best race horse

Honestly no single player game has ever made me feel quite as accomplished as Gallop Racer 2004.  Like it takes a while to build up your reputation with trainers and convince them to give you better horses to ride, it takes a while to to get your own horses and win in better races, and buy a stable. It takes a while to ride those good horses to the ends of their careers and retire them. It takes a while and trial and error to breed. It takes p much a whole year of in game time (which you take week by week and can take hours upon hours to get through unless your’e skipping races)  for the foal to be born.  It then takes another few years for that foal to grow up. Then you race your foals until you get that one by chance that’s just a damn Champion and they have an amazing career. And then you feel bittersweet when they go past their prime and you retire them.  

And then the Dream Cup happens and you get to choose that older horse out from your hall of fame to race the best horses in the game and you have a mini emotional break down when you win on a horse you bred, you raced from day one, you watched become a champion, you said goodbye to, you thought you’d never ride again, on this magical race on a beautiful bridge crossing an endless ocean. 

Games corny and weird as hell but I played it 10 years ago and I still think about that digital horse and his 32 wins out of 34 starts career and what it felt like to win with him one last time like dang. 

Voltron Characters as My 12th Grade Teacher Experiences Thus Far

Keith: *raises hand to ask teacher a question* “I need to fight you”

Lance: *gave us a test in which under the question “which is the oldest form of identifying criminals” one of the choices was magic

Allura: “I had a roommate in college named Perry, like the platypus”

Pidge: *dumps out a box of calculators in a fit of rage* “this box is empty now, there are zero calculators in here”

Hunk: “my friends all want to be biker chicks for Halloween but am I the only one that thinks being spongebob is a good costume?”

Shiro: *responding to a kid who asked what our test is on “obviously we’re having a test on how to pick the best race horse, you gotta pick the one with the most balance when it comes out”

Coran: “but is Idaho even really there?”

Matt: “You know if you turn an alligator upside down it kind of looks like a boot”


Very old pics! This is Dahess, an arabian race horse (speed races, not endurance) I saw in Albi back in 2008. He was then a stallion for the Haras Nationaux.

Ranked best arabian race horse in 2007 (IFAHR rating), Dahess run 48 races, for 28 victories - 13 of which were Group I races. He won on both short and long distances, and acquired more than 980 000€ in gains.

What shocked me is how different arabian race horses are from the flashy show horses.

I would love to hear some feedback on his confo ; muscle-horse-appreciation and notanarabianhorse come to mind to give me some enlightenment?