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If Bookingham was a real place, what do you imagine it would look like?

Oh, MAN. This is like the greatest question I have ever gotten.

So first of all, because I love the ocean, Bookingham is an island. The climate is temperate, Mediterranean, the terrain hilly and rocky and studded with springs and olive groves. At the peak of the island, if you will, is the Library, Panverborum, place of all words. It’s a glittering paragon of neoclassical architecture. Of course it also serves at the Bookingham seat of government (i.e., my house, duh), but first and foremost, it’s a library. The whole place is stuffed floor to ceiling with books and plays and folios, and comfortable couches and armchairs and floor pillows and fireplaces and reading nooks. Below ground is the most glorious wine cellar the world has ever seen. 

Now, arranged in concentric rings around the library are narrow cobbled streets, with little bookshops and print shops and tea rooms and wine bars and what have you all crammed together on each side. Most of the proprietors—that is to say, the citizens—live above the shops in modest but comfortable dwellings, windows always open to welcome in a breeze, profusions of flowers spilling out of window boxes. Pets are, of course, welcome, and it’s not uncommon to see a cat leap out of one window, scurry along a wall, and be welcomed in through another. 

The farther you go down toward the shore, the farther apart the buildings are and the denser the trees get. Of course you can find statues and fountains and streams and at least one sprawling ampitheatre in the Greek style. Now, since Bookingham is a paper-and-ink economy and nobody can live on olives and wine alone (though some of us have tried and not been totally disappointed) the harbor is a busy place. We get all sorts, traders, sailors, pirates, you name it, but so long as they’re willing to abide by our laws—read books, be merry, don’t be a dick—they’re welcome to come and stay as long as they like. It’s not uncommon for them to jump ship and settle down permanently. But the ones who don’t bring goods we need and news of the outside world as well, and tell stories to eager listeners who likely as not will write their tales down and have them printed and hand them a book of their very own stories the next time they make port.

All in all it’s a pretty great place. Who wants to move here?

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Princes when they're horny (Keith, Joshua, Wil, Glenn)

Wilfred already likes to touch you as it is, but if you manage to rile him up enough, then you can expect to be caressed and teased until you give in to his not-so-princely desires. Sly fingertips would brush against your skin, looking for your warmth and sneaking their way under your clothes. Of course, the prince of Philip already knows your body like the back of his hand; he knows just where to touch you to make you shiver, and he will never get enough of the feeling of your softness against him. Wilfred’s going to stuck to you like glue, a pout on his lips as he mutters how unfair it is that you’re so beautiful; he’s going to take care of all your needs, so won’t you please come back to bed?

The prince of Liberty would stare at your pretty self, nervously biting his lips as his emerald eyes gloss over. Feeling his hues burning you skin and gliding down your curves, you would be able to tell exactly what he’s thinking. If you choose to entertain him, Keith woud smirk and call you his good girl, lips latching onto your ear as he whispers sins and fables. If you were to tease him, however, he would have no problem slamming you against the nearest wall and giving you the punishment you deserve, unraveling you under his hands and rejoicing when you come undone for him.

Glenn is usually responsible enough to keep his cravings under control. Keyword: usually, because if the crown prince of Oriens has a weakness, then that is you and you know exactly which buttons to push to get him all hot and bothered. A horny Glenn would blush and get quiet all of a sudden, sneaking heated glances your way as his hands twitch with want. He’s still young, and when he gets excited, he doesn’t really know what to do about it - he would simply sulk and get more frustrated and nervous with each passing second. Tease him just a bit and offer to help him out, and Glenn will show you just how grateful he is to have you around.

Like Glenn, Joshua is not one to openly express his feelings and needs, but how can he keep calm when you’re just so tempting? The way you look up at him, your eyes clear and languid, the way you smile, the way you bite your cherry lips, right down to the way you walk, with the lightest sway in your steps, are enough to cloud Joshua’s judgement and fill his mind with want. Once his self-control snaps, he’d be desperate in showing you just how much he loves you - he would press your body against his and shily admit that only you can make him feel this way. The prince of Dres Van is always a bit emarrassed to be this honest, but he would be too busy kissing your soft skin and listening to your cute voice to really care.

Thanks for the message, princess.

- admin Kagerou

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Ive always been confused, and since kiba seems to be your favorite character, I thought id as your professional opinion lol. The markings on his cheeks.. I always assumed, like jiraya and kankuros, it was just body paint.? But I mean, do they really recreate that same mark EVERYDAY for forever? I heard someone else, somewhere, say that they were tattoos, and tht kinda makes more sense, but I mean poor baby kiba xD whats your view on it?

Hey there! Amazing question, I appreciate it your asking my input on our age-old debate. Personally, I’ve always thought they were body paint. My proof:

(So cute!)

Since this is after he found Akamaru…

 …the marks definitely come off. 

Also, not that this may be any suitable evidence, but in Road to Ninja, in the alternate universe, Neko-Kiba’s markings are different…

As far as I can tell, that’s the best proof we have of body paint. I’ve never seen Hana or Tsume without their marks though…

But hey, I like your reasoning! It would be a pain to apply them everyday but I guess after a while, you get used to it. Then again, tattoos may be easier but I imagine it may be hard to keep the tattoo consistent with a changing/growing face if you applied them as a kid. Maybe it’s body paint as a kid and tattoos when you get older? I don’t know lol.

What do you think though?? Body paint or tattoo?

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Astronauts or Cavemen?

Do the astronauts have weapons? lol.

Hahah Seriously: I’m a huge Spike fan, but I have to side with Angel on this. I think the Astronauts would come up with a strategy, start fire somehow, appeal to superstitions/religious terrors and defeat the Cavemen.  I refuse to believe millions of years of evolution didn’t make us, the human race, better in every way than what we once were.

Basically, I’m betting on the Astronauts because I have faith in mankind. We screw up a lot, and some people refuse to accept evolution (cough cough north carolina cough) but ultimately, I have hope and a vote for the Astronauts is a vote for evolution, imho. I might be taking it too seriously, but anyway, I’m Team Astronauts! 

And THANK YOU for asking the bestest question ever!! 

BIGBANG answers questions from fans via SOOMPI!

FAN: You look really close with Park Bom, especially after she was featured in “Oh Yeah.” What do you think of Park Bom? (unknownbutknown)

TOP: “I think she’s good.”

unknownbutknown, YOU ARE SO JJANG!

I LOVE YOU, whoever you are♥

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Hi! I was wondering if you have any tips on script writing? I have a cool idea for a story I think would work best in audio drama format, but I know absolutely nothing about writing scripts. The Bright Sessions is so amazing and well written, I was wondering how you do it! Thanks <3

First of all, thank you! I am consistently surprised and delighted when people like my writing.

Here’s a fun secret: I also know nothing about writing scripts. 

I’m not kidding - I have never taken a scriptwriting class or read a book about scriptwriting or really done any creative writing at all since I was 14. I’m not saying this to be all, “look at how much of a natural talent I am!” because I’m not. Not when it comes to writing. But I have been studying acting for a very long time, so that’s the arsenal of tools I pulled from. 

Over years of reading/seeing/performing in plays and films, I’ve picked up a thing or two about dialogue. I instinctively understand what a scene between two people is supposed to be like because I’ve performed in approximately 2 million of them (that’s all acting class is sometimes, guys). 

So when I sat down to write the first episode, I had a few things to go off of: 

  • how Sam talks
  • how Dr. Bright talks
  • what information I wanted to reveal
  • what the characters wanted from each other 

Those four things are more or less all I think about when going into writing. Since that first episode, I realized I’ve absorbed a lot more about scriptwriting from just being in entertainment than I was giving myself credit for, but you can get there too. If you have a favorite movie, find the script online and read it as you watch the movie. You’ll start to realize that you know a lot about more about dramatic structure than you think. Watch movies, listen to podcasts, and read books. Read all kinds of books. 

Then figure out what your characters want from each other and how they are going to get it. There’s this great acting exercise where you improvise a scene with a partner. One of you enters and presents a problem that you need the other person’s help with. There are only two rules to this exercise: 1) the person with the problem must get the other person to help them and 2) the other person cannot under any circumstances say yes to the person who needs help. It is incredibly frustrating but you end up finding all sorts of creative ways to make an argument. 

(and this is what’s great about audio drama - you can get away with making a scene that is only dialogue)

If you want more formal (aka real) advice about scriptwriting, I highly recommend checking out the writing tag of @personalinsanitymoment (Gabriel Urbina of Wolf 359). That is a man who knows writing and knows audio drama and, as I am doing now, answers questions by pointing to smarter people, which is always a good idea.  

Here is my biggest piece of advice, courtesy of the ever-interesting Shia LaBeouf: just do it. I spent a year sitting on the first script of The Bright Sessions thinking no one would like it and guess what? That’s the script that you hear in the first episode. If you have an idea that you’re passionate about, let that passion drive you and people will respond to it. Work hard, write every day, and don’t get too bogged down in self-doubt. 

The best piece of advice I’ve received since moving to LA is this: “Lauren, a lot of people are going to give you a lot of advice about the best way to be successful in entertainment. Don’t follow all of it”. It is ironic that that is the one piece of advice I have followed, but the point is that you can get advice from a lot of different people and read all the major books and take the right classes but at the end of the day, you’re the person you need to listen to the most. 

As Stephen Sondheim, one of the greatest artists of all time, wrote: 

“Anything you do, let it come from you, then it will be new. Give us more to see.”