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Regarding Abigail - Part 22 (AU Tom and Abby)

TITLE: Regarding Abigail
AUTHOR: theothercourse
GENRE: Romance/Drama
FIC SUMMARY: In an alternate universe (of In Formal Wear), a terrible car accident robs Abigail of her recent memory. She doesn’t remember Tom or their relationship. Injured and alone, Abby can only put her trust in a man who claims to be her boyfriend. Tom has a second chance to make Abby fall in love with him - again. (Based on a request from missviolethunter from THIS LIST)
RATING: Mature
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Based on the characters from Upstaged, In His Kiss, In Her Arms, Who Loves You, Baby?, The Road to Something Better, Regarding Abigail, Tom/Abby One Shots, All Tom/Abigail in chronological order  - more notes at the end of this chapter

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Regarding Abigail

“Did you forget I was coming by today?” Luke asked, entering my dressing when I opened the door.

Through clenched teeth, I muttered, “It slipped my mind, yeah.” I rearranged my shirt to cover the telltale signs that I was very much engaged in another activity that had little to do with my career and very much to do with my very (currently) active sex life. Guiltily I shifted my gaze towards the partition to make absolutely sure the woman of my desire was concealed behind. I did it for her, hid her away to protect her dignity.

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