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An Escort’s Favorite Products and Their Hoe Uses

For those that have asked about my self-care regimen, here are my favorite products and their uses! I’ll definitely update this as I get more escorting experience and my product selection grows. 


I have sensitive, weird skin. I’m allergic to almost all BBW products. Here are the things I love! 

  • Aloe Vera Baby Oil - Shaving the cooch
  • Tend Skin - Prevents razor burn after shaving the cooch
  • Neutrogena Body Clear Scrub - Exfoliates and gets rid of random bumps
  • Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel - For a soft, super close shave on your legs
  • Lollia Perfumed Shower Gel - All of their scents smell amazing and they leave behind a muted scent. Plus, it’s very thick so a little bit goes a long way. Seriously, a quarter sized dollop is enough to get foamy suds over your entire body!
  • Lollia Hand Creme - Will give you the smoothest, softest hands ever. Especially important for touching wieners. 
  • Intimore Intimate Wash - My favorite wash for cleaning the vag. ALL of their varieties are safe for sensitive skin and they have great uses. The Therapeutic wash is great if you’ve been fucked raw. Very soothing!
  • Lush Sugar Scrub - Great for exfoliating, it leaves your skin very bright and radiant and it is supposed to reduce the appearance of cellulite!
  • Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Extreme Pads - I use these to get rid of weird bumps or razor burn on my legs after shaving. Will literally clear up those weird clear bumps that aren’t quite whiteheads or pimples. 
  • Kiehl’s Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter - Will leave your entire body smoother than a baby’s butt and the scent is very light. Super hydrating. I use this every night after a hot bath. I also use this to moisturize my cooch. YES, YOU CAN AND SHOULD MOISTURIZE YOUR COOCH. It’s okay! Try it!
  • Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs - It’s like foundation for your legs! It comes in either a squeeze bottle or mist. I use the squeeze bottle more because the mist WILL STAIN your bathroom tile or toilet, if you prop your leg on it to spray. 
  • St. Tropez Express Bronzing Mousse with Mitt - I used this for the first time last night because my spray tan was wearing off. It gives a really natural tan and you only have to leave it on 1-3 hours, depending on how dark you want to go, before rinsing! I left mine on for a little less than two hours and I have a nice, NATURAL looking tan glow! 


I’m a light ashy blonde with frizzy, unmanageable hair. Here are my top picks for products. 

  • Batiste Dry Shampoo - Absolute BEST dry shampoo and it’s super affordable. Very fine powder. It comes in a bunch of varities, I like the sleek and shine the most. 
  • AG Hair Cosmetics Sterling Silver Shampoo - Great purple shampoo for blondes. 
  • Davines Alchemic Conditioner - They have different formulas for different hair colors. I use the purple conditioner for blondes and it’s a great purple mask that tones and deep conditions. 
  • Kerastase Shampoo & Conditioner - Comes in a ton of varities. I use the ones for damaged hair and frizzy hair. BEST shampoo and conditioners I have ever used. It doesn’t take much product and every product does what it says it will. 
  • Kerastase Fluidissime Blow Dry Spray - For frizzy or curly hair. It gives heat protection, shine and smoothness. I use this when I want my hair to be super straight or I want to style it after blow drying. 
  • Kerastase L’ncroyable Blow Dry - Most amazing blow dry lotion ever. Seriously. Now my most used product. 
  • Kerastase Ciment Thermique - Protecting blow dry lotion for damaged/colored hair. 
  • Davines Melu Serum - For disguising split ends. Also adds shine. 
  • Davines Minu Mask - Illuminating hair mask used to add back shine and dimension
  • Carol’s Daughter Monoi Mask - Great for softness and hydration. Smells amazing. Probably my favorite mask. 
  • Kerastase Masqueintense - Second favorite hair mask. It’s ultra smoothing and revitalizes your hair. 
  • Kerastase Elixir Ultime - Great hair oil! Lighter than Morrocanoil with the same benefits, though the smell isn’t as nice. 
  • Shu Uemura Straight Forward - Great blowdry spray oil. It really does cut down the amount of time it takes to blow out your hair. I use this with the Kerastase Incredible Blowdy. 

Skin Care

I have sensitive, combination skin. I used to get random hormonal acne. 

  • Glamglow ThirstyMud - Great for hydration and smells amazing. You can use it as rinse off or a sleeping mask.
  • Glamglow Flashmud - Brightening, revitalizing mask. I use this on my butt to help get rid of a few blemish scars. No, I am not joking. Yes, it is actually working. 
  • Glamglow Thirstycleanse - Amazing mud cleanser for whenever my skin is feeling a little dry or needs some nourishment. 
  • Glamglow Supercleanse - My favorite cleanser ever. It’s a mud-oil dual pump and it takes off every BIT of make up and keeps your skin super clear! Plus, it’s not drying!
  • Peter Thomas Roth BHA 2% Acne Wash - For if I feel a breakout coming on. One bottle will likely last you over a year. 
  • Peter Thomas Roth Blemish Buffing Beads - Great for body acne.
  • Glamglow Fizzy Lip - Great exfoliating lip scrub, plus you get twice as much product as most other lip scrubs. 
  • Glamglow Wet Lip - Intense softening lip treatment. You should definitely be using both of these to get seductive, soft, kissable lips! 
  • Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil - I use this at night before bed. It’s anti-aging, moisturizing, clarifying, fights wrinkles and reduces pore size. 
  • Sunday Riley Good Genes Serum - I use this in the morning and it makes my skin look superb. Best skin product I’ve ever had. It brightens, exfoliates, gives radiance and evens out hyperpigmentation. 
  • Clarins HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase - I use this serum as my moisturizer and it keeps my skin super nourished! It doesn’t clog up your pores and hydrates your dry areas. Definitely the best moisturizer I’ve ever used.

Shampoo: *runs over Mousse w/ her bike*
Mousse: I’d like to thank God and also Jesus

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lazy morning shawn ft. morning voice and fluffy hair and no shirt and morning breath and "I don't give a shit about morning breath" and wrapping his strong arms around your waist and saying "c'mere" oh boy

a/n: these two kinda go together so imma just combine them.

“M’ trying to sleep.” Shawn stops his kiss-assault on you and instead licks your cheek. “Ew! I was peacefully resting until you had to go and ruin it.” Shawn just smiles at you and leans in again, but you push his head away. “I’ve got bad morning breath.” 

“Don’t care,” he tells you, voice raspy and rough as he grips your jaw and plants one on you. Your tongues tangle briefly, but then you break away to check the clock because it’s light outside and it shouldn’t be; you set your alarm for seven thirty. It’s not supposed to be light at seven thirty. 

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” you mutter, seeing that it’s already eight fifteen and you’re going to be so, so late. But Shawn’s arms are wrapped so tightly around your waist and he’s making it clear that he doesn’t want you to leave the bed. “We have to go, come on.”

“Why are you lying to me?” Shawn whines in your ear, pulling you in by the hips so your back is flush against his chest. “We don’t have to get up. Stop telling fibs.” 

“You’re literally three years old,” you laugh. “And I’m not lying– we have to be at the place in half an hour. We’ll be late even if we get going now.” 

“Right! So we’ll just skip it, have a stay-at-home, Shawn-Y/n type of day. Sounds good to me,” he suggests happily. His face is burrowed into the crook of your shoulder and your neck, right where he can always smell that green apple shampoo the best. 

He waits for you to protest his ingenious plan, but gets nothing. “Alright, then. I’ll just go call us in sick.” 

lol this one sucks sorry

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Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you've written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿)

Hiii! I meant to do this thing for a while! Sorry it took me so long! 

Hmmm, let’s see. I’ll stick to my 1D and H/L fics for this… It’d look different if I included all my fics I’ve ever written, but I don’t think anyone who follows me here is from any other fandom :) 

1. Empty Skies - it’s probably the most complex thing I’ve written? It’s also very dear to me because I love the exes to lovers trope, the whole theme of forgiveness and showing that even when it seems to be so clear, there’s always more to a story. It’s never just one of them at fault when a relationship doesn’t work out. 

2. Jump Before We Fall - This one is so dear to me, because it’s basically just an ode to my home in England. I used to live and work in a hotel by the sea, just like it’s described in this fic. There’s a lot of personal experience in this fic, and even more of my heart and soul. 

3. Walk Away You’re Messed Up - I got to focus on their characters and how OT5 works and influence each other. That was really fun, because I think there’s not many OT5 fics that show just how perfectly they complemented each other. A lot of thought went into this to make this an AU mirroring canon, just to show that these five boys would find each other in every universe. 

4. Nameless Night - it should be much higher on my list, really. I got to turn the soulmate trope around. I just took it and made this fic the anti-soulmate fic LOL also, I loved building this universe and get to critically write about social problems and show that, once again, things are not always black and white. And that, sometimes, love is not enough. (Although, in the end, love wins, of course :D) 

5. Your Best Line Ever - The shampoo fic, isn’t it? I don’t even know where that idea came from. The prompt is one I had actually read in another fandom, and wanted to use for a different pairing. Then, 1D happened, and I swiftly went wild with it and wrote my first H/L fic :D 

(Paint Me in A Million Dreams will get in there once it’s finished, but I wouldn’t know which one it’ll replace…..) 

Okay, I’m not gonna send out asks, I’ll just tag a few people (or a few more…) @karamelised, @cherrystreet, @actuallyredorchid, @loveloveolivia and @tvshows-addict aaaaaand @lucystarkid (I forgot you, hooooowwww could iii?) – your turn :) 

Warren cares about hygiene and skin care a lot more than many would expect and believe, he knows the best skin creams and lotions, in time will share his face masks with his s/o, and has some of the best shampoo available (those curls take care to be so soft!)
As such, he also enjoys long warm baths with his s/o to just relax and unwind, and what better than to add a nice bathbomb to the evening?

One time while Warren was out with the X-Men on a mission you decided to get him a special treat and pick up a bath bomb for him, while looking around you found one that was just impossible not to buy for your angry birb.

Sirius Black headcanon

Sirius Black is one of my favourite characters so I wanted to write some headcanons about him

-          He looks punk with his black shirt, black skinny jeans and his Dr martens but he’s actually a cinnamon role who needs to be protected at all costs (this is also Remus’ job)
-          He’s really in love with Remus
-          Like really
-          Everyone always assumes Sirius is a flirt who did it with many girls and boys (yes both, cause Sirius doesn’t care about gender) but he actually only did it with Remus.
-          SIRIUSLY DON’T (Pun intended)
-          His hair is precious
-          Sirius really takes care of his hair. He always looks for the best conditioner, shampoo, hairspray, etcetera
-          This results in really long showers
-          Much to Remus’ annoyance
-          Sirius goes to bed late and doesn’t wake up until like 13:00
-          After he had his coffee
-          Sirius has a beautiful singing voice but he hates to sing. Singing, especially when you had a voice like Sirius, was a pureblood thing and Sirius hated all the pureblood things he grew up with.
-          Although he never hated his brother. He always felt sorry for him.
-          Sirius also really hated it that he had to leave his baby brother with his abusive parents but he didn’t know how he could help him.
-          But James made Sirus happy. Peter made Sirius happy. His boyfriend Remus made Sirius happy and even Lily made Sirius happy.
-          Even though Sirius had a fucked up childhood, he had the best friend he could wish for. And after all, that’s what made him happy.


Can I just share one of the best makeup hacks I’ve ever discovered?

If you have oily skin and no matter how matte your foundation is or how matte your powder is or how much primer you use or how much you blot, your face still ends up looking like you just dipped your face in oil, bitch you gotta try this

I’ve been testing this trick for a few weeks and finally I can tell you this is some holy grail shit for oily skin 

1. moisturize as usual (i use a vaseline body lotion on my face, it’s one of those non greasy ones, and it sinks in and it works so)

2. put on your primer (I use the l’oreal studio secrets one in the little pink jar, just a tiny bit around my t-zone, i’ve found it really smoothes everything out and minimizes pores)

3. HERE’S THE TRICK: take a loose translucent powder, I use MAC prep and prime loose powder, and take a brush and loosely pat a bit around your oiliest areas, for me, it’s just around the nose and cheeks. you would think that the powder doesn’t have anything to stick to but you already put your moisturizer and primer on, so it has the perfect surface. 

4. put a little bit of the powder on a little powder puff, or a cotton ball or beauty blender, anything you can press, and just press the powder into your skin, pretty hard. I take a good minute to press everything into place. 

5. this is when I do my eyeliner and mascara, and then I move on to foundation. the little time in between is good because it helps the loose powder sink into your skin a bit before you add foundation 

6. now listen, I know it sounds fucking ridiculous to put foundation on top of powder, i was like bitch i’m about to have some caramel cake face, but LISTEN, it works. the trick is to use a super finely milled powder, like a loose translucent powder, MAC, makeup forever, elf, and tarte are good brands for that

7. I’ve seen people put their foundation over the powder with a beauty blender, but I use a real techniques stippling brush and it works perfectly, I use a mix of l’oreal infallible matte foundation, and chanel’s perfection lumiere velvet. just put your foundation on like you normally would and finish off your skin

8. to finish, i press l’oreal infallible pressed powder right into my t-zone, and if it’s going to be an especially long day, I will bake with the loose MAC powder

9. if you’re going to be seen like 5 seconds after your makeup is done, you should probably use a setting spray to get rid of that powdery look but it takes me an hour to drive to work or to dance so by the time i get out of my car, nothing is powdery anymore 

LISTEN: I have super oily skin, it’s a blessing but nothing stays on. I have my makeup done around 7:30am, and I get home around 11pm. I have work, meetings with friends, summer heat and humidity, and swing dancing (which is straight hiit cardio) in between, and STILL this bitch is locked into place, nothing moves, no matter how much i sweat, no matter how long the day, i don’t even repowder or anything. if i’m bout to see someone cute, I will just blot the sides of my nose, just out of habit, but when the oil does start coming through, it just ends up looking like you used a 300 dollar highlighter because of that super finely milled loose powder


bonus: the best dry shampoo is the the 4 dollar pantene one in the gold bottle, it’s your ticket to beyonce hair



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hey friend, do you have any Dick Grayson headcanons?

um, DO I

  • of all the Batkids he’s the one least likely to abuse Bruce’s money. armed with the Bat Credit Card he’ll still come home with a family-sized bag of generic cereal and whatever store brand shampoo smelled best. he is not a spendy boy.
    • as opposed to his siblings, Jason “fuck you I died I deserve nice things” Todd, Tim “do you have any idea how much money Bruce makes literally nothing could even dent his bank account” Drake, Cassie “I have literally no concept of money and I’m Bruce’s favorite anyway” Cain, and Damian “no reputable cereal comes in a bag” Wayne.
  • speaking of which, he’s a fashion disaster. Gotham gossip sites are always shitting themselves over how good he looks in a suit but that’s all Alfred’s doing. left to his own devices Dick would happily spend his entire life in sweatpants.
  • he’s not a slob though; he really likes being clean and FEELING clean. he’s got a really strict laundry regiment, washes his sheets every two weeks, showers almost every day, etc.
  • he shaves most of his body hair, like pro swimmers do. I’m talking smooth legs, minimal armpit hair, meticulously manscaped pubes. Babs (who fucking hates shaving her legs and mostly gives it up by the time she’s like… 21, tops) will get hypnotized petting his smooth smooth dolphin legs when they’re cuddling.
  • he can cook when he has time for it but when the hell does he have time? so he lives off a lot of Lean Cuisine and 3 AM bowls of Lucky Charms.
  • personal headcanon to justify why so many artists draw his hair so short and ugly: he’s really bad at making to get it cut, and it doesn’t really look bad when it’s a little overgrown, so he can get away with it for a while. but when he goes in he always ends up getting it cut way too short so he can go awhile without having to get it cut again. it’s a vicious cycle.
  • this is p much canon but he will smalltalk… anyone. anywhere. the guy who owns the cornerstore. the uber driver. the cool street performers he bumped into while he was on patrol. (there are SO MANY selfies with Nightwing on the interwebs.) it frustrates Tim and Damian to no end and if either of them are with him they WILL start squirming and unsubtly hinting that it is Time To Go.
  • he’s never used a dating app in his life; doesn’t get the appeal. casual sex, or at least sex with somebody he doesn’t feel like he has a pretty good connection to, is not his thing.
  • got his ears pierced because fucking Wally West dared him
  • he’s bi but he’s one of those fucking goobers that like… forgets he’s bi? like he’s so into feminine/femme people that when he sees a hot masculine dude and is actually Into It he’ll be like “wait what? oh right lmao” 
    • in which I project my sexual orientation onto Dick Grayson whoops

“I’m Pregnant.” | Teen Wolf Preference 

a/n : good shit good shit (also very long lmao)


For the past two weeks, it had been nothing but nonstop vomiting every single morning, continuing until the late afternoon and going beyond irritating. It was awful, and Scott was growing more worried as the days went by and your now daily routine stayed consistent. He had been insisting on taking you to his mom at Beacon Hills Memorial for awhile, but you still refused, even after exactly sixteen days of this torture. 

He held your hair back as you leaned over the toilet, completely emptying your stomach of anything that had been in it previously. When you were finished, you flushed the toilet, turing to face Scott with a grim smile on your face. He wiped sweat off your forehead, a small sigh escaping his lips as he did so. “Are you sure you don’t want to go see my mom? It’s been almost three weeks… what if it’s something serious?” You allowed Scott to pull your hair up into a ponytail, something he was surprisingly good at, before protesting. 

“Scott, honestly, it’s lightening up,” you groaned, placing your hands on his cheeks. “I’ll be fine in a few-” Scott placed a hand over your mouth, causing you to drop your hands as he glanced warily around the room with furrowed eyebrows. “Scott? Hey, what’s wrong?” 

“There’s… I hear… but that’s not possible… unless… holy shit!” He exclaimed suddenly, startling you greatly. He lifted you up off the ground, hugging you tightly and peppering your face with kisses before pulling away with a beam on his face. You didn’t even have a chance to ask what was going on, as Scott was already explaining it. “You’re pregnant! I can hear the baby’s heartbeat! You’re pregnant… holy shit I’m going to be a father, and you’re going to be a mother, and we’re gonna be parents.” 

“I’m pregnant? Oh my god, I’m pregnant.” He nodded happily, reaching out to hug you again. “Are you sure? We- we need to take a test to be sure, right?” Though your tone was bordering on panic, you and Scott were excited, and so damn happy, and he was already calling every single one of your friends to tell them the news. 

S T I L E S - 

For Stiles, he had always known that you were the one. You were the one he was going to marry, the one he was going to spend the rest of his life with and start a family with, the one he loved more than anyone else in the world. And he had married you, and you loved him more than you could even believe sometimes, but the one thing that you both wanted was a baby. In fact, you had been trying for nearly a year now, yet nothing had come out of it just yet. You had been to the doctor, numerous ones, and there was nothing wrong with either of you… it just wasn’t “your time.” You had told Stiles after the last trip that if one more doctor said that to you, you were no longer going to hesitate to slap them. 

So now, here you both were, sitting on your bathroom floor side by side, the pregnancy test sitting on the counter above you. You had set a timer on your phone, and now you were both waiting impatiently and anxiously. Stiles’ hand found yours, squeezing your hand reassuringly. 

“Stiles… what if- what if I’m not…” You trailed off, not wanting to say it out loud. If you weren’t pregnant by now, you weren’t sure if you would ever be, and you knew Stiles was thinking the same thing. He licked his lips nervously. 

“I don’t know, sweetheart, but there are alternatives, you know? We- we can adopt, right? That wouldn’t be bad at all. Whatever happens, we’re going to be fine, I promise.” He placed a soft kiss on your temple, just as the sound of your timer blared throughout the small room. You glanced at him worriedly, not moving until he stood up, taking you with him. Neither of you made an effort to grab the stick that was sitting on the counter, until you took a deep breath, turned around and grabbed it, staring at it in your hands and unable to process the information it was displaying for a second. “What? What it does it say?” Stiles asked, his hand trailing up your wrist and turning it over. 

“I’m pregnant,” you breathed, nearly shoving the test in his face. His mouth fell open, brown eyes wide with either fear or excitement or both, and he nearly fainted, but he didn’t. He let out the loudest yell of happiness, a heart-stopping smile lightning up his entire face as he held you tightly in his arms, careful not to put too much pressure on your stomach as he buried his face in your shoulder, breathing deeply. When you pulled away to look at each other, you both were crying a little, tears evident in your eyes. “Oh my god, I’m pregnant.” 

“Yeah, yeah, you are,” Stiles smiled. There was no way that either of you could happier than you were in this moment. 

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More Mama Krul and Mika head cannons
  • Mika comes home from one of his first overseas mission and looks far more shaken up than usual and Krul comforts him n hugs because hugs are nice
  • Krul actually managing to salvage some of the Hyakuya kids drawings and other things and keep them around in case Mika wants them
  • Mika being worried about Krul because she was captured and he actually wants to rescue her because she matters alot to him he loves his mama
  • Krul getting hurt for info on the seraphs but refuses to talk because it  could make Mika a target
  • Krul taking Mika out of Sanguinem and taking him for a drive, she also teaches him how to drive .Krul may have once let Mika drive a car into Ferids section.  Krul considers Ferids shrieks a victory
  • Mika and Krul actually planning elaborate pranks on people that annoy them. Lest Karr may have once left Sanguinem with green hair and missing a good portion of his braid.
  • Mika getting his hair cut by Krul because he’s drowning in that fluff. Krul also has the best shampoos and conditioners which is why they both have great hair
  • Krul putting her headband/ crown on Mikas head for fun. He also looks really pretty with it on.
  • Krul defending Mika when other vampires make fun of him for not being a full vampire. On different news 13 vampires of Ferids section have mysteriously disappeared… I Wonder why
  • Krul telling Mika about the birds and the bees and Mika just blushes furiously, “ Son you have to be prepared for when you and Yuu do the do ”    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Mika having to wake up Krul for a meeting and he enters her room and she just falls out of her hammock. Mika genuinely laughs at Krul for the first time in years and Krul decides to let it slips because Mikas laugh was nice

More Mama Krul and Mika head cannons 

Hair dye tips!

I’ve been dying my hair for almost 5 years now, 4 of said years have included unnatural colours, so its fair to say I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks that I thought I’d share ^-^

Maintaining colour

Unnatural colours are difficult to maintain as they’re semi-permanent and usually only last a couple of washes before fading. So here’s a few tips to make your colour last aslong as possible!

Wash your hair in cold water - this stops the colour bleeding and washing away. Also good if you don’t want the colours in your hair to mix.

Shampoo use - Shampoo is the main culprit for taking the colour out of your hair. Try to shampoo your hair as little as possible, using a minimal amount of shampoo. Also, beware of strong shampoos such as Head & Shoulders as these will take the dye right out of your hair in one wash. Basically any ‘intensive care’ kind of shampoo and conditioners are a no no if you want to keep your hair bright and colourful! ^-^

Avoid heat - Straighteners, curlers and hair dryers can strip colour. You may notice when you straighten your hair, the colour changes slightly right before your eyes as you run the plates down your hair. Excessive use is not only bad for your hair in general (especially if you’ve bleached your hair), but will progressively drain the colour.

Colour conditioning - Every time you condition your hair add a small amount of the dye you used to the conditioner. Leave the conditioner/dye mix in for at least 10 minutes to put back any dye that you’ve lost from shampooing. This top up every time you wash your hair will not only keep your colour looking fresh but will also leave your hair feeling super soft n.n There are also shampoo and conditioners tailored specifically to maintain dyed hair colours so give those a try too! 

Removing dye

So you’ve coloured your hair and it hasn’t come out the way you expected .. And you hate it! Here’s some simple ways to wash dye away so  you can avoid bleaching your hair again. How well these tips work will depend on how long it’s been since you’ve dyed your hair. The sooner you can do these the better. Any longer than a couple days and they won’t have much effect.

Shampoo like there’s no tomorrow - As I’ve mentioned shampoo is the mainly what takes out dye, so shampoo your heart out! Head & Shoulder’s is the best shampoo I’ve found for this. 

Lemon juice - You can either juice a lemon or use the ready bought stuff. Just mix some in with your shampoo and leave it in for about 10 minutes. BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU WASH IT OUT!! Lemon in the eye is very painful, I learned this the hard way ;-;

Washing up liquid - Goes straight on like shampoo, just lather it in a leave it for 5 minutes. The only problem with this method is it will leave your hair feeling pretty dry, but it definitely does the job.

I’ve left it too long! - If it has been more than a few days since you dyed your hair your last hope (before bleach that is) is using a stripper (not the naked kind). Colour strippers aim to return your hair to it’s natural colour. THEY WILL NOT RETURN BLEACHED HAIR BACK TO YOUR NATURAL COLOUR. All it will do is strip all colour off and return you to blonde. The reason I use this as a last resort is because it’s a bit expensive (It’s about £12 a box and I usually need 2 boxes for my shoulder length, thick hair) and it’s time consuming. You can generally redye your hair immediately after stripping it.

Miscellaneous tips

Use Vaseline on the skin around your hair line to prevent stained skin.

Use conditioner to dilute dyes for pastel/lighter colours. These will work better than dyes that are specifically made to be light, and you’ll save money because you won’t need as much dye.

Most dyes say to leave them in for about 15 minutes, but I always leave them in for about 30 - 45 minutes for the best results.

All these tips have been tested by me and will vary with hair types and dye brands. Feel free to message me with any other questions ^-^ 

Saturday Morning [Part 4] (Grayson)

Written by: @keepcalmandlovepotter

Summary: Alyssa is new to L.A. and has a few secrets she’s rather keep to herself. When a famous YouTube star meets her, it changes the course of her life forever.

A/N: This was a submission and this is NOT MY STORY

Part 1/ Part 2/ Part 3

My alarm went off at 4 PM and I sat up straight from the couch. I almost knew, even in my state of unconscious, that I had somewhere to be - something to do.

I got up and immediately got in the shower, putting on loud dance music and remixes I had made in the past. It was my “time to look fierce” playlist.

I took my time, using my very best smelling shampoo and body wash. I blow dried my hair and straightened, curling the ends gently with the wide paddle, creating a great bounce. I walked to my room and opened my closet doors, musing over what to wear. 

He hadn’t called it a date, that was true, but he did ask to “take me out” to dinner. I rolled my eyes as I continued to over-think the situation, thumbing through my best outfits. Were jeans too casual? I wasn’t even sure where we were going. I ran my hand through my hair and played with a curl at the end before I remembered a navy blue floral skater dress I had bought a few days earlier. I hadn’t worn it yet and it would be perfect for a date or just a casual dinner with a friend. 

I pulled the dress and hung it on the door before pulling out my makeup bag and sitting on my bed. I had a desk that also had a vanity mirror but the lighting from my bed was just better and allowed me to blend everything better. By now it was already 6:25. Grayson would be here to pick me up soon. 

As soon as I finished putting on my makeup, I put on my dress and sprayed on some perfume. I grabbed a pair of wedges from the corner of my closet that I almost never wear (because I’m clumsy and putting me in heels is a generally bad idea) but I decided tonight was special enough for them. I meant to grab a sweater, but in the confusion and rush to be ready on time, I forgot. I took a deep breath and looked at myself in the mirror. I blinked at my reflection, staring myself up and down. 

Not bad. 

I pulled a pair of stud earrings that looked like roses and put them on, and paired it with a very dainty gold necklace. I didn’t have time to look at myself again before my doorbell rang. I looked into my reflection and held my breath, my eyes wide. I ran to my room to grab my small matching cross body bag and ran to the door. I opened it to see Grayson, looking down at me with a bright smile, holding a single white long-stemmed rose. 

“Hey,” he said, his face flushing a little. He was wearing a mint green button up and dark jeans. I felt my heart stop again as he smiled at me.

“Hi,” I replied, sounding a little breathless. I tucked a long strand of hair behind my ear. We were both nervous, it was very clear. Maybe it was a date…

“You look beautiful,” he said, handing me the rose. “I got this for you.” 

Definitely a date.

I could’ve thrown up then and there, but wouldn’t have been very attractive, now would it? So I took a deep breath and smelled the beautiful, spotless flower that mirrored the boy standing before me. 

“Thank you so much. It’s beautiful.” I said, looking from the rose up to the person who’d given it to me. He beamed, seemingly glad he’d done something right.

“You ready?” He offered me his arm. I held up a finger, ran back inside to grab my keys, and ran back to the door, taking his arm with the same smile.


He took me outside and opened the door to his Ford Bronco for me and held out a hand for me to step up so I wouldn’t trip in my wedges. 

“M’lady,” he said in a put-on British accent. I feigned surprise and teased him.

“Why thank you, sir,” I said in a fake southern drawl. He laughed out loud, a cackle almost like mine, before clapping his hand over his mouth. He stared at me, my hand in  his, halfway into the truck. There was a moment of silence before I decided to let out my own cackle in response. He looked even more surprised before the two of us burst into laughter together. 

“Oh my gosh! I thought nobody laughed like me!” He said as I sat down. I nodded through my own laughter.

“ME NEITHER! My whole family makes fun of me for it!” I said, trying to catch my breath. He gave me the brightest smile I’d ever seen on him.

“I love your laugh,” he said, his tone very sweet as I sat down, looking down at him. I put the rose across my lap and blushed. 

“Yours might be even worse than mine,” I said, a little astonished. The two of us cackled at each other for another good few minutes. After we’d both calmed down a bit, he ran around to the drivers’ side and hopped in.

“So you never told me where we were going,” I pointed out, and he looked back at me with a grin and cocked an eyebrow like he did when we first met. 

“You’re right, I didn’t,” he replied mischievously, giving me a wink before starting the car and pulling out of the parking lot.  


“I’m serious! I was younger so I had to do all the boring jobs, like letting Ethan stand on my head while he climbed up onto the counter!” The two of us had to contain ourselves, as the secret was out that we both laughed pretty loudly. 

Grayson had taken me to a beautiful restaurant downtown where tons of celebrities go regularly that was based around a candy theme. We’d gotten a round booth at the back of the restaurant and sat next to each other as we ate and talked, which made me extremely nervous at first. This was definitely a date, there was no denying it now, and I hadn’t been on a date since - 

I hadn’t been on a date in a really long time. Grayson tried to convince me to get a dessert with him, but being a type 1 diabetic, I couldn’t afford the extra sugar, so I just had a bite of his sundae and called it even. We’d finished long ago and were just talking and laughing now, sharing funny childhood stories. 

“Yeah, I was always the football for my brothers. They used to throw me around like it was nothing because I was always the smallest. Not that we didn’t have actual footballs lying around, they just thought it was more fun because I was constantly screaming.” The two of us had each other cracking up, talking about our siblings and how we all used to torture each other growing up on the East Coast. 

“It’s so different here. They don’t even have winter!” I said, resting my chin in my hand and my elbow on the table. It wasn’t particularly lady-like but nobody ever accused me of being a lady.

“I KNOW! I’ve met people from out here who’ve never seen snow! Can you imagine?!” I thought it over for a second.

“I’m sure there were some snow storms I got stuck in where I wished I had never seen snow…” I mused and the two of us giggled about it. 

Grayson made me feel at ease. I could easily talk to him about my life and not feel completely uncomfortable. Throughout dinner, he had edged closer to me and I to him, until now our knees touched under the table. When I had first felt his leg make contact with mine, I jumped a little, not expecting it. But when he made a second attempt to move closer, I didn’t shy away. 

He made me laugh, genuinely and completely, and he seemed to really enjoy doing it. Every time he smiled at me, I felt my heart race and my stomach fill with butterflies. I couldn’t recall anybody making me feel this way - so accepted and liked, as if he just enjoyed my company and wasn’t expecting anything of me. It was a relief, but it made my heart beat faster every time I looked at him. 

He let out a sigh after a long bout of laughter and looked at me before cocking his head toward the exit. 

“Come on, let’s get out of here. I have something else planned.” I raised an eyebrow.

“Shouldn’t we pay?” He blushed and rubbed the back of his neck with his palm.

“I took care of that before I even picked you up. Don’t worry about it.” I frowned as we got up and walked toward the exit, closer together than when we had walked in.

“Dude, you’ve gotta stop doing that,” I said, folding my arms over my chest after I put my small bag over my shoulder. He shrugged and put an arm around my shoulders.

“Like I said yesterday, you can buy next time.” He winked and I melted against him. He pulled me into him. I could feel my face get hot and I could barely contain the smile I wore. He opened my door and I gazed at my rose as he got in and we took off.

We drove from the crowded boulevard to more secluded streets to finally dirt roads. I looked around and noticed that there were no other cars around and started to get a little nervous. I fidgeted in my seat, my fingers tangling together. Grayson seemed to notice and he looked over at me briefly.

“You alright?” He asked, his voice low with concern. It woke me up from my thoughts.

“Huh? Oh. Yeah, I’m fine.” It was a lie. He probably knew it too.

“We don’t have to do what I have planned, you know. I mean…it’s not like it’s anything crazy but if it makes you uncomfortable to be out here alone with me, I can take you home…” he sounded a little disappointed, but he was trying to hide it as well. It broke my heart. Enough to change my mind.

“No, I was just wondering where we were going, that’s all,” I said with a smile as I looked back at him. A slow smile crept across his face in response and he nodded. 

“Well, I don’t think it has a name, but we’re just about there so my advice is to be patient,” he said with a wink. I almost let out another girlish giggle. I had to learn to contain myself around him, especially if this was going to happen again.

It probably won’t, but you keep dreaming.

The thought broke me from my teenage glee and my smile ran away from my face. I looked down at my hands, now still in my lap. I didn’t want Grayson to see me look so sullen and ask me what was wrong, so I turned and looked out the window. 

“Hey, are you sure you’re okay? You’re shivering.” I looked back at him and it wasn’t until he had said something that I realized how cold I was. 

“Oh. I guess I’m kinda cold. I was gonna bring a sweater but I forgot.” I shrugged and shuddered in my seat. He kept his eyes on the dirt path, but reached into the back seat and pulled his leather jacket to the front. He stopped the truck and put it around my shoulders, making sure I was comfortable. I looked back at him and I felt him actually take my breath away when he spoke.

“Better?” I couldn’t find words, so I just nodded my response and he smiled. He pulled my hair out of the jacket and ran his fingers through the ends easily and I was thankful I had brushed it so much before he picked me up. He pulled back onto the path and continued on his way to our mystery destination.

A minute or two later, the truck stopped and he looked over at me. He only gave me an excited glance before hopping out and opening my door for me yet again. I stepped out and my feet almost immediately gave way to the sand underneath me. I almost tripped and fell but he caught me. 

Our eyes locked for a moment and I don’t think I’ve ever wanted another person like I did right then. I would’ve leaned in to kiss him had he not broken the silence. 

“You might wanna leave your shoes behind. It’s pretty much sand from here on out.” 

I nodded and left my wedges in the truck, making me substantially shorter than him again. I put my arms through the sleeves of the jacket to keep it on me though it was much too big for me. 

I closed the door and turned back to him, surprised to see him holding out his hand. I took it cautiously, expecting there to be rough terrain or to be told to watch my step, but he laced his fingers with mine and just held my hand calmly. The very simple action meant more to me than it could’ve to him. I thought my heart had stopped in its cage as we walked. I could barely even blink my eyes without feeling my pulse rattle.

We walked over a small hill to see a blanket under a tree by the water’s edge. Surrounding the blanket were tea lights and candles, all protected by glass cups. There was a string of lights hung in the tree to illuminate the blanket as well. I gasped and covered my mouth with my free hand. It looked like something out of a dream. It honestly looked like a place someone might get engaged at.

Oh don’t be fucking stupid.

I growled lowly at myself and shook the thought away. It had no right being somewhere so beautiful, so I shut it out and focused on Grayson. He beamed at me, though nervously and bit his lip.

“What do you think? You said you love the beach at night, so I thought this might be a nice place to talk and get to know each other.” I could see a faint blush creep across his face from under his collar and I’m sure I had one to match. I let out a breathless laugh and tucked a piece of hair behind my ear. 

“Honestly, Grayson, it’s so beautiful. This is the most thoughtful thing anybody’s ever done for me. Thank you.” I almost felt like crying. He pulled me into him and wrapped his arms around me like he did when he hugged me the day before. He rested his chin on top of my head and I could hear his smile through his words. 

“I’m glad you like it,” he said quietly, pulling me toward the blanket by one hand. 

We sat down together and watched the stars start to poke their way through the night sky. It was fairly dark for still being in L.A. and we had a fantastic view of some of them. After a while, we laid back to stargaze as we talked about our lives. Again, we were laughing like idiots for most of the time. Laid next to each other, but space between us, I could feel his hand brush against my own. I took a deep breath and reached for his, wondering how he’d react. 

He looked over at me and just smiled, again lacing our fingers together. 

We stayed there for a long time, probably longer than either of us meant to stay. We would’ve left earlier, but we genuinely enjoyed each others’ company. We never ran out of things to talk about and we never felt an awkward pause or silence. It was truly magical (as corny as that may sound). 

A shooting star streaked across the sky like a firework and it made both of us gasp. It was so clear and bright. Neither of us were expecting it. 

“Wow, Alyssa, did you see that?” He asked, astonished. I nodded and smiled.

“Yeah, I did. It was beautiful.”

“Just like you.” I rolled my eyes and nudged his shoulder with mine.

“Go on then, throw me another,” I said in a put-on British accent. He laughed but demanded that I accept my own beauty. It was a battle I lost, though I could hardly be sad about it.

After a couple of hours, we got up and made our way back to the truck. We held hands and walked slowly the whole time, trying to elongate our time together. On our way back to my apartment, I put my shoes back on. 

He helped me out of the truck and held my hand as we walked up the steps to my second-floor corner apartment, stopping at my door. I fiddled with my keys as we chatted a bit, and I could feel his heart racing with my own. 

You cannot kiss him on the first date. You can’t. You are not desperate. You will be strong and you will wait until…some other time.

I resolved much earlier not to kiss him at the end of this date, but I was having quite the time of it now. He was funny and sweet and intelligent. He was kind and gentle and compassionate. He cared about the right things and he cared about what mattered to me. He was such boyfriend material. 

Like YOU could get HIM to be YOUR boyfriend.

I almost shook my head in the middle of a conversation. No. Don’t listen to it. It’s coming from a bad place and it doesn’t mean anything. He wouldn’t have done all this for me if he wasn’t interested…right?

“I had a wonderful time…” I said finally, looking up to stare into those beautiful hazel eyes. He nodded and gazed back down at me, I could tell he was doing the same thing - taking in the color of my eyes. 

“Me too. I’d really like it if we could do this again,” he said, sounding a little nervous. I bit my lip and smiled.

“Only if I get to buy dinner next time,” I teased, and the two of us laughed.

“We’ll see,” he said. There was a short pause and he smiled at me. Just at me. Not at anything I said or did. Just at me standing before him. 

He pulled me into him once again, wrapping his arms around my waist. I let my own arms wrap around his neck, still holding the rose he gave me in one hand. I held my opposite elbow and he encircled me in a close embrace. I closed my eyes as he held me tight, hugging me. He put a hand on the side of my neck, his thumb resting at my jaw and held me there and placed a gentle, chaste kiss on my cheek. My heart pounded against my ribcage and I held my breath when his lips made contact with my skin. I was surrounded by the scent of him. It seemed to completely envelope me and hold me like he held me in that hug.

“Goodnight, Alyssa.” His voice was quiet and sweet. My heart fluttered in my chest.

“Goodnight, Grayson. Text me when you get home safe.” He nodded and waved goodbye, making his way back to his truck. It wasn’t until he was out of sight that I remembered I was still wearing his jacket. I ran to the edge of the balcony and shouted down to him.

“Gray! Your jacket!” He smiled and waved his hand, putting the other in his pocket.

“You keep it for now. I’ll get it from you on our next date.” 

I went inside, closed the door behind me, and leaned against it, sliding down it and sitting on a pile on the floor. I had to let my heart catch up. I looked at the rose in my hands and I knew I had to make a decision:

I had to decide if I could date Grayson or not.

Best Dry Shampoo

Batiste. Dry. Shampoo.

It’s the best dry shampoo I’ve tried, hands down. My favorites are the original one or the cherry scented one. 

They also have a “hint of” line that’s really good, it has a tint of whatever your hair color is. So you don’t end up with any whitish patches in your hair. Personally I don’t have a problem with that, but that’s probably because I use it for unwashed hair, not to add texture like a lot of people do

It’s super affordable too, I picked up an extra big bottle at TJ Maxx for $5.99, and you can pick it up at your local pharmacy for about 8 bucks I think? A bottle lasts me a while (but I don’t use it every day, just fyi)

srsly tho if you’re looking for a dry shampoo, look no further than Batiste

The best shampoo ever!
It’s been awhile since I stopped using convencional shampoos and my hair looks much MUCH better.
I have been using Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) as a shampoo and cider vinegar as a moisturizer.
We can only wash our head with baking soda once every two weeks.

I tried to make this natural and organic shampoo!
1 small or medium peeled cucumber,
1 peeled lemon,
Cinnamon and 2 cloves (these two are optional)

Just put everything on a blender, blend very well with a cup or two of water.
After blending just strain it to a Jar and that’s it!.

My hair looks A M A Z I N G, and it smells divine!!!
Definitely I will stick with it!

Note: When you wash your hair with it, make sure you rinse very well because of the lemon.

anonymous asked:

can you do some marauders college/university aus please ((i love your writing so much btw!!!!))

  • Lily with hair everywhere and bright red bag stumbling into class 10 minutes late wearing James’s shirt
  • Sirius just sitting in the back of random classes and asking irritating questions because is politicial science really a science????? I don’t see any scientific equipment in this room Mr Brenner what is the truth
  • James pushing his glasses up his nose trying to look like he’s focusing and then Peter leans over to copy the notes he missed and the idiot has just doodled Lily’s name all over his paper
  • Remus being ‘that guy’ to call when confused because his notes are beautiful and he is always awake
  • They all get a flat in their second year because Lily’s roommate reported James to the housing authorities 27 times for ‘just always fucking being here’ and Sirius has slept with 17 of the 19 RA’s in his building
  • They each have a night for cooking except James always forgets so his meals are always shit like ‘humus and left over Doritos’ and ‘half a cucumber in a hotdog bun’
  • Sirius drinking wine out of the bottle while Remus does his homework on the bench and rock music blasts very loudly
  • Peter, Sirius and Remus announcing their entrance very loudly every time they walk into apartment like ‘WE ARE HERE WE ARE BACK STOP HAVING SEX ON THE TABLE NOW HERE IS YOUR THREE SECOND WARNING’
  • James and Lily to broke to go on real dates like Lily ends up flirting with a McDonalds counter guy to get free fries as James shoves handfuls of ketchup packets in his pocket
  • Most of the time they end up sitting on the hood of their god awful car until James falls asleep and then Lily gets into the driver’s seat, blasts the horn and then watches James roll of the hood while screaming
  • Peter eating peanut butter with a spoon and telling Remus to watch Judge Judy because it would ‘help him revise for exams’ and ‘what do you mean this isn’t revision Remus look there are REAL LAWYERS LAWYERING on TV RIGHT NOW and you say this isn’t REVISION’
  • Sirius putting on James’s glasses, walking up to teachers and pretending to be him while James rolls his eyes in the corner
  • ‘no sorry professor I didn’t hand in that paper due to the fact that I am a shit-dick and was too busy STEALING MY BEST FRIENDS SHAMPOO without ASKING and leaving it EMPTY in the SHOWER like an ANIMAL’
  • Remus pinning up flashcards everywhere and Lily finding three on her tampon box
  • Speaking of tampons lily puts them on the flat shopping list and then gets a call from Sirius at the supermarket like ah Lil what kind do you want because there are so many and me and Pete have been in this aisle reading the backs of each one for thirty minutes and can’t tell the difference between any of them
  • Having 3 minute showers because water is expensive and then james saying ‘well I know a way to save water’ while raising his eyebrows at Lily and he says ‘shower together’ the same time as she says ‘collect rainwater’
  • They try to collect rainwater (you have no idea how poor they are) but give up after four days when Peter goes outside, forgets the bucket is there and ends up at A &E with the rest of them trying to find his insurance card
  • Remus buying Lily flowers when she hands in her last paper and Lily kisses him on the check and calls him love
  • James sprinting across campus when it rains because someone stole his umbrella this morning and theres FUCKING SIRIUS YOU ASSHOLE THAT’S MY UMBRELLA I KNOW IT IS BECAUSE IT HAS POLKADOTS ON IT YOU FUCK
  • Sirius cramming for test by locking himself in the wardrobe and staring at his notes eight hours before any test
  • Lily buys the beer that James likes and he does the dishes even when it’s her turn and she finds the pages of notes with her name all over them in James’s handwriting and you wouldn’t believe how hard she smiles