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Those posts about Amy preggers made me so happy!! She just looked so good pregnant and was amazing. Maximum security with Amy's disguise pregnancy is my all time favorite episode. Amy is the best/has the best lines in that one

i’ve talked about this before but maximum security is legit one of the best episodes of any show i’ve ever had the blessing of seeing live on television….ever…like oh my god

i won’t get into character meta (bc it’s been done before by myself and many others) but oh my god what a stroke of genius to hide one of your actress’s pregnancies by hAVING HER GO UNDERCOVER,,,AS A PREGNANT LADY

i cried i laughed so hard when andy came over and started manhandling mel’s belly like oh my gOD you can tell they died laughing the whole time they were filming that scene (and also you can tell andy’s being really really gentle…rip melissa probably had to reassure him a thousand times that he wasn’t hurting her or the baby)

the episode was PEAK and it was EVERYTHING I ASPIRE TO BE WHEN I GROW UP

Ok, just for a sec, forget about all these conspiracies. Now, why would they cut out a scene that was so important and emotional that Martin wanted to do it alone, so that he could do his absolute best acting ever??

Also, why did they talk about this when they knew that this scene wasn’t even included in the episodes?

Nothing of this makes any sense and they wonder why we are getting more and more crazy.

aw jeez, why are folks annoyed that Bucky wasn’t in my film?? come on, Sam even vaguely alluded towards him without naming names at one point and personally I feel that was more than enough screentime for Bocky. it’s not like he was important in any of the events leading up to MY film. what’s that?? Bucko is Steve’s best friend and the only other connection to his old life except Peggy? Steve would have died rather than kill him and has been searching for him ever since?? well, look at Steve in MY film. he’s doing just fine without Binky. Anyway, I didn’t want to give Steve too much personality, y'know, it might have detracted from all those scenes where he gets to stand around and be out of character. hang on, who are we talking about? Bucky Barnes? nah, tbh I don’t even know who that guy is
—  Joss Whedon probably

so with this new trend of making Disney movies into live-action films I think we all know which one should be next


with epic ass battle scenes, legitimately confused sexuality Shang, adorable awkward Mulan saving the whole of China, talking sassy little dragon, probably the best costumes in any movie ever, and most importantly 100% CHINESE CAST BECAUSE THERE IS LITERALLY NO WAY OUT OF THIS ONE

(though if they want to keep Eddie Murphy as the voice of said dragon then that is more than acceptable)

So I just got back from a showing of BvS and I gotta say, this movie was INCREDIBLE. The cinematography was gorgeous, the actors were on point with the characters (Ben has the best fighting scenes I’ve ever seen in any Batman movie hands down, Henry really put a lot of emotion into Superman, Gal rocked her scenes ESPECIALLY when she came out as Wonder Woman), and the cameos were awesome ( Trying not to give too much away here, the Cyborg scene shocked me, the Flash scene gave me goosebumps, he has a bigger significance to this movie’s plotline than I had previously thought, and I’m still swooning over Aquaman.) It definitely catered well to DC fans and overall, I’m greatly satisfied with how this one turned out. I’ve noticed the people who disliked the movie don’t know much about the DC universe, they judge it based on the Nolan films, which is probably why they claimed it dull and too long. But seriously if you’re a DC fan you will love this movie, guaranteed. 

POI Director Chris Fisher On Root (Amy Acker), Finch (Michael Emerson) & S5

For Fisher to say he shot the BEST scene ever in his LIFE, that’s something, considering he’s a seasoned director of many other shows in his career!

With Amy’s last day of filming POI being last Friday whereas the others are still filming this week, I’m not surprised that Root fans have been freaking out since (me included!), concerning her fate on the show. I just LOVE Fisher being such a big fan of Root’s AND Amy Acker’s, though! :D

Too bad Fisher couldn’t reveal anything about Root’s fate. “Stay calm” doesn’t actually inspire any confidence, though, does it?

Whilst I don’t believe they’d KO any member of Team Machine, then again, the finale ep was written by Nolan AND Thé (both LOVE Root/Amy from Day 1, btw). The latter is called “The Darkness”….. So, anything goes???

But I’m still holding out hope that the ending would be something like the ending of Nolan’s “Batman” trilogy - Batman presumed dead but spotted by Alfred somewhere out there one day, out of the blue. Wouldn’t that be absolutely brilliant? That could most definitely turn POI into an anthology series. Same team, different mission. That is, should they want to continue beyond S5 on Netflix. You know, S5 already has Netflix’s standard # of eps for a TV series: 13. :)

Speaking of, is there any sliver of possibility that the entire 13-episode (possibly final) season gets dropped on Netflix? That’d be wicked so we can BINGE-WATCH the entire season without having to wait every bloody week!!! \0/

Wishful thinking, I know. But hey….who knows, right? ;)

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From Twitter: “We just saw Queen of the Desert and all I can say I really loved the film and Rob was more than amazing in it!!! He is in an Arabian costume in all his scenes looking absolutely gorgeous and he’s very funny, funnier than he has ever been in any other film… he’s sitting on a camel, carrying two baby lions, flirting with Nicole Kidman and everyone was laughing!!!

He is in the first scene, in the middle and at the end of the movie. He is the best part… He is totally believable in this role blending in perfectly! The audience really liked his scenes and reacted really positively!