best realtionship

The fact that Jughead is only 16 and is handling pretty much everything going on in his life by himself is the reason I can’t sleep at night

SLW: Day Six, Angst

(sorry this is so short <3)


They’re rarely jealous and there’s barely any misunderstandings between them, because what they have is really healthy and honest. If either of them are upset about something they’ll come clean and talk about it, get it sorted out. So there’s angst only before they get to that stage of their relationship, because initially they’re very very careful about each and every little thing because they both have a (very wrong) sense of unworthiness (there’s a lot of conversations about that until finally they come to the conclusion that they’re good to each other and they deserve this good thing, they deserve to have some tenderness in their lives).

Then, later, there’s angst when one of them is hurt and the other doesn’t know how comfort them in the right way. Cas can’t take all of Sam’s pain away if it’s mostly emotional/psychological, though he does try. He asks what he can do to help, more than play with Sam’s hair as Sam uses his chest as a pillow.

“Just stay, Cas,” Sam says, and Castiel does, hoping it’s really enough.

Ponyboy being clingy would involve...

sassy-sassy-gee asked: Could you maybe do a headcanon for a really touchy feely Ponyboy where he always has to be touching you in some way? Thanks!

  • Him doing this because of his insecurities
  • Ponyboy having his hand on you every minute of everyday
  • Ponyboy doing this because he also wants you to be safe
  • Pony always hugging you when you see each other
  • You comforting Pony a lot and he loves how close you two get
  • Pony making sure that you two always have a hug/kiss before you or him leave
  • Him constantly reminding you that he loves you 
  • You constantly reminding him that you love him
  • You always keep telling him that you’ll never leave
  • Making sure he feels good
  • Pony feeling better when you two talk
  • You sort of getting annoyed at his clingy-ness
  • You two having lots of fights about it
  • You understanding all of what causes this
  • You two staying together and having the best realtionship