best seat in the house omfg

cliche highschool au's

-you’re the jock, i’m the cheerleader we’d be a hot couple but i REALLY don’t want to date you
-i’m a popular bitch and you’re a nerd and we get paired for the science project and i’m not planning on doing any work
-you convinced me to ditch one class and we got caught
-i met you during detention
-i have a college bf but you keep trying to win me over
-you’re popular and want to give me a makeover
-you throw an insane house party and we end up hooking up/playing cliche truth or dare
-“um, where the hell do you think you’re sitting?? that’s my seat.” drama in the cafeteria
-you’re my best friend and get in a fight with my ex
-i get dress coded so you give me your jacket and we protest unfair regulations for girls together