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This is ridiculous. Fucking insane. If if if if if if you have band members that do not get along I can bet you a lot of money that they would still be made to interact and be seen together acting like members of the same band for the public to see. It’s in the best interest of management, record labels, the fan, and the band. This is the most ridiculous narrative I have ever seen regarding a band and I am 42 fucking years old.

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Connor can be a lifeguard, prom king, Youtuber, dancer, (secret) singer, writer, photographer, beautiful boyfriend... What the hell?

Entrepreneur, best selling author, record label owner, model, graphic designer, there’s actually nothing he can’t do wtff

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Taylor is in a small independent record label yet the whole music industry is counting on Taylor and Big Machine. Crazy to think about it. These major record labels can't even have one of their artists to get 1 million sales in one week and an independent (small) can do it!

Big Machine is one of the best record labels out there in my opinion. Scott really gives his artist artistic freedom and pay attention to them. Like all the his artist seem to mention him but I’ve never heard any other artist out there mention their label president.

Big Machine is doing it right, and they now have some of the biggest acts in country music, as well as Taylor, arguably the biggest artist right now.