.” He smirked.

“Listen, I am not going to be one of your little play things, I am not disposable after you’ve gotten your fuck. I worked my ass off to prove myself in this life and I’ll be damned if I play second to you.” You spat.

Looking around, you saw each of your men had a gun pointed at Suho’s and vise versa. 

“You could never be my second.” 

You looked at him, “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“You’d be by my side, we control this whole city together. We’d be untouchable.” He said.

You chuckled and bit your tongue, “ So you just want me as a business partner?”

“I want you to be mine.” 

You rolled your eyes and turned away from him, to your men. 

“Let’s go.”

You walked out the front door and heard Suho say, “You’ll be mine baby girl just wait. Every king needs his queen.”

Reaction #33: Mafia Part VIII

Wishes Note: Ages vary between Children as well the timeline.

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Baekhyun stood there, his palms sweating as he felt out of place in the tux.  You leaned up kissing him.  He gave a weak smile, as you fixed his bow-tie.  

“Just don’t trip.”  You whispered as you walked into where everyone was sitting to take your own seat.  Baekhyun stood behind the closed doors of the church. 

“Daddy?”  He heard as his 24 year old daughter walked down the stairs.  Her white wedding gown was beautiful and for a second he thought he was seeing you once more.  He teared up as his daughter walked over.  

“The harden man crying.  That’s not like you.”  She teased as Baekhyun held out his arm.  

“You reminded me of your mother.” He patted her hand, he felt her shaking a little.  

“Nervous?”  He whispered as she nodded.  “Don’t be.  You’re marrying the twin I like.”  

“I thought you like them both?”  She asked as Baekhyun shook his head.  

“The youngest is like his mom, the oldest is too much like his dad.  Good for business not for marrying my daughter.”  He leaned over placing a soft kiss on her forehead.  

“Don’t let me fall okay?”  

“Never.”  The doors opened to the aisle, where Chanyeol’s youngest twin son, stood at the alter smiling wide.  

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Chanyeol walked into the basement after hearing something crashing.  He noticed his two twins sons fighting, physically brawling as one punched the other.  Blood was coming out of the youngest’s nose, as he tried to restrain one of them.  The other just punched him in the gut.  Chanyeol strong armed them both, stopping them.

“What is going?”  He yelled as both broke away, standing there.  A black eye was starting to form on the oldest.  

“Ask him.”  The youngest pointed as he wiped away some of the blood on his nose.  

“He started it.”  

“I did not!”

“I don’t care who, tell me what the hell is going!”  Chanyeol yelled once more grabbing their attentions.  

“Kyungsoo wants me to join the business.”  The youngest looked at the ground.  The oldest shook his head.  

“I told him not to.  Kyungsoo offers it everyone, but he’s too smart for this shit.”  Chanyeol nodded, as Kyungsoo had spoken to him before.  “He could be a doctor dad.  A lawyer, a ceo of an actual business.  He doesn’t need the family business like I do.”  

“I told him he’s an idiot for thinking he’s only as good as the best shooter next to him.”  

“Then he called me a moron for thinking that what we do isn’t the best I could do.  So I punched him.  Knock some sense into him.”  

“I punched back.”  Chanyeol sighed as he brought both boys in a hug.  

“I don’t care what either of you decides, but to me you’re both idiots for not seeing how stupid this fight is.”  He smiled.  The youngest and oldest went to stand in front of him as he placed a hand on both shoulders.  

“You.”  You he looked at the oldest.  “You are not a moron, if you don’t want to go into the family business don’t, this life isn’t for everyone.  Kyungsoo offers the opportunity to everyone, we trust you wouldn’t go blab to the police over something so stupid as that.”  turning to the youngest.  “You are smarter than myself, even your mom, but don’t tell her I said it.”  Everyone laughed, as Chanyeol continued.  “Both of you were fighting each other to prove how much you actually think of the other.  You’re both good kids, one’s tougher than the other, the others smarter than the other.  But that doesn’t mean either of you are not capable of more than this.  You understand?”  Both nod.  Chanyeol smiled at how grown up his sons had become.  

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“Dad?”  Jongdae looked up from his book at his 11 year old son.  


“When did you know you loved mom?”  Jongdae’s eyebrows came together in confusion as he took his son.  The boy was too young to know what love was, but he remembered how he thought of You when both of you were merely 9.  Like the sun wasn’t bright enough to match your smile.  

“Well, probably since I was younger than you, though I didn’t really know what the word really meant until we were 14.”  His son walked over and sat in front of him.  “Do you have someone you might love?”  He merely shook his head, as he Jongdae wanted to pat himself on the back for recognizing things he son wanted to say.  He understood him.  

“I think Rin is really pretty.”

“Rin?  Yixing’s daughter In?”  The Rin was only half a year younger than him but was already more mature than her two older brothers.  “I can see why.  Yixing is a handsome fellow, his bound to have one child that’s more decent than him.”  He joked watching his son blush.  

“It’s okay son.  Feelings are something you can’t control.  It might not be love but it might be.”  

“Thanks dad.”  He smiled at his son. “Please don’t tell mom.  If you do, I’m scared she’ll start planning a wedding.”  Jongdae laughed, nodding.  

“Promise.  I’ll take it to my grave.”  He watched his son leave, excited for you to come home to brag about giving him girl advice.   

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Lance's birthday

Okay so I’m so pissed about that textpost about Lance’s birthday so I’m going to write what I think Lance’s birthday would ACTUALLY be like
Sorry about grammar I’m too lazy to care

Lance was pacing around his flat, excitement running all throughout his body and mind. The cake he and Hunk had baked last night stood on the kitchen table, just waiting to be eaten. Lance knew that Hunk was a masterful chef but he was still amazed when Hunk managed to create a drawing of Lance and the Blue lion on top of his cake. Lance had a wide smile on his face when he thought about Hunk and all of his other friends. Hunk had said last night that he, Shiro and Keith would be a bit late, but when Lance asked him why he acted all suspicious and tried to play it off like it was nothing just some errand or something.
Lance knew when Hunk was lying, and he could tell that his best friend was keeping something from him, but he couldn’t figure out what.
Lance was forced out of his thoughts by a loud ring on his doorbell. He ran towards the door and opened, only to be met by a singing Coran and Pidge and Allura looking mortified. Lance had no clue what Coran was singing but when he was done he was informed that it was the official “Happy Birthday” song that they always sang to the Paladins of Voltron. Lance was beyond happy about this and let the three of them into his flat. Pidge carried a box that was sloppily wrapped and put it on Lance’s coffee table as soon as she could.
Allura smiled brightly at Lance and explained that she had been given the honour of wrapping the gift, a tradition that they did not have on Altea. Lance congratulated her on her wrapping, even though he thought it looked like something his 4 year old sister had made rather then the princess of Altea.
Lance entertained his guests with funny stories from his past birthday (and explaining to his Altean friends about Earth birthday traditions) when he heard another loud ring on his doorbell.
Once again he hurried over to the door and opened it, this time to be met by Keith, Shiro, Hunk, Shay and a big mystery gift that looked like a huge cylinder with a big piece of cloth draped over it. Lance couldn’t see what was inside the tank but he heard something that sounded like fish.
Hunk explained that the reason they had been late was because they had to pick up Shay and the mystery package, something Lance accepted as a valid reason for them to be late.
He wanted all of his friends to celebrate with him after all, and Shay was included into that group.
The only person he wished also were there was a person that couldn’t come because of environmental differences.
When everyone had settled down with a piece of cake Lance opened the gifts he had gotten from his friends. Coran, Pidge and Hunk had created a robotic miniature version of Blue who could fly around and breath cold air, resembling Blue’s ice breath. Lance was so excited over his amazing gift and gave each of them a bone crushing hug.
After that he got a gift from Allura that was a picture of both of them from a mission and Lance was so happy that she had given him a photo of that day because he didn’t think that she really thought of him as a person that she would save photos off.
Shiro gave him a T-shirt that said “I’m the best sharp-shooter around” and Keith gave him a small figure of a cow with a tag on it that said Kaltenecker.
The last gift that he had was the big tank. Lance had no idea what it was, but everyone was incredibly excited so he guessed that it was something amazing. He pulled of the cloth and the inside of the tank was revealed to him. Inside of the tank was Plaxum. Plaxum, the mermaid he had had a crush on since they met back on her home planet. He couldn’t believe that she was with him again.
Keith explained that they wanted to bring her along to Lance’s birthday and figured that the only way that she would manage to come would be if they had some sort of water support thing for her. Lance didn’t really care about the details of how she had gotten their, the only thing he cared about was that his friends had gone out of their way to bring his crush to his birthday party.
Lance realised once again that he had the best friends that he could ever ask for.

Dean Ambrose - I Wouldn’t Miss It For The World

Dean Ambrose - He is dating a girl who is also an athlete/sports personality but she is a soccer player not a wrestler.

Request for - Anon

Warnings - Swearing, maybe some fluff

Word Count - 894 Words. 

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Being in relationships - with family, friends and lovers with your job as an international soccer player was hard enough; the busy schedules of travelling all over the world meaning you barely had time to see people until the season was over. But some how you and your current boyfriend Dean Ambrose made it work (mostly), and yes that is THE Dean Ambrose; WWE’s intercontinental champ and resident lunatic.

However, your schedules didn’t always work or coincide nicely together and this seasons final was a prime example of that. Tonight was set the be the biggest game of your entire career and an historical moment for your small town team who had never even made it to the quarter finals; let alone the actual final. In fact if you won this match your team would be promoted to a much better league and to say you were nervous yet excited was a huge understatement. However, you did feel a hint of sadness knowing non of your family could make it and Dean obviously had wrestling commitments. But you just kept pushing those thoughts to the back of your mind with a ‘the show must go on’ mentality.

You were sat in the rather grubby looking changing room with all of the girls as you all psyched ourselves up, each girl performing their own individual ritual. As soon as the team heard their cue you began the short walk to the pitch; you all had that nervous buzz settling in on every fibre of your beings; the overbearingly loud roars of your home fans vibrating the entire stadium filling you with adrenaline even before the match was underway. The home team advantage giving us even more confidence as you marched your way into the middle of the pitch. 

We all stood in our signature huddle circle giving each other some mumbled and damn near incoherent pep talk. The team broke the circle with a loud shout just as the whistle blew and the most important match of the teams short career. 

It was around 75 minutes into the game and the score was one - nil to the away team and you could feel the tense atmosphere of the stadium weighing down on your shoulders; even the hardcore fans had withered in their stances as only fifteen minutes remained to score two goals. Oh and to top it off your best shooter had been subbed off with injury.

You had just started to lose the hope you’d gained from the atmosphere, just as you went to collect the ball from the corner you heard a familiar shout; somehow sounding way above the din of the thousands in attendance. You cocked your head slight to see Dean standing right up close to the barrier, screaming his head off. You giggled upon seeing your shirt stretched over his muscular frame as he continued to shout words of encouragement; chants of positivity erupting from the crowd like a volcano. You smirked launching the ball at Abi, a girl with one of the most successful header rates in the whole of women’s football and sure enough the ball rocketed into the back off the net. The entire fanbase of your team let out a fusillade of screams - chanting all sorts of support.

Although the score was now one all, there was still an air of nervousness as time just slipped through your fingers. It was then in the 89th minute you saw the perfect spot; the goal was completely unattended hardly any players serving as obstructions yet your were just past the halfway pitch mark. 

Almost everything happened in slow motion as you threw all caution to the wind and punted the ball with your strongest foot; it seemed like the whole arena held its breath as the ball barrelled towards the goal. The ball pummelled into the top left corner of the goal just as the goalie mad an arbitrary reach for it.

Once again every single fan stood on their feet and cheered as the whistle blew and the small town team secured their place as the winners of the cup. You ran straight over to where Dean was standing and threw yourself at him, tumbling over the flimsy barrier, his powerful arms capturing your frame in a tight hug as he placed a sloppy kiss on your temple.

“I am so fucking proud of you babe, I love you so fucking much” Dean continued to hold you in his tight embrace.

“How did you make it here? You’re mean’t to be on tour” you muttered, pushing his hair out of his face - completely forgetting about the thousands of people surrounding you.

“Babe I wasn’t going to miss the biggest moment in your career for the world when you’ve been there for all of mine. All I did was talk to the big boss and move some shit around; you know me and Vince are buds” he smirked nudging your side with his elbow. “Anways, how about you go and have your celebration with your girls and then I’ll whisk you away for our own celebration” he wiggled his eyebrows at you making you giggle.

“Sounds perfect” you giggled as you placed another kiss on his lips before hopping back over the barricade; just to be lifted straight up on to your team mates shoulders.

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