best rapper ever!!

OK so when are we gonna stop this?

How long are people gonna stay pressed about B.I. and Bobby? Seriously it’s been 2 years straight. Get over it.

How long are people gonna act like BTS Namjoon and Suga are the best rappers ever? Seriously it’s been about 3 years, educate yourselves.

How long are people gonna pretend like khiphop is something new, groundbreaking, superior and a COMPLETELY seperate entity from the rest of hip-hop? It’s the same shit in a different language.

How long are people gonna hate Okasian and Keith Ape and pretend that they aren’t Real HipHop™ because they make Trap music? OK we get it you don’t like trap, but your opinion doesn’t make it any less a part of hip-hop.

How long are people gonna pretend like YG ent didn’t have a huge influence on where khiphop is today? If you’ve never heard any of the pre-2005 music of YG, there’s a good chance you’re not that knowledgable of khiphop.

How long are people gonna pretend that Illionaire is the only company making songs about partying, money, and material things in general and use that as a reason to hate them? It’s just not true, not even a little bit.


How long are people gonna sleep on MIB and Electroboyz? Don’t do this to yourselves.


Guys, you know BTS has 7 members right? SEVEN?! 

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Yeah. Seven. 

We as ARMY’s are blessed with seven extremely talented, extremely beautiful men (yeah that’s right I said men. Not boys. They aren’t children, guys). They provide SO MUCH for our undeserving hearts, and it really really really hurts me to see that they are not as equally appreciated as they should be. 

You see that gorgeous man up there? The one with the pink hair? And the amazing boomerang-shirt thing? Yeah him. 

THAT MAN is none other than BTS’s leader, Kim Namjoon. And you might be thinking, okay? So? What’s so good about that guy? 

Well, THAT GUY, ladies and gentlemen, is in my opinion one of the best Korean idol rappers ever. He spits bars like not a lot of people can do. He has THE most passionate rapping voice I have ever heard in my life.  

He has so much talent. He adds so much to BTS. Without him, BTS would not nearly be as beautiful as they are now. What he does for his BTS family is absolutely ridiculous. His out-of-this-world talent better be appreciated, because I fear we might not ever find another talent like him dare I say - ever

And that beautiful man to his left? The one who has the most underrated confidence in all of the Universe? 

THAT MAN is none other than BTS’s mother, Kim Seokjin. And most of you might be wondering, well yeah? So what?

And guys, I cannot stress this enough. But Jin adds more to BTS than you think. His confidence in what he does is incredible. I cry every. single. time. I see a rude comment about how he does absolutely nothing for BTS. Do you guys know how much that hurts him?

 In my opinion, he has improved in literally every single aspect that people give him hell for. His dancing? Might not be as on point as J-Hope’s or Jimin’s, but DAMMIT Kim Seokjin came into the business to become an actor. AN ACTOR. 

How amazing he is at what he never wanted to pursue to begin with is incredible. And don’t even get me started on how his voice has become so beautiful and unique and lovely and amazing and and….and I can’t get started with this guys. It’ll be too long of a post. 

Finally, ARMY’s, I wish I could write exactly how I feel about this situation. My bias is Jimin, so I do not feel as strongly to this inequality than others might, but I’ll be damned if I let any of my baes be disregarded in my favorite group. 

I feel the need to protect them at all costs. So whenever I see comments having to do with only Jungkook or Taehyung, I’m quite sick of it. 


It always has been. We will pray that it will always remain this way. For fifty-sixty-seventy-billion years…they will be seven

BTS is Jeon Jungkook

Kim Taehyung 

Park Jimin

Jung Hoseok


Min Yoongi



THE BEST RAPPER EVER 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💚💚💚💚💚💚

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Jide's Snapchat story was cute, then deep, then cute again

But the deep stuff he said while drunk was way better than the stuff most people say sober

And the fact that he felt the need to say sorry for rapping really pisses me off. He’s already established that he doesn’t want to be the best rapper ever. He just wants to rap. It’s something that makes him happy and I really hate that people are hating on him.