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chibibiscuit  asked:

This just occurred to me - have you ever drawn any large Derpy? I feel like I've just become aware of a small hole in the fabric of the universe, because I feel it /should/ exist, but I can't find proof it /does/ exist.

I don’t think I have ever drawn Derpy, large or otherwise. I hopped on the ride somewhat late back in Feb. 2013 and so I have zero attachment to her. :P Lyra is best background pony to me, ha. The mailmare outfit is pretty cute, though! 

TSAMU2016 Open Letter

TSAMU 2016 has been a really wild roller coaster ride for us, the organizers and facilitators, and the ever supportive Tumblr community. Lots of weekend and late night meetings over pizza and coffee, rants and some skirmishes internally, and even quickly making amends to beat the deadlines, fulfill requirements and even crazy changes like moving the actual date for the best and trying to make up everything in just two freaking weeks.

So, on behalf of my forever lovely co-organizers Mike and Cha, I would love to give the sincerest gratitude to the following attendees:

Dear facilitators, TSAMU 2016 won’t exist without you hardworking and insanely creative people. You guys inspire us to always push the envelope further. Thank you for bearing with us and sharing your precious time on weekend meetings and tasks. Special mention to Marvs, Georgina, Nezza and Albert for being in charged of the different aspects of TSAMU 2016. I really hope that you guys have learned a lot from us as well - from marketing to the ups and downs of organizing an event, to being mean. Haha. All the success of this year’s event are greatly because of you guys.

Dear attendees, thank you for braving the roads of EDSA and spending your time with us. All of our hardwork and efforts would be nothing without you guys. Awesome places coming from different places far and near, and some even chose to celebrate special events of their lives with us. It will always be our honor to see you guys happy. Yes to TSAMU2016 and a louder yes to TSAMU2017!

Dear TeamBahay, thanks to you guys we trend. I hope that next time, we’ll finally see you guys!

Dear Max’s and Max’s team, thank you so much for having TSAMU2016 go #TSAMUtotheMax with one of the country’s most respected and heritage brands! Thank you for proving a comfortable venue, delicious food, friendly staff to help us, freebies and giveaways, and most importantly, for believing in us. We hope that until next year and even the years ahead, Max’s will always be the house of the bloggers.

Dear Roi Serrano, thank you for selflessly offering your talents to us without expecting anything in return. I give you my sincerest gratitude.

Dear Mike and Cha, I love you guys both. Ever since we started organizing TSAMU last 2012, I am proud to say that I am working with two of the best people in the world. Hardworking. Witty. Creative. Resourceful. Brave. Thank you so much for always believing in me. We all have come a long way and yes, a bigger road ahead.

Dear Bene, thank you for being the all around tita of the day - from picking me up in the condo to helping me out at TSAMU, and cooking me good breakfast and even still sticking until the end of the day. All the best, yosi buddy.

Dear E, today has been a really great day! Thank you for starting my day beautifully.

TSAMU2016 is a really epic experience - good food, happy people, and we were even trending yesterday nationwide! Thank you God for blessing me with TSAMU.

So, guys, are you ready to shout Yes to TSAMU2017?!


The Signs On A Schoolbus

Aries: Laughing hysterically at Gemini

Taurus: That one person who brings breakfast onto the bus

Gemini: Doesn’t put on the seatbelt and flies off the seat when the bus makes a turn

Cancer: Best friends with the bus driver

Leo: Trying to get their makeup done before the bus stops

Virgo: Reading and occasionally glancing up to give a pissed-off face

Libra: *Talking way too loud and accidentally wakes up Scorpio*

Scorpio: *Gives the scariest death face Libra has ever seen in their existence*

Sagittarius: Standing up the whole ride, trying to crawl over the seat in front of them

Capricorn: Sitting alone in a three-seater but refuses to let anybody sit next to them

Aquarius: Sitting in the back shouting at the bus driver telling them to turn on the music

Pisces: *running after the school bus*