best rapper in the whole wide world

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Jin: I get to meet them? And spend time with them? This is a dream come true! I have to make sure that the members behave around them.

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Suga: You mean the ultimate rapper of all time? THAT’S who I’m getting paired up with? This isn’t a joke right?

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Jimin: Jungkookie! Look at how cool your hyung is!! He got paired up with the best singer ever! I’m not lying! Ask production. They’re on the phone right now!

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V: I suddenly got really nervous. Are they here right now? Do I get to meet them today?

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J-Hope: You’re telling me this now?! I have to prepare myself! I’m not mentally ready! Are you sure that you meant me? This is a really big deal, this better not be a joke. 

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Rap Monster: This is amazing. Maybe we could produce a song together, if they give me the privilege to do so. Imagine that. My favorite rapper in the whole wide world and I producing a song…

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Jungkook: I got paired up with THEM?! This is so exciting and an absolute dream come true! How did you guys even manage to contact them, they’re like HUGE.

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Finally - Min Yoongi [Fluff]

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It was a Sunday afternoon and I had nothing to do. All my afternoon tasks were care of. I studied for an upcoming test earlier today and I had done my routine for getting ready. Yet, here I was lying on my bed. My cell phone was in my hand, hovering over my face with the constant fear of it falling on me being the only thing on my mind.

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