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give me all the headcanons about the band au. why are dick and tim verified on twitter? what does bruce think about the band's music? i need to know everything

Please I’m a slut for musician!Jason, tell me more about rhato

any chance you’d tell us a little bit more about the band au? stuff you think might not make it into graphics & edits?? <33

Tell me about your band!rhato AU please? 

okay folks… im finally delivering. im making up this au as i go, so sorry if there isnt a solid backstory yet. Some rhato band au facts! 

  • their music style is similar to Haim’s, but i originally also thought their debut album would be more like Zayn’s
  • said album is actually named OUTLAWS.
  • Lian exists on this au and is their biggest fan. According to Jason, shes the inspiration for most of their “““romantic”””songs.
  • the Wayne family is still famous here, that’s why Tim, Cass and Dick have verified accounts
  • Jason had a fallout with Bruce, but they’re slowly building back their father/son relationship because in every world they love each other a lot
  • Cass was the first person to successfully reach out for Jason. She went to every single one of his concerts in Gotham and near cities, and eventually even bought backstage passes to talk w him (Steph went with her for moral support) (aka to kick Jasons ass if he was a douche w Cass)
  • Dick tried to do the same thing when he saw pictures of Cass, Steph, Jason, Kori and Roy having lunch together all over twitter and instagram. He got kicked out of the place, bc Jason is a little shit like that
  • (Eventually he accepted the dinner invitation, though. He’s in p good terms w the batfam now, as you can see here)
  • Their first album got actually nominated for a grammy
  • (and they won. Jason promised Roy to punch Justin Bieber if that happened, which, well. Their management is still riding their asses for that one)
  • (Dick thinks it was the best thing ever, though)
  • The joker still exists on this au and yes, he has fucked jason over. Im working in an edit w some info about it 
  • Kori dated Dick for a while, which is how she met Jason back when he was p young. 
  • Talia was Jason’s original manager, but she stepped out when he formed Rhato. They’re in good terms and he still calls her every now and then to ask for advice when hes about to do something Extra™ bc he values her opinion more than anything else in the world
  • (Like that time he posted a picture of him kissing Roy when some homophobic fans were being nasty) (which actually hasnt happened yet but it will okay)
  • there are a handful of songs that every single rhato stan agree are Bruce & Oliver diss songs. None of them commented on it, but Jason smirks like the knife cat everytime he gets asked about it
  • they have parties w one direction every now and then byeeeeee
  • bruce has a room full of rhato merch. Hes a proud father okay, even when he wasnt talking w jason, he still bought every single item that had rhato written on it or jasons face
  • sometimes they have themed concerts. 
  • Their star wars themed one was legendary, RhatoGoesStarWars trended for days. Jason dressed up as a sith, kori as an alien, and Roy… as han solo jhdgsh. They played star wars songs, made their instruments star wars themed, and even had some people from the cast play w them. It was awesome.
  • they formed the band as a coping mechanism. All of them went through some heavy stuff that lead them to turn to music. 
  • Talia was the one to point Jason to the music direction btw
  • Stephcass and KoriJasonRoy are a thing on this universe. Timkon might be too… not sure
  • Clark is a facebook mom and always comments on their videos and instagram pictures
  • According to Roy, the first song they ever played was Wannabe by the spice girls. Jason says it was What makes you beautiful, and Kori You belong with me. Nobody knows whos telling the truth.
  • They started w a youtube channel where they played covers
  • (they still have it btw)
  • and idk those are some that come to my mind now
Said I Love You But I Lied

A little one shot, set after the events of Season 4, particularly that one fandom-altering phone call.


Tap. Tap. Tap.

Without moving any other part of his anatomy, Sherlock nervously shifted his eyes towards the woman beside him.

There was an air of agitation about her, which had definitely not been present up until a moment ago, and so he was anxious to know the reason for it.

That morning, he called Molly over to 221B to accompany him on yet another day of solving cases, as an apology for… the incident, and in an attempt to restore the easy companionship they once had and which, if he had to admit to himself, he terribly missed. Throughout the day, they both did their very best to act normal -or at least, as normal as it could get for either of them, considering how neither of them has ever been quite “normal” by society’s standards -around one another.

True, it had not exactly been the most comfortable day between the two of them. Nevertheless, they both attempted to mimic the rapport that existed between them during that first time she accompanied him on a day of case-solving.

They had been more or less successful, up until the shared cab ride back to the morgue (taking separate cars would have been ridiculous, seeing as how they were headed towards a single location -and they were friends, were they not?).

In fact, Sherlock could pinpoint the exact instance during the ride at which Molly started exhibiting signs of unrest: It was when the song currently filling the enclosed space first started playing.

This, of course, made absolutely no sense to Sherlock. How could one stupid song possibly affect her so?

“You came to me like the dawn through the night, just shinin’ like the sun…”

Molly shifted in her seat, gaze moving back and forth between the driver and the window, out towards the street. Her fingers tap-tap-tapped against her thigh.

“Out of my dreams and into my life.
You are the one, you are the one…”

She was very tense now, causing an answering tension to seize Sherlock’s muscles. He still could not understand why, but he could sense that he was about to find out soon.

“Said I loved you but I lied…”

A sharp intake of breath, and it took Sherlock a split second to realize that it was his. The sound caused Molly’s head to whip towards him, so fast he was almost afraid she’d crack her neck.

“‘Cause this is more than love I feel inside…”

He kept his eyes trained forward, and she fixed hers at the back of the driver’s head. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see her fingers still drumming a tattoo on her thigh.

“Said I loved you but I was wrong,
‘cause love could never ever feel so strong…”

“P-please pull over. I’ll get off here.“

Her clear voice startled him into looking at her. She was worrying her lip between her teeth, but her gaze was determined.

The driver hesitated. They were still quite a ways from the destination they gave him when they got on.

“Are you sure, miss?”

“Yes, please.”

The driver pulled to the curb, and Molly could not get out fast enough, not even bothering to close the door behind her.

Sherlock hurriedly thrust a few pound notes into the cabbie’s hand and spilled out onto the pavement to chase after the pathologist.

“Molly,” he called. This made her pick up her strides, but as his legs were much longer than hers, it was no time at all before he managed to catch up.

Even as he drew up alongside her, she remained determined to ignore him and kept walking briskly. He grasped her upper arm and dug his heels into the ground, bringing them both to a stop. Still, she kept her gaze firmly fixed to the ground. Her fists were clenched, her nostrils flaring, jaw tense and lips stretched in a thin line.


She lifted her eyes at the desperation in his voice, and he saw the unspoken question in them, the confusion, the hurt.

“I didn’t.”


She searched his face, brows knitted in confusion.

“Molly, I didn’t,” he repeated.

She closed her eyes, as if in pain, and shook her head.

“I don’t understand… Sherlock, you didn’t what?”

“I didn’t lie, Molly.”

Her eyes remained shut, even as her whole body started to tremble.

“Please, Sherlock, don’t…” It was barely above a whisper, and his heart fractured at how broken she sounded. But he knew he had to speak his thoughts now, or he would never get the chance to speak them ever.

“No, Molly, listen. I have lied for so long, lied to myself about my feelings. It was at that time, at that moment, that I finally stopped. It took me saying it out loud to realize that those three words were the most honest thing I have said in a long time. I was not lying to you then, and I am not lying to you now. I love you, Molly Hooper. I love you.”

A tear spilled out from beneath closed eyelids, followed by another, and another.

Sherlock reached out to wipe them away, laying his hand on her cheek.

Finally, she opened her eyes, and he could feel himself being pulled into them.

She reached up to lay her hand on his, turning her head into his palm and pressing a kiss against it, all the while never breaking eye contact.

“No more lies?”

His breath hitched, and he felt an odd tightness in his chest, a stinging in his eyes.

“No more lies,” he promised.


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Aph America drop kicking a motherfucker for messing with a kid at a Green Day concert.

Aph England getting a perfect score in Cooking Mama.

Aph France complementing the Aph girls when they feel sad, saying things like “You look so beautiful today!” Or “That outfit is adorable on you!” just to see them smile and not be sad.

Aph Russia giving a bouquet of sunflowers to a family who has nothing but eachother.

Aph Germany running away with fifty dogs from an experimental lab to save them.

Aph China giving Chibi Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and Veitnam a piggy back ride all at the same time.

Aph Netherlands and Norway surrounded by tiny bunnies with the biggest smiles on their faces.

Aph Sweden carrying Finland in the “Carry Your Wife” contest and vise versa.

America and Nyo! America being huge dorks at comic con.

Aph Canada having the best birthday ever, when all the countries see him and throw him the biggest party ever in existence.

Aph Canada literally kicking Justin Beiber at America and yelling “I DON’T WANT HIM ANYMORE, HE’S YOUR PROBLEM NOW!”

Aph Sealand getting water poured into his head for singing J. B. in Canada’s household.

TSAMU2016 Open Letter

TSAMU 2016 has been a really wild roller coaster ride for us, the organizers and facilitators, and the ever supportive Tumblr community. Lots of weekend and late night meetings over pizza and coffee, rants and some skirmishes internally, and even quickly making amends to beat the deadlines, fulfill requirements and even crazy changes like moving the actual date for the best and trying to make up everything in just two freaking weeks.

So, on behalf of my forever lovely co-organizers Mike and Cha, I would love to give the sincerest gratitude to the following attendees:

Dear facilitators, TSAMU 2016 won’t exist without you hardworking and insanely creative people. You guys inspire us to always push the envelope further. Thank you for bearing with us and sharing your precious time on weekend meetings and tasks. Special mention to Marvs, Georgina, Nezza and Albert for being in charged of the different aspects of TSAMU 2016. I really hope that you guys have learned a lot from us as well - from marketing to the ups and downs of organizing an event, to being mean. Haha. All the success of this year’s event are greatly because of you guys.

Dear attendees, thank you for braving the roads of EDSA and spending your time with us. All of our hardwork and efforts would be nothing without you guys. Awesome places coming from different places far and near, and some even chose to celebrate special events of their lives with us. It will always be our honor to see you guys happy. Yes to TSAMU2016 and a louder yes to TSAMU2017!

Dear TeamBahay, thanks to you guys we trend. I hope that next time, we’ll finally see you guys!

Dear Max’s and Max’s team, thank you so much for having TSAMU2016 go #TSAMUtotheMax with one of the country’s most respected and heritage brands! Thank you for proving a comfortable venue, delicious food, friendly staff to help us, freebies and giveaways, and most importantly, for believing in us. We hope that until next year and even the years ahead, Max’s will always be the house of the bloggers.

Dear Roi Serrano, thank you for selflessly offering your talents to us without expecting anything in return. I give you my sincerest gratitude.

Dear Mike and Cha, I love you guys both. Ever since we started organizing TSAMU last 2012, I am proud to say that I am working with two of the best people in the world. Hardworking. Witty. Creative. Resourceful. Brave. Thank you so much for always believing in me. We all have come a long way and yes, a bigger road ahead.

Dear Bene, thank you for being the all around tita of the day - from picking me up in the condo to helping me out at TSAMU, and cooking me good breakfast and even still sticking until the end of the day. All the best, yosi buddy.

Dear E, today has been a really great day! Thank you for starting my day beautifully.

TSAMU2016 is a really epic experience - good food, happy people, and we were even trending yesterday nationwide! Thank you God for blessing me with TSAMU.

So, guys, are you ready to shout Yes to TSAMU2017?!


The Signs On A Schoolbus

Aries: Laughing hysterically at Gemini

Taurus: That one person who brings breakfast onto the bus

Gemini: Doesn’t put on the seatbelt and flies off the seat when the bus makes a turn

Cancer: Best friends with the bus driver

Leo: Trying to get their makeup done before the bus stops

Virgo: Reading and occasionally glancing up to give a pissed-off face

Libra: *Talking way too loud and accidentally wakes up Scorpio*

Scorpio: *Gives the scariest death face Libra has ever seen in their existence*

Sagittarius: Standing up the whole ride, trying to crawl over the seat in front of them

Capricorn: Sitting alone in a three-seater but refuses to let anybody sit next to them

Aquarius: Sitting in the back shouting at the bus driver telling them to turn on the music

Pisces: *running after the school bus*

It is not possible that I could ever love anyone as much as I love you right now. You’re my ride or die, bestfriend, soulmate, future wife, and everything I could have ever asked for. It’s almost a year of me being able to call you mine and it has truly been the best year of my life and there’s so much more to come. I never knew it was possible for one persons existence to make me so incredibly happy. I love you bb<3