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Irina Tchachina || Best Routines Masterpost
Ball at the Russian Cup - 4 Seasons
Ribbon at the Russian Nats - Espana Cani
Rope - Hanky Panky
Clubs at the Europeans - Spartacus
Ribbon at the Worlds - Andaluza
Hoop at the Worlds - The Saint
Rope at the Corbeil WC
Ribbon at the Glasgow WC - Besame Mucho
Ball at the Glasgow WC - Caravan
Hoop at the Deventer Masters - Danse de Phryne
Rope at the Glasgow WC - Danza de la Molinera
Clubs at the Worlds - Gypsy Potion
Ball at the Worlds - Marco Polo
Hoop at the Worlds - Super Sonic
Rope at the Worlds - Jumpin’ Jack
Hoop at the Aeon Cup - Iridan / Big Drum Small World
Rope at the Aeon Cup - Heat of the Day
Clubs at the Worlds - Evolution
Ribbon at the Worlds - Gypsy Potion
Ball at the Worlds - Mystic Moon
Hoop at the Worlds - Melagholia Mou
EX at the Worlds - A Pitar
Clubs at the Olympics - Laissez moi me griser
Ribbon at the Olympics - Malagueña

Ball at the Olympics - Harem
Hoop at the Olympics - Pirates of the Caribbean
EX 1 at the Corbeil WC - Querer (from “Cirque du Soleil: Alegria”)
EX 2 at the Olympics - Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
Clubs at the Worlds - Matrix
Ribbon at the Worlds - Ulichnie Strasti
Ball 1 at the Europeans - Nostalgia
Ball 2 at the Worlds - Exercise in Free Love
Rope 1 at the Europeans - Rise
Rope 2 at the Worlds - Bora Bora
EX at the Worlds - Yunona i Avos

Only individual routines from Irina’s RG career are included.
Any suggestions about adding your favourite routines I missed or the same ones with a better quality are appreciated. Same for finding any errors and dead links in the post. Let me know if some information is false.
Message me if you know the missing names of the music/events.

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