best selling female artist


Fearless: the most awarded country album in history!
Speak Now: the best selling self-written album by a female artist!
Red: the highest first week sales for a country album!
1989: the most awarded pop album in history!

Taylor Swift everyone

Barbra Streisand (b. 1942) is a celebrated actress and singer, the best-selling female artist of all times. She has won numerous awards, including two Oscars, ten Grammys, five Emmys and nine Golden Globes.

She holds the record for the most number one albums and most albums in the Billboard Top 10 of any female artist. She is also a devoted philanthropist, donating hundreds of millions of dollars to several causes. In 1986, she established the Streisand Foundation, working to protect civil and women’s rights.

taylor swift wrote love story in 20 minutes when she was 17 and it became the best selling self written song by a female artist in history this morning it took me 20 minutes to decide what i was going to eat for breakfast 

 Y’all: “Mariah is so fucking irrelevant now and she even can’t sing LOL I’m so funny *tea emoji*”


  • Sold 200 million albums
  • Is the best-selling female artist and third best-selling artist overall of the Neilsen Soundscan era, behind Garth Brooks and The Beatles
  • Has 18 number one hits, the most of any solo artist and second to any artist behind The Beatles
  • Had Billboard’s Song of the Decade twice
  • Spent 79 weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, most of any artist ever (tied with Elvis)
  • Spent 94 weeks at number one on the all-format airplay charts, most of any artist ever. The artist with the second most (Rihanna) still has 26 weeks to go.
  • Wrote 17 of her number one hits and produced 12 of them, making her one of the songwriters and producers with the most number ones as well
  • The best selling international artist in Japan
  • Has the best selling international album and the most diamond certified albums in Japan
  • Has the song with most weeks at number one and is tied for the song with the second most weeks at number one
  • Would’ve gotten a 19th number one had “We Belong Together” not blocked “Shake It Off” from number one
  • Beat the all-time highest audience peak in US radio when “We Belong Together” reached 212.1 million in audience
  • Is worth $540 million
  • Can still sing
  • Has a 7 octave range
  • Invented the hip-hop-pop collaboration
  • Has influenced countless legions of singers, including your fave
  • Has the best selling Christmas album of all time
  • Has the only modern Christmas classic with “All I Want for Christmas Is You”, which is the best-selling holiday digital single and ringtone of all time as well
  • Had 19 years of Top 10 hits
  • Made a number one out of a live cover performance from an EP
  • Won the Millennium Award at the World Music Awards for being the best-selling artist of the 1990s
  • Was the first woman to have a song debut at number one
  • Has 27 Top 10 singles
  • Is laughing at y’alls asses earning more money by sitting down and looking at herself in the mirror than you by having no life and being hateful on the Internet :)

Happy birthday Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll!

Shakira is a world famous singer, songwriter and musician from Colombia. Shakira is Spanish and Italian from her mother’s side and Lebanese from her dad’s side. 

Shakira has won 12 Grammys, 10 of them being Latin Grammys. Shakira has made music for over 20 years, and she is the best selling latin female artist of all time. Shakira speaks seven lanugages, is a mother of two boys, is Unicef’s goodwill ambassador and has her own charity fund, Pies Descalsoz. Shakira is truly a remarkable woman and a great role model.

Legend Status:
  • Female artist who has spent the most weeks at No.1 this decade
  • Female artist with the most Top 5 hits of the decade
  • Female artist with the most Top 10 hits of the decade
  • Female artist with the most Top 40 hits of the decade
  • Highest paid black actress in the history of cinema
  • 3rd highest grossing touring act
  • BEYONCÉ is the 1st album by a female artist to reach No.1 in most countries
  • Lemonade is the 3rd album by a female artist to reach No.3 in most countries
  • Lemonade is the only album of 2016 to go platinum in pure sales
  • Telephone is the best selling female collaboration of all time
  • Most nominated woman in Grammy History
  • 2nd female artist with most Grammys (20)
  • Woman with the most Grammy Awards won in one night (6)
  • Only artist in hisory to have all her albums debut at No.1 in the Billboard 200
  • Her performance at the 2011 VMAs is the most tweeted moment ever
  • Amor Gitano is the best selling single in Spain of all time
  • First and only female artist to have 9 singles in the UK Top 75 off one album
  • 1st female artist to headline the Glastonbury Festival
  • BEYONCÉ is the fastest selling album in iTunes history
  • Destiny’s child is the 2nd group with the most Billboard awards ever
  • Single Ladies would have been the first video ever to reach 1 billion views
  • 1st black musician last decade with a Vogue Italia cover
  • 1st black female artist to cover Vogue America’s September Issue
  • Most awarded artist in VMAs history



Best Selling Albums of All Time by a Female Artist 

  1. Come On Over- Shania Twain: 40 million copies sold
  2. Jagged Little Pill- Alanis Morissette: 33 million copies sold
  3. Music Box- Mariah Carey: 32 million copies sold
  4. Falling Into You- Celine Dion: 32 million copies sold
  5. Spice- Spice Girls: 30 million copies
  6. …Baby One More Time- Britney Spears: 30 million copies sold
  7. 21- Adele: 30 million copies sold
  8. The Immaculate Collection- Madonna: 30 million copies sold
  9. Whitney Houston- Whitney Houston: 30 million copies sold
  • Taylor Swift: I want to play you this new song I wrote called "Love Story"
  • Taylor Swift: *plays it*
  • Her friends and family:'s alright..not the best
  • Taylor Swift: I don't give a shit *releases it as the lead single of her sophomore album*
  • Love Story: *becomes the best selling self-written song by a female artist in history*