best scene let me tell you

ok but “It was pretty much the best underwater kiss of all time.” is such a good line??? honestly??? it leaves it open to the imagination in JUST the right way. IT KILLS ME. LIKE. My brain wants to know a little more about what “the best underwater kiss of all time” actually entails. There could be a whole other scene in itself. They could be down there WHO KNOWS HOW LONG kissing but also talking and joking about everyone else, telling the lake naiads to scram, etc. But the way it’s written lets you wonder. It’s just so good and pure and completely invites fan ficers to write extended scenes. If anyone wants to share extended scenes, give them to me!!!

I Know We Didn't Get A Kiss Or A Hug But This Episode Solidified Richonne's Love In A Huge Way.

The trust, and vulnerability they both displayed with each other was almost too much to watch. Rick knew Michonne had that gun. My heart jumped at him damn near breaking down when he said he refused to lose her or anyone else and I loved how he still asked “are you going to let me”. She did, not because she agreed but because she knew it was best not to fight him at such a crucial moment. Then that end scene almost did me in. Him laying his soul bare by confessing the sordid tale of him, Lori, and Shane and that Judith isn’t his. Michonne telling him it’s not his fault when people die and agreeing to try. OMG 😢😢😢😭😭😭 It was so raw and real.

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IM SCREAMING I LOVE HER SHES THE BEST AND NO ONE CAN TELL ME OTHERWISE im weak for smooth talkers okay but also like shes so handsomely beautiful

just look at her!! she even cosplayed as sebastian like making my heart weak more

shes so cuteee she even said adieu i cant

but then im like WAIT COME BACK I LOVE YOU 

shes back and im like yasssss

bonus even mustumi can see her greatness lajsdflas 

Best Friends in Shakespeare

Hamlet and Horatio

Hamlet: “Give me that man that is not passion’s slave, and I will wear him in my heart’s core, ay, in my heart of heart, as I do thee.” Hamlet, Act 3 Scene 2

In Hamlet’s world of madness and paranoia, Horatio is the only person he really trusts. When Hamlet is dying, Horatio even tries to die with him, but Hamlet stops him and entrusts him with telling his tragic story.

(Photo by Ellie Kurttz © RSC)

Rosalind and Celia

Celia: “Shall we part, sweet girl? No: let my father seek another heir.” As You Like It, Act 1 Scene 3

When Celia’s father banishes Rosalind, Celia decides to give up her rich and comfortable life and run away with Rosalind to live in the Forest of Arden together. 

(Photo by Keith Pattison © RSC)

Antonio and Sebastian 

Antonio: “If you will not murder me for my love, let me be your servant.” Twelfth Night, Act 2 Scene 1

Antonio rescues Sebastian, who comes ashore after he’s shipwrecked. When Sebastian leaves him to go to Orsino’s court, Antonio decides to follow despite having many enemies in the court.

(Photo by Ellie Kurttz © RSC)

Beatrice and Hero 

Beatrice: “O God, that I were a man! I would eat his heart in the market-place.” Much Ado About Nothing, Act 5 Scene 1

Beatrice is indignant when Hero is falsely accused of adultery at her own wedding. Beatrice stands beside her cousin when no one else believes her, and defies anyone who doubts Hero’s innocence.

(Photo by Manuel Harlan © RSC)

Emilia and Desdemona

Emilia: “Let heaven and men and devils, let them all,
All, all, cry shame against me, yet I’ll speak.” Othello, Act 5 Scene 2

Emilia makes the mistake of giving Iago Desdemona’s handkerchief, which leads to her mistress’s death. Risking her own life, Emilia tells everyone the truth about Iago, and dies by Desdemona’s side.

(Photo by Keith Pattison © RSC)


This video has inspired me for years and I thought it would be a nice tone to set for the new year. One of the things I love the most is that we have come so far with our knowledge about the ocean and its inhabitants that we are actually able to house the world’s largest fish: the whale shark, in captivity. I just think that is amazing. I know there are plenty of people out there who are totally against housing animals like this, but let me tell you from experience, behind the scenes the biologists and engineers that run and care for these exhibits do everything in their power to provide the best quality of life for these animals. (Not to say all aquariums are perfect, there are issues out there, but I don’t want to get into that now, we’ll save that for another post on another day)

I came across this video back in high school and when ever I was feeling down I’d put it on to remind myself why I choose the path I did. I am so happy each and every day that I stuck with it even if life is not turning out the way I thought it would, I don’t regret my choices.

I hope in the coming year you will find inspiration and that you will not find regret. Remember that even if your path leads to an unexpected destination, it is yours and you can turn that into the best place, and before you know it you’ll realize that it is where you wanted to be all along. Trust in yourself and your path. Be kind and find kindness in return. And most importantly I hope you learn something this year, because we should never stop learning and growing and becoming better versions of ourselves.

Thank you all for a wonderful year, and here’s to the next one!


Malec Appreciation Fortnight: Day 4 - Best OTP moment (moment that made to freak out)

I’m not being cryptic. I’m being coy. [sighs] Let me spell it out for you. I wanted to see you again.
Why’d you come?
I’m not sure.

That scene, people. That scene. I squeed so hard. It was just so beautiful. The foreshadowing and all. Magnus telling Alec how he felt. Alec giving his strength to Magnus. Alec being concerned for his boyfriend. Cocktails. All the smiling. So. Much. Love.
BTW, I wasn’t sure if I should include the last pic - but then again, Alec smiling, especially because of Magnus, how could I resist not to, right?

  • h8rs: Yuri!!! On Ice won best animation? *scoffs* *slams a bunch of derpy screenshots from the show on a table*
  • Me: so you're telling me you don't like that the rings are always sparkling, a constant reminder of their love?
  • h8rs: N-no that's not the point, other shows like-
  • Me: Or the super close up scenes of those tight booties? (Most of them of Chris's surprise surprise?)
  • h8rs: Um, well-
  • Me: Or Viktor's tears my my my this is interesting
  • (((Note))): I, too, realize there's animes out there with animation that exceeds that of YOI, but let's not dwindle on that and more on the fact that our boy Yuuri and his boy Viktor got best couple award okey
Malec AU master-post :)

As promised … and I’ll try my best to keep it updated. If some of the lnks don’t work, let me know.

AU ideas:

#1 detective / coroner

#2 musketeers

#3 warlock / warlock apprentice / Top Hats and White Chalk

#4 shapeshifter 

#5 boarding school / math genius

#6 best friends

#7 Thieves

#8 Time Travel 

#9 Marco Polo inspired

#10 church/suicide/second chances

#11 Boarding school / Clary and Alec as roommates 

#12 Highschool / Magnus figuring out his bisexuality + snippet

#13 cook / waiter

#14 dorm supervisor / student - boarding school

#15 stepbrothers + more / chemistry homework / welcome home 

#16 Magnus as Izzy’s best friend / malecweek entry / the morning after / the kiss / the talk about a date

#17 Isabelle has a kid and Magnus has to supervise Alec’s babysitting / First Meetingmalecweek entry / Alec and Magnus talk after the angst-free break up

#18 roommates with the other guys living in the same apartment as well

#19 Alec as a fire demon / the aftermath of a meeting with Asmodeus

#20 rich guy/scientist - Arrow inspired … less cool - extended

#21 inspired by the animated movie ‘Anastasia’

#22 the desert setting with Alec as a wind ghost

#23 10 things I hate about youTen things I hate about you scene - kind of

#24 the Cinderella AU

#25 the Beauty and the Beast AU

TMI-AU ‘A Darker Place’ -  a darker spin on the TMi-set-up / some additional thoughts / a moment between Alec and Magnus

Mermaid AU with mermaid!Alec and prince!Magnus in a modern setting

Highschool/College AU ideas

FF ideas for 2015

Short written stuff:

First Meeting ‘Hug’
Apartment neighbors: Alec just moved in, but he forgot his keys and after a very stressful day he just needs a hug

First Meeting ‘Time Travel’
Alec is looking for Jace and travels in time without realizing, Magnus on the other hand wonders where this young man suddenly came from 

First Meeting ‘Sky’ and ‘Flying’ 
Doctor!Magnus encounters a young patients with feather tattoos all over his body and a strange story about a falcon exiled from the sky

First Meeting ‘Spill’
Highschool: Magnus confronts the unsuspecting Alec who he is sure had been teasing him, but Alec has no idea what Magnus is talking about

First Meeting ‘Drowning’
Magnus and Alec as the ruler of the Sea and the Wind/Sky that are so close yet so far apart

First Meeting ‘Shy’
Highschool: Badboy!Magnus shows Alec that being shy isn’t a bad thing.

First Meeting ‘cold’ and ‘sleepy’
Sleeping Beauty-rewrite with Sleeping Beauty!Magnus and wolf-shifter!Alec finds him in the snow after he ran away to find a cure for his curse himself

First Meeting ‘One’
Hurt!Alec just found out that his boyfriend had been cheating on him, fortunately a total stranger walks by with the desire to comfort him

First Meeting ‘Sanction’
Magician!Alec is scared for his life because the gods have decided to take back the gift of magic from the humans by killing every last magician, but Death has different plans for Alec

Sequel to ‘Sanction’: Silk

First Meeting ‘Montserrat’
Artist!Magnus wakes up after a one night-stand with Alec who is blind on one eye

First Meeting ‘Cherry Blossom’
Highschool: Badboy!Magnus that gets into trouble with police officer Robert and has to take a ride home with him and his endearing son

Cherry Blossom Sequel: ‘Magnolia’

First Meeting ‘Apple’
Darker/twisted snow white-rewrite with snow white!Alec and warlock!Magnus who brewed the poison for the apple - they meet again in the 21st century

First Meeting ‘Band’
Musician!Alec in a band with Jace and Izzy and Magnus is a friend of Izzy’s 

First Meeting ‘Thunder’
Orphanage AU where Magnus practically lives there and Alec is the new kid

The FF ‘BlindSpot’ as a continuation of this prompt. 

First Meeting ‘Ephemeral’
Nine year old Alec watches the stars and finds out what really happens when a shooting stars falls to earth

First Meeting ‘Gravestone’
Warlock!Alec and warlock!Magnus meet on a graveyard

First Meeting ‘Forget’
Fluffy blind date with an important notebook and a chance for more.

First Meeting ‘Hero’
Fallen Angels: Alec is a thief with the hope of getting his white wings back. Magnus is an a hitman who doesn’t believe in rumors anymore.

‘Hero’-Sequel: jealous!Magnus and oblivious!Alec

First Meeting ‘Dictionary’
Librarian!Alec gets furious about people not treating books with necessary respect. He definitely didn’t expect to be asked out in return.

First Meeting ‘Nightmare’
Insomniac!Magnus had never expected to dream again, but the meeting with a certain nightmare might just turn his sleepless nights upside down.

‘Nightmare’-sequel: Alec comes back for Magnus’ first trip back into the Labyrinth of dreams. (with the prompt ‘kitten’)

First Meeting ‘Orange’
blind!Alec meets waiter!Magnus and the color orange is important here.

‘Orange’-Sequel: Fireworks - Magnus celebrates Silvester with Alec’s family 

Unintended (by Muse)/Murderer: a dark Beauty and the Beast modern retelling with hitman!Alec send to kill Magnus, a Prince of Hell and impossible to kill. 
-> some more ideas

First Meeting ‘Kiss a Stranger’ - Magnus is on a mission and Alec sells fruit.

First Meeting ‘Claustrophobia’: caretaker!Magnus meets winged!Alec and makes some reevaluations about society.

First Meeting ‘Nocturne’: pianist!Magnus and violinist!Alec with a dose of family angst.

First Meeting ‘Pride‘: hichschool AU, Magnus is an intern and Alec the school’s troublemaker, but this time the wrapped car in the parking lot is not Alec’s fault.

Sequel to ‘Pride’: ‘Glitter’

My smut-collection can be found here.

One-Shot Vernissage (

WitchHunt Prologue 

‘Every time I get in a fight you patch me up but now I’m the one patching you up after you tripped on thin air’-prompt

highschool / best friends scenes #1

Aerobics class -  canonverse

Alec has a motorcycle - three year anniversary Malec / canonverse

‘We have to work together, but that always ends in arguments and kissing you is more fun anyway’-prompt

‘Magnus has a sick cat and Alec is the vet’-prompt

multi-chapter FFs on or Ao3:

thief/demon!Magnus and detective!Alec 

Tell me, would you kill?
writer!Alec and hacker!Magnus share an apartment and a love story that started in college

orphanage AU with Alec being the new kid - continuation of the First Meeting ‘Thunder’

Heroes and Thieves (the collection of the First Meetings listed above)

That’s why (canonverse One-Shots, ‘missing’ scenes)

Trust and Anger (alternative ending to the discussion about going to the Seelie Court in CoA)

Shadowhunters inspired

Worth the risk - Izzy telling Magnus to stop the wedding

Broken Glass beneath my feet - Izzy confronting Alec about the marriage with Magnus in the background

Snowflakes in spring - Magnus and Alec getting close before the arranged marriage

Painkiller - Alec treating Magnus’ wound

Between the lines - a wedding gets cancelled

Secrecy - a wound gets treated 

Kai x Reader

20.“You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.”

32.“I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

(Sorry if this is awful, I never really paid that much attention to Kai and don’t feel like I write him very well as a character, but let me know!)

You knelt beside Kai’s currently lifeless body, trying your very best to hold back the tears that threatened to fall. You couldn’t tear your eyes away from his blank, emotionless face. “Come on Kai,” you murmured softly, willing him to wake up and tell you that everything would be okay. “Come on!” Eventually you glanced up to the chaotic scene around you, where the fighting continued. You felt as if you were in your own little bubble, where nothing mattered apart from the man lying there, motionless. You shook him violently, starting to become angry as you became desperate. “You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you,” you said, your voice shaking with emotion. 

Suddenly his hand seemed to move. You jerked backwards in shock, and, when nothing happened after a few moments, persuaded yourself reluctantly that it must have just been a wishful figment of your imagination. Then his eyelids flickered, before opening. Sighing with relief, you let a smile spread across your face. “Thank God,” you whispered.

“I highly doubt he had anything to do with it,” retorted Kai. You laughed almost hysterically, you were so relieved he was alive. “What are you doing here with me anyway?” questioned Kai. “Shouldn’t you be out there fighting with your friends? Against me?” You looked down to avoid his gaze, your hands fidgeting uncomfortably. 

“I…I..,” you stammered, unsure how to reply. Kai frowned, confused by your response.

“What is it?” he insisted, his curiosity aroused now.

“It’s nothing,” you dismissed. “Now that you’re okay,” you began to stand up as if to go and rejoin the fighting. He grabbed your wrist, pulling you back down.

“C’mon Y/N, you can tell me.” You sighed, realising that you weren’t getting out of this anytime soon.

“I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified,” you blurted out, all in one breath. Kai’s eyes widened in shock and surprise.

“You what?” he exclaimed. 

“I knew this was a bad idea,” you muttered, quickly getting to your feet and turning to walk away, before you felt a hand on your shoulder. 

“Hey,” said Kai softly, spinning you round as he had now got to his feet. “I think I’m falling for you too.”

And this is the time when I start defending the remarkable piece of work that is 4,722 Hours. Get ready.

First! I have become obsessed with watching 3a Fitzsimmons in sequence of events. So I watch almost all of this ep first (because it literally picks up from the end of season 2), and I stop it right after Jemma kisses Will for the first time. Then I watch the scenes in Laws of Nature (but not her scene at the end) and half of the second episode’s scenes until I just go back and forth with Purpose in the Machine and 4,722 Hours getting both of their perspectives in the same event. Then I watch A Wanted (Inhu)Man and Devils You Know. And then I watch the final bits of 4,722 Hours where they’re in her room and move to the lab. And let me tell you. It’s the best. Maybe that was too much detail, but whatever. Take it or leave it! All I know is it helps me see the story a little more clearly. And it’s why I’m starting with a scene in the last episode in this week’s re-watch.

I get it, guys. I do. My heart sank when I watched the episode the very first time. I was disappointed. I didn’t think I’d be able to watch it again. But when this re-watch started, I would do this thing where I would go beyond the assigned week’s episodes (because I had to watch it all play out again and again) and just watch the rest of the scenes aired. I did that more than a couple of times. Oops. But that meant watching this blasted episode. 

And yes. It’s still a bit painful to watch. But honestly, this episode couldn’t scream Fitzsimmons! any louder if it tried. Seriously. I think it’s the most we’ve ever gotten into Jemma’s head about how she feels about Fitz. Not only that, but this episode in general is just such a fantastic piece of art. It showcased Elizabeth’s acting brilliantly, it was amazingly directed, the set, the editing…just, wow! Even the opening title was different and almost…reverent to the episode. I’m so glad this show did this episode. While Elizabeth and Iain have (I think) the best character stories and most compelling plots, they are not nearly as showcased as they could be. I do think there’s a shift to feature them more and more. And they gave Elizabeth this opportunity, and she quite honestly killed it

But I digress. On to Fitzsimmons. So this scene. Jemma’s about to literally die of thirst and sees what looks like water, and croaks out not “Water!” or “Yes!” or even “I’m gonna livvvve!”. No. That’s too normal. She says, “Fitz”. He is the driving source of her survival. Yes, she’s incredibly smart and resourceful. I don’t need any feminists yelling at me and saying that I’m taking away her autonomy or whatever. But seriously. The dude’s name is on her lips at her weakest moments. She’s extremely dehydrated and exhausted, but the thought of him keeps her going. He’s her hope. She stumbles to the water, not only because she knows it’ll help her survive but because she’ll be alive to see him again. So how can we sit here and say she doesn’t love him? Because this teeny scene proves that she does. 

honestly one of my favorite scenes in shadowhunters is when magnus tells ghost!ragnor “you give the best advice” because don’t get me wrong, i’m totally here for ragnor being a thoughtful, supportive friend… but it’s also fucking hilarious because let’s not forget that the one time magnus politely asked ragnor for advice about his love life when he was actually alive, ragnor literally pretended to go through a tunnel and hung up on him

I think the best thing about ADHD for me is the weird ass fucking notes I put for myself for scenes and also just general extra notes I never get back to its just amazing let me tell you. Half awake me is best at putting down notes

Hooked (Dan Fluff)

This is my first imagine and I’m hoping it won’t be too cringe worthy. I have had this idea in my head for a while so let’s hope it’s not shit.  Also, this may be long, it may not be idk. Tell me if it’s a good length or not, Thanx ;)

Prompt: you are a youtuber and best friends with Dan and Phil but Dan secretly likes you. The three of you travel to L.A for Vidcon and while you are there, Ian and Anthony (from Smosh) ask you to be in one of their videos. In one of the scenes, you kiss Anthony and Dan gets jealous. 

-not my gif (x I couldn’t find the creator, soz)

I woke up with a sore neck and back pains. Sitting on a 13 hour flight was absolute shit. It’s one of the only things that I absolutely hate about going to Vidcon. The only thing that made this situation better was the fact that I woke up sitting next to Dan, the half of my two best friends that I had fallen completely and utterly in love with. But, I would never say that out loud. The boys were sitting on either side of me being the adorable dorks they were, bickering in whispers, trying not to wake me. 

“Phil, you absolute twat, you’ve woke her up!” Dan protectively put his arm around me in an attempt to get me to fall asleep again. Phil looked sheepishly at his lap. After removing his arm, I turned and looked at Dan with “that look.”

“Dan shut up, I’ve probably slept for a whole day. Phil, don’t feel bad, Dan’s just being a spork. How much longer until we land?” Just then the overhead speaker announced that we would be landing shortly.

“Does that answer you’re question, Y/N?” Dan smirked with his comment.

“Oh, shush you.” I playfully punched him in the arm and began to prepare for landing. 

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Why I want page 250 to be in the DC Movie


I see a lot of people in the tags and on my dash talking about how they hope that with all the revamps to the movie, page 250 gets taken out. This greatly hurts my heart and let me tell you why. 

I ship Newtmas. Newt is my favorite TMR character. So obviously I don’t hate either one of them and it’s not like I want to wish harm or pain on him or Thomas. The reason this scene needs to stay is because it makes the characters. It’s what makes Thomas snap and go all crazy on W.I.C.K.E.D’s ass, it’s what drives him as they escape and go through he final flat trans. It shows that Thomas is willing to give his best friend (or ship mate) his final wish, to make him happy, even if it’s going to haunt him for life. There is no cure in the books, no chance to save Newt, so he did something that would hurt himself to make newt’s pain go away; it was selfless and hard to do. It shows character.  It shows how much Thomas cared about Newt.

It’s a painful scene, yes; but it’s also beautiful. 

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"Don't get me started on..." GoT writers and their treatment of female characters 🙊

DON’T. EVEN. GET. ME. STARTED. let me tell you something about D&D. we were best friends in season 1. i know right? it’s so embarrassing. i don’t even… whatever. so then in season 3, i started liking this character named ros who was totally gorgeous, and D&D were like weirdly jealous of her. like if i’d blow off their other scenes to watch ros, they’d be like “why do you like a character who’s a whore?” and i’d be like “why are you so obsessed with demeaning women?” so then for my birthday, which was an all-girls pool party, i was like D&D i can’t invite you because i think you’re a misogynist. i mean i couldn’t have a misogynist at my party. there were gonna be GIRLS there. i mean right? they were MISOGYNISTS. and then D&D killed off ros because no one would talk to them. and then they came back in season 4 & 5 and put almost every female character through sexualized violence or in danger of it, and they were totally weird. and now i guess they’re on crack.

So Colin Firth may not be coming back for Kingsman 2

…and that’s fine. No, seriously, it’s fine. Because if that’s the case then there’s really only one acceptable way (well, maybe a couple) for Kingsman 2 to end given that everyone knows the Harry/Eggsy dynamic was one of the best things about the first movie. So let’s all think about this for a moment, and try to imagine how that ending might play out:

(you don’t actually need to, because I’ve done it for you)

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♦ Harry Potter Moments [4/?]

 "Ahem,“ said Dumbledore. "I have a few last-minute points to dish out. Let me see. Yes…    "First – to Mr. Ronald Weasley…”    

Ron went purple in the face; he looked like a radish with a bad sunburn.   

 "…for the best-played game of chess Hogwarts has seen in many years, I award Gryffindor house fifty points.“    

Gryffindor cheers nearly raised the bewitched ceiling; the stars overhead seemed to quiver. Percy could be heard telling the other prefects, "My brother, you know! My youngest brother! Got past McGonagall’s giant chess set!”     

 At last there was silence again.    

“Second – to Miss Hermione Granger… for the use of cool logic in the face of fire, I award Gryffindor house fifty points.”    Hermione buried her face in her arms; Harry strongly suspected she had burst into tears. Gryffindors up and down the table were beside themselves – they were a hundred points up. “Third – to Mr. Harry Potter…” said Dumbledore. The room went deadly quiet for pure nerve and outstanding courage, I award Gryffindor house sixty points.“    

The din was deafening. Those who could add up while yelling themselves hoarse knew that Gryffindor now had four hundred and seventy-two points – exactly the same as Slytherin. They had tied for the house cup – if only Dumbledore had given Harry just one more point.    Dumbledore raised his hand. The room gradually fell silent.    

"There are all kinds of courage,” said Dumbledore, smiling. “It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends. I therefore award ten points to Mr. Neville Longbottom.”