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Chance the Rapper wins best new artist Grammy, ignores playoff music

Chance the Rapper was declared best new artist at the 2017 Grammy Awards. He beat out Kelsea Ballerini, the Chainsmokers, Maren Morris and Anderson .Paak. His win marks the first time a black hip-hop artist has won the best new artist award since Lauryn Hill won back in 1999. Read more

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💫 Onika❣First one of a Card series, starting off with Nicki Minaj as the A♠️.

Try and guess who the other ones will be ♠️♥️♣️♦️.

Everything But the Burden: What White People Are Taking from Black Culture by Greg Tate

White kids from the ’burbs are throwing up gang signs. The 2001 Grammy winner for best rap artist was as white as rice. And blond-haired sorority sisters are sporting FUBU gear. What is going on in American culture that’s giving our nation a racial-identity crisis?


AAA. ARMY, ARMY, ARMY. Thank you and we love you guys a lot. Many people said we wouldn’t make it, but to all those who believe in us, ARMYs, our company, thank you so much. And I’d like to say thank you to all the international ARMYs all over the world who are watching this award. ありがとう, 谢谢, gracias, Спасибо.
—  Rap Monster, Best Artist Award, 2016 Asia Artist Awards

BTS Shared Their Enthusiasm & Said, “We Started In Ax Hall, & Now We Are At Olympic Park Gymnastic Arena. It Was Our Dream Since Debut, & We Have Finally Achieved Our Goal. It Feels Unreal.” 

Rap Monster Then Added, “Previously, Our Dreams Were To Become #1 Idol Group On Music Programs, & Idols Stars Performing In Olympic Park Gymnastic Arena, But After Taking #1 & Holding Concerts, Now We Desire To Win ‘Best Artist’.

He Continued, “Our Perspectives Changed After Taking On Olympic Gymnastic Arena. It’s Good To Be Modest, But It Is Also Important To Enjoy This Moment. It’s Not Good To Waste This Joyful Youth & Music With Anxiety & Fear.”