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im curious... do you actually think that john is written to be gay, or is it just a hc

i definitely dont think he was written to be gay from the beginning, and i definitely dont think he was written to be gay for most of the story through late act 6…. but post-retcon (despite its shortcomings, of which there are many) actually did good on hussies word to deliver the Gay Singularity. one pattern u notice is that in acts 1-5 hussie had been using gay dudes and homoeroticism as a punchline at best or, at worse, a way to make a character seem “off” or creepy. daves “im feeling pretty friggin matrimonial all of a sudden” spiel, karkat black-crushing on john and getting bluntly rejected, bros phallic puppets, gamzee kissing tavross severed head.

but then in act 6 what he does is start following through with that homoeroticism that he had introduced as a joke. dave really DOES like dudes, and karkat finally gets a human boyfriend; dirk is actually gay and his fixation on masculine erotic imagery is not ironic (at least not entirely).

so back in 2010 when hussie actually wrote john saying “i am not a homosexual”, i think he meant it bc he was writing like a straight man would write. but on the other hand, in 2015, andrew hussie wrote daves big spiel on coming out and compulsory heterosexuality, and theres no way he didnt recognize, at that point, how not straight johns behavior was in retrospect. and johns acting very not straight in that conversation, too - especially when he anxiously redirects, “did you date any boys”, pinning the focus on dave so hes not in the limelight and he doesnt have to think too deeply about what hes hearing, this is all about dave and daves feelings and experiences, obviously sexuality and gayness arent nuanced or difficult for me, ha ha!

i definitely think johns not straight, because of the above scene. and i also definitely think john isnt interested in women, because of the way he reacts to the idea of women as potential romantic partners throughout the narrative (he says he and rose are “supposed to get married”, which indicates hes got this weird, warped perception of the way relationships work according to tv and movies - The Hero Gets Married At The End, thats just how things work, like its an obligation. and post-retcon, he reacts with shock and distress at karkats suggestion that he might be waxing black for terezi - he knows its wrong, and he says “it feels so fucked up”, but he cant put his finger on why). and i think hussie, by 2015, would have understood the implications of all these things

i cant see inside hussies head though! all i can do is make inferences based on his writing


they think the cats vs dogs stereotype is hilarious but roxy cant keep it goin for long bc jade cant stop waggin her damn tail and bein adorable in general. theyve probably only done this once or twice before but karkat has this condition where he refuses joy and happiness at every opportunity

i was never rly into runawaystuck the first go around bc everyone made it Dave the Bird: the AU and i can only handle so much strider but my gay furry heart cant deny This


My Top 5 New York Rappers skillwise and yes this particular one is in order and all these bars below are from Fabolous the 2nd best punchline rapper behind Big L and dude bar for bar has been consistent with his bars since his debut.  

1) Nas 2) Big L  3) Jadakiss 4) AZ  5) Fabolous 

“ I don’t feel T’s Pain cause I never had to buy him a drink

“How you want it, in the abdomen or back?
 Cause enemies poke you from the front, friends stab you in the back”

Wala no leash on my colla’
And if that bitch is molla’
I’m single as a dolla’
Smoke west coast kush
In my boy Impala
Got me in the Car-melo(Carmelo)
Fuckin’ with that La la
 - Fabolous

okay but skins will just never get better than the first generation. just

• the tony/sid relationship? Like holy shit so interesting sid goes from idolizing tony to literally saying “I can’t think of anything worse than being you” and then he STILL helps tony and is there for him when he really needs him

• TONY STONEM in general. evil manipulator mwhaha just wants to party but also loves his sister more than himself and is a lost puppy without Michelle. Super fashionable and bi as hell. Sass master. i give the writers major props for making him so unlikeable but also very layered and giving him a crazy ass redemption arc. He’s the center of the universe and he knows it.


• can we just appreciate the fact that the first word Effy ever speaks to anyone while lucid is “wanker”

• Michelle could so easily fall into the “weak gullible girlfriend” character but she’s not??? She stands up for herself and is crazy about her friends and she literally ONLY SPOKE SPANISH for DAYS in order to study for her exam you go girl

• a sweet, close, beautiful, pure friendship between a straight guy and a gay guy with no jokes or undertones about anyone’s sexuality


• they could have easily made sid the weird nerdy best friend who’s the punchline to all the jokes but they made him the most interesting character on the whole damn show. His relationship with Cassie. His relationship with Tony. His relationship with his dad. His relationship with Michelle. Hell even his relationship with Effy. A+

• ACTUAL QUEEN JAL FAZER. her entire audition scene is honestly worthy of a standing ovation oh my GOD

• ACTUAL ANGEL CASSIE AINSWORTH. She’s flawed and broken and selfless and jealous and dotty and dreamy and vulnerable and strong all at once. Her eating disorder/mental illness is never used as a trope or a plot device, it’s realistic and an important part of her character but it NEVER defines her. The scene where she runs through the city? Gives me chills every. Fucking. Time. Protect her at all costs.

• ACTUAL CINNAMON ROLL CHRIS MILES. he drew a picture of a snail when asked what his future goals were. he gave the school musical a standing ovation after sketch fucked it all up. half of his lines make no damn sense and he’s the typical stock “comic relief character” but NO they gave him so much depth and family background and levity and he MEANT something. and I think we all expected him to go out in a blaze of glory, in fitting Chris fashion, but he didn’t, he went painfully and un-spectacularly in a bed. Because living fast and dying young isn’t romantic, it’s sad and real and it hurts everyone they leave behind. Also shoutout to Joe dempsie for going full frontal 10/10 you are a gift to humanity

• sneaky, mysterious, bad girl Effy taking care of Pandora and letting her take the credit for her art project

• the protective sisterly bond between Michelle and Effy


• the romances are all so well written and they HURT, because this is a tv show and we expect relationships to last but these are teenagers and high school love affairs never really last, and even though they feel so dramatic and intense now you know that Michelle and Tony will never grow up and get married and have babies, it just won’t happen, but you still feel it all the same, just like you would if you were a teenager.

• but HONESTLY. Jal and Chris. Literally the last people you’d ever think to end up together but they worked because they challenged each other, they made each other want to be better. Chris helped Jal stop being so cautious and uptight and Jal showed Chris that he did matter as a person, that he needed to try, that he couldn’t waste his life because it counted for something. When she puts the coin in his hand to give him all her luck and he’s being wheeled away and he holds it up to show her I just SOB it is so beautiful and sad. They took care of each other but they didn’t change for each other, Jal still went to her audition (and SLAYED it) and Chris still was just as carefree as he always had been, they just met each other halfway and it was so glorious

• and don’t even get me started on Sid and Cassie. These two fuckers. I knew it was endgame the moment you hear them bouncing on springs and Cassie’s like “oh OH YES” and you think they’re fucking but NOPE they’re jumping on a trampoline and she’s playing with the drawstrings on his hoodie like fuck they are so cute. “It’s not like anybody cares, so…” “I care.” When she shoots him with a squirt gun after he stands her up and totally calls him on his bullshit, “everything is your choice Sid” I think about that scene a lot. HIS LETTER TO HER. HE FEELS LIKE SINGING WHEN HE SEES HER. LORD HELP ME. and you think he’s missed her and she’s gone to Scotland and he’ll never see her again but AH plot twist Tony gave her the letter and they meet on the same bench she tried to kill herself on like can you say DAMN and then the scene in season two where he finally confronts her and they’re SO MEAN to each other saying how much they hate each other “whatever I’m sick of saying sorry, I love you, you say sorry” and Cassie’s way of telling him she loves him back is by telling him she named her pet slug Sidley i can’t i just can’t and then Sid, nerdy dumb Sid, becomes the fucking romantic hero and chases her to fucking New York City what the fuck I love them IT HURTS

• Sid and Tony holding each other in the middle of the nightclub after sid’s dad dies and you can’t hear anything but the music but you just see Sid bawling and Tony clutching him… Honestly one of the most powerful moments I have ever seen on tv. Honestly give mike bailey an AWARD

• that “wild world” sing-along will go down in history I swear


• we need more female friendships on TV like the one Michelle and Jal share

• the villain for the first few episodes is named “Mad Twatter.” Just let that sink in

• Chris’s funeral scene is honestly so beautiful and special and well done. I cried so hard. It’s teens honoring and mourning their friend in a way that feels right, that means something to them. It’s catharsis for the characters and the viewers. Amazing

• honestly just one of the best programs aimed at teens I’ve ever seen. Deals with death, religion, parent issues, school stress, pregnancy, mental illness, drug use/abuse, sex, love, varying sexualities (TONY IS BI AND YOU CANT TELL ME OTHERWISE), friendship, suicide, classism, employment/careers, college, and a million other topics without ever feeling contrived or preachy. Yeah some of the hi jinks the characters get into is ridiculous and would never happen in real life (that Russia episode wtf) but at the end of the day, you relate. Teens relate. They feel these characters because they see them in the world around them, because they ARE them. We are all Chris, and Jal, and Sid, and Cassie, and Tony, and Michelle, and Maxxie, and Anwar, and Effy.

• (that ending shot with Effy looking right into the camera is legendary)

• literally when people say that gen 2 is the best generation or the iconic generation I just… did we even watch the same show

• skins was never able to beat the first generation. It just couldn’t. How do you beat this. how

Winter Depression

I’m not in the best shape and my imagines are reflecting that. Sorry.

Warning: Possible trigger


You laid in bed, crying. It was Christmas Eve but that didn’t matter. Depression didn’t care what day it was. You had the covers bunched around your head the only opening just big enough for you to peak your nose out and avoid the stuffiness the underneath of a blanket.

You could hear your family having fun down the hall at their family dinner. They’d been talking and laughing all day happy to see each other but you… You weren’t quite so happy. You had been given odd jobs, sent away from their joy as though having you around could ruin it. You knew that wasn’t their intent, and usually you wouldn’t have minded but today it made you feel isolated, soon after they’d said dinner was ready to be served you had quietly retreated to your childhood bedroom, not wanting to intrude on them, or spoil their happiness.

You looked around the room, thinking about how little had changed in three years. You still liked all the bands you did then, more or less, and you were still battling a depression so deep that the only reason you even got out of bed that morning and drove the three hours to see your parents was because Andy wasn’t home, having gone to see his parents for Christmas, and the apartment felt too empty. You’d come here to avoid exactly this, but instead you were about to breakdown in a house full of people you barely kept in contact with. You should’ve stayed home, in the bed you shared with Andy. At least then you’d be comfortable.

Your phone rang and you steeled yourself when you recognized Rebel Love Song. That was Andy’s ringtone.

“Hello?” You asked, feeling uncertain as your paranoia got the worst of you. What if he didn’t want to be with you anymore. What if he was about to break up with you?

“Hey, babe, where are you? My plane got delayed till tomorrow and I came home to an empty house. I’m worried,” he told you and you could hear the relief in his voice. Shortly after the two of you met you’d attempted suicide. Even though it was two years ago he still worried when he didn’t know where you were.

“I couldn’t stand to be alone so I came to see my parents,” you told him and he was quiet for a moment.

“I’m going to FaceTime you,” he said and you tried to tell him not to but soon enough he was FaceTimeing you and you felt obligated to answer.

“You’re squishy faced,” he laughed and you flushed.

“Are you okay?” He asked immediately after, worry lacing his tone as he took in your eyes that were already red from the need to cry. You didn’t even try to lie to him. You just shook your head and felt a tear slip down your face.

“I should’ve just brought you with me to mom and dads,” he sighed, rubbing his temples. “I’m heading to your parents now, okay, I’ll call you and we can talk on the way there. You know I love you, right?”

“I love you too, Andy,” you murmured, tears still steadily streaming down your face. You wanted to tell him not to come, not to inconvenience himself, but you couldn’t make yourself say it. You wanted to see him so badly.

“I left my bag in the car so I’m just going to head out, okay? I’ll clean you once I get on the road. You’re not alone, (Y/N). No matter what you’ll always have me,” he made a kissing noise at the phone and smiled at you before signing off. You thanked everything that he was coming. You needed him so badly.

Then suddenly you panicked. What if he didn’t come. What if he was just saying that out of obligation? What if didn’t really love you? What if-?

Your phone rang and you picked it up hastily because Rebel Live Song was playing, which meant Andy was calling.

“Andy?!” You asked and he chuckled, but you could hear the sadness in his voice.

“Yeah, (Y/N), it’s me.” He sighed and you heard anger at himself in his voice when he spoke next. “I shouldn’t have left you alone.”

“It’s not your fault,” you tried to reassure him, but he was silent and you started fearing that he was fed up with you already, deciding that you weren’t worth keeping around, giving up on-

“(Y/N),” he said softly, “You’re so important to me. Please don’t ever forget that.”

“I won’t,” you promised, wanting to believe it, but something inside you made you feel so insignificant and unworthy of his affection.

“I think about how alone you must feel and it breaks my heart,” he said through a thickness in his throat.

“A-Andy?” you asked. “Are you crying?”

“No, of course not,” he said and you heard him sniffle.

“Andy, I love you,” you murmured sitting up in bed and dragging the covers around you as you sought out your headphones. You plugged them in so you wouldn’t have to hold the phone the whole time. 

“I love you so much, (Y/N), you don’t even know,” you heard him sniffle and started to cry again.

“Stop crying,” he said when he heard you sniffle, “I can’t see,” he told you and you laughed.

“What?” you asked and he chuckled.

“You’re crying, and it’s making me cry and I can’t fucking see,” he said through a thick laugh and you nodded.

“Okay,” you said, sniffling and wiping your nose on your comforter, not caring that it wasn’t sanitary. You were past caring about such trivial things.

“Thank you,” he laughed, and you nodded.

“No problem,” you assured him.

“Fuck, I’m still crying, tell me a joke,” he said and you laughed. He did this sometimes because it forced you to accidently cheer yourself up, but you didn’t mind. You thought it was cute.

“Why did the chicken cross the road?”

“I don’t know,” he said, and you could hear a grin in his voice.

“It wanted to prove it’s friends wrong that it wasn’t a chicken, it was actually a duck, but then it got run over because chickens are stupid as fuck,” you told him, giggling, and he chuckled.

“That’s the best worst punchline ever,” he said and you giggled.

“Well I can’t have my favorite man crying on the road, can I. Watch out for chickens, Andy,” you told him and he laughed.

“I’ll do my best,” he promised and you smiled. You had really gotten lucky with this one.

The signs traits based on people I know
  • Aries🔸cold-hearted af, insolent, always need to have the last word, very clever, secretly want to be friends with everyone, good relationship with siblings, seem unapprochable but once you start talking to them you'll realize they're pretty cool, good buddies not solid friends, often only bond over one particular common interest, the kind of friend you can stop talking to for 2 years and neither of you care and you stay friends anyway
  • Taurus🔸so aloof, seem unapprochable, the kind of person that walks past you while pretending they didn't see you, love attention, laugh a lot, a bit fake but if they don't like you, you'll know it, very hard to get close to them, have the biggest smiles and eyes are full of joy, lots of forced smiles though, good memory
  • Gemini🔸very much into art and/or sports, get into the best colleges and schools, love being abroad, the kind of person that randomly adds you on facebook, smart, engage in debates with teachers, sweet but very mysterious, like being alone but have a lot of friends, hard to understand, intense eye contact, funny
  • Cancer🔸very caring as long as they're not bothered by it, will definitely make great parents, wayyyy too sensitive and take literally everything personally, always want to fight/engage in debate, think they're always right, condescending as hell, hate losing, physically cute, easy to make them laugh
  • Leo🔸cool kids, charismatic, popular, the kind of person who meets their gf/bf in a club or through tinder, cheeky, will make out with everyone at a party, a little bit grandma-ish, love displaying their love life on social networks, absolutely unproblematic, nice fashion sense
  • Virgo🔸cool clothes, seem very chill, you probably want to be friends with them, very very exclusive when it comes to friendships, very neat, perfectionists, seem to have the perfect life, great hair, always on vacation, hard to maintain friendship with them
  • Libra🔸feminists, helpful, loud, talkative, open-minded, sweet souls, thirsty for justice, like to laugh, friendly, like art in general but aren't too good at it although good writers, chill people, quirky, loved by most people, either strongly hate or love sports, no inbetween
  • Scorpio🔸lowkey jerks, caring towards everyone although slightly hypocrite, good students, physically cute and look sweet so most people like them without getting to know them, teacher's pet, generous, nice smiles, great family values, motherly instincts, great fashion sense
  • Saggitarius🔸bossy, know-it-all, nonchalant and aloof, think they're always right, sometimes downright mean, very generous, superiority complex and thrive on compliments, great hair, not picky at all when it comes to friends, great listeners, pretty popular, love sharing personal stories, won't reply to your text
  • Capricorn🔸conservative, professional, smart, the perfect intern, straight-A students, good at managing their money, authoritarian but respect authority as well, kind hearts and sweet souls, have a lot of acquaintances but a very small and exclusive group of friends, a bit unavailable, severe, organized, very serious and studious, everyone wants to be liked by them
  • Aquarius🔸funny and sarcastic, have the best punchlines and comebacks, very curious, love gossip, travellers at heart, love making fun of people, think they're special, tend to speak to themselves because they're misunderstood by everyone but themselves, do not take people's opinion about them into account, disliked by teachers because too insolent, smart and very educated
  • Pisces🔸very very very good at whatever job they have, ambitious, good dancers, love karaokes, awesome with kids, fighters, brave, good at DIYs, they're going to go so far in life and they know it, very confident, love art (especially photography and music), emotionally aloof, rarely demonstrate physical affection
  • 🌴⭐️PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tag your sign when you reblog so I know if I was at least a little bit accurate about you haha⭐️🌴
Do you realise how precious Ianto Jones is?

1) He has the best punchlines of the show
2) He looks good in suits
3) He’s so cute
4) He’s the king of Coffee
5) His love for Jack is….. No words can describe
6) did I mention how adorable he is?

This is the only entry on the list that’s not from a movie, and it’s the response I got most often when quizzing people for their choices. Like all lovely people with exceptionally nice genitalia, I’m a huge Arrested Development fan. If you’re not familiar with the show, read some of my columns about it. That won’t really help you, but I always enjoy the page views. Thanks!

Anyway, “Her?” is a running gag on the show. George-Michael (portrayed by Michael Cera) has a girlfriend, Ann, whom no one seems to approve of. And even though George-Michael is seemingly no catch, the whole family is sure he can do better than Ann. Accordingly, everyone has the same one-word reaction when they learn who George-Michael is dating. 

Season 4 might have had the best “Her?” joke of all, as Ann’s father is a minister at the church of the Holy Eternal Rapture. The church name is abbreviated above her head on her wedding.

The 5 Best One-Word Punchlines in Comedic History

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Hey! First of all thank you for all the great fics you've recommended! Do you know some good Aomine-Kasamatsu fics? I fell in love with this pairing, and I just can't find many good fics about them...

Gosh, did someone say OTP???

1 AM by aeronightstructures on AO3

Summary: a collection of drabbles

Notes: The first chapter has a table of contents. Various pairings.

You Can Leave Your Socks On by bexara on AO3

Summary: Aomine has a thing for Kasamatsu’s violence and his socks.

Notes: Smut, PWP.

court jester by aeronightstructures on AO3

Summary: Aomine’s romantic life is a joke. It’s a good punchline, at best.

Notes: This is the best AoKasa fic out there okay.

Kurobasu Drabble Collection by Omoidaseru on AO3

Summary: A collection of drabbles from tumblr, based on prompts.

Notes: Kasamatsu-centric various rare pairs.

Chapter 1 and Chapter 3 of The Worst Moments by nullityCoder on AO3

Summary: Rare pair focused drabble collection.

Respect by xsilverdreamsx on AO3

Summary: Aomine had his weekend planned - and none of them had included a sharp-tongued team captain from Kaijo in his bed, flushed and breathless and clad only in his socks.

Notes: Smut, PWP.

The Ironies of Men by exordia on FF.N

Summary: For someone who’s extremely critical for his own good, Kasamatsu takes his vengeance a little too far. (And probably loses sight of his motives in the end, too.)

Familiar Idiocy by a user on basketballpoetsociety on tumblr

Summary: It’s a little annoying, the way Aomine seems to always be there at the worst moments. His entrance ceremony to university almost certainly had to count, given the fact that three different girls had just asked for his number and he hadn’t been able to say a thing to a single one of them. 

Happy reading!

- Mod M


Thrilled. That about sums it up. As I sit here listening to our new album, I think about how a year ago, a more appropriate title might have been Bummed. We are now, however, sitting on what I believe to be the best Punchline album yet.

And it almost didn’t happen. Deep in my heart though, I knew it would. It had to. How could we not follow up the release of our last EP? The outpouring of support made it clear that people WANTED us to keep going. Sure, I got on the internet and made a pretty bold and ridiculous ultimatum - but everyone could have easily ignored that. Instead, it turned into the coolest thing to ever happen to our band. At a time when Punchline was neck and neck with Adele on those mythical music “charts”, we should have instantly hopped in the van and played anywhere and everywhere we could - just like we did when we were 21 years old. We could have snuck into some motel pools at night as a sort of makeshift bath, just for old times sake. We could have slept on people’s floors and felt awkward in the morning when their roommate/parent/spouse was getting up for work, and we had to pretend to be asleep. We could have walked around with a Sony Discman and ask that people check out our music. Had we not done all of those things a decade earlier, maybe we would not have experienced that avalanche of love in January of 2012. That should have been the launching pad into the world we had fought so hard to exist in for so long - a world where we could just write music every day, and make enough money doing it to ONLY have to worry about writing great songs. Not that money is what we’re in this for, but it IS kinda cool when you want to do things like eat and live somewhere, and maybe get a new pair of Jordans.

Instead, we did just the opposite. Due to scheduling conflicts, other projects, and the all-around mistake of “spreading ourselves too thin”, the hype behind the release just sort of fizzled out. Even after the fizzle, we should have wasted no time in getting back into the studio to follow up with an absolute BEAST of an album. I honestly have no idea why we didn’t. But I do know that next thing I knew, Steve texted me to tell me he was moving away. And I was MAD. I thought to myself, “Yee haw Steve, move to Nashville, maybe you’ll become the next COUNTRY MUSIC SUPERSTAR.” Looking back, my reaction was completely unreasonable. We live in a technological age in which Steve and I could write songs together even if he lived in Timbuktu, let alone a city which was about a half day’s drive away. So after a period of limited communication between Steve and I, I was more than happy when we finally got back to talking about making that new Punchline album. The prospect of making music together again was exciting. Talking to my bud all the time again was even better.

So there we were, 2 ½ years since the release of So Nice To Meet You. Marc McClusky (the producer we had worked with on the EP and that we really wanted to produce our full length) had an opening in his schedule, and was offering a deal that we could not pass up. All we needed was for the four of us to get on the same page and finally make it happen. But it wasn’t that easy. Personal differences made it so that making an album with the same lineup was near impossible. Paul and Cory are both my friends, and both are out-of-this-world musicians. I wanted so badly for it to be us four once again. The four of us wrote what I believe to be the best Punchline songs ever. Soon, however, it became clear that it was not going to work. Steve and I, having both been in the band since 1997, had to make a move and book the studio time. This involved asking both Paul and Cory for their blessing in moving forward with the band as just Steve and I. Being the great dudes that they are, they were understanding. I enjoy playing with those guys as part of Punchline so much that I still hold onto the hope that we’ll get onstage together again one day. In the meantime, Paul and I actually have written almost an entire album’s worth of songs together that we plan to record and release in the future, and Cory plays drums in Badboxes (which if you haven’t checked out, you certainly should).

With all the details worked out, Steve and I could approach the new album with CLEAR EYES and FULL HEARTS, and of course we felt like we COULDN’T LOSE. We exchanged song ideas over the internet, which worked somewhat well. It was during Steve’s trip back home to good old Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania, that a lot of the album came together though. We wrote over half of the album in my very small office, and the songs really seemed to flow out of us. Both lyrically and melodically, it was the absolute pinnacle of our career as a songwriting team. We didn’t spend much time thinking about what particular “style” each song was. Instead, we focused mainly on writing the best songs possible, regardless of whether it would fit into the preconceived notions of what Punchline was. Some of the songs ended up being a natural progression for our sound, and some of the songs came from a very different place. Either way, we loved what we had written, and when you take all the other factors away, that’s what really matters - creating something that YOU love and that YOU would listen to.

So now, here we are. Three years since our last release, we are sitting on what we believe to be our best album. We kept the whole thing a secret for the most part (although I’m pretty sure that I’ve told at least 100 people about it over the past couple months). The reaction to us posting a little trailer about the album was overwhelming, calming any fears I had about people maybe not caring anymore. Who was i kidding anyway? The people that support our band are the greatest that I’ve seen for any band. I have played the album in my car for many friends and family members who are more than wiling to be brutally honest, and to my delight, pretty much everyone comments on how “next level” this album is for us. Even my own Dad, who despite being very supportive has never really had much to say about our actual music, called me to talk about how much he likes it and which songs he likes the best. I hope that this doesn’t come off as arrogant or cocky, because that’s not my intention. But I do think you have to believe in what you do, and I believe in this album. I believe that this album could appeal to a 4 year old, or to a 94 year old, or to anyone in between. I think that you could turn this album on at a party to really get it going. I think that you could have your first dance at a wedding to a few of the songs. I think that you could MOSH to some of the songs, if you’re still into MOSHING in 2015. I think that you could fall in love with this album as a soundtrack. I think that this album could help guide you through a rough patch in your life.

So yeah, that’s about as honest as I can possibly be about how this album happened and what it means to me. The most exciting thing in the world to me is seeing people’s reactions to what we create. This is BY FAR the most excited I’ve been about that. Soon, we’ll release a song, then another song, then a music video, and then the album. I am confident that we are putting something into the world that’s special. When I was a Man In My 20s, my goals were to make great music and travel the world. As a Man In My 30s, my goals are to make great music and continue to make great music. I want to be on everyone’s iPhones, Spotify play lists, and record players. I want to be responsible for the song stuck in people’s heads. I want to play amazing shows. I want to go back to Japan. I want to win a Grammy. I want to laugh about our past frustrations. I want to make Punchline albums until I’m a Man In My 80s. I want to text with Steve about how cool it is that we’ve been a band for so long. I want to do it all. I want to stay THRILLED for as long as I’m on this Earth. This band is a big part of that for me. This is right now. This is the time to back up our big words and live our lives the way we want to. Aw yeah, you know what I’m talking about.