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Friend Game Nights where mat, steph, jason, and chris all gather around and yell at one another through monopoly, cards against humanity, and at least enough junk food to feed a small army. (it's okay, though, because they all wind up crashing halfway through the Game Of Life and cuddling on a blanket pile) -🌹

This is a good™ post and I’m like 80% sure it cured my depression.


Public reminder: Raven is a bombshell.

So this is actually gonna be part 1 of a little comic series I’m gonna be doing for team STRQ’s experience with their own Vytal festival dance! All of which should be made to stand on their own, but I just wanted to share my little headcanons for how I think things went down. ❤

This comic in particular came from my desire to draw Raven in a slayin’ dress, and to showcase how I think her relationship with Summer Rose was like, but more of that is to come!