best rb ever

*feeling sick to my stomach and light headed from anxiety*

someone: hey! how are ya doing today? 

me: PRETTY GOOD!!!! >u< / how about you friend!!



“I was happy here, I am happy here and the day that I am not here I will be happy because I am one of you” 

Dani Alves, June 7th 2015, treble celebration

  • 8 seasons
  • 391 🎮 appearances
  • ⚽ 21 goals
  • ⚽➡ 102 assists
  • 6 🏆 La Liga 
  • 4 🏆 Copa del Rey 
  • 4 🏆 Supercopa de España
  • 3 🏆 UEFA Champions League
  • 3 🏆 UEFA Super Cup
  • 3 🏆 FIFA Club World Cup
  • 3043854324 snap-backs at media attacks

Thank you Dani 

thank you for every smile you gave us 

thank you for every incredible assist

thank you for every golazo

thank you for defending the Club on and off the pitch,

thank you for not taking shit from anyone and always saying what is on your mind

thank you for your grand gesture with Abi.. Even though it meant putting your career on hold..

thank you for your gesture in 2014, in Villarreal

thank you for making Carlos’ dream come true this season

thank you for your #goodcrazy

thank you for teaching us not to take ourselves too seriously

Simply.. thank you for being the blessing of a human being that you are..


footylover  asked:

Dani Alves ^^

GOOD CRAZY!!! 😍😍😍😍

He has the same kind of personality Geri has, i.e. A non-giver of fucks. Always happy. Always positive. And that is something I admire about him because he does not let things get to him. Someone who does not take himself too seriously and can joke about his mistakes. But he is also a GREAT professional. A great talent. The Best RB FC Barcelona has ever had and One of the best RB ever!! A Legend 😎🙌❤

*send me a footballer and i’ll give you my opinion on them*


What do you think it is about Missy and how you guys work together? You have great chemistry and play well off each other. Is part of that just being lucky, your personalities meshing well, or do you really work at scenes to make them great, like you did with the fight scene in the truck?] I think it’s a combination of those things. I get asked about that often. It’s funny when you have good chemistry with somebody that you’re acting with, it’s lucky. It’s lucky that there’s that and then a similar care for wanting it to be good. She has that. Then the writers are really quite attuned to us as actors and certainly the characters. It’s like all the right ingredients coming together and making a really tasty dish. It’s great when it happens, and when it does, you know you have the right ingredients and you know how to cook it. So every time you cook it, it comes out pretty good. - Ben Bass