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WC NaNo: Day Seventeen Planning Prompts

Day seventeen of planning prompts! Choose one or work through them all–whatever works best for your planning process!

WORLD BUILDING: Is anyone specific in the history of your world/culture specifically reviled or venerated? Does everyone hold the same general opinion on one individual? 

CHARACTER: How does your character deal with stress? What are their “healthier” coping mechanisms (like journaling, exercise) vs their “not so healthy” coping mechanisms (like excessive drinking/drugs, reckless behavior)? Write a scene involving one of these mechanisms (or write two scenes involving both a healthy and an unhealthy coping mechanism!)

CRAFT (Dialogue): Write a conversation in which one character is either outright mocking or jokingly impersonating (without malice) the speech habits, accent and/or verbal tics of another character. What caused the impersonation routine? A game? A snide comment? Plain cruelty on the part of the character doing the impersonation? What aspects of your character’s voice are distinctive enough to be joked about?

WILDCARD: Your characters are lost in the woods together without any form of GPS. They only have aid of a map scrawled out by a friendly park ranger, a reclusive hermit or a wandering wizard or witch (use whichever is most appropriate for your novel). What happens? Who ends up arguing with each other the most?

Feel free to share the products of these prompts through the submission box–just include “WC Prompt Share” in the title or tags!

henrik: you know in like the third episode when i walk through the yard

me, having watched this scene somewhere between 74 and 253 times: actually it was in the second episode, more specifically in the third clip called “ikke vær frekk”, talk show host by radiohead was playing in the background, it was a very smart reference to baz luhrmann’s romeo and juliet, one of the best slow motion walk scene in tv history

Yes, I did just start crying in the middle of school.

Someone posted the gifs of the part of 6x09 when Liam asked what Theo was doing and he said being the bait and then posted the gif of Liam running to the closed elevator door screaming “NO!” 

and i just started crying because i love thiam so much and liam’s reaction makes me emotional and  they are nine out of ten i am crying at all things thiam. 


“dear isak, 

now i’m sitting in the place we met for the first time and thinking about you. soon, it’ll be 21:21. i want to say a thousand things to you. sorry, for scaring you. sorry, for hurting you. sorry, for not telling you that i’m bipolar. i was scared of losing you. i’d forgotten, that it’s not possible to lose someone, because everyone’s alone anyway. in another place in the universe, we’re together, for all of eternity

love you. even.”

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Lin-Manuel Miranda Leaves the Best Drunk Voicemail in ‘Drunk History’ Deleted Scene (ET) [x x]:

Have you ever imagined what a drunken voicemail from Lin-Manuel Miranda would sound like? No. Just me?! OK, well, we have thought about it over here at ET and luckily, Drunk History gives us a taste of what that would be like in a deleted scene from season four.

In the clip, the Hamilton creator brings his rap game to the Comedy Central series when he calls musical director Alex Lacamoire. “Lock up your horses and daughters, I’m getting f**ked up on the couch with [creator] Derek Waters,” Miranda raps in a bleep-heavy freestyle.


In addition to this deleted scene, there are more outtakes and extended drunk narrator moments on the home release of Drunk History: Season 4, which is available on DVD March 14.

skam-fest (balloon squad livestream): TRANSLATION, part 2

part 1 here :)

Q: Kosegruppa dk wonders: What is it like to work together with Iman?

Cengiz: *Repeats the question* I can put it like this: we were a lot alike. We laugh all the time, mess around like hell, and were not afraid to touch each other, there doesn’t need to be limits to touching, but that we know. She’s a very good lady, or girl. And really fun to work with, and easy to get to know, and so am I, so we clicked pretty fast, and thats what was important to me, who was completely new this season and was supposed to take on that role and had never done acting before and I knew already from the beginning that I was supposed to kiss Josefine and I was really stressed about that. And i spoke with her (Iman) about how I should do all that and she helped me through all of it and it was her getting sad right so… That was really strange. I was thinking okay so now I’m in the acting world, and it’s actually just like this. It’s fake, all of it, you play it real. There was a time where my girlfriend came to me and said “this is really sad to say Cengiz, but I got really jealous when I watched you in that one scene, and you have to be allowed to do it but I think it’s kinda sad, but you have to hear that you (act like you’re really) in love and it’s really good. Because all the fans believe in it.” But it wasn’t easy either. It was harder playing emotional scenes with Iman than playing the kissing scene, actually, because it’s about looking this person in the eyes, and it’s Iman and you’re like what the fuck am I looking at, you know! It’s been like ten minute staring contests without  laughing, but its that moment when you started to laugh it became sweet, you know.  Julie just gets it, she knows what to do, like, so it wasn’t so hard to play it either. Because Julie got it, she pressed, she played us really, tricked Iman and me into playing a romantic scene in a fun way so it became romantic on screen. It was fun then and there, my god. But it is really easy to act with her, at least, she’s really talented and really positive all the time, all the time yes. I’ve never seen her mad or anything. Yeah, really fun all the time. The whole team. Thank you to the whole team for being there for me and supporting me, I was totally lost, like I’m kissing Josefine, fuck, and the first time I met her I just (was like) “hi.” And in my mind I was like “I’m kissing you later” like in front of camera. Not before or after, it’s so strange you don’t get to try before either, because then it’s wrong because it’s private, but in front of the camera it’s not private and then you can do it, that’s like, I think it was weird, but everyone on the team helped me a lot with it, so that I really appreciate.

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