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Chance the Rapper wins best new artist Grammy, ignores playoff music

Chance the Rapper was declared best new artist at the 2017 Grammy Awards. He beat out Kelsea Ballerini, the Chainsmokers, Maren Morris and Anderson .Paak. His win marks the first time a black hip-hop artist has won the best new artist award since Lauryn Hill won back in 1999. Read more

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Open Letter to Cardi B.

I don’t know if Cardi B. saw my tweet enough but she was on Twitter upset “somebody” said she didn’t deserve the Best Female Rap Artist Award.  And I remember getting a lot of her stans after me because they felt some type of way about my tweet about her primarily getting so much attention for her skin color. Look. It’s true. If you feel some type of way, acknowledge it. Be honest. You referred to dark-skinned women as “burnt roaches” after proclaiming to be some champion for them. You were also documented referring to certain black women as “monkeys” and “darkies” in the past. You bring every criticisms unto yourself. I’m not here for your being slut-shamed and receiving classist comments. I will defend you from that but I will never defend how you treated your female friends, trans people, queer men, and your referral to Jewish people. 

 I supported your last mixtape, and I’m going to be honest. I thought it was alright. I liked some of your songs but I do not think they were stellar enough for you to get an award for Best Female Rap Artist this soon. At least not over the likes of Kash Doll and Cupcakke, which you likely only mentioned because you saw fans rightfully say how they deserved it more. If you were all in this together, I wouldn’t have complained. But since it’s just you, obviously it’s because of who you are and how you look. If you weren’t so light-skinned and not African-American (ethnically, I’m not saying you’re non-black), you wouldn’t be as hyped the way you are. You would have been looked at as another Love & Hip-Hop reality star with some songs. Can you remember a time Rasheeda and Joseline were nominated for Best Female Rap Artist? Maybe I’m too young but I don’t remember.

 I think you are a very attractive woman but how you act and treat others is ugly. I understand if you want to clapback at deserving “haters” but you don’t do that. You pick fights with people who don’t @ you, especially if they are women. You go out of your way to shame and embarrass them over an opinion. We all saw how French Montana got lambasted for talking shit about that girl’s hair texture over her opinion on his music. That was you when you talked about that girl’s skin color because she said you were ugly for a light skin girl. That was not a very nice comment of her but there’s a difference between her saying that and your literally using colorism and a gross slur to refer to her. All you had to do was apologize and admit that was wrong. You could’ve even said it was out of character, but you never did. And if you think putting dark-skinned girls in your videos and promoting them is going to make up for what you said about them, you have another thing coming. 

 I can see why you’re on Love & Hip-Hop. I can see you in movies or hosting things hip-hop related. I listened to your new song, and you have gotten better. But for you to have gone this far for something you only started doing last year is clearly a work of privilege. So many darker skinned girls from Chicago and ATL have done the same thing you’re doing for years, and they’re young. But where are their dues? From what I am getting from you, you don’t seem like a very nice person when you speak to others who really are calling you out for your problematic behavior. When you proclaim to stand up for a group of people, we expect you to go all the way through with it. You don’t back track when someone makes you angry. This is not about respectability politics, this is about how you treat others. The same can be said for male rappers, and I can’t for the life of me see why they still have support. But I’m focusing on you because as someone who claimed to be a black feminist, I’m not seeing any of your actions line up with your ideologies. It comes off as only doing it for the trend, and not because you genuinely care. 

 If you feel you worked hard, that’s all that matters. If you spent nights and days writing your material, that is commendable. However, all I was saying is that for someone like you to get a Best Female Rap Artist nomination that soon is suspect and clearly a work of light-skinned privilege. Hell, it took Nicki Minaj 12 YEARS to become the person she is today. I understand you came up a long way. I’m not bashing the fact you are popular and in the media. I’m talking about rap only. I said you did not deserve the Best Female Rap Artist award, not that you didn’t deserve to be where you are today. If you really want people to root for you (and I’m not talking about misogynists who hoe-shame you, they’re irrelevant) you need to not be defensive when others call you out for legitimate issues. Don’t say you’re a feminist but then turn around and slut-shame and call women “roaches” over their skin tone after building your whole platform being against it.

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BTS Shared Their Enthusiasm & Said, “We Started In Ax Hall, & Now We Are At Olympic Park Gymnastic Arena. It Was Our Dream Since Debut, & We Have Finally Achieved Our Goal. It Feels Unreal.” 

Rap Monster Then Added, “Previously, Our Dreams Were To Become #1 Idol Group On Music Programs, & Idols Stars Performing In Olympic Park Gymnastic Arena, But After Taking #1 & Holding Concerts, Now We Desire To Win ‘Best Artist’.

He Continued, “Our Perspectives Changed After Taking On Olympic Gymnastic Arena. It’s Good To Be Modest, But It Is Also Important To Enjoy This Moment. It’s Not Good To Waste This Joyful Youth & Music With Anxiety & Fear.”