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My personal favorite LGBT memes:

  • “Harold, they’re lesbians”
  • “[Anything completely irrelevant to the LGBT community but happens to be enjoyed by many LGBT people] is gay culture”
  • “I’m not heterophobic I have a straight friend”
  • Acting like Macklemore is the savior of the LGBT community
  • Insisting the Babadook is gay
  • Posts that exaggerate how straight people write gay people (But let’s be real is it really exaggerating?)
  • “6 months on HRT” [Picture of something unrelated] “vs 4 years on HRT” [Picture of something vaguely similar but drastically different]
  • “There are only two genders” [Two pictures that are completely unrelated to gender]
  • “LGBT stands for:” [One or all the letters are changed to completely irrelevant things. Notably if one letter is changed it’s usually the T, or even the B]. (Example: “LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, uhh… Transformers…”)
  • Using football as a way to reference straight people without outright saying it, as if you’re too hesitant to say “straight/heterosexual” out loud

Honestly all of them are good but I can’t be here all day

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Makeup artist grantaire, maybe stage/theater

Listen: Grantaire as a makeup artist in the fashion industry.

All the creators WANT HIM because he’s so talented at what he does. He’s totally against that “hide people’s flaws behind makeup like a mask” bullshit. Grantaire sees beauty and magnifies it. Fashion designers call him the Michelangelo of make up and fight over who will manage to get him to work for them.

Grantaire has been working with Jehan lately, a new upcoming designer in the ashion industry, who impresses everybody with their bold choices, colour patterns and fabric associations. Everything Jehan was called weird for wearing before is now trendy and visionary. Plus, Jehan defies expectations by breaking gender barriers and working with models who don’t fit the runway’s standards.

So Grantaire goes to work one day, and there’s this new model who’s just started working with Jehan. Rumour has it he used to work with Dior and Yves Saint Laurent, but he ended his contract to work with Jehan, because their beliefs aligned perfectly. His name is Enjolras, and Grantaire is convinced he’s seen him on billboards before. But that was nothing compared to reality.

Grantaire has never seen someone that breath-takingly beautiful before. The new model’s divine, in an actually god-like way. Grantaire tries to keep it cool and shakes his hand, invites him to sit, the way things are usually done, but his throat has gone completely dry.

They’re here to determine which makeup style suits Enjolras best. It’s the standard procedure when a new model is hired. As ever, Grantaire tries to cover his nervousness but thinking out loud and talking, so the two of them end up having a conversation revolving mainly about makeup. Grantaire’s almost done when Enjolras asks him:

“So why did you choose to become makeup artist?”

Grantaire shrugs.

“I guess when you’re fuck ugly you just want to compensate by making something beautiful.”

That kind of answer usually weird people out. But Enjolras simply looks at him, all gold and eyeliner, glitter shining on his lips:

“You have beautiful eyes.”

Grantaire’s heart skips a beat. He does not fall in love so much as he plunges head first into it

Wisdom Teeth

           A happy technicolor of magazines were sprawled across the coffee table in a messy heap. The glossy covers glinted beneath the cool fluorescents, while a fishtank gurgled. And nearby, a nightmarish stuffed bear posed precariously on an end table with brochures. It almost hurt to look at the poor thing–slumped over and top heavy from the set of dentures lodged awkwardly in its little stuffed mouth, its beady eyes appeared glazed over. In agony.

           The blonde receptionist cleared her throat, and called her name. Oh boy. With slight hesitation, she finally slid from her seat, unsure of what she would find. At the end of the hallway, a poster read, “No worries! Just smiles!” She remembered Mulder’s door was to the left of it.

           “Yes, that’s me,” Scully answered, and ducked back near the window.

           “You’ll need to sign this,” the receptionist droned. The woman then tapped a blue pen into Scully’s palm.

           “What is this?”

           “We had to restrain the patient and give him a stronger dosage of anesthesia. He consented to it beforehand, but we can’t get his signature. Yours would be fine.”

           Scully eyed the paper again. Restrain? We’ve dealt with flukemen, forest monsters, murderers, and this is what he can’t face?

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hmmmm my no. 1 skincare tips are actually
1. use cotton pad for your toner
2. use rose hip oil after u moisturize
3. use castor oil on your eyelashes if you want it’s hella heavy though & ur eyes will feel greasy
4. wash ur hairline
5. steaming ur face the way the internet recommends is ineffective if you want to steam get a bowl of boiling water let it cool a bit then put ur face over with a towel over your head so ur all sealed in & sit for a bit. however ur back will hurt so if u need steaming for anything besides therapy or toning just take a shower & do whatever u need to do after it’s the same. also “hot towel on your face” is bullshit
6. honey masks really do kill acne & smoothen skin
7. egg whites really will smoothen ur skin & kick out blackheads but only if u have the patience to do it every day… but it’s gross so don’t. if u want to make sure u put tissue on top of the egg to keep it from running. then use the yolk to wash ur face when ur done it puts the hydration back in
8. for me kaolin clay is the most effective clay. thicker layer doesn’t mean better, just have ur skin covered.
9. you don’t HAVE to adhere to mask times find what works for you but don’t leave it on so long it dries you out
10. sheet masks do help, once or twice a week is good but daily is ideal
11. exfoliate or use a cleansing mask at least once a week!!! very very important
12. no a clarisonic will not fix ur blackheads or acne if it’s stubborn, they r useful but not miracle workers. if u truly want that shit to go away invest in a kaolin clay mask, bha exfoliant & possibly a comedone extractor. everyone else is scamming you don’t buy biore pore strips or anyone’s pore strips for that matter
13. if you want to fade scars just put vitamin c on it doesn’t have to be expensive or anything just vitamin c is good. vit e & rosehip are ok but if you want that hyper pigmentation to go get yourself some vitamin c. if you have sensitive skin don’t put it on in the morning & always always wear sunscreen
14. on that note real scars (uneven) can’t really be fixed w/o a cosmetic procedure ur best bet is to get ur face to generate more collagen (retinol) or a silicon fill. or just go to the clinic
17. change ur pillowcase, washcloth, whatever u put on ur face!! ur clarisonic head!! konjac sponge!!!

im done now theres more but if u have qn.s………. ask

Dramas I've watched in April

Finished Dramas:

Beautiful Gong Shim (10/10)- I watched this after Chief Kim aired because I needed more Namgoong min in my life and it did not disappoint.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (6/10): only liked the main leads (and maybe the brother idk?) and the rest of the Drama was just a shit show with racism, sexism and just yuck. I won’t be coming back to watch this ever again as one time was enough for me. Unlike Weightlifting Fairy which was 1000x more better than this and I would actually watch that again.

The King of Romance (8/10): Started this a long time ago and managed to go around to finish it. It’s a pretty ok Chinese drama so if you like those give it a try.

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livingvicariouslythroughprufrock  asked:

I had this amazing positive outlook last school term but I'm stressed about some upcoming exams and I can't work out how to get that positivity back? I probably should take a rest but I don't want to lose study time?

Hello! I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all been super unmotivated with our studies at one point in our existence? The idea of having to wake up extra early to not be late for school? Exhausting! Getting 0 sleep to get good grades for an exam? Annoying! We’ve all been there may it be in grade school or highschool or college, I’m pretty sure we’ve all experienced how it is to be so freaking exhausted with school. However, i think blowing it off is not the answer to your problem!! Here are some quick tips from your wanna-be-studyblr gal:

  • Set smaller goals because although it is necessary to dream big, i think it is not also harmful to set smaller, more realistic goals. Setting smaller goals will make you feel more motivated because they are actually achievable and more feasible at the moment than your huge to-be-a-nobel-peace-awardee dreams!
  • See what’s the best study procedure for you. By doing so, you will be able to cultivate what you currently have! Furthermore, you no longer have to struggle and walk an extra mile in order to understand your lessons on your own
  • Do it for your future self although it is also necessary to remember that grades do not define you! Appreciate and be content in what you currently have because that just shows how much effort you’ve put into something. In everything that you do, just try your best and you shall reap good harvest!
  • Figure out your priorities! This is necessary to actually help you in planning out what to do first! This also helps you become more motivated because the more important and therefore being on a higher rank of priority something is, the more effort you will exert to keep/get it.
  • While it is important to read your notes always, it is equally necessary to remember that you do not have to force yourself to do something when you’re getting nothing!!! Like, reading that line for the 200th time already and you still couldnt comprehend it? Give up! At least for a couple of minutes! Give yourself a break, eat or drink something and try to soothe those senses. concentration is key!! and when you’re ready, come and get it!
  • Lastly, do not forget to reward yourself (aka my fave part). This is important because you will be able to associate achieving something into a “good rewarding” thingy! Like, you aced your CETs? Get yourself that pitcher of iced tea, sum fish n chips, watch that flix, and party!! Don’t get too caught up tho because like what they all say, too much of something is never a good thing!!!
Not sure if this made sense but i hope it did! Wishing you all the best and good luck on your studies!! 💖
Succession - ‘Kitten and the Don’

This is a short standalone fiction within @junkpilestuff ‘s (who originally created it) and @nyublackneko AU within an AU ‘Kitten and the Don’. Generally this version of the Undertale Mob AU is about a 30 years old Frisk, who becomes something like a right hand man of a Don, the 48 year old Gaster!Sans (referred to as G). 

The short story revolves around this duo after they have worked together for more than ten years. Succession might become a pressing question.

I fear I take this AU way too seriously, but I recently read a lot about the original Godfather and this just started to develop itself until I had a strong urge to turn it into a real story. It was hard to imagine their characters and how they would interact, but it also was fun and something completely different in style than I usually do. So warning because of mild swearing?

Dedicated to the amazing @junkpilestuff and @nyublackneko and to those awesome people out there who continue to like my stories. :)

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How Sherlock and Marcus’s relationship throughout Elementary is actually a Gay Romantic Comedy Film: 

  1. They meet, and Marcus isn’t having ANY of it. “Harry Potter here.” (1x2)

  2. Over time, they learn how to work together, and it is evident that Marcus is warming up to Sherlock (1x9, trying to impress Sherlock with knowledge) and that Sherlock respects Marcus as a person and as a detective. (1x16, 1x19 with “The stage’s loss is New York City’s gain, I suppose.”

  3. Because no good romantic comedy is good without angst, season 2 occurs. Marcus gets shot because of Sherlock and because he literally used himself as a shield to protect Sherlock, and Marcus doesn’t want to see Sherlock anymore even though Sherlock is trying his best to help. (2x10) 

  4. Sherlock doesn’t know why he’s feeling guilty because he believes that everything he did was the right thing to do… (2x11)

  5. They finally have the big shouting match that every Romantic Comedy™ has to have, and Sherlock finally tells Marcus in words about what he thinks about him and tells Marcus about his addiction. “I have faith in you! I have faith in your perseverance!” (2x13)

  6. Sherlock, who doesn’t really do parties and would rather actually not be around alcohol as an addict, SHOWS UP to Marcus’s welcome back party. They literally GO ON A NIGHT TIME COFFEE DATE TOGETHER BEFORE THEY GO TO THE PARTY. They obviously secretly begin to date without even realizing it. (2x18)

  7. Sherlock repays the favor from season 2 and ends up protecting Marcus from a bomb. Looks are exchanged. (3x3)

  8. Sherlock basically asks Marcus to move in with him without vocally asking him. (3x13)

  9. The whole episode of The Female of the Species is a Gay Indie Film within this Gay Romantic Comedy. As detective boyfriends, they solve a crime involving the kidnapping of zebras and a murder of a doctor. Sherlock finally calls Marcus by his first name. Marcus spends his first night at the Brownstone. They eat breakfast together (sort of). They shake hands for the first time. (3x14)

  10. Sherlock attempts to give Marcus advice about Shauna, and Marcus and Shauna end up going their separate ways. Marcus goes to the Brownstone to be consoled. They end up having Date Night™ on a Friday night by throwing cards at the Stanley Cup. Marcus LITERALLY SAYS, “Pretty sure this is all I need.” (3x22) 

  11. Probably the biggest episode for them in season 4 was when Sherlock helped Marcus with Marcus’s mother. Even MORE touching! Marcus recalls the speech from season 2. Sherlock tries to help Marcus with the exam only to realize that Marcus is only in it for the money. Instead, Sherlock with help from Watson help Marcus get the money another way. Sherlock, because he knows Marcus Loves him, ends up taking 10% of the finder’s fee and jokes about it. Marcus chuckles. (4x8)

  12. The rest of season 4 is just More Flirting between the two, especially with Sherlock to Marcus. There was low key touching in the club. (4x9) Marcus holds Sherlock’s jacket as Sherlock goes off to do his Sherlock thing. There’s also a “Why is my Detective Boyfriend doing this?” phone call. (4x11) They almost adopt a dog together. (4x15) Sherlock pays Marcus a compliment for keeping up with the latest surveillance technology. (4x19)

In conclusion, within Elementary is a procedural, the best friendship on television, and a Gay Romantic Comedy. 


Even though this will be an amazing feat for science, it was not the 1st time that it has been done on this planet. The pre #Egyptian and #Sumerian civilizations had already conducted head transplants in ancient times and Left Behind the hieroglyphs and information etched into stone to prove it. I wish this doctor and this man the best-of success. This procedure has already successfully been done with monkeys and now the doctor is ready to do this with a human specimen after 30 years of planning. Only one question, where did he get the body?

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  • *i found this sitting in my hard drive. credit to Epic Rap Battle Parodies*
  • Stories Featured
  • Slender man
  • Jeff The Killer
  • Hoody
  • Masky
  • Eyeless Jack
  • Smile.jpg
  • SCP-173
  • BEN Drowned
  • Lavender Town
  • Zalgo
  • Narrator: Epic Rap Battle Parodies. Slender man versus Jeff The Killer. Begin.
  • Slender: Prepare for the arrival of the faceless king of horror. I'll knock you harder than when you fell on the bathroom floor. You're just a prepubescent child who has no meaning of fright. I scare all who happen to spot me in the night. Nothing can match my length. I spit diminishing and dark. I got swarms of arms coming at you prepared to leave a mark. Emo hair and white hoodie? No class to be found. Were your talents scarred as well? Because your rhymes are profound.
  • Jeff: You're a pedophile chasing little kids through town. Legend says you kill but I'm the best killer around. What's with those tentacles? Ha! You're like a living hentai. A photobomb whose only popularity comes from PewDiePie. You're known from fake document, just look at Marble Hornets. Driving people crazy, no wonder you've never had a duet. You may be called a man, but I'm more killer than you. As for your face, I'll bleach it, ignite it, and give it a redo.
  • Slender: They call me "Slender man" because I get all them bitches. See, I'm a man, you're a kid who can't write any disses. You're a rip-off of Dahmer, and he's more effective. Your ass got burnt, bitch. You're literally defective. How the hell are you considered scary? Your balls haven't dropped. And the most action you've ever had, was at a bus stop. I don't need to try against you, you wouldn't last in my mane. You must be getting claustrophobic, now taste my static haze.
  • Jeff: I can see right through you. You're not scary at all. You may be slender, but I'm the one who's standing tall. I'll choke you with your black tie, no lie, then beat your faceless ass until you finally die. Ahahahaha! You won't put up a fight. I'll make you need Hospice. Come at me, and I'll rip off your Slender dick. Don't give me your crap, bitch. You're done, you're old news. How sad, they made a Teletubby scarier than you.
  • Hoody: Now hold on a second. It's Hoody and Masky. We bring horror you won't believe.
  • Masky: Ain't no cameras here, so that means you better leave.
  • Hoody: We'll rip up your pages then leave you in flames.
  • Masky: You both have no family, now it's your turn to get maimed.
  • Hoody: You've got long arms, and you've got no eyelids.
  • Masky: And both of you freaks always go after kids.
  • Hoody: What a lame excuse, no eyes you can still see
  • Masky: That we will kill you just like your whole family.
  • Jack: Hahahahaha! It's Eyeless Jack here! So get ready for your doom. You know your death is ready when I sneak into your room. Rip out your liver, you won't be needing this in your grave. Walking around the woods at night, you think you're so brave. Slender Man, you don't scare me. Jeff, you're just a bitch. I'll make Hoody and Masky my death slaves like my buddy Mitch. I'm the Creepypasta king. You'll feel a loss to the Boss. I don't even need eyes to see that you lost.
  • Smile: Spread the word, you bitches lost to this number one dog. You pussies are only scary because you hide in the fog. Meanwhile, I'll restyle you hostile pedophiles to jump miles. Get ready, cause you assholes are gonna see a hell of a smile. I can't understand how you pussies are considered horror. A twig, a child, pathetic twins, and a sightless explorer. You can't beat me, I'm more badass than all of you combined. All five of you could never handle this demonic canine.
  • Intercom: SCP-173 has escaped we're putting the foundation on lockdown.
  • SCP: You D-class losers wipe away that smile. I'm SCP-173 animate and hostile. I'm a class Keter threat you're all Euclid at best. Special Victory Procedures: beating you all to death. No use containing or protecting your insecurities. Blink once and you're dead, I'm like an angel that weeps. Neck snap, get back I'm having too much fun. Soon as I'm in the arena you'll all be (DATA EXPUNGED)
  • BEN: You shouldn't have done that time to give you a frown. I'm back for good, bitches. And this time I won't drown. I go by the name of Ben, I'm everyone's thriller. I've come to this battle to destroy, you pathetic excuse for killers. You all will suffer and I'll make sure the media will see. I'll record your deaths, then upload it as a .wmv . Half of you are just pussies who can't handle a face revealing. Now let me conclude this battle, with the Song of Unhealing.
  • M: Back from the island it's MissingNo, here to fight. I'm the bitchin' glitchin' witch who will show you true fright. I'll crunch you, prisoner, 128 times. And Smile, I'll crush your floppy disk with my glitching rhymes. Hoody, Masky and Slendy I can't make your stories worse. And Jack and Jeff? Ha! Sounds like a Mother Goose verse. You all need to watch out for when M truly arrives. You'll be destroyed like a Marowak as I corrupt your lives!
  • Zalgo: Wahahahaha! Enough with your petty rhymes, It's time for you all to suffer. My presence is so purely evil, the thought of my rhymes (incoherent words). You're hiding in your forest so no one sees you cry. And you, I'll spit bleach at and burn your insides. Hoody and Masky, you two are just assholes dressing up like little faggots as I steal your souls. And Jacky Boy, I think it's time for you to see, that nobody gives a shit about your crappy story. Smile Dog you're a puppy. I'm the mad dog of madness. You bring suicidal thoughts, but I'll bring you to sadness. SCP nobody knows what you are. Some experiment covered in feces and scars. Ben, you shouldn't have done that. I'll diss you to death. You're a statue of Link who won't take another breath. Hell no, MissingNo. You're just a little bitch. Call yourself the master of corruption, but you're nothing but a glitch. Nine lives taken at my demonic laughter. You're in my realm, bow down to Zalgo, your master.
  • Narrator: Who won? Who's next? You decide! Epic rap battle parodies!
  • (incoherent groans)
  • (corrupted screams)
  • (more screams)
  • Army: Wow I'm so excited to see them abs from Hobi.
  • J-hope: Bitch 👏🏼 you 👏🏼 thought 👏🏼

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Do you support SeaWorld keeping orcas in activity? Or do you just support their rehabilitation and re-release of other animals?

This question took a long time to get to me! Followers, prepare yourselves.

In short, yes. I absolutely support SeaWorld keeping their animals. I’ll try to keep this short, but…. we’ll see. 

I am in a unique position in that I work in the animal care/aquatic animal care industry, have worked at a few facilities, both large and small, and I’m pretty familiar with inner workings of SeaWorld animal care (less so the marine mammal/orca aspect, but I’ve still got a decent bit of information on that aspect). Out of professional defense, I don’t go into detail on my experiences at facilities (I’ve had employers find my blog before, and I’d rather not give them the impression that I’m indiscreet), but I’m happy to discuss things in private with anyone interested, and will probably tell you specifically where I worked if you ask nicely.

In the effort of being concise, I’ll focus on two major points: my experience with SeaWorld animal welfare, and the importance on having “big-draw” animals in zoos. Anyone who’s chatted with me before knows I have lots of opinions on lots of other topics, like the ethics of shows, the anthropomorphism of animals, and the myth of “the free wild”. Feel free to ask me about these, too, if you’re interested. (Be warned, this is a looooong post after the cut.)

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Feeding bees – sugar // Part Three

Emergency feeding
These procedures are best practiced by avoiding starvation.
Bees can starve at any time of the year and usually if this happens it is the beekeeper and not the bees who should take the blame. It is the
responsibility of the beekeeper to make sure that bees have enough stores.
Sometimes in winter bees use up stores on one side of the hive and become marooned away from stores elsewhere. This is known as
isolation starvation. Frames of stores can be moved across so they are adjacent to the bee cluster. Do not divide the brood nest.

If bees are short of stores in the winter and likely to starve then white soft candy (bakers fondant) is placed over the crown board feed
hole. In the case of small colonies the crown board may need turning in order to position a feed hole over the bee cluster. Bees require
water, often taken as condensation within the hive, to make use of candy. Candy is therefore taken slowly and does not excite the
colony as much as other feeds. If sugar syrup is offered in a contact feeder cold temperatures may cause contraction of the container
pushing syrup through the mesh and a wetting of the cluster. Correct autumn feeding prevents this scenario.
If bees are short of stores at the spring inspection then feed thin sugar syrup using a contact feeder.
In extreme cases when bees are starving spray them with a thin sugar syrup solution and fill an empty comb with sugar syrup. This can
be done by pouring the syrup into the cells slowly by using a honey jar filled with sugar syrup and closed with a lid having 3 mm holes
on opposite sides, or using a squeezy bottle, e.g. a cleansed washing up fluid bottle. When filled, place the comb adjacent to the bees.
Remember March and April are the months when the bees will be using up food reserves fast as the colony expands and produces
more brood. It is far better to have fed sufficient stores or left lots of honey in the autumn than to do emergency feeding in the spring. At
this time a colony should have at least 4-5 combs with honey/stores, i.e. 9 kg. or 20lb.
When removing a honey crop always check that sufficient stores remain to prevent bees starving. Feed immediately if needed.

Spring or stimulative feeding
Many beekeepers feed a thin syrup solution to encourage brood rearing but providing the colony has sufficient stores, as stated previously,
this is arguably pointless.
It is a good plan to breed bees for the honey flows rather than breeding bees on the honey flow.
To rear brood, bees need to feed a mix of honey or sugar, water and pollen, so to encourage brood rearing:
~ Ensure that the colonies are close to pollen crops or feed pollen.
~ Ensure that the colonies have sufficient honey and/or sugar syrup stores. If not feed a thin syrup.
~ Ensure that the bees have access to a clean water supply. If necessary use a water feeder.
Feeding syrup excites bees and is usually done when there is no, or little, nectar flow. As a result care should be taken to prevent robbing.
Especially when feeding in autumn supply the feed to all colonies in the late evening. Night will help quell bee activity. Reduce the hive
entrance with an entrance block.
Watch for signs of robbing – bees fighting, erratic flight and bees trying to enter a hive without meeting the guards. Strong colonies invariably
rob weaker ones.
If robbing starts reduce the entrance to one bee space using an entrance block and/or grass. This enables guard bees to protect the colony
more efficiently. Placing a sheet of glass in front of the hive entrance so that bees have to go around the sides for access to the entrance can
also help.
The best cure to a robbing event is to move the besieged colony to another apiary.
If a robbing event commences during inspections close up the colonies, reduce entrances and leave the apiary.

4chan Raid PSA Part 2

So, this one’s not quite as important because what they’re trying to do is just kind of dumb. Right now they’ve got the idea in their heads that they want to try to turn tumblr against reddit somehow by claiming they’re from reddit like they’re some kind of Batman villain or something.

Unfortunately for them, they’re idiots from 4chan and 8chan, and they still haven’t learned, despite numerous times being exposed, that plotting secret stuff in a public IRC channel is pretty darn stupid.

They’re even planning to raid reddit in order to try to blame it on tumblr.

So if you see any one of these guys raiding for 4chan’s birthday claiming they’re from reddit, please don’t worry about it. Again, best operating procedure is to report, block, and go on enjoying your day.

sourdoughbirb  asked:

So, background first. I just graduated with my bachelor's and plan to go into ethology. I just applied to a job working with captive primates (I think macaques). HOWEVER this job entails me basically being a lab tech and caring for animals that have been infected with diseases like HIV and Hep for disease research. I'm having some moral conflict about this. I'd much rather work with animals that aren't being used this way... but I need to get my foot in the door, as it were. Any thoughts? =\ =(

I know this dilemma all too well. Before working for The Company, all of my experience had been with wild (or semi-wild / reserve) animals. I had to decide if I could handle* doing behavioral work with captive animals that are being used for biomedical research.

I spent a fair bit of time in discussions with other professionals, conducting literature / regulation reviews, and a lot of personal soul-searching… which can be broken down into four main questions:

  1. What is the value of this action [e.g. primate research]?
  2. What are the consequences of this action?
  3. What are the consequences of the failure to do this action?
  4. What effect will my personal actions (or lack thereof) have on the situation?

There are plenty of links below that may help you answer these questions. Only you will know if the answers you find are enough to resolve this moral conflict. But maybe I can help you with the fourth question right now.

As an animal technician you will have a direct impact on the lives of the animals you work with. You will see your animals daily and have the opportunity to build a relationship with those animals.

Your quality of work is their quality of life. 

This is more than my department’s motto; this should be the motto of everyone who works with animals. As a lab animal technician your quality of work goes even further. Your quality of work is the animal’s quality of life AND the researcher’s quality of results. If we’re not getting reliable results from animal research, we’ve just wasted that animal’s sacrifice to science. I find unreliable animal research professionally insulting and morally repugnant.  

How do we make sure we have reliable research conditions for our animals? It all comes down to having people who care. People who care enough to meet – and surpass – current welfare & understanding and guidelines. People who continue their education and training (formal or informal) so they keep up with the ever evolving ‘best practice’ procedures. People who not only ask ‘why’ we do something, but ‘how can we make it better’.

Read the links below and consider those questions. Think about what you’ll gain career wise from this position, what challenges you may face, and what kind of support would be available for you as you deal with those challenges.  

I am a field Ethologist at heart, and one day (sooner than later) I’ll return to the field. But I know when I leave The Company I can be proud of the work I have done here. I have created social housing and behavioral management programs, implemented an evidence based assessment of enrichment techniques, changed the way our staff interact with the animals in order to promote a low-stress environment… and many other things which are evidenced by numerous internal and external publications. I have made a difference in the lives of the animals I care for and I am damned proud of the work that I and my department have done.

Could you be proud of your work as an animal technician? Even if it’s just for a couple years while you gain experience? I’d like to think so, but only you have the answer.

As always, feel free to message / email me with further questions. I included a lot of links below, but you should also explore those websites for additional information.

*Note: Working in those wild and semi-captive conditions had their own set of moral dilemmas. Do not fall for the ARA lie that The Wild is this perfect animal Disneyland where nothing bad ever happens.  

BOD Comments on the Use of Primates in Biomedical Research - American Society of Primatologists

Primates in Medical Research (iTunes book free download)– Moshe Bushmitz & Understanding Animal Research

Animal Welfare and the 3Rs – Speaking of Research

Comparison of events associated with natural SIV infection and pathogenic SIV and HIV-1 infection (graph)Full text (PDF)
* SIV or SHIV is the agent used in primate HIV research, but since it does not often develop into what you’d consider the analogous form of AIDS, and because lab conditions are clean and free of outside infections, these animals can live long pain free lives.

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