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Of course, there is his running gag of trying to flirt with women. But 1°) it’s treated, even in gags, as a negative trait and he is constantly called out on that (Kasumi, Masato and Guregguru acted as his tsukkomi every time to make him stop); 2°) excluding the beginning of the first series, Takeshi never does that to young girls, only women his age or older, 3°) Takeshi has priorities and will take care of Pokémon first instead of trying to flirt if the Pokémon need attention and care.


Takeshi is used to taking care of his family; and he is not only an “older brother”. He is basically the most responsible person out of his family, because his parents are… y’know. At least, they’re in love and still together. But they’re pretty much really really irresponsible.


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Sasuke SD: Hallowe'en

I usually totally foget about Halloween (we don’t celebrate it here as much as in other countries), but rather conveniently there’s a Halloween-themed section in ch.9, so enjoy! I tried googling it and found nothing, so maybe it’s new for ya

Ah Suigetsu is so cute, he thinks he’s a villain….

Happy Halloween folks!

Shining Live Basic UI Guide

(( hey there !! for all that don’t know me i’m ami and i’ve been deep in this fandom for several years now. since i play a lot of idol games the ui for shining live is pretty standard-ish for me so i thought i’d give my kinda take to explain the ui to the best of my ability until something better comes out !! disclaimer: i know EXTREMELY limited japanese so most of this is my attempt at this. so with that out of the way let’s go !! ))

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Saiyuki: Trick or Treat! Vampires & a Werewolf 

Happy Halloween! Greetings all from the Sanzo Ikkou who have dressed the part for the occasion. Sourced from a spread illustration included with the October 2017 edition of Animedia Deluxe+. I am absolutely loving their vampire outfits. Notice how they’re all wearing either the vests or cuffs in their signature colors! As for Goku, it’s harder for me to see him as a vampire, so I think werewolf fits him nicely, plus, it’s his big ears that feature his signature color!

And because Halloween is all about treats, this illustration included a fun in-character message. Translation comes courtesy of @verdelish - much love to this gal for her work on many things!

“It’s Halloween, so let’s go all-out for a change! No costume necessary - We’re youkai, after all! You better give Goku a fat load of candy or else he might go on a rampage!”

…but wait a minute! Sanzo isn’t a youkai! Hah hah! No wonder he has that look of “don’t lump me in with you lot” (when does he not?) In any case, Sanzo-sama looks much better as a classy smokin’ vampire than whatever that was…So there you have it. Happy Halloween and remember: if these guys show up at your door….be ready with a bag full of candy! Who knows…one of them might just bite you *wink*

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