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etsyfindoftheday | extra pick-me-up find | 1.19.17

feminist + sf pride finds by sarahduyer

on this very sad and depressing day, i’m looking for a little hope. blogging for all of you is helping a bit, but in all honesty i’m still in disbelief that this is real life. so here’s a trio of finds from sf-based etsy shop sarahduyer, celebrating strength and the city i love and an attitude of badassery.

Now that Cainer’s career seems to be grinding to a miserable halt–and if you don’t think his decline is every bit as tragic and heartbreaking as Tim’s, you can kiss my ass. Anyway, I think it’s time to retire not only the phrase, but the concept of “getting Cain’d” wherein every season the Baseball Gods pick one Giants starter to screw over. Lack of run support? ✅ Bullpen blows saves? ✅

I mean I also think “getting Cain’d” should mean being quietly excellent while being constantly overshadowed by more interesting pitchers who have some kind of spark you lack. I’m not bashing them, but both Timmy and Bum have a kind of presence on the mound and personalities that resonate with the fans. Cainer? Not so much.

It’s obvious why I’m making this post on a day Matt Moore started. Now, do I think Matt Moore’s as good as Cain? No. Do I think Matt Moore has a perfect game in him? No, although I’d like to submit Exhibit A, aka Philip Humber. Do I think Matt Moore can pitch in the post season like Cainer did in 2010 and 2012? Well we had a chance to find out, didn’t we? Only, he got Cain’d.

So yeah, it’s really time to retire both phrase and concept.


Here’s my video of the finale of “Whatever Happened to Bianca del Rio?”!

Peaches and Bianca do a drag sisters duet of Heart’s “Crazy on You” and it was a gem to watch!

anonymous asked:

Go try boba guys in SF!!! Best boba place ever. Super high quality ingredients.

ahhhh i just winged myself off of boba :( there’s this place in westwood i would go to and drink a large milk tea boba and read!!! too much sugar though ugh

“What would it like being est friends with the SF brothers (like that one you did with UF bros)" 

 swapfell isn’t my strong point, but i’ll do my best :) 

- he’s the kind of friend that’ll laugh at you if you fall over, and will just keep walking instead of helping you up
- unless there’s blood, then he’ll help
- and probably threaten to fight the ground or whatever it was you tripped on
- a bit like uf!papyrus, he’s more than prepared to fight anyone who doesn’t like you
- if the friendship is strong enough, he might let you use him as an arm rest
- even if there’s other people/monsters around
- kind of like a way to show off the privelages his best friend gets
- will probably make a point to only laugh at the jokes you make, no one else’s (unless they’re really good)
- if he ever manages to get a collar on you, and he’s bored, he’ll end up playing with it (definitely not pretending to strangle you what are you talking about)
- p i l l o w f i g h t s 

- honestly he’s just scared that he’ll mess something up and you won’t want to be friends anymore
- help the poor child
- he’s lovely though, despite looking scary as all hell
- seriously, he doesn’t even need to threaten anyone before they scuttle away in fear
- if you point that out he’ll probably just shrug
- if you then go on to comment on how he’s actually just a big softie, he’ll lightly punch your arm and “look who’s talkin’, miss/mister i-cried-when-the-dog-in-the-movie-died”
- he can’t actually use that as a defence anymore after you caught him bawling at the exact same movie
- he has a giggle snort and if you call him out on it he’ll start a tickle war as payback
- it’s probably not a good idea to call him out on his laugh
- unless you have nerves of steel/are not ticklish in the slightest