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Summoner/Eldigan C-S

Written by  tct-psychoticnekomata


Eldigan: Lord/Lady (y/n), was it?

(y/n): Do not call me a Lord/Lady, please. God only knows I would not do well as a Lord/Lady of Jugdral.

Eldigan: Yet you are the one who has summoned me here. Thus I swore to follow your commands.

(y/n): Only because I’m the tactician, Eldigan. But never mind that. What do you want?

Eldigan: I wish to duel with you.

(y/n): And as a great tactician, I must decline~!

Eldigan: Have you no honor then?

(y/n): I have brains. And they tell me that I cannot and will not defeat a knight of your caliber in combat. Especially if we’re using real weapons. I’d be more liable to cut my own head off.

Eldigan: I see. In that case, we shall only use training blades. But I wish to know the strength of my new master.

(y/n): You’re not going to let this one go, huh? Alright then. En garde, oh Lionheart!

[(y/n) and Eldigan have reached support rank C.]


(y/n): Gnnnnn… I’m still sore after that battle.

Eldigan: You’re not bad for someone who claims to be poor in battle, (y/n). Some more practice and you could be a fine swordsman.

(y/n): Thank you. But my world has different weapons to be taken into battle. If I tried to explain them, it’d sound like magic beyond your understanding.

Eldigan: I’ll take your word for it then. For me, I need only my trusty steed and Mystletainn at my side in battle.

(y/n): Mystletainn… a blade used by one of the twelve crusaders of your world, you’d told me.

Eldigan: Yes… and yet where they all worked together to defeat the Dark Dragon, Loptyr, we as their descendants are now cursed to war against each other.

(y/n): I take it a part of you is glad to be away from your world for now, knowing what you intend when you return.

Eldigan: I… suppose you are not wrong. But I would rather not think of it now.

(y/n): Of course. For now, let’s try this duel again, shall we?

Eldigan: Come at me with everything you have.

[(y/n) and Eldigan have reached support rank B.]


(y/n): You were holding back, weren’t you?

Eldigan: Not at all. You beat me soundly, fair and square.

(y/n): I don’t believe that at all. Part of it is because your chivalry betrays you. You get this nice little tell when you’re lying. Your hand always tightens around the hilt of Mystletainn.

Eldigan: Hmph.

(y/n): You’re thinking of the duty I summoned you away from, aren’t you?

Eldigan: Tell me, (y/n). If you were ordered to kill someone dear to you by your king… would you be able to do it? Could you bring yourself to end the life of someone you’d grown close to?

(y/n): I can’t say, Eldigan. For starters, there is no king in my homeland. We have a different idea in how to govern the people there. But if I were told to kill my friend, just on the spite of another… I don’t think I could do it. I would consider it cowardly.

Eldigan: I see… do not give me that look, (y/n). I expected such an answer. Lachesis told me herself not to listen to King Chagall’s madness. I think she too would see me as a coward.

(y/n): I sincerely doubt that. But you know there’s still time to do the right thing, yes?

Eldigan: … Maybe… I will consider your worlds, (y/n). Perhaps… Perhaps I am not as great a knight as I fancied myself as.

[(y/n) and Eldigan have reached support rank A.]


Eldigan: (y/n)… might I have a moment of your time?

(y/n): Of course, Eldigan. What’s up?

Eldigan: I have… contemplated your words about my situation. I swore to drive Sigurd from my homeland in Agustria, even if it meant taking his life, in the name of my own king. But from you… following your orders, I have seen only compassion from you. You care about the lives of your men. Not only that, but you go out of your way to make them comfortable, even those whom you are not as fond of.

(y/n): It’s only fair, yes? I expect all of you to risk your lives for me. Certainly I would like to think of myself as somebody who is more thankful for their service.

Eldigan: Not many in power from my world think the same. To them, we are tools to be used and nothing more. I too am a tool to be sent into the fray and discarded when I am broken. That is how King Chagall saw me and I accepted it… until you told me otherwise. (y/n), I ask of you… let me come with you to your world.

(y/n): Wha-?! Wh-Why? You would be shocked, potentially horrified… I mean it’s not as bad as a dark dragon flying rampant, sure, but it’d be so different.

Eldigan: I will adapt to it… All to be with the one I’ve come to love.

(y/n): Oh gosh… Eldigan, I… I mean I can’t say there aren’t feelings, but are you not married? What about Grahnye and Ares?

Eldigan: Who do you speak of? I know no such people.

(y/n): Are you-… oh… no, you’re not gripping Mystletainn’s hilt. I forget there are so many worlds, so many possibilities… I am sorry. It seems my common knowledge has failed me this time, Eldigan. If you’ll forgive me though… I can surely make it up to you.

Eldigan: I more then understand, my dear. You will be my lover and no one else, I assure you.

Confession Quote

Eldigan: For you, I would cast aside the bonds of servitude that chained me to my liege and ride freely into your embrace. I love you and only you, my one true master.

a few days ago me and my girlfriend started to play sims 4 with all the vault hunters and we had set up this nice neighbourhood with EVERYONE. Like there were Vaughn and Rhys and August and stuff. Everyone was there.
Then one morning I fucked up and Salvador almost died, but Maya brought him back, however that had just been the start.
A few hours later, August called Maya over to hang out with him, she was like yeah sure and as we went there we took EVERY SINGLE VAULT HUNTER with us.
Finally at Augusts door, we realized there was no one there. August msut have gone to work or something, he wasn’t there and his mom was neither. 

Naturally we stayed.

They were all feeling horrible and were hungry, so I let Lillith go into the kitchen and make some food, turned out she cant cook and set fire to Augusts kitchen. 
She almost died there burning, but Axton saved her. Then both of them sat at the bar, together with Zer0 and just chattet, Lillith looking all burned up and the kitchen completly wrecked.

Meanhile all the others were fucking tired, but there were just not enough beds. I put some people in some beds and others on a couch but there was just not enough room. Mordecai kept on passing out on the floor, sleeping everywhere and it was horrible.
At some point Lillith went showering and went to sleep somewhere too.

Then Brick woke up and REALLY needed to pee, I let him go to the bathroom but it was too late. He just peed on the ground AND EVERYTHING JUST GOT WORSE I DONT EVEN KNOW.

At some point August and is mom came back to see their house filled with Vault Hunters who burned down their kitchen, messed up their bathtub and peed in the bathroom. Like they already got greeted with a passed out Mordecai in front of their front door and they got in and everything was wrecked.

So normally in Sims 4 people throw others out when they misbehave, but Idk i had some kind of bug? idk. For some reason August and his mom just rolled with it, went into one of the two bedrooms and perched on the bed togehter, sleepign and not coming out of the bedroom. Not even when someone showered again. AND OH GOD THEIR FACES. THEY WERE SO STRESSED OUT.

They literally stayed int heir room as if they were afraid or something or just didn’t want to see tons of vault hunters destroying their house. They were like ‘this is fine’.

So at some point I had mercy and August enough, since he kept throwing people out of the beds after he had stopped bugging and all of us left, leaving behind a whole mess of a house.

So the point of this is

dont invite Vault Hunters.

Eponine Dialogue
Fire Emblem: Fates
Eponine Dialogue

For an anon!

Uh… let’s just say she’s definitely Zero’s daughter, aha. She’s also an avid fan for boy’s love LOL. Disclaimers as usual!

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Husband Reacts to 1D: Steal My Girl

Part 1 of the Husband Reacts series: Photos of the Boys.

Part 2 of the Husband Reacts series: Best Song Ever

I am proud to present Part 3 in the series: Steal My Girl

“Wait… that Danny DeVito?”

“Yes I have a question…is this video over yet? Also, are we sure that’s not Harry Styles playing Danny DeVito?”

(He doesn’t trust them after Best Song Ever. He thinks every character is played by one of the 1D guys dressed up.)

“It’s like the Planeteers. Earth! Wind!! Fire! Water! Zayn! With our powers combined, we are super lame!”

From L-R Zayn, Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall (he assigned these himself, but he still doesn’t know all their names, so I guess from L-R it would be Zayn, Harry, Bush-Head, Javier, Donald Trump)

“Oh yeah Javier destroying balls of inhibition, that makes sense. Actually, its pretty fitting, considering this video is destroying my balls, too.”

“Why is Zayn wearing a dress? No wonder he left the band.”

“Are his pants that tight, or are his legs painted black? You can’t just paint someone’s legs black, the FCC doesn’t like it.”

(he said this right after)

“Zayn looks like Uncle Jesse.”

“This makes it seem like the chimp is his girl. Or trying to steal his girl. I dunno which is worse.”

“I bet that chimp is a better singer than the entire band.”

“This is some weird Siegfried and Roy shit.”

“They stole this from the Truman Show”

“Harry is wearing a coat in the desert. He looks out of place. But so does the whole band, so its fine.”

“It’s over and we never saw a girl. The song is called Steal My Girl and we never got to see the damn girl. Are they singing about each other??”

You’ve cracked it, husband.

Husband Reacts to 1D: Best Song Ever

Last week, I showed my husband photos of One Direction, and asked him to discuss the band (his knowledge is minimal). The results were hilarious.

Today, I showed him his first 1D music video. What did he think?

“I hate you so much right now.”

“That’s definitely a dude. Slagothor. Zayn. His name is Zayn, right? Yeah I’m still gonna call him Slagothor. Slagothor is dressed like a lady….he doesn’t make a very convincing female”

(I have no idea how he figured this out so fast)

“Why are they checking out Slagothor’s ass??

“I’m already so bored, holy shit”

“God I hate this so much.”

“He looks perplexed. I bet he is bored and wondering if there is ever going to be a song. I know I am.”

“Finally the song started. Look at Harry Styles flirting with Slagothor. Work it, girl!”

-sarcastic- “ohhh look a scene where they’re having fun woohoo”

“Guinness (he means Niall) has a Donald Trump toupee, I bet it pops off like Lego hair. Also and look at his shit eating grin I kinda wanna kick him in the face but I dunno why”

“Why are they trashing everything? I don’t get it! that’s a horrible first impression to make on the company making your film” 

“I still maintain that he is the straightest one of the group. But his hair looks like a bush. His new name is Bush-Head.” 

“Buttons are just a suggestion for Harry Styles, aren’t they?”

“I feel like I’m watching a bad K-Pop video.”

“Slagothor was the best thing for this band. I can’t believe he left.”

“Well that’s something I never want to see again. Why are they dancing? They clearly cannot dance.”

“Really? End credits on a music video? How completely unnecessary.”

“Best Song Ever? More like Worst Song Ever.”

“Well that was six minutes of my life I’m not getting back…but I feel like it doubled and I lost 12 minutes of my life somehow”

Then I made the mistake of asking him which band member was his favorite, and he responded with:

“That’s like asking me to pick my favorite STD.”

I also made him watch Steal My Girl. He hated it equally. I’ll post his reaction soon.

(P.S. all credit goes to the original gif makers, I didn’t make any of these)

anonymous asked:

To dull the pain of the ask from 'going ghost', how about companions react to the sole going ghost, Danny Phantom style? as in literally being able to turn into a ghost at will














This react goes with everything
  • The flowers died cuz you didn’t water them enough

  • Stop having sex with Madoka

  • I have Madoka’s panties in my hand

  • I’m sniffing Madoka’s hair

  • The llama-kyubey’s got out

  • I have your sex tape




class: *whistles*/ “ooooooOOOooohhh” / “this guy is really hot”class: “uuhhhhh”/ “what’s he doing?” / “is there something wrong with him?”class: ??!!!???!! / “What the hell!!?!?” / “WTF”