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I think I just spent a good 5 minutes staring at that slowed set of gifs from the Henry V kiss....*sigh* I LOVE that kiss. One of the best on screen kisses ever imho. So romantic, so sexy. Also I have to say as a short person I really like that they didn't have her standing on a giant box to get rid of the massive height difference between them. Instead they worked with the height difference which gave us that lovely finger under the chin moment.

Ah, yes.  

The Henry V kiss.

*sigh* indeed.

Let’s start at the very beginning, shall we?

First of all, he goes from giving the daggers look in the Dauphin’s direction

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He goes from Conquering King to Nervous Boy in a flash.  In spite of the terrible textual butchering and editing (with obvious continuity errors), Hiddleston played that scene with the perfect blend of nervousness, earnestness, gentleness, affection, and humor.  He portrays an adorable air of being tentative in the sense that he realizes his power as King is completely useless because he can’t command her to love him even if her father can command her to marry him. That’s why I love that he took off the crown.  And I say again, the farm line was delivered perfectly.  

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He’s so careful.  He’s so careful not just in the manner of his speech, but in how he is moving.  He isn’t being pushy or impatient, he isn’t belittling her feelings.  He appears to be genuinely concerned about her consent in the marriage, which is important considering that such marriages were all about power and politics and women were basically spoils of war.  There’s a whole theory about how Shakespeare used the treatment of women throughout his plays as a sort of indicator of the general tone and final result, that the women are usually ill treated in the tragedies or use whatever power they have for the wrong reasons, whereas it is much different in the comedies.  I think this scene in Henry V is even more interesting when placed in the greater context of Shakespeare’s work.  I don’t recall anything specific that Hiddleston said about it, but he has talked in the past about how unique Much Ado is in that respect because we see Beatrice fighting for the falsely accused Hero and her conviction of Hero’s innocence causes Benedick to support that cause and he goes against the Prince in that matter.  So.  I can’t help but wonder what he was thinking about when he decided how to approach the scene in Henry V.

Okay.  The kiss itself.

It’s lovely.  Perfectly lovely.

The hesitation before.


The fingers under the chin.

The nervous swallowing.

How he can’t quite look at her right after.


How he sort of swoops down.

That jawline.

The velvet.


It’s sweetly ardent and youthful.

And did I mention the curls on his neck?

Notice that he doesn’t grip her chin or hold her to his body or do anything to inhibit her freedom of movement.  She can pull away whenever she wants.  

Plus, he glances up to her eyes.


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And then the way he looks at her when her father returns, like he wants to gobble her up.  *swoon*

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I love that moment just before you kiss someone. You’re there, just looking into each other’s eyes, waiting for who will make the first move but knowing that you both want it, and you can feel your heart hammering in your chest and your stomach is filled with this intense burning, this sudden desire to just be closer still. I love that need. My gosh, it’s the best feeling ever.

Happy Holidays 


Pairing: Scott x Reader

Summary: Can you do an imagine where reader and Scott are friends turning into something more, and they go to college together and it’s Christmas break but reader can’t afford to fly home so Scott takes her home with him?

It was that time of year again, the festive holiday where children excitedly awaited the arrival of Santa. Decorations hang from houses, shops put up their Christmas sales and people rugged up in warm clothing drinking hot cocoa. The college campus was certainly capturing the Christmas cheer, students were all buzzing to go home for the holidays….expect for you. Sitting on top of the bed scrolling through countless of sites, to see if they were any offering tickets that you could afford to fly home. When hours passed and realization kicked in, you sadly weren’t going to be able to make it back home for Christmas.

“Hey Y/N, I was thinking we can head to our cafe before we fly home?”, Scott suggested as he walked into your dorm. Not only was it luck that Scott and you ended up at the same college, but also apart of you was glad. You didn’t want to get ahead of yourself but there was something more going on between you and Scott. It was a feeling you had all the way through senior year and that same feeling hadn’t gone away any time soon.

His usual goofy grin disappeared when he saw the sad expression written all over your face. “I’m not going to be able to go home Scott”. Dipping the bed as he sat down, his eyes scanned the multiple tabs open on your web browser, all of them different flight websites. There was no point in hiding anything from him, since he could practically sense if you were lying. “Between college and just general life essentials, I can’t afford to fly home”.

“What about your parents? Can’t they help you out?”, Scott asked not tearing his eyes away from you. “I told them I had enough to fly home with, calling them now to tell them I lied wouldn’t go down very well”. Scott shot up from the bed and raced for the door, seconds later he came back in the door way and said, “I’ll be right back okay. Don’t go anywhere”.

Focusing your attention away from the door and back to the computer seeing those tabs made your heart break, knowing that you had no way of being able to make it home for the holidays. Shutting the laptop lid down, you flopped back on the bed, sighing as your glaze now was on the ceiling. “Pack a bag”, Scott said as he walked back into the dorm looking beyond pleased with himself. Sitting up straight, when you didn’t move Scott pulled out the suitcase in the closet and started grabbing clothes. “What are you doing?”, walking up to him.

“You are coming home with me for the holidays. I called my mum a few minutes ago and told her about you not being able to fly home, and well I asked if it was okay if you join us for Christmas, which she instantly said yes too”. Scott looked like a giddy school boy, and that itself couldn’t help but make you smile.
Grabbing his hand, which was more of a impulse kind of thing instead of a conscious decision you stared into his soft brown eyes. “You didn’t have too do that for me Scott, but thank you”. It was a long pause, one that you weren’t sure if it was going to lead to anything more, although a little part of you hoped it would. But you were left disappointed when all Scott said was, “Happy to help”.

The flight landed and what Scott failed to warn you about was how cold Beacon Hills was going to be. Standing outside waiting for a taxi, everyone else around you were toasty warm in their coats and winter clothing. You on the other hand were wearing jeans and a very summer type tank top. “Sorry, I should of told you about the weather. Here take my jacket”. Scott took his jacket off and handed it to you. Bundling up it wasn’t that long of a car ride back to Scott’s childhood home.

Upon walking up the driveway butterflies kicked it, you weren’t sure why exactly considering this wasn’t one of those ‘meet the parents because I’m his girlfriend type moments’, oh how you wished it was though. “Scott!”, an older women with dark curly hair came rushing out embracing him it a very tight hug. Scott grinned and turned to you, “Mum remember Y/N”. Extending your arm for a hand shake, Melissa disregarded it and pulled you in for a hug instead. “How could I forget, come in you two dinner is almost finished”.

The evening was absolutely lovely, a cosy family affair that made you forget that you weren’t technically a McCall or that you weren’t with your own family. Melissa made sure to get you involved as much as possible, from helping set up the table at your own request, to laughing at old stories. Melissa was wrapping up in the kitchen when you decided to join Scott in the living room. “Thank you for this, it was the perfect evening”. You admitted to him. “I’m glad that you’re smiling”, he replied.

Looking slightly down to hide the blush forming on your cheeks, “Well it’s all because of you”. There it was again, that longing stare. The one that had the potential to become something more, Scott stepped closer and your heart was beating like crazy. “I’ve been wanting to do something for a long time now, and I think now’s the perfect time and not just because we’re standing under mistletoe”. Glancing upwards Scott was right, there hang a tiny mistletoe from the ceiling. And maybe it was a coincidence that both of you just happened to stand underneath the mistletoe, but the kiss was sure as hell something to be joyful about. It was the best, most long awaited romantic kiss you’ve ever had.

The Kissing Booth

Could you do an imagine of your crush getting jealous at a carnival where you were doing the kissing booth, and he gets jealous of all the guys who kissed you. - music-art-equals-juliaslife

Imagine: Your school was throwing its annual Valentine’s Carnival as a fundraiser, and you were ecstatic. Being a romantic, Valentines Day was your favourite celebration, so naturally you volunteered to have a shift in the kissing booth. Usually you weren’t the type to be involved in this sort of activity, so it surprised you that your booth was so popular. You had been in the booth for about half an hour, and so far there had been a steady stream of willing males in line to kiss you. Things were going great, yet you couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was watching you. “Hey [y/n],” your next customer stepped into view; [y/c]’s friend. You sighed internally, wishing that [y/c] would come see you. [y/c]’s friend closed his eyes and leaned his face towards yours eagerly. You kissed him briefly, before literally having to push him off from you. “Sorry,” he grinned- clearly not sorry.

>”Whatever,” you snapped, wiping your mouth. He sauntered away and, again, you felt eyes burning a hole into your head. When you turned around, all you saw was a hooded figure heading in the same direction that [y/c]’s friend had just gone. “Strange,” you muttered, certain that someone had been there.

>After another twenty minutes of bad kisses, you had given up on your hopes for the day to be romantic. You had ten minutes left of your shift and had not spotted [y/c] whatsoever. Maybe he wouldn’t come after all. You were pretty sure that you had kissed every ‘single’ male present at the carnival (at least once…), so the booth was empty. When you sat down [y/c]’s friend, who you had kissed earlier, walked past, however he was now almost unrecognizable due to the huge black eye and swollen, bloody lips he was now sporting. You called out to him worriedly, but as soon as he saw you his eyes widened and he flinched before rushing back to where he had come from. As you were about to shrug off his unusual behaviour and new bruises, you noticed another boy stumbling out from the bushes- his face closely resembling the previous boy’s. After some inspection of his non-damaged facial features, you recognized him to be the rude boy who had grabbed your breasts and kissed you for an inappropriate amount of time. The boy winced in pain and you decided that he probably deserved his injuries. Was it just a co-incidence that these two boys had nearly identical black eyes and bleeding lips though? You watched the bushes he had just emerged from, which were now shaking. Suddenly the hooded figure from previously crawled out from behind them. You knew there was something suspicious about this guy, so you called out to him.

>”Hey!” he looked at you but turned away before you could make out his features. He started jogging away from you, and seeing as your shift was over you chased after the mystery guy. There was definitely something familiar about his figure, you decided. He was fast, but so were you. You chased him around, weaving in and out of crowds for a couple of minutes and strangely ended up back at your kissing booth. He hadn’t realized that you had gained on him, so this was your chance. As he tried to climb through your booth, you sprang and tackled him to the ground beneath you.

>”Gotcha,” you said, out of breath. He was facing the ground, and you were desperate to uncover who this mysterious guy was. You removed his hood and he sighed in defeat, rolling over to face you. “[y/c]?” you gasped. You knew there was something familiar about his flawless figure.

>”Uh yeah,” he mumbled awkwardly. You were so confused.

>”I don’t understand why you were runn—Wait, did you punch those two guys?”

He looked away. “Yes.”

>”Why would you do that? You could have seriously hurt them,” you were shocked.

>He looked at you in the eyes, ”[y/n], I really really like you,” he blushed. “And when I saw those guys touching you, looking at you where they shouldn’t have and kissing you for too long, I just got kind of, well, jealous. I mean, they deserved everything they got,” he defended.

>”You like me?” you whispered. He chuckled at your response to his speech, but nodded at you nonetheless.

>”[y/n], you have no idea how much I had to restrain myself from lining up to kiss you today. It was crazy,” he told you seriously.

“Then why did you do it?” you quizzed him, inching closer.

“Because I didn’t want ours to be just another kiss, I wanted it to be special; memorable; romantic. [y/n], I think—” Your lips captured his, silencing him. He reacted instantly, pulling you against him from his position on the floor of the kissing booth. Your lips moved in sync with his, and you ran your fingers through his tousled [h/c] hair like you had dreamed of doing countless times. He pulled away, kissing your forehead tenderly. “As I was saying- [y/n], I think I’m in love with you,” he looked up at you through his thick eyelashes. This had to be the best Valentine’s Day ever.

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Yeah like a list, you totally get it! =)


Dating (son) would include…

Juice: Wake up with kisses and breakfast in bed. Holding hands and sweet kisses. Cuddles. Romantic weekends and best Valentines’ Day Ever! Play video games only in underwear and decided who won it in bed ;) 

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Tig: Him being protective and extremely jealous. Passionate kisses in public. New sexual experiences. Lots of fun. Lots of worries. Parties.

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Chibs: Long rides and talks. Him calling you “love” all the time. Passionate kisses. Him being worried about your safety and worship you all the time. Rough sex. Wake up sex. Shower sex.

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Happy: Angry sex. Protective and jealous boyfriend. Killing for you (literally). Him teaching you how to shoot and ride a bike. Him being proud of you. Getting new tattoos.

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Jax: Him getting jealous easily. Overprotective and dedicated boyfriend. Hugs and neck kisses. Long rides. Shower sex. Cuddles. Sweet kisses in public. Killing for you (literally).

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Kozik: Lots of fun. Long kisses in public. Him throwing you over his shoulder. Best hugs ever! Singing together in the car. Him driving his bike really fast to scare you.

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Opie: Long hugs and kisses. Dedicated, protective and jealous boyfriend. Cuddle and watch movies together. Kisses on the top of your head. Double date with Jax and Tara. Awkward dancing together.

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Half-Sack: Lots of laugh and sweet kisses. His cute smile to you. Him hugging you all the time. His proud smile when you are watching him fight. Watch movies and play video games together. Him blushing when you say “I love you”

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  That was fun! Thank you for asking this… :D