best scene of the finale sorry not sorry

Guys really you should rewatch all Sherlock, because damn with all the informations we got in the last episode there is SO much scenes that make sens now. Like the pool scene with Moriarty, just imagine all the emotions Sherlock had had to control while his best friend was near of a big quantity of water…
And the Fall ? (like yeah the landing but water falls too, which is more evident in the Victorian area!) And every time, Sherlock was fighting for his friend, to save him, to sacrifice himself for him!
And every time Mycroft mentioned Redbeard or East Wind, it was for Sherlock to keep paying attention, to be careful, to detach himself, because imagine if Sherlock had lost John ? I don’t think a dog replacement would be efficient…

And for real, this last episode was awesome! I will be honest after the first time, i was satisfied but still a bit disappointed without knowing why.
And it’s just because you have to watch it twice to understand every time Eurus says ‘You don’t know for Redbeard’ ‘you don’t understand’, it’s just heartbreaking guys!
And Sherringford and Eurus are the metaphors of Sherlock’s heart / emotions : _ keeping in secret (since Eurus had been taken away, Sherlock repressed his emotions),
_ only Mycroft truly know it (’brother mine’…),
_ ‘unbreakable’ (but fragile deep down, just remember the mind palace of Sherlock when Mary shoot him).

All the Eurus’ game was just a way to make a connection with Sherlock (macabre I know…), and making Sherlock going deep down in his heart :
1. dont be in charge : John or Mycroft have to kill not him
2. his ‘principes’ : moral codes, his ‘good’ purposes (saving the good ones and condemned the bad ones) : but to quote Eurus ‘what differences it make to kill (or in sherlock point of view : to save) the good from the bad ones ?’
3. repressing his emotions will hurting others and him : I mean seriously Molly was just to proof that HIS phone-call killed Molly deeper than a bomb because Molly has to leave with her feelings AND specially knowing that the ‘I LOVE YOU’ was not really true… That’s why there was a coffin with ‘I LOVE YOU’ write on it and not ‘Molly Hooper’ because it’s not her body inside the coffin, it’s HER FEELINGS !
4. family or friends ? : here Sherlock proves that feelings matters and therefore he chooses himself (again) against the one he loves.

So after it’s logical that he go see Eurus because he knows that love matter and that for her if she’s keep going on the wrong way he will not be able to forgives her and be here for her this time….
Really this episode was intense, and full of Johnlock if you really pay attention because it’s more discreet but so much more powerful !

And please just picture you this : Eurus is in the air, lost and alone ; Mycroft is underwater boring himself with only slow goldfishes ; and Sherlock is on the ground trying to behave like his brother with the fear of these deep water beneath him and the East Wind blowing above his head…

Gosh this is drama and guess who are trying to save Sherlock from his illusions from his brothers and delivering him from his fears ?
Yes that’s right : his friends…

Fic: Move Still

Well, I finally managed to write something! And because I can’t deal with all of the in-canon feels XMA is dredging up, of course the thing i wrote is a regency au full of romance and dancing and fluff. I’m sorry. this is apparently the best i can do. 

I’m sorry for being away for so long. It’s been a whirlwind!

Inspired by James’ beautiful dance scene in Becoming Jane. For @ikeracity who refused to let me quit <33

Move Still


Word count: 3k

Summary:  Erik Lehnsherr hates dancing, but he has a very specific reason for throwing a ball…


Captain Swan in season finale 11/26-  Preparing for the fight

Hook: aaaah, the Evil Queen and her henchmen!
Emma: yeah okay we might be in some trouble here
Hook: aaaaaaaaaaah! I’m scared!
Hook: okay look I’ll hold them off, you fix this whole mess
Emma:  you sure?
Hook:well I’ll probably die, but then again you’re probably right and you’ll probably fix it and I’ll probably be fine. Maybe. I’m willing to risk it.

Rumple:DAMN IT HOOK you’re supposed to be a coward
Rumple:cowards don’t take risks, trust me, especially not on the mere word of random strangers
Hook:But Emma SAID!

*chat by Svenja that can be found full here