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In-depth Reflection on Kingsman: The Golden Circle (Spoilers)


After so much waiting, watching new promos and trailers everyday, I watched Kingsman: The Golden Circle today! The sequel to my favorite movie of all time! And BOY, I have so many thoughts. I am going to try to go as in-depth as I can, and as much in order as I can but BEWARE this is nearly a shit post with me pouring all of my feelings into it and will have random points all over the place, but mainly is me trying to process everything, this is A LOT (it’s 3k) and basically a summary of the movie 


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Godsucks that I can’t see you right now.

 I’m smiling.

Me too.

So I haven’t been able to find any fanart of Wallis’ space design and I decided I’d fix that.

bonus comparison to the original panel:


female awesome meme: relatable females [3/5]→ brooke davis 

i am who i am. no excuses.

wildfreeverse-deactivated201607  asked:

Hi, can you rec some webcomics that include LGBT, POC and especially - disabled characters, please? Thanks so much! X

hi!! to start i recommend checking out this search on lgbtwebcomics’ list for disabled characters, this search for poc characters, and this search for both!! the list is also super useful for looking for specific lengths and other content but here’s some of my faves!! (titles bolded for readability):

  • The Life of Alexis Perkins - a young aspie trans girl at a new school and her troubles there. (disabled+lgbt)
  • Portside Stories - “A.K.A Huggy Gender Dorks” is in the description and is pretty much all u need. (disabled+lgbt)
  • Sharp Zero - tiny angry child elliot accidentally becomes a super hero when he meets danny (disabled+lgbt+poc)
  • Job Satisfaction - really cute short abt some superpowered girls (poc+lgbt)
  • Closer to Home - honestly i just started reading this one and i love it SO much wow. about a spaceship crew captured by aliens  (poc+lgbt) (+ a girl who uses sign!! i’m not sure the reason has been explained but!!!!!)
  • Digi@Lili - 4 girls called upon to save the world (poc+lgbt) (and the creator is a sweetheart omg)
  • Taproot - about a gardener who can see ghosts. the art is absolutely gorgeous tbh (lgbt+poc)
  • Love Not Found - a world where human touch is considered disgusting and a girl who’s actually kinda into touching ppl (lgbt+poc)
  • Best Friends Forever - holy SHIT tbh this one is one of the Faves. abt a pair of best friends in high school and unrequited(?) love and expectations and. ah. (poc+lgbt)
  • The Less than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal - honestly if you never read another webcomic again PLEASE read tj and amal. it’s the queer roadtrip strangers-to-friends-to-lovers story that everyone needs in their lives tbh. i am always lowkey screaming abt tj and amal in my heart. nothing has quite surpassed my love for it yet. (poc+lgbt)
  • Shades of A - okay wait no shades of a is the ONE u’d need to read. i’m so conflicted tbh. ace parody of 50 shades. also deals with kink/bdsm culture really really well. (lgbt+poc)
  • As the Crow Flies - queer black 13-year-old girl heads to religious camp only to find it all white kids. (lgbt+poc) (also has 1 of the best coming out scenes possible ever tbh)
  • Bad Bad Things - SO GOOD okay. a bunch of kids in a magical post-apocalyptic world. this is another 1 i’m always lowkey yelling abt in my heart. (lgbt+poc+disabled)
  • Discord Comics/Khaos Komix - 8 kids, 4 couples. lots o tears and emotions. (lgbt+poc)
  • Les Normaux - SCREAMS TBH a bunch of magic kids being magic and queer and cute and help me. (lgbt+poc)
  • ShootAround - oh goD okay. girls basketball team gets caught in the zombie apocalypse . (lgbt+poc)

okay i should really cut myself off there before i never stop reccing things ahg. 

feel free to send me asks if you’re worried abt mature content, trigger warnings, or read it and want to scream w/ someone!!! i got u friends. enjoy :*

A Post About the Jack the Ripper Arc and How Brilliant It Is

I feel like the Jack the Ripper arc of Black Butler is the most iconic. Like, literally.

I think a lot of it is that fact that the arc is just a fucking good mystery. Plus, it has some of the most memorable scenes in the manga’s entirety.

It’s fuckin great.

I’m gonna talk about how great it is under the read more.

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anonymous asked:

If prompts are open what would dating Elijah mikaelson be like?

Yay! Darling, I’m so excited about writing this one, because you know I’m here for Elijah. Okokok so dating Elijah Mikaelson would include:

  • Being mortally dangerous, because if the examples are any indication, Klaus is probably your worst danger. You would be used against Elijah at the drop of a hat if Klaus didn’t personally care about your life at all (hint: you’d better get on Klaus’ good side or else). Other than him, there are about a thousand more dangerous people who would want to kill you just to hurt Elijah, so generally Elijah would be very protective of you.
  • Him bringing you flowers and gifts. I 100% think Elijah is one of those gifting boyfriends. He’d totally enjoy giving you presents, especially of the wearable kinds, and would probably buy you flowers just about every chance he had if he was in full swing of the honeymoon phase, which y’know, could last several centuries considering he’s a vampire. (You would also get a bomb-ass car out of it for sure. Elijah is sugar daddy af.)
  • Convincing him that you didn’t want to leave him just because he was “bad for you.” If danger ever headed your way (which, let’s face it, it eventually would), Elijah would no doubt feel super guilty and as if he was unlovable because of the fact that just being around him is so dangerous to everyone who isn’t an Original. You would probably have a moment where he was trying to push you away because he thought being with him was bad for you, and he wants the best for you. Convincing him that you weren’t about to go anywhere would be a chore, but at the end of it, he would wind up loving you even more.
  • Elijah eloquently declaring his love for you on a regular basis, because he’s a sappy motherfucker and we all know it. He’s really sentimental and would be extremely romantic. Since I’m horrible at figuring out romantic things, I couldn’t even begin to fathom all of the things he’d definitely do that would make you feel like the most important person in his world.
  • Some of the best sex ever okay I’m still recovering from that scene where he slams Hayley into a footstool.
  • At some point, he’d probably wind up feeding from you, and though he acts like he totally doesn’t get off by it, he low-key has always wanted to. Other vampire perks include him definitely give you his blood any time you got hurt. Like even for the most minor things, he’d be offering his blood like, “Drink and be healed.”
  • If the rest of the Mikaelson siblings liked you (which you had better make sure they do for your life’s sake alright), they would protect you for their brother when shit hit the fan too hard, too. Like I just really love the idea of his sisters/brothers (ok, maybe not Finn) being super protective over one of his partners because they know how much it would hurt him if she/he got hurt.
  • Him wanting you to come over all the time to the Mikaelson mansion, because he just always wants to be with you. Plus, he’d wind up doing that freaky vampire thing where he pops up when you least expect it and makes you jump or something, probably because he likes messing with you.

And that’s all I could come up with at the moment, darling! Hope you enjoy! <3 xx

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Consider: at some point, at home, probably, at his kitchen table, possibly with Mary sitting across from him, John had to have read the article about how fantastic Sherlock is in bed. And all the (fake) lurid details.

It’s almost as if Janine planned that, not to get back at Sherlock, but to make John as spine-burningly jealous as humanly possible.