best ship on the entire show

“It is what it is.”

The writers are NOT obligated to cater to your ship. They simply do what’s best best for the plot, characters and show as a whole. Expecting the finale to play out like the headcannon or fanfic of your dreams is not only completely unrealistic, its immature and self centered. There was never any queerbaiting in Sherlock, people simply saw what they wanted to see.  

 Why should the lack of what you wanted to see have the right to make the entire show awful? As an audience we were blessed with another spectactular season of Sherlock. If you wanted something different, go write the fanfic yourself, don’t expect Mark Gaitss and Steven Moffat to do it for you. 

I want to start my saying that I absolutely hate this situation. GMW is one of the most thoughtul, constructive, and powerful shows produced for Disney Channel in YEARS, and to see MJ’s work disrespected and misunderstood so badly by DC is truly heartbreaking (though not entirely surprising), especially given the amount of love I had for BMW growing up. 

But if there’s one good thing to come out of this? The sense of unity bringing us together right now. For as long as I can remember, this fandom has continually threatened to destroy itself through trolling, ship wars, downright insults and the occasional threat (whether serious or not). For a show centred on the relationship between two best friends, we made it about Lucaya, Rucas, Riarkle, Smarkle (and a whole variety of other ships). They’re an important part of the show. They are not the entire show. 

I want to thank this entire fandom for pulling together right now. I am so grateful for this show, and I am so grateful for you. For those who have not yet signed the petitions, sign them. For those not taking part in the #planes4gmw campaign (or for those unable to), please continue to make your voice heard: retweet those participating in the campaigns, post on Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. Send messages to Hulu, Netflix, hell, even Amazon Prime. 

You watched this show for 3 seasons just like I did. 

People change people. 

Do not give up, my fierce Amazon warriors.

Stay united. 

Hope is not for suckers. 

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Top 5 favorite Lavi moments? :3

Ask me my “Top 5″ anything!

1. Of course his entire trip in Road’s dreamworld. Especially when he realizes that he DOES have a heart *sobs like a porud momma*

2. When he looks at Allen’s ace of spades on Anita’s ship 

3. Basically everything that happens on the arc tbh. It’s so hard to decide what I liked best during those chapters it’s driving me insane xD So yeah. Just all the arc chapters!

4. Remeber when Lavi backed away from Allen because he thought he’s a vampire thanks to Crowley? Yeah. I love this scene. It shows just how superstitious this stupid rabbit is.

5. Protecting Lenalee from Leverrier. Protecting Allen from Tyki. Just Lavi protecting his friends. It gives me life. 

BONUS: Everytime he destroys entire buildings with his hammer but doesn’t give a single shit. 


Regardless of personal shipping preferences, the campfire scene is hands down one of (if not the) best produced scene of the entire show so far. The way the light of the fire falls on their faces, the nature sounds, the crackling sound of the fire, the way they got the sparks from the fire in the close up shots of Lucas and Maya glancing at each other, the camera angles, that one camera shot during the almost kiss that captured them and the whole scene including the stars, Maya’s costuming, Maya’s audible gasp, Lucas’s hands in Maya’s hair, the vulnerability created from just the vibe of the set, the overall production value just being higher in GMT1&2, etc etc etc. The Strong brothers really do some of the best directing on this show.

(Yes, clearly I just watched this scene again 😄)

Never 'Ship Alone... The Importance of Tumblr

I shipped Mulder and Scully from X-Files so hard in my youth. Lol. I would be so frustrated not seeing more than a peck or those glances that they shared. I shipped in silence because 1.) I’m black, lol and 2.) Not many black people I knew watched The X-Files. So every week I would squee in silence waiting for the magical moments Chris Carter would give me. Only Hardcore fans would experience the season 9 kiss, which felt entirely too late(although they’ve kissed before, (6x3 Triangle)this was the first romantic kiss I got to enjoy over and over again). So imagine when I fell in love with The Walking Dead and season 3 roles around. I started reading the comics and knew Michonne and Rick were best friends(they have great chemistry in the comics as well). On the show however, they are magical. So I hit another wall. Do I want to ship them? Do I want to invest the time in this alone? Yep. Again, I shipped in silence because, 1.) At the time not many people watched TWD that I knew of, 2.) Selling people on their chemistry was difficult. So I kept it to myself. Everytime Rick would look Michonne up and down, or kick everyone out the prison except her, I knew it was more. I just knew. Lori had just died and he was still grieving so I wasn’t expecting much, but damn it….he liked Michonne. If Rick stared at me like he stares at her, I’m dropping my panties- No. Questions. Asked. 😂😂😂😎. When Norman Reedus said on TTD that he saw them flirt in the season 3 finale, I died. Died I tell you. I finally was like, yes someone sees it. It’s not just me being a hopeless romantic for my fave two characters of the series. The show got more popular and everyone talked about the killing and crazy stories(myself included), but no one would talk about these intimate moments. My only saving grace had been Yvette Nicole Brown…my shipping captain. That episode of TTD when Chris Hardwick said he saw chemistry between Jessick, YNB and myself wanted to throw up. In a way, I never worried about The Jessick angle. I knew her and her clan died in the comics, and when I saw them in 6x8 walking hand and hand and Carl was near Jessie, I kept telling my mom(who I got hooked on the show), that she was gonna die in the next episode. I knew Rick would chop her arm off to save Carl. So I just dealt with that story line. (I was very proud I called that one…lol). Then 6x10 happened and I literally died. I’m still dead. It was a big deal for me. Then I noticed the hate my OTP were getting on Facebook and decided to keep my joy to myself. My boss was like, I dont understand how they just put them together. I had to give a dissertation to my boss y'all…lol. Gave her episodes she needed to re-watch…ha! If people stopped complaining about the pacing, actually listened to the characters during slower episodes, and not concentrate on the deaths (which are awesome), well you would have seen it imo. I discovered Tumblr about a month ago and have gone to shipping heaven. I never realized how many people live for my OTP. The Richonne community is so awesome and sticks up for our pairing and I’m so grateful. I get to die with y'all and take this shipping journey together out in the open. Loud and proud. Thanks Tumblr, because of you I no longer ship in silence. Cheers shippers!

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Can I please, please, have some Johnny x meena, there seems to only be Johnny x ash, I was wondering if guys could be flirting with meena, and jealous Johnny. Thank you if you do this! It's ok if you don't because you don't ship them, but thank you if you do! \(*•*)/

I’m still not entirely comfortable writing Meena and I’m worried that’s obvious in my writing. I did my best and I hope you enjoy it!

Johnny felt his face heat up; he knew he was being ridiculous. He and Meena were not dating, he didn’t think she even knew of his crush on her and he honestly couldn’t tell if she liked him back. So there was no reason to be glaring at the guys talking to Meena after a show. They had brought her flowers (they brought roses and Johnny scoffed. Daffodils were Meena’s favorite) and chocolate.

He knew Meena was a beautiful singer and a beautiful person. It was hard not to fall at her feet and adore her.

A crocodile winked at her and Meena blushed. Johnny growled.

“You can’t keep getting mad when you haven’t made a move, kid.” The voice sounded so very far away, Johnny looked around but didn’t see anyone. “Down here, you lug!” Down at his feet was Mike, retying his bowtie and checking his reflection in a glass bottle someone had left on the ground. “You haven’t asked her out, haven’t told her you like her. She still has other options and you’re pouting that she’s talking to other guys. Geesh, you sound like you’re the girl, here, ha!”

Johnny flushed, in embarrassment this time instead of irritation. “I’m gonna tell her eventually!” He protested.

“Sure, sure,” Mike finished preening and turned to him. “And in the meantime, she doesn’t owe you anything.”

“I’m not saying she does!”

“Then stop getting pissy that other guys are making a move. Go talk to your lady and scare those guys off or get off your high horse!”

Johnny opened his mouth to answer, but Mike was done with the conversation and walked away from him. Johnny shoved his hands into his pockets. Maybe Mike had a point. Afterall, Mike was the only one of them (beside Rosita and Norman) to have a significant other, he knew what he was talking about.

Biting his cheek, Johnny nodded to himself. He pushed off of the wall and walked over to Meena and her little entourage.

He cleared his throat awkwardly and they all turned to him. “Hey Meena,” his mouth felt like sandpaper, but Johnny wasn’t going to chicken out. “Can I talk to you?”

The Final Problem:

I’m really sorry that a lot of you didn’t like The Final Problem, but I think it was extremely human and ultimately, our boys are still living together and doing what we love best; solving crimes and blogging about them. Ships are ships because it’s something we may want, even if it won’t come true, don’t let that fog your views on the entire show- because Mofatiss did a really wonderful job! They kept us guessing, kept us interested, and in The Final Problem, we got to see a whole new side of Mycroft and Sherlock; along with their family. It was beautifully written and directed and if you appreciate that go see it in theaters, see it with people you love and people you like watching Sherlock with. The show is about entertainment and a new spin on the beloved Connan Doyle books. The Baker Street Boys still get to be our boys and that, to me is enough.

Tired of Blorke shit...

I am getting so fed up with blorkes… like every since the 100 trailer dropped they are giving soooooo much shit. Like be// touched Clarkes shoulder for a few seconds and they think that be/Arke is canon and they are saying to get over Lexa she’s deader than dead and that wasn’t love and long live be/arke.. so you think that because you got a shoulder touch (which is the extent of their relationship), that they win and that they have the best ship out there. But that is all a bunch of bullshit. Facts: Clarke and Lexa loved each other. Clarke taught Lexa how to love and that love was ok. Blorkes say that Lexa didn’t love her cause she killed Finn and left her at mount weather but both of these have an explanation. She killed Finn because Finn massacred almost an entire village and he gave himself up. This was before she started to fall for Clarke. And Clarke killing Finn showed Lexa what mercy is and pardoned Clarke for killing him instead of the death ritual. She then at the funeral opened up about her love for Costia and Clarke told it was ok to love. As for mount weather, she didn’t see Clarke living either way. She would rather her die a hero to her people than by torture and beheading from Azgeda. When she found out that Nia was looking for Wanheda she did everything absolutely possible to get her to Polis safely. When she saw what leaving her did, she apologized and she gave her the most important thing she could ever give her, a vow to always protect her and her people. Something she held true until she died and even after in another life. You can see the love these 2 have for each other and if you say they don’t love each other you are delusional. You can see it in their eyes when they see each other or even when tongue just hear each other’s name. They can touch hands, have constant eye sex, they made each other smile (which in this show is rare), they have held each other, had cute little moments like when Clarke draws Lex and comforts her after a bad dream, they have a chemistry which is like a one moves and the other repositions to match the other, they have slept together (a few times(the great thing about being a lesbian)), and they have exchanged I love you’s. They have so much love for each other that they arnt fooling anyone. You can never say they didn’t love each other, ever… Eliza HATES the idea of shipping Blorke Honestly I think she feels the same as the rest of Clexakru, that Be// and Clarke should just stay friends. Why does the female and male lead always have to be shipped. It doesn’t go. Eliza likes basically any other ships other than blorke. She and the writers even said it wasn’t going to happen. Lastly Be//amy is a major a-hole. For majority of the show be// has been king douche of asshole land. A tittle he well deserves. He only cares about himself and who he wants his sister to be rather than who is truly is. He killed 300 innocent trikru who were there to protect the skikru because he felt mad about Gina’s death. They were told that Azgeda would be punished and that the army was there to help keep peace with skikru and he chose not to hear this. These were his sisters people, lincolns people and thanks to him (and pike) Lincoln is dead as well. And HE STILL thinks that he was in the right. So I ask myself WHY THE FUCK DO PEOPLE WANT THIS FOR CLARKE? She deserves sooooo much better, Clarke is so under appreciated as is. She doesn’t need this asshole on top of that. Clarke deserves better.

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People who are going to stop watching if Johnlock isn’t canon- you disgust me

Sherlock is an amazing show and I feel the best part of it had always been the actual plot
If you’re only in it for the ship you are a disgrace to the entire fandom


It is about Sherlock

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Favorite character: Alex Danvers, my child, my sweet lesbian daughter

Least Favorite Character: Mon-ew (aka Alien Boy)

5 Favorite Ships (canon or non-canon): Sanvers, SuperCorp/SuperLena, Karolsen, SuperCat, Lucy/Alex

Character I find most attractive: Oh gosh. There are so many attractive women on this show, but I’m gonna say…Lena Luthor. Like there’s something about her. Katie McGrath is so damn hot.

Character I would marry: Alex Danvers because she’s the kind of wife that could take good care of me.

Character I would be best friends with: Kara Danvers, because she’s a puppy and is always down to get food (so am i tbh)

A random thought: how does kara cut her hair? 

An unpopular opinion:  I don’t ship Alien Boy with anybody on this show; he’s unnecessary to the entire thing

My canon OTP: Sanvers

My non-canon OTP: SuperCorp/SuperLena

Most badass character: Cat Grant tbh. She has always stood up for herself and others, even without the tactical training from the DEO, armor from Winn, or superpowers from being an alien. She tries to do the best she can and she’s the CEO of a major corporation and is just…amazing. Her confidence gives me chills and I love her.

Pairing I’m not a fan of: Alien Boy w/ANYBODY. Go away.

Character I feel the Writers Screwed Up in One Way or Another: Alien Boy. He could have been so interesting if they weren’t trying to force him into the ‘playboy/love interest’ role and gave him his own, SEPARATE ARC. Let him be a jackass who doesn’t fall for Kara. Let him show the dichotomy of being from outer space and just wanting to do whatever you want instead of trying to be a hero. Don’t force him on Kara.

Favorite friendship: Super Friends (all of them. They’re all so cute together)

I’m infinitely delighted that the the adventure zone zone sparked a dialogue about lgb rep in taz that ended up with actual change in the show. like i’m not gonna go look it back up but someone pointed out that sloan/hurley is straight up bury your gays to griffin on twitter and he responded to that particular tweet with kind of a “i did not know that was A Thing” and later in the show with the best possible solution: Alive Lesbians. (Though honestly the engine of that ship was carey pietsch’s art, but the point remains about fan dialogue)

And obviously there was the thing with taako being gay and them being too unsure to address it in the show, to which the entire fandom was like WAIT WHAT THAT’S CANON NOW, and then within a few eps it was textually #confirmed in like… literally the best possible way, tbqh.

And it’s so unusual in most narrative media but kind of what’s so rare and good in the mcelroys’ work, that they are old hands at owning up to when they hecked up and did some problematic shit, then nearly immediately putting in the work to making their shows more inclusive without complaint. And it never feels cynical or pandering or fanbaiting. It’s like the show and the fandom are a nice little community garden that they’ve set up, and there’s trading back and forth between plots, and it’s just very satisfying to see how it’s all grown.

the signs watching their fav tv show with friends

aries: *spoils the entire show*

taurus: loOK HE’S SO HOT I’M SO IN LOVE *starts telling to his/her friends the whole life of the actor*


cancer: sHUT UP THIS IS MY FAV SCENE *says this in EVERY scene*


virgo: okay this is trash but it’s mY TRASH AND I’M PROUD OF IT


scorpio: *cries even knowing what it’s going to happen*

sagittarius: *starts telling the dialogue at the same time that the characters*


aquarius: *starts screaming at the tv*

pisces: *has the most weird ships*

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Tintin - TV series

Favourite character:

Tintin and Haddock, MY BOIS

Funniest character:

When Tintin sasses, i stg. And Haddock ofc, but honestly everyone has great lines haha

Best-looking character:

HADDOCK CAN R A W M E (also Tintin’s a fucking cutie)

3 favourite ships:

I don’t really have any ships in this show tbh I wonder if Haddock and Calculus could be cute lol or Tintin and that blonde dude (Skeet?), who knows?

Least favourite character:

Not really anyone, even the villains are entertaining haha

Least favourite ship:


Reason why I watch it:

It’s from my childhood man, I just adore it so much! Plus it’s a ton of fun and just gr e at 

Why I started watching it:

My mom brought me the entire DVD set of the show from France haha

lmao does anyone in the fandom need to be educated by me?

i was just scrolling down the tags….and i come to find that there are still people who have severe brain disorders claiming that their ship is still endgame or at least has a chance. i’m just gonna drop on by and educate you guys just a tad because it’s only for the best that we dispose of the uneducated trash of this fandom ok? great!

riarkle shippers: your ship is dead. michael jacobs, creator of the entire show and confirmed shipper of rucas—he teared up when someone called it their pluto—has said it himself that farkle has a girlfriend, smackle whom you all have an unhealthy desire to run her over with a bus, AND that farkle loves riley and maya equally and has NEVER had romantic feelings for them—ever. he was a hopeless child who rarely got any female interaction so his weak mind fell in love with the idea of one of the only girls who could stand breathing the same air as him. that’s all. case closed. if you don’t believe me then go get some serious help asap. it’s for your own good.

lucaya shippers: lmaoooo boy do we have a past! you know what else is in the past? your ship :). michael jacobs, creator of the entire show and shipper of rucas AND joshaya—he once said that he’s 7 years older than his wife and that there is no age in the history of love—has said that if you ship lucaya then you’ve been watching the show incorrectly. the well educated man also went on to say that maya has NOT liked lucas since the beginning, AND that he loves lucaya’s relationship the way it is right now. note how he said this after ski lodge and after ski lodge the triangle is deader than mrs. svorski so that being said michael only loves lucaya when it’s PLATONIC. P L A T O N I C, PLATONIC, not dating—only a friendship relationship that’s in fact just built on highkey bullying lowkey teasing and stereotypical nicknames that some people in the fandom actually consider racist. your ship is dead and i get that your desperate asses thrive over fan service so called moments that may happen in the upcoming episodes—but i advise you to never forget that the season AND the show are almost over, lucaya is still not a thing, riley and lucas are in a happy relationship, and maya was promised a future with josh. stay bothered.


Let's not compare Buffy/Angel to Emma/Hook, mkay

Let me preface by saying I don’t want this post to come off sounding like I’m a raged Buffy stan. I’m not. In retrospect, the entire Buffyverse is a bit overrated, Whedon is the best example of a #ffffffauxminist I can think of, and if you really want to talk about a show with constant consent issues, look no further. This also isn’t about shipping. Because again, looking back as an adult, a centuries old vampire romancing a teenager is more than a little creepy.

But this:

Yeah, this is nothing like the fuckery anyone watched last night. This isn’t his sacrifice. It’s not meant to be an act of heroism. Angel dying isn’t his redemption arc. He actually has a redemption arc. This moment is about Buffy being selfless enough to kill him in order to save the world even though she’d rather be in her room studying. It’s not cleaning up his mistakes. It’s stopping the big bad of the season in Angelus. Angel actually has no idea what’s going on and only returns because he’s cursed once again with his soul. He doesn’t have a change of heart because he finally figured out what type of a ~man he wanted to be. This isn’t actually about him.

Buffy loses everything in this episode. She loses her fellow slayer. She’s expelled from her school. She’s kicked out of her home. The relationships among her friends are rocky at best. She allies with her initial nemesis of the season. And it all culminates with her having to kill the man she’s in love with. It’s harrowing. And most importantly, it’s about her.

The Angelus arc is the game changer of the series. It’s what took Buffy the Vampire Slayer from being a quirky high school show about low budget monsters and made it an acclaimed cult classic. The ramifications of this arc within the narrative stay. What happens in this arc affects everything in Buffy and Angel’s individual journeys from here on out and into their respective series. Her killing him isn’t an abrupt 180 to her trying to rescue him from hell. All of the heinous acts he commits aren’t swept under the rug because he died as Angel.

Buffy has to repair every one of her relationships after this. She runs away for months after this, and when she returns things are obviously different. She’s different. And when Angel returns she’s not ready to pop half of her heart into his chest with little forethought. She lies. Trust is broken and tested. Angel doesn’t transition back into the group smoothly. The Buffy/Angel romance goes through ups and downs before they get back together. The remainder of Season Three is about them realizing they can’t be together and him moving away. The narrative acknowledges the toxicity of their relationship, the inevitability of their breakup, and they end it. The characters love each other, but it still ends because it’s not about ships. It’s about character. And it matters.

Angelus was around for longer than two episodes. Buffy was tormented by him for longer than two episodes. The first half of Season Two foreshadows that this arc is going to happen steadily. It doesn’t happen abruptly and get explained away with some overused amnesia trope. And it starts from a very different place.

It’s not this:

Angelus returning was an accident more than anything.  Buffy is sympathetic in it, not selfish. BtVS started out as something that used monsters as metaphors for real life issues teens deal with. The Angelus arc was meant to be the classic horror trope about the dangers of having sex and how you must be punished afterwards. Only it’s subverted, and instead it becomes this:

It’s about Buffy becoming (lol) ready to do what must be done as a Slayer. It doesn’t happen within a scene of looking at a dreamcatcher. It takes a while. It takes “Passion,” an episode typically regarded as being one of the best in the series. It takes Angelus killing one of her friends in cold blood, and not as a lazy means to an end to cast yet another curse that will soon be forgotten about. He does it to send a message to Buffy. Whedon does it to send a message to the audience. Jenny Calendar isn’t forgotten about. It’s not in vain. Giles never recovers from this in relation to Angel. Giles’s relationship with Buffy alters after this. Drusilla tortures Giles using Jenny’s death. Angel is tormented with Jenny’s death the following year. We knew her, and ultimately it’s what pushes Buffy forward.

It’s how we get here:

At the end of the day that moment is what the Angelus arc was actually about. Which coincidentally is exactly what the Dark Swan arc wasn’t about.

The 100 No Sense
  • Fandom: We fucking love Lexa. She's the best. She our commander. Even ppl who don't watch the show admire her. Best character of the entire TV series's history. Part of the Clexa ship which is actually the most shipped couple on the show. Proud lesbian. Proud female fighting for her ppl and trying to bring the peace all around. Lexa is the boom!
  • JRat: oh well...I see. This will be emotional but won't have a big impact *kills Lexa*
  • Fandom: *after two weeks after the no sense death* okay. You killed the best female character you had, you fucking ending her precious gonplei, you used the LGBTQ community to get more ratings because of her, you got a lot of followers thanks of your lies. You, liar, just killed the spirit of the show. You killed the Clexakru with Lexa's death. What's next? Kill your best male character? Kill the second best character of the show? The man that saved everyone? That brought the little spark between Skaikru and Trikru? A healer? Octavia's family? Octavia's truly love? The best hottie on the entire show? Are you going to end with his gonplei? Will you end the second most shipped couple of the show?
  • JRat: oh! Are u talking about Lincoln? Do you like him? Fine. *finds a silly way to make Lincoln sacrifices himself for couple of characters and makes Octavia watch it because he ADORES to see ppl suffering*
  • Fandom:
  • JRat:
  • Fandom: Let's call AMC again. There's a new character that they need to put in FTWD. Rocky Lincoln. Yeah. And let's put Maria Blak in the show as well. C'mon quickly. They will find Alicia and Elyza in the way and they four will be happy and will make babies. Beautiful babies. THEY ARE STILL ALIVE. NO MATTERS WHAT. THEY JUST MOVED TO ANOTHER SHOW. WE ARE NOT GIVING A SHIT ANYMORE WITH THE 100.
SVTFOE Ultimate Fangirling deep realization Moment!

A little moment of your time please!!!!!


You might think I’m only saying this because I’m being biased because I ship my babies, STARCO (super hard). Don’t get weirded out people because it’s about to get a little more weird (if you have been watching this show, you would’ve gotten that part from the opening song. Warned you. Hahahaha!). It’s partly A reason but not entirely THE reason. 

First of all you can see the CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT that had grown between Marco and Star. 

Throughout the 2 seasons, Marco became more open to taking risks and being adventurous while loosening his uptight boundaries and widening his perspective about his limits. Star became more open to the possibility that she needed to tone down a bit and look at things differently and handle things more delicately and seriously rather than recklessly. BOTH of them had grown and learned so much from each other because of their friendship. And they’ve always stuck with each other no matter what happens because they’re best friends and that means a lot to both of them because their bond is priceless.

Star taught Marco how to put a little more fun and freedom while Marco taught Star how to have self control and sensitivity when analyzing a situation. They both give each other a sense of self which makes them a balance of each other. 

They are slowly having a deeper understanding and awareness of themselves and others. 

This was shown when Marco explained that he wasn’t sure if he really does have a crush on Jackie or what part of her makes him like her or why he does like her because he put her on a pedestal of some sort– a picture of his perfect ideal of a girl he would like. He wasn’t sure but he was sure that she deserved someone better: a guy that wants to really know her and understand her, and that it could be him. 

Another was when Star had a deeper realization that we all don’t know what we think because we don’t know what we truly feel inside– that our mind and heart aren’t always in sync and at most times are in disagreement because feelings change. Our choices, our feelings and ideas doesn’t always have to be black and white because life is like a rainbow of emotions. Sometimes we think we know what we want but then sooner or later we realize that what we truly wanted was a different thing all together. We are in a continuous state of contradiction to ourselves.

Next is that it is here that I can truly confirm (with thanks to the evil TRUTH OR PUNISHMENT BOX) that STARCO is REAL and STAR BUTTERFLY HAS A CRUSH ON MARCO DIAZ. 


IF YOU DOUBT ME, THIS WAS FORESHADOWED FROM THE PREVIOUS EPISODES THAT FURTHER CONFIRMS STARCO!*further explanations to follow on my next post which will be soon after the next episode*

*COUGH**COUGH* Back to the topic. Next is that THE PROGRESSION OF THE STORY AND MOMENTUM INCREASE IS ON POINT. I’ve seen fan arts, comics and theories about Star’s dysfunctional magic wand. And this episode supports what was already indirectly shown in some previous episodes that Star’s emotions ARE TIED with her magic powers and why the wand is acting weird. WAND THEORY Confirmed. *further deets will also be explained in my next post which will be soon after the next episode*



I seriously can’t wait for the next episodes to come out! This show is absolutely amazing. Now, if you guys excuse me, I’m gonna go and fangirl in a corner til I catch some Zzzs… <3

as much as i love Katara x Aang, I think I prefer Katara x Zuko because it sorta defies the notion that the Main Guy always gets the Main Girl; I feel she would have been better with Zuko because it shows more of his redemption arc

then again i’m not even finished with season 1 yet