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Runs come and go, but today's run wasn't a very good one. I lost some crucial items to a horde. Could use some runner positivity. :/

You’re human, five, and you came back in one piece. That’s all we can ask for. You’re constantly bringing in items, we’ve actually got a small surplus right now, don’t you worry.

Now c’mon. Runner 8′s making pancakes and I’m sharing some marmite from my stores.


Only certain episodes
  • Mom: "i'm bored, can u play that shows for me? the one with Haha doing some games, that comedy" (running man)
  • Me: "k wait"
  • Mom: "but i just want the episodes with those handsome men in"
  • Me: "what handsome men.."
  • Mom: "that Eric guy and his singing group"
  • Me: "oh----"
  • Mom: "i love comedy shows but seeing handsome guys giving me more happiness"

Since I wasn’t allowed to run this week, I switched out my running shoes for a bike. Mom used to be really into cycling a few years ago before she started running, so she was all too happy to sacrifice her run time and join me as well.

On Tuesday we didn’t get started until about an hour before the sun was going to go down, so we could only get about 10 miles in. Yesterday we had time to start much earlier and decided to ride from my mom’s house to the Tennessee river and back– about 30 miles give or take. The whole way there mom would be out in front and saying things like, “Isn’t this easier than running?!” while I was behind her struggling to keep up, not even enough breath to respond. Cycling is fun, don’t get me wrong, but my first love is definitely hitting the road on my own two feet.

I forgot to bring my watch, so I wasn’t able to time our route. I was completely out of gas by the time we made it back to our starting point though– so I feel pretty good about saying it was a quality work out. Or maybe I’m just a bad cyclist… Or maybe a little of both of those :)

It seems like any time mom and I are alone together something weird happens. When we rolled up to the marina we were greeted with the sight of what seemed to be two pirate ships. After gawking at them for a little while and trying to figure out what in the world two old-timey ships were doing there, we were finally told that they were replicas of the Nina and the Pinta. Apparently they sail all over the US and give tours. Just as we were about to leave an old man appeared out of no where and immediately welcomed himself into our personal space. He stood about half a foot away from me, so naturally I slowly backed away because HELLO, PERSONAL BUBBLE HERE. That didn’t deter him, however, as he then immediately moved on to invading mom’s bubble and continued to go on about an old bike he bought in a thrift store. He talked to us for what seemed like an eternity– going on and on without even taking a short pause. While he was talking to mom I was flanked by another old lady who peppered us with questions about our bikes and how far we were going, neither one of them ever pausing long enough to give us enough time to respond. Mom and I kept giving each other the “WHAT DO WE DO THIS IS SO AWKWARD” glances, and finally I just interrupted the lady and told her that we were 15 miles from home with only a little while until the sun went down. She took the hint and began to grab the old guy and drag him away saying, “Poor old Frank, he lost his wife and now just latches on to any pretty women he sees!” We rode off while he was still talking… Poor old Frank, indeed.

Monday Things:

This weekend has felt SO LONG for me. And it’s not even over, YAY LABOR DAY! 

  • The races on Saturday were ROUGH. It was very hilly, very hot, and very humid. I felt strong during the first half of the 10k, then sputtered out after mile 3. All I could think about was how I still had to run 6 miles and ended up totally mentally defeating myself. I’m kind of mad at myself in hindsight for being such a sour puss– the races were partially on a trail and on top of a mountain overlooking the city. It was a beautiful course and I didn’t even enjoy it.  My 10k time was 1:11:26, and 11:26 average pace. So, I still beat my first 10k time, but I felt A LOT worse during the race. The 5k was a little bit different. I met up with a couple of my cousins and an Aunt who are starting to run again. They wanted to do run/walk intervals, so I helped them with that, because I knew that I didn’t have enough energy or willpower to push hard and race it. Our final time ended up being 39:28, a 12:43 average pace. 
  • After the races I felt more horrible than I have ever felt after a run. It was like a, “I can barely stay conscious” right now feeling. I knew I needed to eat, but I was so dizzy and nauseated that eating sounded like the worst thing in the world. It took me a really long time to start feeling normal again. It was weird. I have no idea what happened. It COULD have something to do with the fact that when I weighed myself before the race, I weighed 174 pounds. When I weighed after… 169 pounds. FIVE POUNDS?! OF SWEAT?! 
  • Can I just note that I was about seven yards away from a RACE WALKER during the entire 10k. THIS MAN WAS WALKING AT A 10 MINUTE MILE PACE. It was infuriating to be stuck behind him. I eventually passed him, had to stop and walk because I felt dizzy, and he ended up beating me to the finish line… 
  • After I recovered from my weird crash and burn I spent the rest of the day going and touring apartments. It was… interesting. I found three that I really like, and Scott and I are planning on going back next week to see them. Kind of weird to think about us having our own place. We’ll be married in three months. Wow :)
  • On Sunday I almost literally did nothing. I woke up late, went to church, came home, played Skyrim, and ate. A LOT. 
  • Today’s plan: Squats, arms, and meeting up with one of my running groups to go on a walk since Monday isn’t a run day on our schedule now. I wish some pool time was on that list but it’s been storming for three days straight here. COME BACK, SUN!

Happy Labor Day, y'all :)

30 Day Running Challenge!

29. Do you like running with a buddy, in groups, or solo? Why?

I’m pretty sure anyone that has been reading my blog for a while will know the answer to this one. Group running is my FAVORITE. Sometimes I feel like I’m not a real runner because I’m not a hard core lone wolf like most of my runner friends on here, but whatever. I can’t deny it! I’m not a hugely social person, in fact I’m quite an introvert… but something about running with a group makes it so much more enjoyable for me. I joined a running group to run my first 5k, then joined another group to run my first 10k, and my half marathon training group kicks off this Thursday! I just enjoy the camaraderie I guess :)

30. Show us a sweaty post-run picture!

Just went on a run with Best Running Mom in the BLESSEDLY 70 DEGREE WEATHER!!! It. Was. So. Amazing. Please please please let this cooler weather last!!