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Captain Swan + Memorable Kisses

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Honestly if pyro turns out to be anything other than a sentient giant balloonicorn I'm gonna be low key disappointed

Now that is a truly magical headcanon I could believe in.

Me watching Agents of SHIELD season one:

“Oh wow, this show is so predictable. Just another monster-of-the-week type series. Let me guess, the heroes defeat the bad guy at the end of the episode, right?”

“Oh, the sassy lead female will fall for the by-the-book, grumpy handsome dude? And let me guess, Coulson and the jaded SHIELD veteran lady are gonna be the group’s parents and the two nerds will be the comic relief. Wow, so revolutionary. I’m SO impressed with this totally unpredictable storytelling.” 

Me watching Agents of SHIELD post-HYDRA reveal:

Season 9 Queens: Best Performances

Aja vogues the house down

Alexis Michelle REVEALS the best of Broadway

Charlie Hides as Melania Trump (BONUS: Holds her own with Bianca Del Rio)

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Farrah Moan REVEALS glam in pink and black

Jaymes Mansfield can sew

Kimora Blac knows how to do sexy

Nina Bo’nina Brown transforms James St. James in a Disney legend

Peppermint is a professional singer and she’s catchy as hell

Sasha Velour does Nosferatu as Buffalo Bil (no, really) BONUS: She’s a goddamn performance artist

Shea Coulee made a fucking movie with Kim Chi and Pearl

Trinity Taylor gives body-ody-ody

Valentina gives grace, face and beauty EN ESPAÑOL  

  • Sakuya: Good question, Mahiru.
  • Mahiru: [to Kuro] How come you don't point out when I ask good questions?
  • Kuro: ..I don't love you like he does.
  • Sakuya: Told you.
36 Part 2 - (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader)

A/N: Wow I was not expecting so much positive feedback. Thank you to everyone who read it and enjoyed it! Now, here’s part 2! :) Also, yes, the Steven mentioned here is Steven Pasquale, Pippa’s fiancé, but for our purposes, her husband. 

For @spoopy-piineapple @building-palaces-from-paragraphs @lucifersbrain @always-blame-jefferson @completehamiltrash and @simply-hamilton who all asked for part 2! :)

Part 1

Your mind was in such a haze when you left you didn’t realize where your feet had taken you until you recognized Pippa’s door in front of you. Looking up at the storm clouds in the sky, you knew you couldn’t go back home. You knocked. The door swung open to reveal your best friend. Her face lit up as soon as she saw you, only to become concerned as she took in your red eyes and tear-stained cheeks.

“Come in,” she said immediately.

You could only nod and take her hand as she led you inside. Once you were both seated in the couch she tilted your chin up to meet your eyes.

“Sweetie, what happened?”

That’s when you broke down completely. Pippa held you tightly to her and stroked your hair as you let out all your frustration and heartache through your sobs. She knew you well enough by now that you would speak when you were ready. After a few minutes your sobs subsided to just the occasional sniffle.

“He… He cares more about that-that goddamn founding father than anything else in his life..” You whispered shakily to Pippa.

“He loves you-”

“He loves Alexander Hamilton-”

“Im sorry, which one did he marry?” Pippa retorted. You frowned at her.


She looked at you with warm eyes.

“I’m being serious, Y/N.”

“Me too! He spent the last five weeks practically ignoring me and today I found out that he cares more about what this musical could be than what we could be and it fucking hurts!”

“What? That doesn’t sound like the Lin I know.”

You sighed and closed your eyes to hold back the new tears that were forming. You began to explain in detail everything that had happened between you and Lin the last few weeks, although there wasn’t much until earlier today. Pippa held your hand the entire time and listened intently. By the end she even had tears in her eyes.

“What can I do Pip? What can I do if I’m just not the future that he has planned anymore?”

“Don’t talk like that. He loves you. He’s just let this musical take over everything. He’s been so focused on deadlines lately that his writing has all he’s allowed himself time for and it’s clouded him from seeing what he already has.”

When you didn’t answer she nudged your shoulder with her own and smiled softly, whispering,

“That means you.”

Pippa’s voice was so earnest that it almost hurt to hear the words coming out of her mouth. She was saying what you knew you needed to hear, but it still wasn’t quelling all of your concerns.

“But I still haven’t been able to make him see that he should take a break, and I’ve been trying to do that for weeks… he won’t listen to me.”

“Then you make him listen.”

You vocally scoffed at her words.


“By being you!”

“What have I been doing this whole time then?” You retorted, and she frowned at you.

“Y/N, I’m serious. Remember when we were ten, and you managed to wrangle up an entire crowd of both kids our age and adults to attend your bunny’s funeral? You convinced almost twenty people to do it out of sheer stubbornness and will. And because you had good intentions. Y/N I’ve seen you do incredible things when you put your mind to something. It’s the same drive that got you through med school. It’s the same drive that made you go out and get Lin when he couldn’t gather the courage to ask you out himself. If anyone can save Lin from himself, it’s you.”

Tears had slowly started forming in your eyes throughout Pippa’s speech. You gave her a watery smile and gripped her hand like a vice.

“Goodness, what would I do without you, Pip?”

“Probably implode or something,” she teased.

You laughed for the first time in a long time as she kissed your cheek.

“Ugh, is it bad that the most action I’ve gotten in the last few weeks is from you tonight?”

It was Pippa’s turn to laugh heartily.

“So no different from when we were teenagers.”

You both burst into a fit of giggles.

“Come on Pip, you could’ve had anyone you wanted.”

“Look who’s talking!”

“You know I might’ve just gotten with you if you hadn’t met Steven a few years later,” you mused.

“Same here darling. Same here,” she giggled, and you hugged her tightly to you.

The door opened and you both perked up. Some hopeful part of you wished that it would be Lin, coming to find you in order to apologize, but your heart sank again when you saw it wasn’t your husband walking through the door, but your best friend’s.

“Well isn’t it a party in here?” Steven greeted as he entered.

Pippa lit up as her husband walked over and pecked her lips.

“Y/N’s staying over tonight,” she declared to him.

You gave her a questioning look, but she remained determined.

“Is everything alright?” Her husband asked.

“Y/N just needs some time to ponder a few things. Besides,” she turned to you. “When was the last time we did anything like this?”

You smiled softly and silently thanked your best friend for being the most amazing woman you have ever known.

In the morning you slowly opened your eyes and sighed as the events from yesterday flooded your mind at full force. Looking out the window, you saw that the sun was just barely beginning to peak over the horizon. You sat up and watched the sun rise as you thought of how the last time you had done so had been almost a year ago.

“Cariña. Pssst. Cariña,” Lin whispered to you.

You muttered something incoherent, causing your husband to laugh softly.

“Shhhh I know it’s early but come look.”

You sighed at his persistent poking (literally), and opened your eyes as you sat up.

“What is it, Lin?” you mumbled.


You followed his line of sight until you were watching the same sunrise. You smiled softly as you felt Lin pull you closer, and you allowed yourself to lean into him. The two of you remained in comfortable silence for the next few minutes as the sun rose fully.

“Te amo, mi cariña.”

“Te amo.”

You slowly got out of your best friend’s guest bed and made it up. Changing out of the loaned pyjamas, you put on last night’s clothes and brushed your teeth. Knowing that she was asleep, you were going to text Pippa to let her know that you were going back home, however, it was only now that you realized that in the heat of the moment you had left your phone behind before coming to Pippa’s. You muttered to yourself about being an idiot as you wrote her a heartfelt thank you on the sticky note, with a promise that you would plan a coffee date for later this week. After sticking it where you knew she’d see it, you left for home.

The morning air was brisk as you made your way back. You kept trying to push back any bad thoughts that were lurking in your mind. If this was going to work, you needed to go in with a clear head. You needed to have a talk with Lin about everything that had been on your mind lately, and it needed to happen as soon as you got home before you lost the courage to do so.

Would he even be home?

You shook your head to clear your mind of that thought. You wouldn’t worry about that unless you had to.

Walking up to your building you cursed yourself as you realized that not only had you forgotten your phone, you had left your keys inside as well. You couldn’t even get into the building, let alone your apartment. Huffing in frustration, you peered inside through the glass doors, your hope rising as you saw your neighbour, Mr. Johnson from down the hall, coming out for what seemed like a (very) early morning jog. You waved at him as he approached, and he smiled as he opened the door for you.

“Early morning stroll?”

“I could say the same thing about you. But here’s a tip, don’t forget your keys,” you smiled back at him as he chuckled. “Thanks Mr. Johnson!”

“Anytime, Y/N,” he replied as you went inside and began climbing the stairs to your floor. You didn’t want to take the elevator because it would give you too much time standing still for your mind to begin to wander to bad thoughts.

As you finally reached your apartment door, you hesitated. You shook your head to clear your thoughts and went to knock, only to hesitate again. You took a deep breath and slowly reached for the doorknob. You let the breath go when you finished turning it and realized that the door was unlocked. You gently opened the door and quietly stepped in.

Lin’s head immediately snapped up to look at the doorway when he heard you enter. He was sitting on the couch, his eyes red-rimmed and hair falling out of his ponytail, looking as though he had tried to run his hands through it several times. The sight of him looking so devastated broke your heart. You both stayed frozen in silence for a few more moments as he took in your appearance. He met your eyes and slowly stood up.

“Y/N… Mi cariña…” he trailed off, his voice sounding hoarse as though he had been crying all night.

You began walking toward him, and he stood immediately and followed your lead, meeting you halfway. You both stopped when there was only a small distance between you. You swallowed hard as you saw more tears fill your husband’s eyes. Any guards that you had put up dissolved immediately, and you pulled him into your arms. Lin buried his face in your neck and clutched you to him as he broke down in your arms. You held him tightly to you and buried your face in his hair as tears of your own fell down your cheeks.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry mi cariña. So so so sorry,” he whispered over and over into your neck.

You didn’t know how long you stayed there holding each other and crying, the only noise coming from Lin’s ceaseless apologies. Eventually you both pulled away just enough so you could look each other in the eyes.

“We still need to talk about it,” you said quietly.

“God I know- sorry I just-” Lin began to pull away but you held his hands before he could slip away entirely.

“Hey, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t enjoying your arms where they were.” You gave him a small smile, which caused him to reciprocate.

“I was too,” he admitted gently. You smiled a bit more and were about to say something else when your phone alarm went off, causing both of you to jump.

You went to grab it from the coffee table and swore under your breath as you looked at it.

“I forgot I had a shift today,” you said to Lin without looking at him. Even with the distance between you two, you could feel him deflate at your words. “I’m sorry… but I need to go in.”

Looking up at Lin, you saw understanding underneath his pained eyes.

“I… I should shower and get ready,” you continued when Lin hadn’t responded.

He nodded and you rushed to the bathroom. You moved through your usual morning routine quickly and mechanically. You walked back out to the living room to grab your bag and shoes only to see Lin standing in the exact same spot you had left him.

“Cariña, I know I fucked up. I fucked up really badly, but I promise that I’m gonna make it right.”

You gave him a small smile.

“I’m off at 7pm,” you offered.

“I’ll be here.”

And for the first time in weeks, you really believed that he would be.

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